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England is one of the most lucrative markets for hair extensions. Thanks to weft, tip, tape, clip-in, or wig, we don’t have to wait a long time for the hair to grow back, but still have the long and bouncy waves. The more demands of hair products, the more need to find the trustworthy hair distributor. Some questions of a good distributor can pop up in our minds: Do they have a prestigious reputation? How about the comparison of Prices between different suppliers and Quality that satisfy customers?   This report will give you the list to find out Top 3 best hair suppliers in England meeting all aforementioned requirements.

1. Overview of England hair distributors

Beside the USA or Asia top wholesale hair distributor, European is where the hair market is booming. From the original cost of some hair supplier countries, the price of the same hair can be higher in England than in African countries. 

1.1. Hairstyles in England

There are 2 different directions of hairstyles favorable in England:

  •  The first one: European and Russian hair: which means the soft and silky hair in the form of: keratin hair (tip), tape, clip-in, colored slice, raw hair… The colors mostly are shades of blonde, brown and gray. Straight and slightly wavy are loved by women. 

Colored slice is the favorite items at European hair salons

  • The other one: Peruvian or Brazilian hair, favorable by most of African customers. The hair sold is weft hair with matching closure/ frontal or complete wigs. Hair textures are: wavy, curly, kinky, pixie, straight and bone straight. Hair colors are diversifying from the natural black to the colorful ones. On special occasions such as Christmas Eve or New Year, women want to change their hair into some exotic colors. 

Hairstyles for African women

1.2. What does the hair in England come from?

In similarity with other imported hair countries, hair sold in England comes from buying hair in bulk some sources: India, China and Vietnam. Though India and China are taking advantage of exporting hair, Vietnam is a rising star in the hair market. While Indian factories use the cheap price to compete with other hair suppliers in other countries, Chinese hair companies use technology, Vietnamese distributors have the key of Quality. The truth is when a customer tries Vietnamese hair, she will never want to use Chinese or Indian hair again. Why can that thing happen? You can find the answer below.

1.3. Prices quoted by England hair distributors

Prices fluctuate in the hair market. There is no definition of “high price” or “cheap price”, only “reasonable price” exists. To answer for this thing, you can see some customers are ready to pay top dollars as long as the hair is good while others just want the medium quality hair providing that it is usable. The hairstylists, hair salon owners and wholesale hair vendors know that, and they will find the suppliers with the compatible requirements. However, in general, the hair extension prices  quoted in England are in the top highest of the world because of the high standard living condition and readiness to pay for beauty products and services. 

2. Top 3 hair distributors in England

With 3 hair distributors listed below, you will have multiple choices of glamorous hairstyles. 

2.1. hothair- European hairstyles

hothair is a hair distributor located in London. The brand builds an e-commerce basement, appropriate for customers with personal use. The website is friendly with users and designed to become a shopping market where customers can easily view hair textures and clear price. 


hothair distributes both synthetic and human hair types in the form of wigs, clip-in and ponytails. Most products are designed for European customers with light colors and straight or wavy texture. hothair also has “Ebony” line for African women but the styles are just the basic ones. The price fluctuates from 20 Euro to over 300  Euro for a product. Ponytail is the cheapest one and the long wig with colors cost much more money. 

Contact hothair for hot deals:

Hotline: +84398344444


Facebook: hothair07

Instagram: hothair_eu

2.2. BHAIRB- African hairstyles

BHAIRB is a hair distributor with a diversity of African hairstyles. The brand only sells human hair with all types: weft bundles, closures, frontal, clip-in, tape, pre-bonded hair (u tip), micro loop. Going through the website, you can easily see the different length and colors attached to each hair texture. Some terms such as “Brazilian hair” or “Peruvian hair” can make customers think that the hair is from Brazil or Peru while the truth is these 2 countries only import hair and haven’t exported it. “Brazilian” or “Peruvian” actually are the names of hairstyles. The prices quoted are considered quite cheap because the hairs  sold are from China and India, mostly remy hair.


Contact BHAIRB for the retail price and gifts:

Hotline: +84398344444


Instagram: bhairb_official

2.3. K-Hair- the leading hair distributors in England

K-Hair is an international company, not only supplies hair in England but also in other European, American and African countries. Thanks to the advantages of a factory, K-Hair can produce all hairstyles and colors in large quantities. With 30 years in the hair business, K-Hair is proud to be the long-term distributor of the top famous hair brands. For African customers, K-Hair manufactures weft bundles, closure, frontal and wig with different lengths and colors in order to satisfy market’s demand. Besides, the tip, tape, clip-in, colored slices are sold to European and Caucasian customers. The price K-Hair offers are considered reasonable and competitive with only $8.6/ bundle

Contact K-Hair for the factory price- discount for 10 fastest orders each month:

Hotline: +84398344444 (reply in only 1 minute)


Instagram: astrid_ts_khair

Facebook: Astrid Taylor

Support 24/7

3. How to choose a hair distributor in England?

Step 1: Know your customers

  • Interest: Hairstyles, Colors, Hair origin that your customers want. Some customers are getting used to buying Chinese hair but one day they can ask you questions: “Do you have Vietnamese hair? People talk a lot of Vietnamese hair and I want to try it” 
  • Budget: because the readiness to pay for hair extension of each customer is different, hair dealers can consider the suppliers with the appropriate prices. 

Step 2: Searching for suppliers

  • Country: India with super crazy cheap hair, China with suspicious hair imported and mixed hair, top hair suppliers with real human hair. 
  • Hair factory/ Hair company: Hair factories can control the quality of the hair, they can offer the wholesale price, which is lower than other trading companies as well. Obviously, hair factories have minimum order quantities (MOQ) to suit their capacity.

Meanwhile, hair companies purchase hair through some intermediate parties and resell them to wholesalers and retailers. Therefore, the price is higher than the B2B hair factory price. It can be a suitable choice for customers with personal use or small vendors thanks to no MOQ. 

Step 3: Choose the suitable hair factory

  • First order: First transaction is mostly to test the hair. Normally, customers don’t spend much money on it unless the supplier already has a reputation. 
  • Long-term relationship: Of course the hair traders want to have their back up with different hair distributors, sometimes they want to try new human hair bulk factories as well. However, finding a long-term partner is necessary, no one has a headache with every transaction and worry of quality.  Therefore, looking for information carefully before placing orders can prevent you from difficulties after that and find the true hair supplier. 

Choosing a hair distributor is the key leading to success. The right decisions can make your business booming, however the bad ones can ruin your career. Instead of facing low quality hair or untrustworthy supplier problems, careful searching at the first step is the priority. With the Top 3 best hair suppliers in England report, you can write in your list 3 more invaluable choices. You can also learn more similar criteria of wholesale hair suppliers in Africa or in any other countries to widen the choices, too.


I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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