Is Vietnamese Hair Good? The Difference Of Vietnamese Hair Compared To Indian Hair

Thumnail Difference Of Vietnamese Hair Compared With Indian Hair
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Is Vietnamese hair good? What is the difference between Vietnamese Hair and Indian Hair? With this article, you will get an in-depth view of these hairs and know which one is suitable and bring a better profit margin to your business.

Compare Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair

Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair is among the best and popular hair in the global hair business market globally

1. What is Vietnamese hair and Indian hair?

It cannot be denied that Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair is becoming more and more popular these days. Vietnamese hair is especially now the hot cake of both wholesale hair factories and all hair resellers. While previously, Chinese hair and Indian hair seem to be more prominent in the business, Vietnamese human hair is now one of the top popular choices. Let’s discover more about this outstanding item.

About Vietnamese human hair

About Vietnamese human hair: One of the top popular choices

1.1 What is Vietnamese hair?

Is Vietnamese hair good? We need to know that raw Vietnamese hair is 100% Vietnamese human hair. All customers feedback that Vietnamese human hair is super silky, smooth and durable.

Depending on the number of donors and hair quality, there are 2 main types of Vietnamese raw hair: virgin hair and remy hair.

  • Vietnamese virgin hair is cut from only one donor. The hair is guaranteed to be fresh and never processed before. In other words, it is intact and is the best hair for bleaching and restyling.
  • Vietnamese remy hair is collected from 2 or more donors. The hair is also intact and unprocessed. It is also guaranteed to be uniform in direction. Therefore, the quality is good.

In fact, there is also another kind of hair in the market called non remy hair. However, the quality is really bad, so Vietnamese human hair suppliers don’t provide this type of hair.

Is Vietnamese hair good? As mentioned, Vietnamese hair is 100% qualified raw Vietnamese hair, so their characteristics are prominent in comparison with many other types of Vietnamese raw hair from other brands. In particular, those significant characteristics are:

  • High – quality hair texture: smooth, silky
  • Natural looking & well blending
  • Durable with years of lifespan
  • Full length choices: 8 to 30+ inch
  • Flexible and freely to customize

Also,  there are 3 main grades of Vietnamese raw hair quality. They are super double drawn hair, double drawn hair and single drawn hair.

Vietnamese hair characteristics

Vietnamese hair characteristics: Different quality grades of Vietnamese hair

1.2 What is Indian hair?

Indian hair is raw hair collected from the Indians. There are 2 main sources of this, including Indian temple hair and hair ball. Temple hair is used to indicate hair collected from temples. People follow the tradition, come there to shave their heads. The hair is then collected and given to hair factories. The hair ball is literally non-remy hair collected from “hair waste”. For these sources, Indian hair is rarely virgin but remy and non-remy hair instead.

Indian hair origin

About Indian hair origin: raw hair collected from the Indians

2. The similarity between Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair 

To make it clear about all the points about Vietnamese and Indian hair and is Vietnamese hair good, let’s first discover their similarities. The three main points are about the hair color, hair versatility and hair price.

2.1 Color of Vietnamese human hair vs Indian human hair 

First of all, the noticeable features that people can easily recognize in these hairs are the similarity in color. The dark color is the prominent hues in hair from Vietnamese hair extensions vs Indian hair extensions.

The shades of this hair can vary from dark brown to black, jet black. These colors can make it easy for hairstylists to blend with the natural hair. Moreover, they can mix the natural dark color with others to create the most natural feeling for the customers.

In addition to dark color, raw Indian hair and raw Vietnamese hair definitely also enable you to recolor the hair by yourself or let the hair factories recolor all for you. As long as the hair is qualified, you can have the hair bleached and dyed into the most difficult tones such as blond 613.

Color of Vietnamese human hair vs Indian human hair

16 inch straight hair has different color depending on hair supply

2.2 Versatility Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair 

It is undeniable that both Vietnamese raw hairs vs Indian hair has good versatility. The hair can be dyed, curls, or any other things without any trouble. Customers can use their hair as their natural hair because it can blend beautifully with your original one.

This can be considered one of the prominent points of both Vietnamese and Indian hair. If the hair is severely processed in factories like Chinese hair, it will limit the capability of restyling so much.

