Free Hair Vendor List – Best Wholesale Hair Vendors For Startup

As the hair industry exploded, starting a hair business has become a trend for people who want to be their own boss and make huge profits. However, have you ever wondered where you should start? Where should you import hair from? This article will provide you with a free Hair vendor list, so that you can choose a reliable one for your hair business. Try to read till the end and find out your own answer.


Free hair vendor list – Best wholesale hair vendors for startup

1/ Basic knowledge about hair vendor list 

In the first part, we would like to show you some basic information about hair vendor lists: what is it? Why should you take a look at it? And How much does it cost? Let’s discover!

1.1/ What is a hair vendor list?

A reliable and informative hair vendor list is a list that concludes several or many trustworthy hair vendors. These vendors are those who directly manufacture hair extensions and will sell you a large quantity of products – which is called “wholesale”. 

A reliable hair vendor list should be informative, giving you primary information about each hair vendor in it. Please note that if the hair vendor list is given by a third party, it doesn’t mean that they have tried all products from all hair vendors in this list. The quality of the hair extensions also depends on the feeling and expectation of each customer. Therefore, we recommend that you also should do further research about hair vendors mentioned in this hair vendor list, ensuring that you can choose a suitable one for your hair business.


Hair vendor list – What is it?

1.2/ Why should I take a look at the hair vendor list?

As the hair industry has become developed and brought huge benefit for business owners, there are more people planning to start their business. One of the key factors that affect the success of a hair business is where they import hair from. Consequently, people are having more demand on hair vendor list with the aim of having good products of hair extensions to emerge in this billion dollar industry.

As long as you can find a suitable and qualified hair vendor list, it can bring you certain advantages, especially affordable price, guaranteed quality of hair extensions and professional customer service as well.

  • Affordable price: reliable hair vendors in hair vendor list will offer customers factory price, which is said to be the best price. Because they are direct manufacturers of hair, you don’t have to pay extra expense for intermediaries like wholesale resellers. Therefore, it can’t be denied that a reliable hair vendor list can bring you long-term benefit.
  • Guaranteed quality: importing hair directly from the hair vendor list helps you to avoid unexpected quality. There are some questionable vendors that import hair from unqualified factories and then sell you poor quality extensions with the same price as high quality products of top best human hair extension. Checking the quality of suggested vendors in the hair vendor list can minimize these problems. Besides, you also can guarantee the quantity of your business input to make sure that you can meet the demand of customers in time.
  • Professional customer service: Qualified factories from the hair vendor list would provide urgent and professional customer service to anyone who comes with them, even if they aren’t their customers. The willingness in supporting and consulting can help you to have better experience when running your business as well as make the right decision in importing hair. 

Hair vendor list brings both guaranteed quality and reasonable price

1.3/ How much does a hair vendor list cost?

The price of a hair vendor list varies according to the quality of the list and the sellers as well. It is from $20 up to nearly $1000. Some hair vendor lists can cost you an arm and leg. 

In fact, there are some hair vendor lists including Vietnamese vendors, while other lists mention Indian or Chinese vendors. Therefore, you should consider expectations, requirements and the goal of your business. If you are seeking quality hair products at reasonable prices, you should purchase Vietnamese hair vendor lists. On the other hand, if your hair business with low budget doesn’t focus on quality but more competitive price, you can take a look at Chinese or Indian hair vendor lists. Or if you have a plentiful budget and demand high quality, a European hair vendor list may be what you need.


How much does a hair vendor list cost?

2/ What kinds of products should I import from the hair vendor list?

Choosing what kinds of products to import is one of the fundamental factors affecting the success of business. We are here to recommend you different kinds of goods which potentially help your business emerge in this billion dollar industry.

2.1/ Targeting personal customers

If you are targeting personal customers, which are also called “end users”, you can consider importing popular hair extension products such as clip in, tape in, sew in, ponytail hair extensions, etc. They are extremely famous and widely used by girls and women all over the world. Many qualified factories from hair vendor list supply these products with competitive prices.

  • Clip in hair extension: based on clips, this kind of hair extensions is beloved for their convenience and harmless to hair. Try to read till the end and we would like to provide you with a hair vendor list suggesting reliable hair manufacturers of this popular product.

Clip in hair extension supplied by factories in hair vendor list

  • Tape in hair extension: Hair extension will be attached to special sticky tapes and installed to your hair without causing harm or pressure. Thanks to its ease of use, tape in hair extensions have become a must-have for ladies, especially thin and short girls. Importing them from the hair vendor list can help you to meet the different demands of customers as a piece of cake.

