Virgin hair extension: Finding high quality virgin hair vendors

Virgin hair extension is considered as one of the most precious products or most high quality hair in the hair business. This product would be new or confusing to the amateurs and new purchasers as not only the difference between this hair type is little in comparison with others but there are also countless replicas or fake items of virgin hair available in the market. This article will provide an insight into the world of quality virgin hair to help readers avoid unexpected loss.

Virgin hair extension: Finding high quality virgin hair vendors

Virgin hair product


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1. Things you should know about virgin hair extension

There is some certain information about human virgin hair extension to be taken into account such as how it is defined, the virgin hair’s characteristics… What is the difference between best virgin hair extensions and other hair types? You can find the answer in this part.

1.1. Definition of virgin hair extension

Virgin hair extensions are the most high quality hair product that each bundle is made from 100% quality virgin hair provided by only one person. After gathering, the hair is slightly processed, particularly being washed but no more chemical treatments are applied. 

Virgin hair

Definition of virgin hair

The quality virgin hair extensions are mostly imported by European hair salons and Eastern European countries such as England, Russia… Generally, this hair product is used to thicken the natural hair of the users. That’s the reason hair extensions virgin hair beloved in this market.

1.2. Features of virgin hair extension

What about the features of virgin hair products which are the most high quality hair extensions? Does it have different characteristics from other hair types? Does the virgin hair outweigh other types of hair extension? The information will be disclosed soon.

1.2.1. Source of virgin hair extension

Virgin hair extension is mainly produced in the Asian countries such as India, Vietnam, China, Cambodia… The reason is that native women in those nations have the habit of growing their hair long as well as they have more sufficient hair than people from other continents. 

Virgin hair

Source of virgin hair

1.2.2. Can I bleach and dye virgin hair extension?

The quality virgin hair can definitely be dyed or bleached as the high quality hair is taken from only one donor, their characteristics are identical. After being processed, the colors on the best virgin hair extensions would have a perfect look, even not too different from the live hair. 

Beside best virgin hair extensions, other hair types such as remy hair or synthetic hair extensions have mixed strands, which would not offer the same effect under the same condition of dying or bleaching. The hair strands will not stay aligned and have the same color after this process. 

Virgin hair

Durability of virgin hair

1.2.3. Durability of virgin hair extensions

As mentioned before, virgin hair extension is the most valuable and high quality hair product in the hair extensions virgin hair market, and a factor that makes up its value is the long duration of using time. While other hair types have average durability from eight months to a year, best virgin hair extensions can remain the original condition from one to four years if it is cared for properly. In other words, virgin hair extensions have the longest durability in the hair business, which results in the highest price required.    

1.2.4. How to maintain virgin hair extension

As long as you take care of the quality virgin hair seriously and regularly, it is easy to have it in good condition for years. These are some tips and advice for you to put in practice in your virgin hair extensions care routine. 

virgin hair extension

  • Comb your virgin hair extension in the right way: You should invest in a wet brush specially used for the best virgin hair extensions rather than the dry brush. In addition, a wide-tooth comb is recommended to use when your virgin hair extensions are likely to be tangled. You should untangle the knots and then softly comb the hair from the root of extension till the end of strands. 
  • Use the appropriate hair products: It is advised to apply the shampoos whose most ingredients come from nature as well as other best products for virgin hair extensions. It means you can minimize the chemical appliance on your virgin hair extensions. After washing the hair, remember to deeply condition it, make sure your hair is extremely hydrated. Furthermore, you can buy other products such as hair masks, moisturizing oils… to make sure your virgin hair extensions will not get dry, which may lead to the breaking or tangling.
Virgin hair

How to maintain virgin hair

  • Reduce the direct high temperature exposure: Although styling the virgin hair extension by heat is an economical and time-saving method. However, the high temperature will definitely make your strands less hydrated and weaker. Otherwise, the UV-rays from the sun will also badly affect your best virgin hair extensions. Remember to apply the heat- protection oil on your hair before using the heat equipment or sun exposure. 
  • Care for the hair extension during sleeping time: While you are in your sleep, it is necessary to keep your quality virgin hair in a proper condition. You should use a silk bonnet to keep the best virgin hair extensions strands aligned and hydrated. If there is no bonnet, make tight braids of your hair to avoid the hair loss. 

