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Are you A NEW HAIR VENDOR who is struggling to find THE BEST HAIR SAMPLES for your business?

Hair extension is becoming a lucrative and prosperous market for investors all over the globe. To become successful in this game, hair sellers are expected to have meticulous preparation. In the market, there are a variety of styles (weft, wigs, extensions, etc), colors of the hair that can puzzle customers. This blog will give some recommendations about products newbies should have for their new journey.


Weft hair is one of the most popular items of hair extensions. The 2 most significant types to order as samples are hair samples with straight style and samples with curly style. Each style is also available in terms of different lengths, colors and quality grades. Let’s dig into each sample style right now.

1.1 Hair samples with the straight style

Straight natural hair samples
Weft natural black hair samples

Weft straight hair from hair factory for resellers is the most basic and easiest hair sample to start with. People can easily apply this style in various conditions such as meeting, hanging out with friends, and get an elegant and professional appearance. Moreover, people can easily manage and style the color of the hair to create different shades of impression. The flexibility of the hair meets the demand of nearly everyone, which makes it the best to start with.

Straight red wine color hair samples
Straight red wine color hair samples

Straight hair with different hues can create different feelings to the customers. Top 3 significant colors are red wine color, blue color and brown color. Each color has its own attractiveness, so it is a good idea to order samples of all colors. Below are the meanings of each color.

  • Red wine color: Sexiness and attractiveness
  • Blue color: Dependability and being trustworthy.
  • Brown color: Being trendy and delicate

Apart from these colors, ombre colors are gaining popularity with youngsters. The color changes from dark to bright based on the preference of clients which can bring them a unique outlook. Ombre is the ideal choice of top human hair bulk for people who want to spice up their hair as well as become modern and dynamic.

1.2 Hair samples with the curly style

Besides straight hair, curly hair is also very popular among customers because of its glamorous beauty. The hair can create a feeling of thickness and fullness. Every curls fiber is different from each other which can bring clients unique outlooks. The hairs are also very eye-catching and never go out of style. Among samples, pixie and kinky curly are of the best sellers in many countries, especially in Africa and America, which are the main markets of the K-hair factory.

The process of manufacturing curly hair is carried out fastidiously by workers in the K-hair factory. Consulting the link below to gain more information about the process in the K-hair factory – the leading hair supplier in Vietnam.

Curly natural color hair samples
Curly natural color samples

For your information, all the hair material used in K-Hair is 100% human hair. There are 2 types of human hair in particular; they are virgin hair and remy hair.

  • Virgin hair is hair collected from one donor, so the cuticles are intact and the hair alignment is uniform. Vietnamese virgin hair is collected from young Vietnamese women only. They are aged from 18 to 25 and live in mountainous areas. Thanks to mild weather and common healthy lifestyles in these regions, the hair quality is super good and prominent in comparison with other suppliers’ hair. Vietnamese virgin hair is undoubtedly a wonderful item for bleaching and restyling with the best results achieved.
  • Remy hair is hair collected from 2 or more donors. The cuticles are also intact and the hair alignment is good as well. It is also collected from Vietnamese women with amazing quality. Remy hair is a great item for hair restyling like straightening, curling and coloring.

Do you notice that in K-Hair, there is no non-remy hair used. Non-remy hair is hair collected from many people. The cuticles are seriously damaged, and the hair alignments are so disordered. Many factories now still use non-remy hair in production for the sake of the factories. However, in K-Hair, for quality is king, only high-quality virgin and remy hair is used.


Tape hair extensions are hair extensions that are sticked with special tape. Tape in hair extensions are usually made in terms of hair pieces, so that they can be easily stuck to users’ real hair. In terms of styles, you are assured that there are dozens of styles for you to choose from. You can choose simple but elegant ones like natural straight style, bone straight style, natural wavy style, etc with full colors or more creative ones like pixie curly style, voluminous curly style, kinky style, etc with a variety of colors, including ombre, balayage, highlights, lowlights, etc.

Raw hair samples
Raw hair samples

However, we are talking about raw hair samples. Then, please remember that raw hair is in general high-quality unprocessed hair, and you are supposed to buy natural straight hair with natural color. As a result, you can try and assess its ability of being bleached, colored and restyled like straightened, curled or so on. Qualified raw hair definitely enables you to carry out the restyling process successfully.

Raw hair is 100% human natural hair which doesn’t undergo any chemical or heating process. Thanks to its pureness, the hair has the premium quality which can blend naturally to various hairstyles. It can last up to 5 years depending on the storage technique. This type of hair is exclusively used for making the hair thicker and longer and greatly preferred by customers with thinning hair. The versatile applications of raw hair, like tip hair or tape hair, make it a sensible investment to boost the market share.

You can also read this for more information of trendy choices for raw hair now: 3 best ways to style curtain bangs

2.1. Tape hair samples

With tape hair, the hair fibers will be placed in tape like a sandwich. Since the hair can be installed easily without using heat, it doesn’t harm the customers’ original hair and make it possible to change hairstyles every time they want. That’s the prominent factor contributing to the popularity of this hair recently and become smart money for hair sellers.

Tape hair samples
Tape hair samples

In conclusion, there are multiple hair styles in the wholesale hair distributor business with various shades of colors that hair-sellers could choose for their business. However, the samples mentioned above are advisable because of its effectiveness and practicality.

K-hair factory, the leading hair supplier in Vietnam, provides customers with the best quality directly from the factory and the most competitive price in the market. All the hair materials are collected from young Vietnamese women who live in fresh mountainous areas, have healthy lifestyles and natural-based hair care routines. The hair will then be processed and produced in qualified hair factories to become hair extension products. In addition, as mentioned, the delivery to customers is totally straightforward without any intermediaries. Dealing with K-Hair, you are supposed to get the best guarantee on the time, hair quality, wholesale prices and customer services.

Contact Mrs. Jasmine, sales manager from K-hair factory via Instagram and WhatsApp, for more details and arrange your order.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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