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Many customers or hairdressers believe that cheap wholesale hair vendors are often selling poor quality and unsafe hair. However, with the huge amount of hair from hair volunteers, or the abundant labor force which lead to artificial curls are created. Cheap wholesale hair distributor still maintains the quality of hair but the price is very suitable for customers. This article will list the advantages of cheap wholesale hair vendors and the reasons to choose them.


The hair-making process of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam

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    Overview of cheap wholesale hair vendors

Hair extensions has been loved by ladies all over the world due to their handiness, gorgeous, and natural outlook. When it comes to the term “cheap” hair vendors, many people think that they offer poor-quality products only. Meanwhile, cheap wholesale hair vendors are actually not as bad as you might think. If you are new to the beauty industry, please read the following to learn more about cheap wholesale hair suppliers and get a more in-depth understanding of them. In fact, if you are more interested in wholesale hair vendors that let you buy virgin hair at good price, you can learn more. However, choosing cheap wholesale hair vendors can actually be a really smart choice. You still ought to consider it.

1.1.  2 Types of Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors 

The cheap wholesale hair vendors often have 2 types: Poor quality Cheap wholesale hair vendors and Quality and Cheap wholesale hair vendors. Please read the following items to have a clear distinction for these 2 types of cheap bulk hair suppliers:

The comparison itemsPoor quality

wholesale hair vendors

Quality and Cheap

wholesale hair vendors

The hair source From animal hair such as camel and goat

From synthetic fibers in poor quality factories

From virgin or Remy hair of human hair sources

  From synthetic fibers in quality factories which have the censorship

The durability  Only 6 – 12 months   1 – 3 years
The usage Can only be used as wigs Use for hair extension

Use as high-grade wigs such as human lace front wigs, human full lace wigs, Remy lace front wigs, etc which bring the natural look and feel

The price 10$/bundle 10$ – 40$/bundle

While choosing any of these two types of cheap wholesale vendors is totally up to you, it is undoubted that affordable hair vendors that supply good cheap hair would be the best choice.

1.2. Features of the hair from cheap wholesale hair vendors


The hair extensions from cheap wholesale hair vendors

Cheap wholesale hair suppliers often bring a lot of benefits to customers or hair salons. However, it is also necessary to note some of the disadvantages to avoid buying poor quality products. Here are the variety of advantages of cheap wholesale hair vendors:

Pros of cheap wholesale hair vendors: 

  • It has cheap price, convenient for new hair businesses that do not have much capital
  • It is suitable for the customer’s budget, especially the radiotherapy patients with hair loss who need a temporary wig
  • It is suitable for those who are new to hairdressing, they will buy hair from cheap wholesale hair vendors to practice, both reducing costs and improving their skills.
  • It is easily donated to cancer patients who need hair for transplants or wigs

Cons of cheap wholesale hair vendors: If you don’t know how to choose reputable wholesale hair vendors, you may buy poor-quality hair.

1.3 Types of Hair Extensions from Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors – Virgin, Remy, or Non-remy?


The hair extensions from K Hair Vietnamese Best wholesale hair vendor

1.3.1 Types of Hair from Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors – Virgin Hair Extensions

You might ask yourself, How can I know if the hair is real virgin hair? Well, the good cheap hair from affordable hair vendors should feel smooth heading down, but there should be some roughness as you slide your fingers up the shaft. Virgin hair is obtained directly from the donor’s scalp and should have some imperfections.

Virgin hair extensions are made by cheap wholesale vendors from actual human hair that has never been chemically changed. This implies the hair has never been chemically processed, has never been dyed, and bleached.

1.3.2 Types of Hair from Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors – Remy Hair Extensions

Remy hair from cheap wholesale human hair is the highest grade of human hair since the cuticles are preserved, unlike non-remy hair. Remy hair made by cheap vendors for hair is hair that has been gathered and separated from diverse sources, with the root and tip moving in the same direction to prevent the cuticle from tangling or matting. All Remy hair extensions are made of human hair, however not all human hair extensions are made of Remy hair.