Tape in hair extension supplied by factories in hair vendor list

  • Sew in hair extension: This kind of product includes hair weft together. It looks like a curtain with long and sleek hair strands. Sew in extensions supplied by factories from a qualified hair vendor list are the favorite choice of customers, especially people from South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, the US, etc.

Sew in hair extension supplied by factories in hair vendor list

  • Ponytail hair extension: It is a hair extension piece attached together to form a ponytail. Thanks to its ease of use, ponytail hair extensions are regarded as a trendy item for fashionable girls and ladies. Pony tail extensions are manufactured by vendors from hair vendor list in different lengths, colors and styles.

Ponytail hair extension supplied by factories in hair vendor list

2.2/ Targeting hair salons or hair resellers

Hair salons are likely to customize the hair extensions to meet specific demands of customers. Therefore if your business orientation with the targeted customers is hair salons or hair resellers, you can take a look at hair material as well. In terms of hair material, there are 2 main types offered by hair factories from hair vendor list, namely human hair and synthetic hair.

  • Human hair: originated from 100% human hair. Factories from a hair vendor list often supply 3 types, including virgin hair, remy hair and non remy hair.
    • Virgin hair: collected directly from 1 donor; excellent quality with strength, sleekness and natural color; able to bleach to 613 color; sold at super high price

Virgin hair extension supplied by factories in hair vendor list

    • Remy hair: gathered from multiple people; hair strands follow the same direction; can be dyed in many tone colors; guaranteed quality with more affordable price

Remy hair extension supplied by factories in hair vendor list

    • Non remy hair: collected massly from many people and public places; hair strands don’t follow the same direction; easy to be shedding and harsh; offered by hair factories from low-rated hair vendor list at cheap price.

Non remy hair extension supplied by factories in hair vendor list

  • Synthetic hair: made of artificial fibers; put under chemical processes to have the color and look like real hair; low quality with short lifespan.

Synthetic hair extension supplied by factories in hair vendor list

3/ Evaluating a reliable hair vendor from the hair vendor list by yourself

In addition to the suggested hair factories, our recommendation is that you also need to do your own research and evaluate whether those suggested hair vendors are trustworthy or not. We would like to show you several standards in evaluating a reliable hair vendor.

  • Real photos and videos on social media

A reliable hair vendor mentioned in the hair vendor list will update the photos and videos to promote their hair extensions, to show customers how beautiful and shiny their products are. However, you should take note that these photos and videos truly belong to them. Questionable hair vendors may take photos of other hair factories and then post them on their social media. This can lead to the fact that the products you receive are much poorer in quality in comparison with those in pictures hair vendors sent you. Be conscious! 

  • Willingness attitude towards customers questions

Unqualified hair vendors are likely to try to sell products and hurry you into paying money. In contrast, a good hair vendor list will provide you with professional hair vendors. They have enthusiastic attitudes towards everybody who comes with them, even if you aren’t their customers. Trustworthy hair vendors from the hair vendor list are willing to explain all your questions, making sure that you have thorough understanding about their products and service.

  • High quality of hair extensions

This is a significant factor to decide whether this is a reliable hair vendor or not. Hair factories from a believable hair vendor list are able to guarantee the quality of output, so that hair extensions can meet your expectations.

In order to check the quality of hair extensions, you can ask them for a video call. A willing hair company always welcomes customers to visit their factories, or by video call.

  • Real address with clear order and payment policy

Pay attention to the address of hair vendors mentioned in the hair vendor list. Tips that you can search for on google search or google map to decide whether it exists or not.

When dealing with hair vendors, you should ask to understand thoroughly about order and payment policy, especially with worldwide hair vendor lists. A professional hair vendor should have a clear policy of buying and exchanging.

  • Positive reviews about hair extension products and service

A trustworthy hair vendor from the suggested hair vendor list has no reason for not receiving positive reviews about their products and service. You can find feedback on their website, or ask sales staff to give you feedback. Besides, you should do your own research by asking people around, related groups on Facebook or other social platforms. You also can search their name and products on Youtube and see whether there are any negative reviews about this hair vendor or not. 

However, we suggest that you should be aware of fake reviews. Some unreliable hair vendors from the hair vendor list may hire paid people to give 5-star comment and feedback for them. Be careful!


