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When looking for the best wholesale hair extension tape, use our tips to choose a product that both you and your clients will enjoy. The next piece provides more detailed information on wholesale tape in hair extensions. We will make it clear about all the details, including the overview with definition, classification, pros and cons and instructions, the price and all about the wholesale hair distribution.


Wholesale Tape In Hair Extensions

1. Overview of wholesale tape in hair extensions

The demand for hair extensions is growing, so has the number of wholesale hair extension distributors. Because of the differences in the properties of each region’s hair, not every nation has a factory, and some can only import hair from other countries. This site is focused on giving hair industry news, especially wholesale tape in hair extensions.

1.1. Defining wholesale tape in hair extensions

Wholesale tape in hair extension is a product that has the potential to completely transform your salon or shop. This is a popular option for ladies looking to add volume and length in the most natural way possible. We’re going through the choices you’ll make when ordering tape extensions through our wholesale program. You should read before picking what sort of hair extension and hairstyle is best for you.

Wholesale tape in hair extensions are the ideal solution to add length and rich volume to your hair in a short period of time, lasting one to two months. Furthermore, the extensions are painless and quite adjustable; you can even tie your hair up in a high ponytail without the extensions showing. While this is a skilled procedure, it should be emphasized that tape in hair extensions is incredibly mild on your hair and scalp. Because there is no pulling or stitching required during usage and removal. Tape-ins are very useful for persons with thin and/or damaged hair who want to enhance length and thickness.


Defining wholesale tape in hair extensions

1.2. Types of wholesale tape in hair extensions

You may pick from three distinct types of hair extension tapes, each of which offers something unique to your clientele. You should conduct research and select a product that suits your consumer base and gives the pricing and features you desire.

  • Classic tape in hair extensions are the most popular option for everyday wear. The classic tape in hair extensions line is the least harmful on the market. They are lightweight and recyclable, and they grow in sync with your natural hair. 
  • Injected tape in hair extensions are the second type of wholesale tape in hair extensions. If you want hair extension tapes that seem natural, go no further than injected tape in hair extensions. Injected tape in hair extensions strips is injection molded to allow the extensions to secure and gently connect to your hair. Unlike regular tape, the front of each tape has hair inserted into it.
  • Hand-tied tape extensions are completely hand-tied, resulting in imperceptible knots that mix in with your natural hair. Manual hair extensions are similar to beading in that the stylist attaches beads to a client’s natural hair row.

Types of wholesale tape in hair extensions

1.3. The benefits and drawbacks of wholesale tape in hair extensions

The majority of tape extension horror stories, for example, hair breakage, adhesive difficulties, shedding, slippage, and so on are all installation-related, not necessarily hair-related. The fate of your wholesale tape in hair extensions is mostly determined by you and your stylist. If someone fails to bring them in or you fail to care for them, you’re going to have a difficult time. However, as long as you get high-quality extensions and have them installed by a reputable technician, you should be alright.

However, tape extensions are not suitable for everyone. Before you book an appointment, consider the following pros and cons:


  • You can style your hair normally.
  • Adhesive tape allows you to add color to your hair without bleaching or dying it.
  • The installation and removal were both speedy and damage-free.
  • Weft threads are often thin, making them pleasant to wear and hide.

The benefits and drawbacks of wholesale tape in hair extensions


  • They may surely be costly.
  • If you want the extensions to last, you must maintain them on a daily basis.
  • Styling and allowing in more hair than normal might be a difficult adjustment at first.

1.4. Instructions for wholesale tape in hair extensions

Wholesale tape in hair extensions has grown in popularity in recent years. They are simple to apply and do not appear thick under your natural hair, making them an excellent solution for folks with thinner hair. With proper care, the tape in the extension may last for a long time, saving you time and money between salon visits. Here’s all you need to know about caring for and utilizing tape in your hair extensions to achieve the lush long hair you’ve always desired.

1.4.1. Wholesale tape in hair extensions installation

This hair extension has a sticker-like adhesive and a thin strip of your original hair will be between the two weft strips. Only a professional stylist can correct this. The tapes should not be glued too close to the scalp because it will be difficult to remove later. Also, it should not be attached too close to the hairline. The registration process can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the length and volume you want.


Wholesale tape in hair extensions installation

Besides, the tapes used for wholesale tape in hair extensions should be placed evenly and straight along your hairline. If the tape is attached in an oblique or diagonal position, you will feel extremely uncomfortable because it will slip out of your hair. Do not try to remove the extensions yourself with the tape as you will definitely damage your hair by pulling the tape sections inwards.

