Should we buy Vietnamese raw non-remy hair extensions?

vietnamese raw non remy hair extensions 4
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Hair extensions are no longer the only choice for those who want to conceal their flaws. However, it is now a must-have fashion staple for fashionable women who want to make a statement. As a result, you can hardly imagine what hair extensions are made of while stepping into hair salons or fashion shops dealing in hair extensions looking trendy hair collections. It is for this purpose that this article will provide you with additional details on one kind of hair extension: Vietnamese raw non-remy hair extensions from Vietnamese hair factories.

What is Vietnamese raw non-remy hair extensions?

To deeply understand about non-remy hair, we should have an overview at the definition of Remy hair and Virgin hair as well. In fact, there are 3 types of hair available now in the hair markets, including virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair. Each type of hair has its own features for us to consider.

  • Virgin hair is also usually known as raw hair. It is the hair cut from one donor, in fact one woman as the hair used for making hair extensions must be long enough. The hair can be from 4 inch to more than 30 inch long. When it comes to virgin hair, the quality is the best one as virgin hair is natural hair that has never been restyled with chemicals. It is totally intact and healthy. Accordingly, the hair cuticles are intact, and the cuticle alignments are 100% uniform. All of these characteristics make virgin hair the best item for hair bleaching, dyeing, straightening and curling.
  • Remy hair is hair cut from two or more people. The hair lengths also vary from 4 inch to more than 30 inch. The quality of remy hair is not as high as that of virgin hair due to the fact that hair collected from many people cannot be as uniform as hair of one person. However, remy hair is generally of good quality. The cuticles and alignment of the hair are still qualified, and you can totally dye, straighten and curl this type of hair easily.
  • Non-remy hair is the main character of our post today. In fact, non-remy hair has the lowest quality of all 3 types of hair. Non-remy hair is collected from many people as remy hair. However, the point is that the hair sources are not guaranteed. The hair can be severely damaged due to a lot of restyling with chemicals and heat before. Then, the natural hair cuticles are seriously damaged and the alignments are not uniform at all. It will be a bad idea to bleach, dye, straighten or curl non-remy hair.
vietnamese raw non-remy hair extensions 1

vietnamese raw non-remy hair extensions 1

After all, though non-remy hair is the least qualified type of hair, it is still a popular item in the hair market. The quality is bad, but the amazingly cheap price is such a plus point. To dig into more details, please read the analysis below. You will be surely provided with all necessary information to deal with this type of hair.

Vietnamese raw non-remy hair extensions is a peculiar definition for some people. It is  one type of hair extension. Non-Remy hair is usually sourced from temple foundations, salons, and haphazard manufacturers. The course of the cuticle gets mixed with this compilation process, resulting in eventual difficulty and worn issues. As a result, Non-remy hair products are vulnerable to tangling, matting, and shedding.

To hide this issue, many hair factories or wholesale hair vendors use chemical to fully remove the epidermis  and surround the hair strand a large amonut of silicon to achieve the softness and smothness for the hair. Futhermore, the Vietnamese raw non-remy hair extensions feel soft and shinny at first. But after using time or washes, the silicone begins to smell, and the hair becomes brittle and begins to rise and mess.


vietnamese raw non-remy hair extensions 2

vietnamese raw non-remy hair extensions 2

The pros of Vietnamese raw non-remy hair extensions

Simple to preserve. The hair extensions are easily taken care of. They never have to re-create styles so it has “style preservation.” They must be washed, dried, and then kept. Hair will revert to its previous state.

  • Keep your hairstyle: Non-Remy hair retains its look no matter what the weather is like. The reason is that the hair extensions were already well-styled in the hair factories with proper techniques. The hairstyles are guaranteed to last for months or even for years in case of proper maintenance and conditions.
  • Be flexible: By purchasing several non Remy hair extensions, you can experiment with various shades and styles without having to visit a hair stylist. Normally, it is so damaging and not recommended to restyle your real hair many times. However, with such hair extensions, you can choose different items of many styles for different occasions!
  • Offer cheap price: When compared to other styles of hair extensions, non Remy hair is the cheapest. They don’t need to be carefully cared for: They don’t need to be meticulously cared for. This is important whether you are experiencing health issues and are not doing well.
vietnamese raw non-remy hair extensions 3

vietnamese raw non-remy hair extensions 3

The cons of Non-remy hair

Besides many advantages, non-remy hair definitely also has a number of disadvantages. Knowing them will help you a lot in preparation for buying this type of hair. The disadvantages lie in these main points.

  • About naturalness: Since non-Remy hair is less costly, it looks unnatual. The hair is collected from different people with unguaranteed sources, so the texture and quality is not uniform, no matter how carefully has it been processed in the hair factory.
  • About usage performance: Hair extensions are less robust than raw remy hair extensions in terms of usage performance. If used every day, it normally lasts 4-6 months. This is not such a long period of time in comparison with other types of hair.
  • About flexibility: Is non-remy hair more flexible? Whether it’s a specially made “heat-resistant” remy hair, non-remy hair can’t be styled as straighten or curve with heat tool equipment.
  • About the restyling ability: Non-remy hair can’t be dyed or bleached: Since non-Remy hair contains silicon, the pigment will not conform to the hair. In addition, the hair cuticles of non-remy hair are severely damaged, so there is no bleaching ability.  

After reading the above, you should be able to easily answer the question, “Is Vietnamese raw non-remy hair extensions bad?” Non-remy hair isn’t as amazing as it does in advertisements. As a result, you can closely examine it before opting to use it on your own.

vietnamese raw non-remy hair extensions 4

vietnamese raw non-remy hair extensions 4

The bottem line

Beauty technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, with numerous simple and new beauty approaches available to help women transcend their beauty standard. 

Hair extension has been a common way of beautifying many of the world’s most attractive women in recent years to heal their short hair. However, since Vietnames Remy hair is superior to Vietnamese raw non-remy hair extensions, you can closely inspect the hair extension before using it.

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