The hair extensions from K Hair Vietnamese Best Wholesale Vendor

1.3.3 Types of Hair from Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors – Non Remy Hair Extensions

Non–Remy hair produced by cheap vendors for hair is still from human hair, but it is gathered or selected at random from a variety of sources, including numerous hair suppliers, hairbrushes, and even salon grounds. The orientation of the cuticles is reversed, causing the hair to tangle and matte easily. When using Non-remy, the hair cuticles are generally peeled as a result of overprocessing, and the hair is forced together, causing tangling.

1.4 Hair Levels of the Hair Extensions from Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors

The hair extensions are classified into three quality levels:

  • Single Drawn Hair: 40-45 percent of the hair is the same length, while the remainder is a variety of lengths.
  • Double Drawn Hair: 60-65% of the hair is the same length, the remainder is a variety of lengths.
  • Super Double Drawn Hair: 80-85% of hair is the same length, the rest is the mixed length

For example, in a 16-inch bundle, 60-65 percent of the hair will be the same length, while the remainder will be varying lengths, such as 8-inch or 12-inch.

2. List of Top 3 Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors – Recommended by Hair Experts


The hair-making process of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam

As the hair market grows faster than ever, there is an increasing number of cheap wholesale hair suppliers supplying good cheap hair all over the world. The following is detailed information about three well-known cheap wholesale hair vendors to whom you should pay close attention:

2.1. Vietnam Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors – The Biggest Wholesale Hair Suppliers

Vietnamese hair factories are trusted and liked by many wholesalers and hair salon owners due to the healthy hair source and the carefulness of the manufacturing. Vietnamese people’s hair is known for being strong and shiny due to the use of natural products such as grapefruit oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, and so on. Furthermore, their hair quality can be tempered in hot, humid climates typical of the tropics. 

Vietnamese hair factories are well-known for producing high-quality hair. Moreover, if properly cared for, the hair extensions from Vietnamese cheap vendors for hair can last for up to 7 years.


The hair-making process of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam

Furthermore, whether you are a newcomer or have been in the hair industry for a while, you can choose to begin your business with the hair from Vietnamese cheap wholesale human hair vendors, as the offered prices from them are affordable.

The hair industry is a significant potential market for your company, and factories are critical to the success of your hair business. Choosing the best wholesale hair distributor in Vietnam from the list above will be the first step toward your success. Visit Vietnamese Hair Factory: Top 5 Best Wholesale Hair Distributors to find the most suitable hair factory as well as the most affordable hair vendors for your business!


K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory – The Biggest Hair Supplier for Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors

2.2. Pros and Cons of China Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors

Because of their low labor costs and increased use of technology in hair factory, China’s cheap wholesale hair vendor is well-known for its low-cost products. Chinese hair is frequently mixed with hair from a variety of donors, including Indian and Cambodian hair. Chinese hair merchants, on the other hand, are able to provide a diverse range of hairstyles by utilizing cutting-edge technology in the production of hair. Below are several characteristics of Chinese hair:

  • Massive supply of products at cheap prices: Because of the large-scale production to obtain tremendous volumes of products and the numerous sources of hair (from Indian or Cambodian hair), Chinese hair producers are able to sell hair at low prices and in great quantities.
  • Short durability: the hair’s durability is limited due to the variety of hair sources (usually from India or Cambodian). After a short time of use, the hair becomes tangled and sheds easily.
  • Chemical exposure: Chemicals are frequently utilized in Chinese hair factories to make the hair glossy.

If you are new to the hair industry, you may be wondering why Chinese hair is less expensive than Vietnamese hair. Visit: Chinese Hair Factories : The 5 Best hair factories in China to have a better understanding of it!


