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Nigeria’s fashion industry is quickly becoming one of the country’s economy’s most viable industries. Talented designers continue to emerge, appealing to both indigenous and international patrons’ ever-evolving demands, preferences and styles. The next wave of promising Nigeria fashion brands are taking the world of fashion by storm with spectacular debuts and displays at influential fashion events, from the Lagos Fashion and Design Week, the GTBank Fashion Weekend to Arise Magazine Fashion Week and celebrated international fashion shows.

The evolution of Nigeria fashion brands

With 21 million people, the fact that Lagos is a cultural center city. Trendy Lagosians once met traditional tailors or looked for Western high-end trends. Fashion was retro, pop and hip in the 1990s. This was the time when the return of the Capri pants, there was a revolution in men’s wear, narrowing of the trouser hems and rising looser as they fit in the waist and hips.

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Although American fashion still affects most of what people wear, through wearing their traditional clothes, Nigerians are starting to accept their culture and heritage. While trends migrated from the 90s to the early 2000s, one of the fastest Nigeria fashion brands revolutions in human history has happened in the 2000s to date, with skinny jeans thriving. The comeback with baggy clothing and the women’s afro hairstyle.

How big is the Nigerian fashion brand Industry?

Nigeria’s apparel industry has increased in scale and complexity within a decade, drawing worldwide interest. The “textile, apparel, and footwear” sector has averaged growth of 17 percent since 2010, based on GDP data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

This growth was motivated by a rise in demand, but also partially by unparalleled measures that continue to carry Nigeria into the worldwide awareness of fashion. With their planned annual runway shows and incubator-style approaches used to expand brands, events like Lagos Fashion Week have promoted this trend.

Emerging Nigeria fashion brands

Olajumoke Ademilua – O’milua – The worth mentioning Nigeria fashion brand

Olajumoke Ademilua’s O’milua takes prints to the next level! Her designs depict a rich African cultural heritage, beginning with her own roots. Olajumoke’s collections feature extraordinary creations, with traditional Yoruba tie-dye designs, as well as other locally made fabrics. In addition to captivating audiences with its cultural elegance, the O’milua brand is also renowned for its ethical fashion.

Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun – Ayo Van Elmar

The O’milua of Olajumoke Ademilua brings prints to the next level! Her designs represent, starting with her own origins, a rich African cultural heritage. With traditional Yoruba tie-dye patterns, as well as other locally produced fabrics, Olajumoke’s collections feature exceptional creations. The O’milua Nigeria fashion brand is recognised for its ethical fascination, in addition to captivating viewers with its cultural beauty.

Abimbola Oye-Akinnifesi – Reni Smith – The reputable Nigeria fashion brand

Bimbo Oye is a popular designer came into the Nigerian public consciousness after her debut at the GTBank Lagos Fashion and Design Week in 2013 . Following this case, for young and excellent Nigeria fashion brand, Bimbo’s brand made it to different lists. She then progressed to star in the country’s esteemed fashion shows, as well as famous Nigerians in beauty.

Adebayo Oke-Lawal – Orange Culture

At the young age of ten, Adebayo Oke-Lawal began his foray into the fashion world. Later, his increasingly rising ‘movement’ Orange Culture, multiple acclaimed creations. As a game-changer in Nigeria fashion brand industry, the faith in Orange Culture saw Nigerian mobile payment firm, Funds and Electronic Transfer Solutions (FETS), granting financial backing to London Fashion Week through the Fashion Scout 2017 edition, which encourages pioneering and evolving fashion talent around the world.

Adebayo is undeniably one of best up-and-coming Nigeria fashion brand exports with its bold and classic-yet-contemporary collection of menswear.

Oluwatobi Akintoye – T16 World of Fashion- The famous Nigeria fashion brand

T16 World of Fashion is a Nigeria fashion brand that resounds deeply from all walks of life including much of the most trendy and glamorous female folk in Lagos. These days, the Nigeria fashion brand is their go-to spot for any ladies who want to make any wedding dress train they’re on it at any given time look incredible.