1.4.2. Shelf life of wholesale tape in hair extensions

Typically, the wholesale tape in hair extensions will last six to eight weeks. If your hair grows quickly, you will need to re-pin it. If you need to reconnect the tape extensions, go to the salon and have the stylist do it for you. The hairdresser will first remove it with a light bonding remover before reinstalling it. 

This is often used to detach and slide the extension out. The old tape on the weft will then be removed and replaced by your stylist. The extensions will last longer if you take proper care of your natural hair and extensions.


Shelf life of wholesale tape in hair extensions

1.4.3. Hair extension tape preservation

You may wash your wholesale tape in hair extensions just like you would your natural hair. You may also style them in any way you desire. However, you will need to take extra care of it in order to keep its natural look and texture. It is preferable to sleep with your hair in a loose braid to avoid tangling the strands. You may also use a natural hair treatment once a week to keep the smooth and silky texture of your tape-in hair extensions.

Avoid tying damp hair and keeping it wet while sleeping. Furthermore, daily shampooing is not required. If you use oils, serums, or other hair care products, avoid getting them on the tape. Simply apply to your hair. Deep, heavy-duty oil-based treatments should be avoided at all costs. And what about thermal protection? If you want to maintain your tape in hair extensions in good form, it will become your closest buddy.


How to take care of wholesale tape in hair extensions

2. The price of wholesale tape in hair extensions

Do you wish to stock up on tape-in hair extensions for lengthy and thick locks? You’re also curious about wholesale reference pricing. Wholesale tape in hair extensions may not be as expensive as you think. It turns out that you may acquire the best hair extensions without spending the most money. However, like with anything, there are certain things to be cautious about. The typical cost of wholesale tape in hair extensions is also determined by a number of elements that must be considered. So let’s get started and discover how much hair extensions cost and which ones to buy.

2.1. How much does wholesale tape in hair extensions cost?

The cost of adhesive tape extensions varies according to length, color, quality, and salon. Here’s some simple arithmetic if you want a soccer field number based on an expert’s expertise. For example, because my hair is so thick, I need to fit 40 “sandwiches” (or 80 individual ribbons) in two hours. I received a mix of adhesive tape in a 10-pack that costs between $120 and $160. That works up to around $1,120 in hair and an additional $800 for installation. This is not a low-cost hair extension.

The price of these wholesale tape in hair extensions vary depending on the color, quality, and length. It also depends on how many hair extensions you will need based on the texture and volume of your hair. It doesn’t make sense to put a lot of duct tape in the extensions, but it does have a lot of advantages. You will also need a professional hairdresser to apply the hair extensions with tape because you will not be able to do it all yourself.


How much does wholesale tape in hair extensions cost?

2.2. Why is the price of wholesale tape in hair extensions in this range?

Wholesale tape in hair extensions are less expensive than other semi-permanent hair extensions now on the market; both purchasing hair and applying medication are inexpensive. Wholesale tape in hair extensions is affordable for a variety of reasons. Tape-print takes less time to apply than other hair extension procedures, which lowers application expenses. Furthermore, the conveyor’s design makes maintenance a breeze, lowering maintenance costs.

  • Maintenance-free

Wholesale tape in hair extensions are simple to care for. Because they have a slim design and a width of 1.5 inches, this is the case. Duct tape is so simple to keep clean that most people forget they’re wearing it until it’s time to replace it after roughly three months. 

It is crucial to remember, however, that buying low-quality wholesale tape in hair extensions will result in a negative experience. This is because extension bands are worn every day and will rapidly break down if the hair quality is poor. Therefore, while purchasing tape extensions, go for higher-quality brands. While the high quality tape extensions may cost more initially, they will save you a lot of money in the long term because they do not shed or tangle and can be used over and over again. Maintenance is a breeze with top quality tape extension.


Why is the wholesale price of wholesale tape in hair extensions in this range?

  • Less harm scalp

You won’t lose much hair if you use tape extensions. Adhesive tapes inflict the least harm to your hair of all the hair clips on the market since they are weightless and do not tug your hair out like other extensions. Hair clips, for example, are heavy, and if you wear them every day, you might get bald. Individual extensions such as fusion and micro should not be used if you have fine hair since they will tangle a lot and you may lose a lot of hair during the detangling process. 

