Remy Hair Extensions Reviews: How To Be A Smart Reseller

To collect information about the hair extensions and suppliers, making the best use of remy hair extensions reviews is a great idea. If the reviews are faithful and updated, they can bring about lots of benefits to you as a reseller. For example, you will not need to waste time and money on many unqualified suppliers before finding out the most suitable ones. You will be able to avoid frauds or clones, etc. However, many remy hair extensions reviews are not that reliable! Then, what to notice when considering them? Let’s find out all.


Remy hair extensions reviews

I. Overview of natural remy hair extensions reviews

Before moving on to analyzing all the factors of remy hair extensions reviews, we will work with remy hair extensions first. As a reseller, you really need to understand the hair thoroughly, so that when reading the reviews, you will be able to assess them better. You can easily decide which ones are sensible or not. For example, if the reviewers say that the hair is of great quality, and they can easily bleach the hair into 613 color, then what will a critical reseller think? Only when having enough knowledge about remy hair can you assess the remy hair extensions reviews!


A variety of remy hair extensions reviews available

1.1. What are remy hair extensions?

Definition of remy hair extensions: Remy hair extensions are hair extensions made of remy hair. Then, what are hair extensions and what is remy hair? 

  • Hair extensions are the parts that people use to stick on their natural hair for a variety of purposes: to add length, to add volume or to add a lot of different hairstyles. 
  • Remy hair is natural human hair which is cut and mixed from at least two donors. The hair is unprocessed and healthy. 
  • When the hair is collected in enough quantity, it will be used to make hair extensions. The hair is usually sewn together (or using other techniques) into wefts, closures, frontals, wigs, etc or let it stay natural like raw bulk hair.

Remy hair extensions

Typical characteristics of remy hair extensions: In order to be critical towards remy hair extensions reviews, knowing all the features of remy hair extensions is of importance. Below are 3 typical points you need to remember.

  • Quality of remy hair extensions: Quality is the factors that affect all the characteristics of remy hair extensions. The quality decides the hair appearance, hair durability and restyling ability, etc. Remy hair is usually of good quality. It is natural human hair, and it is not mixed from the hair of too many people. Therefore, the hair is not easily tangled or shedding. The point is sometimes non-remy hair is advertised as remy hair to boost the sale, so you’d better be careful.
  • Durability of remy hair extensions: Remy hair can last about 5 years if it is well cared for. However, that’s just the average number. Depending on each specific hair extension type, the hair can last shorter. For example, for remy hair extensions weft, it can last for only about 1 year. So, if the remy hair extensions reviews give an abnormal number of life-span, you should reconsider it carefully.
  • Restyling ability of remy hair extensions: Remy hair extensions can be restyled into different styles. They can be bleached and dyed into many basic tones. They can also be easily straightened, curled or so on. However, the bleaching ability is not as good as that of virgin hair.

Characteristics of remy hair extensions

1.2. What are remy human hair extensions reviews?

Clearly, the reviews are reviews on remy hair extensions. They are the comments on the hair or the suppliers. They can be both negative and positive. What’s more, everybody can give a review, as long as they have experience with the hair or have interesting knowledge about the hair/suppliers and want to share with others.

II. Which useful information to notice in remy hair extensions reviews

Nowadays, reviews are really diverse and easy to access. There are even KOLs who review products for money. Then, which points are important to pay attention to in those reviews? This part will give you the answer.


What to get from remy hair extensions reviews?

2.1. Why do I need to read the remy hair extensions reviews?

First of all, why do I need to read the reviews when I can get the consultancy from suppliers? This is the question that you may think of first. In fact, the answer is very simple. As suppliers sometimes too focus on promoting their products, their introductions may be not objective enough. It is when you’d better turn to remy hair extensions reviews from previous buyers, hair experts or any experienced ones to confirm the truth. Or when you want to research before contacting the distributors, reading the reviews beforehand is a good choice.