Versatility Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair

Compare versatility between Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair

2.3 Price of Vietnamese raw hair vs Indian raw hair 

Thirdly, the price of Vietnam hair vs Indian hair is of the same range. In general, the price of Vietnamese hair is slightly higher than the other one because it comes with quality. However, when you buy hair from Vietnamese hair factories, the price will be much better. Actually, the price of high-quality hair from the factories is just from 8.9$ for 1 bundle.

Similarly, the price of Indian hair is from 8$ per bundle, which is not really different from each other. You can also get more information about Vietnamese raw hair prices of specific Vietnamese human hair factories through this post Jen Hair Review.

See more information about the price of Vietnamese hair Product in  K-hair:

K-Hair official price list for all Vietnamese weft hair bundle styles

3. Differences between Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair 

Besides the similarities, Vietnamese and Indian hair also have some differences that make their own brand. Below are the detailed differences in hair origin, quality and durability.

3.1 Origin Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair 

Firstly, the origin of Vietnamese human hair vs Indian human hair is different. Indian hair extensions come from various sources, places,… Hair vendors will collect the hair from different regions in India without carefully choosing the good ones.

On the other hand, Vietnamese hair only comes from Vietnamese women between the age of 18 – 30 in mountainous areas. Therefore, the hair comes from only limited places and ensures good condition.

For more information about hair of all hair suppliers worldwide, you can read more here: Wholesale hair vendors. This article will give a concrete synthesis more than just focusing on these two suppliers!

Origin of Vietnam and Indian hair

The origin of Vietnamese human hair vs Indian human hair is different

3.2 Quality Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair 

Secondly, quality is the main difference between Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair. It’s easy to see that the hair from Vietnam has better quality in comparison with Indian hair. The reason behinds is the origin of the hair. Vietnamese raw hair extensions comes from a few donors and the hair is taken care of by natural products.

Moreover, Vietnamese people have the tendency to cherish their hair as a valuable asset and show the beauty, youth of ladies. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why the hair is so good and of optimal value.

Meanwhile, Indian temple hair or hair ball are usually remy or non remy hair which is of worse quality. It needs to be more intervened with chemicals and heat in the hair factories.

Quality of Vietnamese and Indian hair

About quality of Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair. Is Vietnamese hair good?

3.3 Duration Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair 

The second difference between Vietnam hair vs Indian hair lies in the duration of the hair. As mentioned before, the quality of Vietnamese raw hair extensions is better, Vietnamese hair has a duration of 3 – 5 years.

In the meantime, the hair from India keeps its shape for a shorter time, only from 1-3 years. It can be even shorter if the hair source is low – quality non remy one.

A broader comparison of the hair among 3 distributors: Compare Vietnamese Hair vs India and China Hair. You ought to read to get further information!

Durability of Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair

Durability of Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair

3.4 Texture feeling Vietnamese hair extensions vs Indian hair extensions

The texture of Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair is different, which makes it easy for you to tell them apart. Firstly, the hair from Indian hair factories is thicker and coarser, which creates a feeling of fullness to the customers. On the other hand, Vietnamese raw hair extensions are famous for being silky, shiny, and creating a comfortable feeling.

However, both of the hair can blend naturally to your natural hair without creating an awkward feeling for your customers. Therefore, they are both highly recommended.

Texture feeling hair extensions

Texture feeling Vietnamese hair extensions vs Indian hair extensions

3.5 Odor Vietnam hair vs Indian hair 

You can tell the difference between Vietnam hair vs Indian hair by the smell of the hairs. The hair from Vietnam hair factories has a very light natural smell of herbal treatment. On the other hand, the hair from Indian suppliers has the smell of hair care products.

The reason is that Vietnamese hair comes from natural sources without any process or treatment. On the other hand, hair from India has to be processed and cared for with good odors from artificial products because it comes from different sources. They want to hide the truth and try to make all the hair smell the same.

Recognize hair extensions

Recognize Vietnamese hair extensions vs Indian hair extensions

After all, between Indian hair and Vietnamese hair, which one is better? Is Vietnamese hair good? The answer is absolutely so clear that Vietnamese hair is highly recommended. If you love high-quality human hair at affordable prices for your use or business, choose Vietnamese for ideal hair extensions.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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