Then, wholesale tape in hair extensions are the greatest. They are easy to put on and take off and are quite comfortable to wear. As a consequence, if you want to minimize hair loss while wearing hair extensions, sticky tape is the way to go.

  • Reusable

The wholesale tape in hair extensions may be used several times; in fact, it can be used up to three times every year. This is especially useful if you want to match your hair extensions to a specific style or color. You simply have to do it once with the tape extension, and then you may reuse it for 3-4 times before customizing it again. 

Simply remove the bandages, clean them, apply a fresh band, and replace them for recurrent usage. Please keep in mind that you may only reuse the tape extender if it is of good quality. You may be required to remove them every four weeks if they are of low quality. Individual extensions, unlike tape extensions, cannot be reused, and clamp extensions must be replaced every six months. Furthermore, removing the tape extension takes only 15 minutes, but removing individual extensions takes at least 2 to 3 hours of yanking and pulling hair.


Why is the price of wholesale tape in hair extensions in this range?

  • Versatile 

Wholesale tape in hair extensions are definitely superior to clamps because, unlike clamps, tape extensions allow you to accomplish a lot more. You can wear your hair in a high ponytail, braid, or any other style. When you wash or comb your hair, you may not see them since they are so fragile. Adhesive tapes are also preferable to individual hair clips since they dry faster after being washed and dried. Individual extensions aren’t very thin. It’s tough to care for them since they’re so linked.

Wholesale tape in hair extensions is the most effective approach available. That is why they are so popular among celebrities and fashion icons. Many enterprises have flourished as a result of their profitable nature.

3. Steps to find the wholesale tape in hair extensions with a stable supply

Finding a wholesale tape in hair extension supplier, especially wholesale hair extensions near me, may be a time-consuming and tough task. You want a tape hair extension wholesale partner with a lot of experience, knowledge, and abilities. If you want to succeed in the hair field, you must have a steady and reputable provider. Your  wholesale hair providers who have the greatest hair extensions by doing your investigation.

3.1. Make a list of wholesale tape in hair extensions sources


Steps to find the wholesale tape in hair extensions with a stable supply

This step is crucial before looking for a wholesale tape in hair extensions service provider will save you time and money in the long run. For hair extensions, look online or ask your friends for advice. You may also look for providers of certain types of hair extensions on the internet. Check to see if the provider has worked with the hair extension firm you’re interested in. The greatest tape hair extension wholesale providers will deal with a variety of well-known hair extension brands. High-quality duct tape that does not harm natural hair is available from suppliers.

Make a list of possible high-quality human hair extension providers, together with their contact information, so you can begin your study. Remember that human hair extensions are made of real human hair, and they are far better than any synthetic items. This way, you’ll have at least one source to choose from. To evaluate costs and services, you should have at least three to five companies on your list at first.

3.2. Raw material for human wholesale tape in hair extensions 

You must be aware of the material quality of the tape in hair extensions that you will sell to customers. Hair extensions come in a wide range of quality and price depending on the substance. Virgin human hair, Remy hair, and non-Remy hair are the three types of hair components used in wholesale tape in hair extensions. Please see some of our other posts to learn more about the differences between them…


Finding wholesale tape in hair extensions suppliers

The sort of hair material you pick is determined by how much money and time you have available, but if at all feasible, go for the finest quality. If your budget allows, we recommend making extensions out of virgin human hair or remy raw human hair. Between these 2 types, the virgin hair extension is prominent. They’ll bring in additional high-quality consumers to your wholesale hair salon or salon, as well as rich and devoted customers who always favor high-quality hair extensions.

You may inquire about the sort of hair used at the hair manufacturer of wholesale tape in hair extensions or look it up on their website. One thing to keep in mind is that many sellers will substitute the second-best option. In the photos, you can hardly notice the difference. So, my advice is to tell them exactly what you want and how much you want to pay. This way, they’ll be able to figure out the coarse hair to utilize based on your budget.

Last but not least, before agreeing to any conditions with a possible supplier, make sure you have a visual representation of your final product. This manner, you’ll be able to tell if the provider can make the goods you require.


Wholesale hair extensions tape in – The human hair extension types

3.3. Find out how much each type of wholesale tape in hair extensions costs

What factors influence the cost of wholesale tape in hair extensions? You might be wondering how much you should pay for wholesale hair extensions. The quality of the hair is one of the most important variables influencing the wholesale price of hair extensions. 