2.2. Which information of remy hair extensions reviews is to focus on?

There are many factors that you should pay attention to when reading the reviews. The two major groups are about information of the hair and information of the suppliers.


Remy hair extensions reviews – What to focus on?

2.2.1. Remy hair extensions reviews about hair

About the reviews on hair extensions, there is a lot of useful information to obtain.

  • About the hair types: When making remy hair extensions reviews, review-makers will usually share about their experience using the hair. They can give truthful information about the pros and cons of each kind of hair. They can also provide photos of them wearing hair extensions. Thereby, you can also see whether the hair extensions are easily matching with the faces, skin shades, fashion styles or not. This will help you a lot when you give advice to your customers.
  • About the hair trends: Remy hair extensions reviews also give you more information about the hair trends. Experienced ones may even predict the trends, too. Knowing this, you will have smart product choices for your business.
  • About the applying methods: Another important piece of information of remy hair extensions reviews is about applying methods. Sometimes, your wholesale suppliers cannot tell you all about the application. Then, you’d better learn it by yourself to try to be a hair reseller expert and be confident to advise your own customers.

Remy hair extensions reviews about hair

2.2.2. Remy hair extensions reviews about hair suppliers

Reviews on suppliers are of the most important point that all hair resellers need to be concerned about! You’d better read the reviews a lot before deciding to import hair from any suppliers. Three most important factors to consider are the hair quality, the hair prices and the customer services of the wholesale hair distributors.

These three pieces of information are what suppliers cannot tell you exactly, and only remy hair extensions reviews can. Therefore, you’d better make the best use of the reviews to make smart decisions.


Remy hair extensions reviews about suppliers

2.3. What are the remy hair extensions reviews on significant hairstyles?

To help you imagine all the theories above better, now we’ll show you the reviews on some of the top hairstyles. Then, you’ll see how the reviews on hair types, trends and installations are. 

2.3.1. Long remy hair extensions reviews

What are the reviews on long remy hair extensions? In general, long hair is always loved and receives a lot of good reviews. Below are the most objective and briefest long remy hair extensions reviews.

  • About the style: Long hair is suitable with any face shapes as the hair is long and thick enough to style and cover any less satisfying points on the face. Long hair is also diverse in hairstyles available, which is perfect for creative users.
  • About the trend: Long hair is never out of date. It has always been loved in all countries for the capability to let users create any trendy styles.
  • About the installation: Long hair is a bit heavy, so the installation may be harder. If the hair is not carefully attached, it can easily drop.

Long remy hair extensions reviews

2.3.2. Wavy remy hair extensions reviews

How about the reviews for wavy hair extensions?

  • About the style: Wavy hair is undoubtedly the “international” choice of hairstyle. It suits all faces and all fashion styles, especially muse vibes.
  • About the trend: It is said that wavy style has been the trend for several years. The most popular one is body wavy styles.
  • About the installation: The blending ability is extremely good, which is a typical characteristic in installing.

2.3.3. Curly remy hair extensions reviews

Below are the brief reviews for curly remy hair extensions.

  • About the style: This style is as popular and trendy as the wavy one. 
  • About the trend: These days, the trend for curly hair is voluminous curls which bring about an outstanding individual look.
  • About the installation: Curly hair is well blending, just make sure the colour is carefully chosen for matching with real hair.

Curly wavy hair extensions reviews

2.3.4. Straight remy hair extensions reviews

Reviews on straight hair are pretty abundant. Here are the most significant points.

  • About the style: Straight hair is the most basic but also never out-of-fashion hairstyle. Straight hair can suit all faces and most matches the elegant gentle vibes.
  • About the trend: There are three types of straight hair which are usually on trend: natural straight, kinky straight and Yaki straight. The two latter are more trendy in American African styles.
  • About the installation: To make the hair blend well is the most difficult task for newbie hair users. However, just knowing that some simple actions like trimming layers, curling temporarily, etc can help, the installation will become super easy.

