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Weave in hair bundles
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Weave in hair is always the best selling item among a variety of hair extension types. Human hair weaves can be made into many styles such as bone straight, natural straight, colored and curly wavy, etc. This post will give you an overview about weave on hair. You will get to know the definition, popular classifications, pros and cons, hair care guide as well as best reliable wholesale suppliers. As a result, you will be able to make better choices when it comes to buying a hair weave, no matter for personal use or for sales business.

Weave in hair

Weave in hair

Overview of weave in hair

First of all, let’s discover what is a weave hair bundle, what possible materials are and collections of the hair weave bundles.

Definition of weave in hair

What’s a weave hair? Weaves in hair are also called weft hair bundles. This hair extension type is made into bundles which are usually 100 grams. To do so, the hair strands are sewn together into the 1 meter long weft. Therefore, it can be cut into many pieces and cover the user’s head from ear to ear easily.

Based on the method of sewing the hair onto the weft, there are 2 main types of hair weaves, including machine weft and hand tied one. The hand tied type is more preferred on the market as it is made more meticulously. Therefore, the weft looks thinner and more natural.

In terms of application, a hair weave can be used to apply directly on the user’s head by sewing in or gluing in method. In addition, it can also be used to make clip in hair extensions, quick weaves or a full hair wig. The hair weft bundles are flexible in installation, and this is also one of the reasons why this hair extension type is so popular.

Weave in hair bundles

Weave in hair bundles

Materials of weave in hair

A hair weft bundle can be made of human hair or synthetic hair.

  • Human hair weaves are made of 100% human hair. This material is much more high-quality than the synthetic one. A human hair weft will look super natural, beautiful, and it’s more durable as well. There are many origins now on the market. You may have heard of Vietnamese hair, Chinese hair or Indian hair, etc with their own pros and cons.
  • Synthetic hair weaves are made of plastic fibers. This material is more suitable to use for short terms. The hair strand doesn’t look as natural as the human hair type. Due to the low quality and short lifespan, synthetic hair bundles are also much cheaper than human hair ones. 
Weave in hair materials

Weave in hair materials

Classification of weave in hair

About the classification, we can divide weave on hair into 3 main items, including sew in, glue in and clip in hair bundles.

  • Sew in weave is a bare weft hair bundle that will be applied with sew in method. To do so, you need to go to a hair salon to have the hairdresser do the job. First they will create at least 1 braid line on your head using your real hair. Then, they will use the needle and thread to sew the weft onto the braid. This installation is quite firm and long lasting, and it’s also a great way to add volume to the thin natural hair.
  • Glue in weave is quite similar to the sew in one. However, the method used for application is gluing. Therefore, you need to cover the full or part of your head with a wig cap before gluing in the weaves. This is similar to a quick weave with leave out.
  • Clip in weave or clip in hair extension is made by adding the hair clips onto the weft line of the bundle. There are many sizes for you to choose from. Normally, a weft can include 5, 3 or 1 clip, etc. Depending on the situation of your real hair and how much volume you want to add, you can use only 1 piece or a set of couple pieces of clip-ins each time.
Weave in hair types

Weave in hair types

Pros and cons of weave in hair

Using weave in hair has a lot of benefits, so it is always a popular choice for customers all over the world.

  • Popular, easy to buy
  • Diverse: styles, types, materials, prices
  • Flexible: easy custom, application and removal

Besides, there are also some drawbacks that prevent people from choosing hair weave bundle:

  • Not suitable for people with too short hair (sew in, clip in)
  • Many fake, low-quality products

Weave in hair care guides

A weave on hair is really easy to take care of. You just need to pay attention to brushing, washing and styling, just like your natural hair:

  • Brushing: Straight hair has no special requirement on brushing. Meanwhile, curly wavy hair needs brushing with a wide-tooth comb. In addition, when you detangle the hair, don’t forget to do it from the button gradually up to the top.
  • Washing: The only note for washing is that don’t wash the hair with too hot water. It will make the hair degrade and lose its style quickly.
  • Styling: It’s not recommended to style the bundles regularly, especially with heat or chemicals. Otherwise, the hair will be damaged and no longer usable.
Weave in hair care

Weave in hair care

Where to buy best weave in hair

Talking about the best weave in hair is talking about human hair. As mentioned, some popular human hair origins nowadays are Vietnamese, Chinese or Indian hair. For the best quality, you’d better choose Vietnamese hair which is both high-quality and affordable.

Then, where to buy reliable human hair weft in Vietnam? Definitely from a factory which can control all the hair extension process from production to distribution! Below are some names for you to consider:

  • K-Hair Factory: K-Hair is known as the biggest human hair factory in Vietnam. They supply all types of human hair, from human hair weaves of all styles, closures, frontals, hair wigs, tape ins, tip ins and so on. Customers of K-Hair are from all over the world. The brand gets such trust from customers because it is an established one with clear policies as well as many good wholesale deal programs.
K-Hair - Biggest Vietnamese hair factory

K-Hair – Biggest Vietnamese hair factory

  • 5S Hair Factory: 5S Hair is also a famous hair factory in Vietnam. 5S Hair also supplies all hair extension types and aims at wholesale customers worldwide. The brand is gaining more trust from customers day by day.
  • Queen Hair Factory: Queen Hair is a popular brand among Nigerian customers. Despite being a new brand, Queen Hair has built its name as one of the most reliable Vietnamese hair factories to work with!

FAQs about weave in hair

  1. What are 3 quality grades of weaves in hair?

Weave hair bundles have 3 quality grades, including single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn hair. These grades indicate the fullness of the bundles, also known as the evenness of hair length from top to bottom of the bundles.

  • Single drawn: about 50% of the hair strands in a bundle have the same length. The rest is a bit shorter.
  • Double drawn: the number is 60-70%
  • Super double drawn: the percentage is more than 80%
  1. Are human hair or synthetic hair bundles better?

In terms of quality, human hair is definitely much better than synthetic hair. In terms of price, synthetic hair is much cheaper. Therefore, you can choose the suitable type of hair based on your use purpose and budget. The one that suits you more is the better! 

  1. What is double weft?

A hair weave bundle is called to have double weft when the weft is sewn twice. Therefore, it will be so firm. The chance of hair strands falling out is small.

In conclusion, there are many reasons that make the weave in hair the top 1 best selling item on both the retail and wholesale hair extension market. Hope that our sharing today is helpful for you, especially those who want to start a hair business and want to know more about this profitable hair choice.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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