  • The user’s choice of length and color, the type of coarse hair 
  • The weight of each piece (100gram, 150 gram, or 200 gram); 
  • Yarn count (density); hair proportions (double or single); 
  • Weft/weaving technique quality, the volume of the hair, and so on. 

To verify that the price you get is right, you should double-check each of these criteria with your supplier. You can compare prices with different vendors if there is a pricing difference. If your preferred provider’s costs are much cheaper than others, this might be a hint that the supplier isn’t delivering high-quality extensions. You get what you pay for, as the old adage goes.


Finding wholesale tape in hair extensions suppliers

3.4. Return policy and guarantee for wholesale tape in hair extensions companies

Inquire about their wholesale hair extension return and guarantee policies. If you’re buying human hair extensions in bulk ask your manufacturers, for example:

  • The supplier will be able to tell you how long it takes to return or refund the product?
  • Is it 14 days, 30 days, or longer? 
  • Whether the product (wholesale tape in hair extensions)comes with a guarantee, will they give you a full refund if the hair doesn’t meet your expectations?
  • And how can you receive a refund? 
  • Do you have to return the items with the label attached? 
  • Is it necessary to give a picture of the product? 
  • What if the hair extension tangles or knots after some time? Then they’ll refund your money as well?

So, before you place an order, make sure you have all of your supplier’s responses to these questions. Guaranteed to safeguard both parties in the event of a handling error or damage. Before making any final selections, make sure you read their warranties thoroughly and ask questions about their policies.


Return policy and guarantee for wholesale tape in hair extensions companies

4. Top wholesale tape in hair extensions suppliers

There are several wholesale hair band producers all around the world. They differ in terms of quality and pricing. Some of them are in Europe, but the majority are in China. mostly in the cities of Xuchang and Qingdao. However, Chinese manufacturers mostly provide OEM services, which means they do not have their own brands and instead create hair extensions.

4.1. K-Hair Factory – Top best wholesale tape in hair extensions factory

K-Hair Factory has been making and delivering wholesale tape in hair extensions for more than 30 years. They take pleasure in producing high-quality hair items that claim to be 100% Vietnamese real hair. K-Hair Factory is more suited to beginner hair sellers, clients who wish to buy little quantities for personal use, and so on.


K-Hair Factory – Best wholesale tape in hair extensions factory

Product portfolio, customer package customization, and product monitoring for hair extension quality are all included in the service overview. This factory specializes in providing retail hair items in order to establish a relationship with Anka and ensure a steady supply of retail hair. Hair weaves, Remy weaves, and wholesale hairstyles come in a variety of styles.

4.2. Great Lengths – Top best wholesale tape in hair extensions vendor

Great Lengths was created in 1992 in Rome, Italy. They are the indisputable advocates of quality, as seen by our proud ownership of major scientific breakthroughs such as the first ultrasound machine. Because of its outstanding quality, Great Length is the top firm in Europe. Although its manufacturing is in Europe, raw hair is still sourced from China and India.


Great Lengths – Top best wholesale tape in hair extensions vendor

Hair is 100% Remy and Double Drawn, with the same length from root to tip and in the direction of natural growth. Wholesale tape in hair extensions of Great Lengths is a terrific alternative for clients who want to apply premium Great Lengths hair quickly. They are also recommended for those who have thinning hair. It features a seat belt and can be reattached up to three times as a double or single tape.

4.3. Juancheng Shangkai Hair – Top best wholesale tape in hair extensions vendor

Juancheng Shangkai Hair Products Factory is one of Shandong Province’s leading professional wholesale tape in hair extensions manufacturers and exporters. The facility, which opened in 2000, has a total area of 55,000 square meters. There are around 400 employees that can manufacture over 200,000 hair strands every month. Juancheng Shangkai goods are high-end and made entirely of human hair.


Juancheng Shangkai Hair – Top best wholesale tape in hair extensions vendor

Juancheng Shangkai Hair Products Factory caters to a wide range of markets, including Latin America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and the United States, among others. To manufacture high-quality products including tape hair extension wholesale, JS hair collectors travel the globe for the greatest human sources for wholesale tape in hair extensions. China, India, Vietnam, and other nations supply the majority of hair extension items. They exclusively utilize real human hair from young and healthy persons of the finest quality. The hair from this firm is subjected to a number of quality control checks.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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