Straight remy hair extensions reviews

III. Where to get remy hair extensions reviews?

Reviews on remy hair extensions are essential, especially in the researching process of any hair resellers. Then, where to get the reviews? There are two main sources: from the very suppliers’ platforms and from the public forums.

3.1. Remy hair extensions reviews from suppliers’ platforms

Getting reviews from suppliers’ platforms is the easiest way as you are always provided with the information of their social media. You can read the reviews on their websites, Facebook pages or Instagram accounts, etc.

  • Websites, Youtube: Remy hair extensions reviews on websites and Youtube are both feedback from customers and sharing from suppliers. The feedback is usually collected and synthesized into particular posts or videos for feedback and reviews only. Sometimes, the reviews sections are also added in any parts of any posts for readers to consult. When getting the reviews on websites, please make sure that the photos of feedback are inserted with the suppliers’ logo. This ensures that  the reviews are real and reliable.

Remy hair extensions reviews on websites & Youtube

  • Social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc: On social media, there is usually a specific part for customers to assess the suppliers and give remy hair extensions reviews. As they are written by customers, they are pretty reliable. However, there are cases that the review-makers are hired to do so. Then, please make sure that you have enough knowledge about the hair nature to assess the reviews.
  • Commercial platforms like Alibaba: Many suppliers have their hair available on online commercial platforms. Then, after buying the hair, customers also have the chance to give feedback about the hair as well as the service. This is also a good source of remy hair extensions reviews, but sometimes the reviews are paid, too. Therefore, please be alert.

Remy hair extensions reviews on other platforms

3.2. Remy hair extensions reviews from public forums

Besides suppliers’ platforms, public forums also provide lots of reliable reviews. The forums are usually Youtube channels, sharing groups on social media or forum websites. The review-makers usually give remy hair extensions reviews voluntarily, so the reliability is high. What’s more, the contents are diverse, and you can also make use of the comments sections. However, sometimes you may not find the reviews on the hair or suppliers you want as not all of them are reviewed.


Remy hair extensions reviews on public platforms

After all, no matter which platforms you choose to get the reviews, you need to take them all into consideration. You ought to combine many media to compare and assess the information. There are many paid reviews nowadays, so please gain enough knowledge about the hair business to protect yourself from scams.

IV. Top best hair suppliers with positive remy hair extensions reviews

Below are top 5 hair suppliers which receive lots of positive reviews on the hair as well as the services. You can consult to save time finding them by yourself.

4.1. K-Hair – Top 1 Vietnamese hair factory

K-Hair Factory is no longer a strange name towards hair resellers. K-Hair has been in the hair business for decades, so the staff are very experienced and devoted. All the remy hair extensions reviews express that the hair extensions of K-Hair are of great quality, and the customer services are super professional. K-Hair staff are always knowledgeable and patient towards customers. You can discover more about K-Hair here:


K-Hair – Top 1 Vietnamese hair factory

4.2. Guangzhou Labor Hair Factory – Positive remy hair extensions reviews from China

Labor Hair Factory is a 12-year hair manufacturer with active demands in 36 countries. Therefore, the factory has received lots of positive reviews. Most of them are about cheap hair and deserved hair quality.


Labor Hair manufacturer

4.3. HotDot Hair Supplier – Positive remy hair extensions reviews from South Africa

HotDot is a hair supplier from Johannesburg, South Africa. This supplier has received a lot of good feedback, especially for their afro kinky ad bob hair.


HotDot hair supplier

4.4. KoKo Hair Factory – Positive remy hair extensions reviews from the UK

KoKo Hair is a famous hair distributor in the UK. It supplies a wide range of hair extensions products such as human hair, hair extensions, ponytail, wigs, hair pieces, etc.


KoKo hair supplier

4.5. SGI Hair – Positive remy hair extensions reviews from India

SGI Hair is a wholesale hair distributor in India which supplies a wide range of hair extensions like human hair, weave, curly bond, lace closures, lace frontals, etc.


SGI hair factory

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