4 Simple Rules To Master The Color Coordination

Apply the color wheel rule in matching outfit colors
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Color Coordination, grasping the way to master the fashion style is not a skill that everyone is born with it. All are accumulated by observation and applied to form a skill type. And like other skills, we can learn and accumulate over time. Here are 4 simple rules to help you master the color mixing.

Why is color coordination so important?

Before going into details of what are 4 rules to coordinate the colors for your outfits, let’s dig into the importance of such colour coordination first. Some people just underrate the importance of this step in outfit mix and match, so we want to clarify its necessariness. Choosing the right colors for outfits is one of the most important factors which decide whether the outfits will flatter your beauty or not. Besides the clothes’ styles and patterns, the colors are what easiest to create the impression. The colors are always supposed to be carefully chosen to match your skin tone and fashion styles. Such colour coordination can make you look so active, young, sweet, elegant or individual, etc.

However, if you are careless in choosing your outfit colors, you can create such a bad effect. A wrong color coordination can make you look so old, boring or out of fashion. If you are trying to create a good impression, this will be a big pity which you could have totally changed if you paid enough attention to the colors mixing. That is also the reason why we want to share 4 tips to mix the colors for your outfits to make sure they look good.

Color Coordination: Mix similar things

Color Coordination 1

Color Coordination 1

Color coordination – mixing the similar things is also known as a significant way of creating monochromatic style. In fact, this way of color coordination means that you mix items of the same hue but different brightnesses and saturations together. Have you got any knowledge about the hue, brightness or saturation of the colors? If not yet, here are some simple significant points to remember.

  • Hue is the term used to present the location of the color in the color wheel. Hue is the factor that decides whether the color is red, blue, green, yellow or so on.
  • Saturation can be understood as the intensity of the color. It is also known as the effect of the mixture between white light and a hue. The color will look purer if the saturation is higher.
  • Brightness is also known as the lightness of the color. The black has 0% brightness and the white has 100% brightness. You can remember this to refer to the brightness of the color more easily.

In particular, this secret is quite easy to understand, that is, you mix pastel with pastel, earth tones go with earth tones, turquoise green goes with turquoise, etc. Quite simple, right. In case you want to apply this when wearing skirts, you can read more about best ways to wear a skirt, too. This way of color coordinating is just suitable for any fashion item mix and match.

Pastel pink colors bring a youthful style

Pastel pink colors bring a youthful style

With this style, the material of the outfit can be different, but the colors should be similar.

When arrange color coordination like that, you will create a harmonious whole for your fashion style. You do not have to use both the top and bottom of the same material, but you can combine different materials and designs together. As long as they have color similarity is enough.

In fact, the differences in materials can help create a good impression for this monochromatic style as well. A good recommendation is to use popular basic textures that usually go well with any other textures for mix and match. Some of those basic textures are denim, cotton and leather. In addition, you can also be so creative and mix for yourself individual clothes sets. Fashion is just unlimited!

Color Coordination: Use the color wheel

Combine opposing colors together, for example you can see the black and white harmony, an attractive contrast. In fact, this contract is somehow creating such a complementary style! Let’s look at the picture  below to see how the colors are so flattering together.

Attractive opposite color gamut

Attractive opposite color gamut

On the color wheel in the picture, the principle of coordination is that you use color coordination on the respective scales on opposite sides of the outfit, you can also combine colors on the first scale with the third scale. In the opposite color palette, this combination will create impressive colors that you cannot expect.

As you can see from the color wheel below, some good options for this color coordination method are mixing orange and blue, pink and green, yellow and purple or so on. If you are a person who is interested in fashion, especially hairstyle fashion, you may also feel so familiar with the color couples mentioned here. They are actually also the color pairs whose components can get rid of each other when it comes to hair coloring. For example, you can use purple shampoo to neutralize blond hair! This mention is just to show you how related the fashion subfields are!

For more outfits trends, you can read this: Latest Nigerian Trends

Apply the color wheel rule in matching outfit colors

Apply the color wheel rule in matching outfit colors

Ombre color coordination

Different shades of color or similar colors almost always work together. You see, each color has many shades, pink will not only be pink but also many similar colors like red rose, orange rose, light pink, lotus rose, pastel pink, etc.

The ombre pastel colors are especially popular these days. It is highly recommended to mix the outfits with ombre colors of pastel pink or baby blue. They are so amazing and trendy now. Such sweet vibes from them are really loved. Besides, choosing to mix different shades of deep colors is also a good way to create a new individual vibe.

The color coordination makes it attractive and proves your aesthetic eye

The color coordination makes it attractive and proves your aesthetic eye

You can mix the colors of these different levels on your outfit.

Hot or warm color coordination

When it comes to coordinating colors for your outfits, mixing the colors of the same tones (warm or cold) is also a good idea. For warm tones, we have so many significant colors such as red, orange and yellow, etc. Cold colors consist of blue, green and violet, etc. Depending on whether you use warm colors or cold colors for your outfit mix and match, you will get different vibes and styles.

  • Warm colors can bring about such sweet vibes. In summer, wearing warm colors will make you become even more standing out, and for winter, you will look pretty warm and sweet. In addition, warm colors can also help you make you look thinner as well.
  • Cold colors can bring about such elegant vibes. Wearing outfits with cold colors will also help you feel so cool and comfortable. However, this type of color is somehow quite hard to mix and match. You need to be careful to ensure that the colors mixed go well together.

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