1.3. Compare virgin hair extensions and remy hair 

virgin hair extension 2

Virgin hair extensionRemy hair extension
QualityThe highest quality in the hair market. The strands are identical and have the same characteristics as they come from only one condor.Although the quality is good, only behind the virgin hair extensions. The remy hair extension is made from hair provided by a group of condors having similar characteristics of hair.
FeaturesThe hair can be kept for years if it is cared for properly. The hair strands have uniformity in color, characteristic after being processed. Virgin hair can be freely dyed or bleached.The virgin hair extensions can stay in its original condition from eight months to a year on average. The hair can be dyed and even bleached to a limited degree.  
Using purposeMost virgin hair is imported by European salons to be bleached and dyed based on the request of customers.There are a number of styles and colors available in the virgin hair extensions market according to the common interest of users that can be purchased immediately.
PriceVirgin hair is the most expensive item due to the luxurious quality offered.Human hair extensions remy have a medium level of price that is more affordable than virgin hair.

1.4. Virgin hair extension Russian

Russia is a potential market for hair products, especially virgin hair extensions. The Russian virgin hair extension is famous for its high quality, diversified products categories and affordable price. This product is imported from different countries in Asia: Vietnam, India, China and so on. Each national virgin hair extensions have distinct characteristics and price list. 

Virgin hair

Russian virgin hair products

2. Which hairstyles can be made with virgin hair extension?

The virgin hair extension’s original color is black. Thus, the final virgin hair products can either have black color or other colors by dying or bleaching process. The best virgin hair extensions can be dyed in any color while it is also able to be bleached to the 613 color or snow white color with the committed uniform in color. Thanks to this unique characteristic of the best virgin hair extensions strands, the products after chemical process still remain the natural look.  

Virgin hair

Which hairstyles can be made with virgin hair?

Some countries in the European and American markets prefer deep colors such as brown, black, burnt orange… Meanwhile, the African market prefers colorful hair colors such as green, yellow, orange, etc. red… So if you want to sell the best virgin hair extensions to them, you need to understand their tastes.

3. Different types of virgin hair extension

There is a wide range of virgin hair extensions types produced based on different using purposes. Here are some typical categories of virgin hair available with full details in almost every national market around the world.  

3.1. Virgin hair extension clip in

Virgin hair clip in is the product that has the hair weaved together and then stuck with small clips at the root part of the hair strands. The clips are used for attaching the extension on the scalp of users as well as adjusting the position of the hair. This is one of the most common virgin hair extension types due to its convenience.

virgin hair extension 3

If this hair type is kept intact, clips in virgin hair extensions can be used many times. People tend to use it for long-lasting features and it’s convenient when wearing. It can be used daily as well as on special occasions.

3.2. Virgin hair extension tape in

While the clip in hair is a large bundle of hair, the virgin hair extension tape in has a smaller amount of human hair on each bundle. This amount of hair extensions virgin hair is evenly stuck on pieces of tape in a certain pattern. This hair type can be applied directly on small clumps of natural hair without requirement for heating. This is one of the safest hair extension types to your head but can not be reused. 

Virgin hair

Different types of virgin hair extension

One of the weakness points of tape hair is that they can’t last for a long time. Tape virgin hair extensions  only last 8 to 10 weeks due to the quality of raw hair materials and the way to install them. In addition, tape virgin hair extensions should not be used for dry scalp people. The higher the quality of tape hair, the more expensive they are.

3.3. Virgin hair extension tip

There are two types of virgin hair extension tip: human hair extensions U tip and I tip. Generally, a small amount of human hair extensions virgin hair is stuck together by glue which has a shape similar to a nail or a cylinder. It is essential to have a hair expert apply this hair type for you.

virgin hair extension 4

The bond of best virgin hair extensions tip will be melted by the high temperature and then inserted in the natural hair. This hair type can be used for only one time like tape in hair.  Tip virgin hair extensions  are famous all around the world.

3.4 Virgin hair extension weave styles

There are some popular types included in the weave styles of virgin hair extensions. First and foremost are the lace frontal and closure hair: they are the human hair sewn or weaved onto a nest by hand. Although the grid is a square piece, the lace frontal has a bigger size in comparison to the lace closure.

The common sizes of frontal/closure virgin hair are 13×4 and 4×4. Another type of weave virgin hair is wig. This hair type is manufactured exactly the same as the closure and frontal best virgin hair extensions. However, the shape of a wig is the biggest, which is a 3D shape that can cover the whole scalp of the user. 

Virgin hair

Weave styles of virgin hair


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4. Hair styles of virgin hair extension

Like other types of human hair extensions, the hair extensions virgin hair is designed in multiple styles. If you are a newbie to the categories of best virgin hair extension styles, don’t worry, the typical ones are included in this part.