The hair extensions from Chinese Hair vendors

2.3. Pros and Cons of India Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors

Indian hair from Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors is the cheapest because it is a blend of many different hair sources. Because of the variety of uses, many customers prefer cheap wholesale hair vendors from India. The majority of the hair purchased from low-cost wholesale hair distributors in India is used by novice hairdressers to improve their technique.

Customers who only require hair in a short period of time are always welcomed by cheap wholesale hair suppliers in India, who offer the cheapest prices in the hair market. The cost is in the range of 10$ – 25$/hair bundle.

Want to find the hair extension from Wholesale Hair Vendors From Indian that looks up to your expectations? Check out the article Wholesale Hair Vendors From Indian to get yourself a closer look!


The hair extensions from Indian Hair vendors

After all analysis above, choosing Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers is quite a smart choice. If you still want more discussion, you can also read this: Why Choose Vietnamese Hair Factory – Best Human Hair Bulk Suppliers

3. Finding Reliable Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors for Hair Salon Businesses: Easy or Not?

Without a doubt, the cheap hair market is thriving right now. As a result, now is an excellent time to establish your success in this lucrative industry. Because it is a growing market, market saturation will be an issue in the future. A great cheap wholesale hair vendor is required to compete and win!

3.1. Do research and make a plan – Step to find Cheap wholesale hair vendors

AliExpress or Etsy is definitely a popular place for consumers to buy hair because they have low minimum orders. Sadly, there are a lot of bad cheap wholesale hair vendors mixed in with the excellent. As a result of this, it is difficult to determine which cheap wholesale hair supplier is the most suitable for you. Because of this, a research approach is essential. Your options are not limited to AliExpress or Etsy either. Consider doing a few searches on the Internet and saving your favorites, as well as reading comments about them.


K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory – The Biggest Hair Supplier for Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors

You should pay attention to the information on the wholesale hair vendor’s website. Even if they appear to be very skilled, they have spent more time learning about their sector. Their hair business is taken very seriously, as evidenced by this factoid.

One way to weed out low-quality sellers is to use specific search parameters. There are a number of competent cheap wholesale hair vendors who understand the industry’s specifications. Then, you’ll need to contact Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors and ask them a few questions. What about their own creations? If anything seems too good to be true, proceed with caution.

3.2. Start thinking about a hair salon business plan – Step to find Cheap wholesale hair vendors


A customer of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam

Interested in becoming a modest retailer in the style of a small boutique? Alternatively, you may be considering a larger business. As a hair distributor, you’ll need a little more wiggle room to find virgin hair suppliers. Assuming that you plan to sell a lot of hair, find a vendor who has adequate items to meet your needs.

As a new business, you should start with low minimums to guarantee that the hair is of high quality. In the future, if you want to place large orders, make sure that the vendor can keep up with your demands. In the event that your business expands, you won’t have to start your hunt fresh.

Begin to consider business management software to efficiently handle all parts of your business. Numerous technology businesses, for example, bePOS – offer software solutions for inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), and so on.


Customers of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam

3.3. Get to know the selected distributors – Step to find Cheap wholesale hair vendors

After a few communications with Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors, you can tell a lot about how responsive, personable, and excited they are about working with a new firm. Your firm has its own set of requirements that must be taken into account. Researching some of the cheap wholesale hair vendors on your shortlist would also be helpful.

3.3.1. Read the reviews on social media – Step to find Cheap wholesale hair vendors

On Facebook and Instagram, you can see what people are saying about cheap wholesale hair vendors. Many satisfied customers will leave 5-star reviews about numerous affordable hair vendors on these networks.

Consider watching beauty bloggers’ YouTube reviews of the products you’re interested in. For example, they do the challenge to test out cheap wigs from the cheap merchants on your list. On this social networking site, they provide in-depth evaluations of the products and services.