The style of Tobi invalidates seasons and trends, catering to all sorts of clientele. This part of her imagination is arguably what brought her to top spots at fashion-oriented sites, like the Multichoice Fashion Protege and GTBank Lagos Fashion and Design Week, from a final year ‘student tailor.’ In the highly competitive Nigerian fashion brand industry, Tobi is currently on the road to become a power to be reckoned with. In case you need more information about dress, here is a guide to vintage style dress like a vintage lady.

Paolo Sisiano – Sisiano

The artistically influenced element behind the creations of Paolo Sisiano definitely gives them their theatrically alluring significance. Paolo is also an experienced stage actor and clothing designer, in addition to his capacity to create exciting fashion. Ever since, Sisiano has not gone twice. Vogue Italia called him last year as one of the Nigeria fashion brand to look out for.

Sandra Tubobereni – Tubo

The fashion efforts of Sandra Tubobereni at the 2016 Lagos Fashion Awards won her the award of Fast Rising Female Designer of the Year. Sandra quickly started designing her school clothes all by herself, as a girl who spent much time in her mother’s tailoring business in Port Harcourt. Today, based on her unique artistic approach to conventional African wedding dress attires, and haute couture, her Nigeria fashion brand profile continues to grow.

Tokyo James – Tokyo James

Yet another proud accomplishment for the Nigerian fashion brand industry is the Tokyo James brand. His alternate styles are inspired by African and Western culture and concentrate on showcasing the contemporary African man’s personality, whether or not he was raised on the continent. The sophisticated drawings of Tokyo James are quickly made more popular by the day.

Temitayo Nathan Ilesanmi – T.I Nathan

To build one of the most aesthetically acclaimed brands for men in the world today, Temitayo Nathan Ilesanmi bounced back from what was critically considered a poor first fashion impression.  Temitayo’s classic designs have seen him dress famous Nigerian celebrities and win many awards since the launch of his Solace collection in 2014, representing Nigeria fashion brand shows abroad. In the way that it seeks to meld street wear with high fashion to cater to the men of this generation, the T.I Nathan Nigeria fashion brand is notable.

Kenneth Ize – Kenneth Ize

Modern, urban, inclusive, conscious! That’s what the Kenneth Ize brand represents. The unisex clothing line is expertly working Nigeria’s fashion scene by appealing to the tastes of those whose individuality would not be confined – the free-spirited. The 2013 Lagos Fashion and Design Week finalist has come a long way since he first tantalised the Nigeria fashion brand industry with his designs, including running his fashion house from Vienna. It’s only a matter of time before this designer becomes an international fashion household name.

Vovwe Omoko – Ovems Fashion- one of the popular Nigeria fashion brand

In 2014, Vovwe Omoko was appointed by the founder of Africa Fashion Week as the most talented fashion designer at the Winasbet Nigerian Student Fashion and Design Week. And at aforementioned prestigious fashion show the next year, or some time after that, she wasn’t disapointed. One of her most noteworthy collections focused on inspiring women. Her artistic talent and bright future won her the role of in-house stylist at their launches for Wazobia TV and Cool TV, the top Nigerian TV house.

Kambili Ofili-Okonkwo – Kamokini

Kamokini’s swimwear Nigeria fashion brand company was motivated by the urge of founder Kambili Ofili-Okonkwo to fulfill the needs of body-conscious and trendy African women like herself who have trouble finding the right swimsuit in terms of style, fit, and affordability. The capacity of Kambili to fill a major gap with her swimwear creations in the Nigerian fashion brand industry, whilst sharing indigenous designs with the world, makes her a single designer to watch.

The last Nigeria fashion brand in this article: Omowunmi Owonifari – Mofari Couture

Omowunmi Owonifari boldly stamped the arrival of Mofari Couture into the Nigerian fashion brand scene with the launch of her ready-to-wear women’s clothing collection Fledge in 2015. She had joined in the ‘Fashion Focus’ competition of the Lagos Fashion and Design Week the previous year. She has launched a shoe line since then and continues to wow with her fearless and sexy models.

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