4.1 Virgin hair extension curly

This style of hair is famous for its adaptability and usefulness in limiting the defects of your face shapes, best Virgin hair extensions have some following curly styles: wavy hair, curls and coiled hair. 

Virgin hair

Virgin hair extension curly

  • Wavy hair: Human hair extensions wavy is the most girly style of curly virgin hair extension. You can go for soft wave, wavy virgin hair extensions or deep wave hair which has loose and big curls. Each type of hair will offer a different look but all of them remain the soft and elegant look on the users.
  • Hair with curls: This best virgin hair extensions type is more relevant to people who want to express a strong personality. There are soft curls, curly and even ultra curly hair available in the hair market to meet different demands of customers. This virgin hair extensions type matches the best with street fashion.    
  • Other types of curly hair: Beside those well-known types of curly virgin hair extension, there are coiled hair, zic-zac hair and tightly coiled one that provide an unique look for the users. If you want to challenge yourself with an unusual style, go for these hair extensions virgin hair styles of curls.

4.2 Virgin hair extension straight

If you are a hair lover, you would know that bone straight hair is the most reputed hair style of virgin hair extension straight. This hair is the flattened hair with the typical color of black. There is diversity in the grades and length of this hair style.

These virgin hair extensions are typically from 8 inch to 24 inch long. African and European consumers are really into this hairstyle due to its silky and smooth look. Layer hair is another straight virgin hair extension that helps the users get an active and young appearance. 

Virgin hair

Virgin hair straight

4.3 Virgin hair extension colour

 You find the black or dark brown virgin hair extensions boring? Virgin hair with colors will satisfy your demand as the hair can be dyed and bleached to whatever color you want. The hottest colored virgin hair this year is burgundy hair, 613 blonde hair and purple hair.

In addition, you can also give ombre hair, which is never out-of-date, a try. This hair style has at least two colors blended together from the root till the end of the hair strands. The final best virgin hair extension color style can be the hair with highlights.     

Virgin hair

Virgin hair extension colour

5. Should I start my business with virgin hair extensions?

As the hair market is promising and beneficial, you can definitely take up this career. However, there are some crucial things should be noticed:

  • The type of your hair business: As the best virgin hair extension requires a certain potential of finance to invest in, you should orient your hair business that is relevant to your situation and the market in your region. You can be a virgin hair extension retail seller with a small shop on the street or selling item by item on online market sites like Amazon, Aliexpress… You can also provide the virgin hair products on a greater scale by being a wholesale hair vendor.

virgin hair extension 5

  • Selling products based on the target consumers: If you are running a retail hair business, just import the typical and trendy types of best virgin hair extension to attract the consumers in your location. Meanwhile, whoever is running a wholesale business of virgin hair, you should diversify the categories of products to spread the scale of your cooperations. Hair consumers from different countries will ask for different types of virgin hair..

6.  Top countries supply large amount of virgin hair extension

Asia is the most developing market for best virgin hair extension. However, the distribution and quality of hair sources in each region are not the same. Here is a brief review about virgin hair in some dominant countries in Asia that produce this product. 

6.1. China – supplying huge quantity of virgin hair extension

China is the top most populated country in the world. Thus, the number of virgin hair extensions condors is adequate. The hair factories in China even import the hair material from neighboring countries such as Cambodia, India to ensure the great quantity of virgin hair extension available for consumers.

Chinese wholesale virgin hair vendors always get the highest ranking in the number of virgin hair products exported every year in Asian hair market. In addition, Chinese factories also provide many models of virgin hair extensions. Colors range from natural to vibrant. The prices they offer are also reasonable

Virgin hair

China – supplying huge quantity of virgin hair

6.2. India – supplying cheap price virgin hair extension

India is a competitive competitor of China in producing great quantities of hair. However, the distributors in this country are the most famous for providing the cheapest virgin hair extension. The reason is that their products are made from wasted hair or dedicated hair in the temples.

Indian hair extensions have a short lifespan. Thus, the price of hair is pretty lower than other virgin hair from other countries in the continent. Therefore, if they want to sell high-end virgin hair extensions, they will not respond well.

Virgin hair

India – supplying cheap price virgin hair

6.3. Vietnam – supplying highest virgin hair extension quality

Although Vietnam does not have a sufficient source of hair as those two countries, its virgin hair extension is recognized as the most luxurious hair in Asian hair market. The condors of Vietnamese hair factories are living in rural and mountainous areas. Thus, they have limited chemical use on their hair.