Evaluating a reliable hair vendor from hair vendor list by yourself

4/ Comparison of hair vendors from hair vendor lists

Among various hair vendor lists, we would like to take a further analysis about top 5 hair vendors which are often suggested in hair vendor lists namely: Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Brazilian and European hair vendors. Hope that it will help you have a more general overview about worldwide hair factories and hair vendor lists as well.

4.1/ Vietnamese hair vendors in hair vendor list

Vietnamese hair vendors in suggested hair vendor lists are famous for their high quality and affordable hair extensions:

  • High quality: Collected directly from local women, the hair material and hair extensions offered by Vietnamese vendors retain their strength, sleekness and natural colors. In addition, reliable hair vendor lists also recommend some household scale hair vendors. These hair vendors can provide customers with guaranteed hair extensions with long-lasting lifespan and consistency in quality. Almost all qualified Vietnamese hair extensions are said to last up to 1 year.
  • Affordable price: Thanks to the available hair source from the local area, Vietnamese hair vendors in the suggested hair vendor list can offer end users as well as wholesale resellers, hair salons or hair business owners the most reasonable price. Although in comparison with Chinese and Indian prices, the Vietnamese hair price is not as competitive as, please note that “Price goes with quality”. According to many dependable hair vendor lists, Vietnamese hair vendors are believed to bring long-term benefits for hair business owners.

Vietnamese hair vendors in hair vendor list

4.2/ Chinese hair vendors in hair vendor list

Chinese hair vendors are often described in hair vendor lists with their huge quantities in stock and cheap price.

  • Huge quantities in stock: Chinese hair vendors operate in a huge scale of industry. Therefore, they can receive support from automatic technology. Consequently, they can meet urgent orders of customers with various hair extension products.
  • Cheap price: The mass production contributes to the cheap price of Chinese hair vendors. However, the key factor is said to be the source of hair. A huge percentage of hair material by Chinese vendors in hair vendor lists are imported from countries like India, Laos or Campuchia. The cheap hair source with uncontrolled collecting process helps hair vendors in China to achieve competitive prices. However, it results in the poor quality and short lifespan of hair extensions.  

Chinese hair vendors in hair vendor list

4.3/ Indian hair vendors in hair vendor list

Hair vendor list mentions Indian hair vendors as a mini world which have a wide range of hair extensions with cheap price.

  • Various products: India is said to be one of the earliest hair markets all over the world. Indian hair vendor lists will bring you diverse choices in length, style, color… . If you are looking for different styles, materials or colors, an Indian hair vendor list is what you need. 
  • Cheap price: The simple production methods as well as low-cost labor contribute to the cheap price offered by the Indian hair vendor list. What is more, hair from temples is regarded as a cheap source, which plays a key role in the amazingly low price of hair extensions. However, in fact, the low-rated hair texture as well as unguaranteed collection of hair material makes Indian hair vendors less attractive with wholesale hair business. Therefore, you should take a careful look at each Indian hair vendor from the hair vendor list to make sure that they can meet your expectations.

Indian hair vendors in hair vendor list

4.4/ Brazilian hair vendors in hair vendor list

Brazilian hair vendors are appreciated in the hair vendor list because of their high quality hair extensions. Hair extensions collected directly from local people are long, thick, shiny and durable. The hair texture of Brazilian people is said to be suitable with many types of hair. Thanks to the excellent quality of hair, Brazilian vendor lists are always in high demand and may be sold at high prices. 

However, the fact is that there are only a small amount of Brazilian products that truly came from native women. Due to the shortage of local hair material, Brazilian hair vendors have to rely on other hair sources, which are imported from India, Malaysia and Vietnam. The word “Brazilian” is just labelled to attract the belief and attention of customers. 

With lower expenses and higher revenue, Brazilian vendors mentioned in the hair vendor list can achieve huge profit. Therefore, apart from a small amount of local Brazilian products, the quality of Brazilian hair varies depending on the source suppliers. You should consider carefully before purchasing to make sure that the budget you spend is parallel the quality you receive.


Brazilian hair vendors in hair vendor list

4.5/ European hair vendors in hair vendor list

European hair vendor list is favorite choice of hair business owners because of the high quality hair extensions these hair vendors supply. Actually, most European hair material originated from Russia. It is said to be in high quality, durable and various natural colors ranging from black, brown to blond. Hair extensions from European hair vendor lists are favorable items of various customers all over the world. 

However, native people don’t have the custom of selling hair. As the living standard improves, people are focusing more on life quality and their appearance. Consequently, due to the shortage of hair as well as high standards in production, hair products supplied by European vendors will be sold at super high price. 


European hair vendors in hair vendor list

4.6/ Conclusion 

The following table is a conclusion for different hair vendors from the hair vendor list. Please note that it is evaluated based on the opinions from many experts and customers, so the reliability is up to 90%. Hope that this table will help you to make a right decision according to your demand, budget and expectation.


Comparison of different hair vendors in hair vendor list

As you can see from the table, Vietnamese hair vendors can be said to be top of the hair vendor list thanks to their quality and affordable price. Hair business owners who have requests about quality as well as focus on price, Vietnamese hair vendors are such an optimal choice for them.

5/ Hair vendor list exposed – Best wholesale hair vendor list for startup

Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for a hair vendor list, why not take a closer look at our Free Hair Vendor List as follows. You should know that this best wholesale hair vendor list for startups is based on our research and collected opinions from experts and users. However, the quality of a hair vendor or reliability of a hair vendor list also depends on the feeling of each customer. Therefore, we hope that this Best wholesale hair vendor list for startups, together with your own research, can help you find suitable vendors to import hair from.

5.1/ K-Hair – top rated Vietnamese factory in hair vendor list

With more than 30 years of experience in the hair business, K-hair has become a leading hair vendor in Vietnam and quickly put footprints in the global hair market. Recently, K-Hair Vietnam has been a trustworthy destination for many hair distributors and hair retailers in many countries such as Africa, Russia, Europe, the UK, the US, etc with more than 1500 loyal hair vendors worldwide.

K-Hair provides customers with various hair extensions in different lengths, styles, colors, etc in high quality and at the best price. Their clear origin, careful production process as well as professional sales staff surely meet your requirements. Because K-Hair is high-rated in hair vendor lists by experts as well as customers, there are more and more international customers choosing K-Hair as the most ideal destination for their business.

Contact information:


K-Hair – Best factory in Vietnamese hair vendor list

5.2/ Blueforest Hair – Chinese qualified factory in hair vendor list

Blueforest Hair has been a professional manufacturing factory in China for over 20 years. Their mission is to supply quality hair extensions to wholesale and retail customers. 

Their factories are located in Heze & Qingdao. With the ability to supply different grades of hair products, Blueforest Hair focuses on 100% human hair without any mix. Their products include hair weft, lace closures and frontals, wigs, virgin hair, remy hair, etc. With the strict and controlled producing process, Blueforest Hair is one of the most favorable hair vendors in the hair vendor list that can make sure that each product can meet high quality requirements of customers.

5.3/ Baisi Hair – Chinese qualified factory in hair vendor list

Baisi Hair is a very famous hair vendor that has been selling hair for over 10 years in China. Among a lot of hair vendors in the hair vendor list, what they mainly focus on in manufacturing and selling is the quality of products and customer satisfaction. 

Baisi Hair provides customers with various types of hair extensions, meeting different demands of customers. Thanks to its quality and professional service, it gets over 13000 good reviews from buyers, and sells more than 1000 bundles of hair per day to different countries! 


Baisi – Top vendor in hair vendor list

5.4/ Five Star Exports – Indian qualified factory in hair vendor list

Five Star Exports – an Indian Enterprise located in Chennai, India – provides excellent quality of human hair to the world market and to serve the best quality of human hair and its products to fulfill the needs of every individual. Five Star Exports procure raw hair from different temples in and around of South India by participating in regular tenders and obtain natural human hair as our main raw material from time to time      .  
With the thorough experience and knowledge about hair business, they become one of the most frequently suggested in the Indian hair vendor list. The hygienic and high standard of production helps guarantee the best quality supplied to customers from all over the world. 

5.5/ Rm Indian Hair – Indian qualified factory in hair vendor list

RM Indian Hair – a well-known hair warehouse – was established in 2017 in India. They involve in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting of  raw Indian hair, remy Indian hair ,virgin indian hair, lace hair closure, blonde hair, colored hair. These are superior in quality and manufacture according to the latest fashion and trend among many hair vendors from the hair vendor list. RM Indian Hair products are highly demanded by the clients due to its uniqueness and premium quality. 

RM Indian Hair is performing with high potential and capacity to achieve the target goals and objectives consistently. This all became possible under the guidance of Mr. Pawan Kumar – a talented and experienced mentor of the company. RM Indian Hair is more and more involved in the hair industry with their targeted goal being high quality.

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