In addition, those women have a positive lifestyle, regularly do physical work; therefore, the Vietnamese hair source is healthy, smooth and silky. Their best virgin hair extensions also have a long lifespan than Indian hair and Chinese hair.

Virgin hair

Vietnam – supplying highest virgin hair quality

6.4. Comparing virgin hair extensions from Vietnam, China, India

The Indian and Chinese virgin hair extension suppliers are the flagships in exporting an affluent quantity of products to international hair consumers. Vietnamese factories are the trustworthy wholesale virgin hair vendors in distributing the highest-quality virgin hair product.

Vietnamese hair vendors always supply the best virgin hair extensions. As the prices go with quality, Indian hair has the cheapest cost, Chinese hair offers a medium range of prices. And Vietnamese virgin hair extensions are sold at the highest cost but it is reasonable.

7. Factors to identify a high quality virgin hair extensions distributor

virgin hair extension 6

If you are going to invest in selling best virgin hair extensions, after choosing the type of business and orienting the hair categories, it is essential to find wholesale hair vendors suppliers to start a cooperation with. Here are some tips for you to avoid the vendor scams and other risks of investment.  

7.1. Virgin hair extensions distributor has information available on the Internet 

The trustworthy virgin hair extension vendors always have official websites of their company which are organized professionally. There are hotlines, and other contact information of the manager and the salers available on the website for consumers to get connected quickly. On the website of the company, there is knowledge about the foundation, achievements, certifications and even the manufacturing process of the hair extension provided.

virgin hair extension 7

There are also other articles with contents of caring for hair, choosing the appropriate hair types to help the newcomers. This proves that they have a deep understanding of the market and hair extensions virgin hair. If you cooperate with them, you will be supported to grow

7.2. Able to see the quality of virgin hair extensions eyes to eyes

Before investing in the products of any company, make sure that you can have a clear check on the quality of the hair. If you two are in different countries and can not have a check directly, you can definitely ask for a video call to see the real quality of the virgin hair extension. The reliable wholesale virgin hair vendors will also have photos of virgin hair products without filters.

As best virgin hair extensions costs much more than other hair types, the direct and careful check is necessary to reduce the possibility of loss. This helps you avoid scams and business situations. In addition, through the call, you will also evaluate the customer care factor of the suppliers.

Virgin hair

Factors to identify a high quality virgin hair distributor

7.3. Experienced hair experts advice forwards virgin hair extension suppliers

Another factor to be relied on when choosing a reliable wholesale human hair extensions supplier is their advisor for manufacture. When the company has hair experts with great experience to monitor the quality of the production, their virgin hair extension’s quality is committed.

The role of those experts is to make sure the quality virgin hair is up-to-date and has identical quality. Once the suppliers you choose have no experts that can answer all of your wonders, then you do need to think of the business decision twice!

7.4. Feedbacks from other customers to virgin hair extension

virgin hair extension 8

The comments and valuation from previous clients of the virgin hair vendors are another clue for you to consider if this distributor is worth your investment or not. Go for the company that has sufficient feedback or comments about human hair extensions on Amazon. The former consumers who have imported the virgin hair extension will have experienced the products and provide the true quality of the customer service and hair’s quality.

There are many feedback sources about virgin hair extensions you can refer to such as: facebook, instagram, blog… By reading comments, you will have an objective view. You also avoid scammers.

8. Recommended address that can be trusted to buy virgin hair extension

After reading the tips for finding a relevant virgin hair vendor, if you are still not confident enough to choose a reliable address of virgin hair extension distributor, we have a recommendation for you to start a hair business with: 

K-hair – Smart choice for hair business owners to import virgin hair from

Virgin hair

K-hair – Distributor of virgin hair

K-Hair is a brand from Vietnam, which was founded in the 1990s. There is no doubt about the quality of Vietnamese virgin hair and K-hair Factory is one of the most experienced and developing distributors of virgin hair extension in Vietnam. The company has an official website with diversified contents, a Youtube channel receiving Silver Button and international certifications for the hair quality. K-Hair Vietnam has long term relationships with consumers from Europe and Africa, especially Nigeria, Brazil and the UK. Their virgin hair is manufactured by the latest machinery and technique with the regular check of experienced experts. They provide the finest customer service which is available 24/6 along with multiple payment methods. 

Website: K-Hair Vietnam.  


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