The hair extensions from K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory

3.3.2. Read the fine print of the wholesale hair vendors – Step to find Cheap wholesale hair vendors

There is no way to know for sure. Are there any restrictions on the sale of their products? A reputable hair provider will have all of this information on their website. Shipping and return policies should be clearly stated on their website. If this information is missing, you may wish to look for another seller.

3.3.3. Ask for hair vendor samples – Step to find Cheap wholesale hair vendors

Are there any samples available from cheap wholesale human hair? If you are hesitant to place a large order of unknown products, this is a perfectly reasonable request. Request that the seller send you straight and wavy hair samples. Sew the hair on yourself or a coworker, interact with them, dye, lighten, dry, and warm them. Keep an eye on how well it’s holding up.

Samples are a great method to get a sense of a product’s quality produced cheap wholesale human hair. In case you’re satisfied with the sample, place a little order to make sure it is not a scam. You will be more comfortable ordering large quantities if the performance is the same as the sample.


The hair extensions from K-Hair Vietnamese hair factory

4. Top 5 Trusted Hair Factories in Vietnam – the Biggest Hair Distributors for the cheap Wholesale hair vendors

As the hair market has expanded faster than ever, there are a growing number of Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors. To help you in finding trustworthy wholesale hair vendors, the following content is a list of the Top 5 Biggest wholesale hair vendors that recommended by the hair experts:

4.1. K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory – The Biggest Hair Supplier for Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors

K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory – cheap wholesale human hair was founded in 1992 and has over 30 years of expertise in the hair industry. Because K-Hair is a factory, they can handle any hairstyle, color, or quantity: weft, closure, frontal, wig, tip, tape, clip-in, ponytail… South African hair is available in a variety of textures and styles. K Hair is considered the biggest hair supplier for cheap wholesale hair vendors.

   Contact For More Information


K-Hair Vietnamese hair factory – The Biggest Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendor

4.2. 5S Hair Manufacturer – A Trustworthy Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendor 

5S Hair – A trustworthy Vietnamese Wholesale hair vendor is not only the first Vietnamese hair factory to provide wholesale hair sellers but also one of cheap wholesale vendors all over the world with high-quality raw virgin hair in bulk, weft hair, curly wavy hair extension, lace closure frontal, and human lace wigs (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc.). They are a trustworthy hair supplier for cheap wholesale hair vendors.

Contact For More Information

  •         Website:
  •         Fanpage: 5shair
  •         Instagram: 5s_hairofficial

5S Hair Manufacturer – A Trustworthy Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendor

4.3. MicHair – A Vietnamese  Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendor

Michair Company is also one of numerous cheap wholesale vendors has amassed a wealth of knowledge and research in the hair industry over the years. The firm is acutely aware of its clients’ needs and expectations. Throughout its 10 years in business, the firm has always done everything possible to ensure complete client satisfaction. MicHair is the supplier for cheap wholesale hair vendors.

4.4. Queen Hair – A Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendor 

Queen Hair, which is one of the most popular cheap vendors for hair, has over 5 years of expertise in both the production and marketing of both hair extensions and good cheap hair. They are proud of their high-quality hair products, which are said to be made entirely of real hair. It has remained thus since its inception, and it is their commitment to both consumers and themselves. This factory focuses on providing retail hair items. Queen hair is the supplier for cheap wholesale hair vendors.

5. How to Import Hair from Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors in Vietnam?


The hair extensions from K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory

The processes for importing hair from Vietnamese wholesale human hair wig vendors in general and cheap wholesale vendors in specific are available in addition to the above list of wholesale human hair wig suppliers. If you wish to import hair from them, you should follow these steps:

5.1. Ways to Find Wholesale Human Hair Wig Vendors From Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors in Vietnam


Customers of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam

  1. You use Whatsapp to communicate with vendors and finalize orders: +84855588000 (Mrs. Cherry Factory Manager From K-hair – Dealing With Wholesale)

When chatting with the vendor about the hair you want, please describe the orders in detail, such as HAIRSTYLES – QUALITY GRADE – COLOUR – QUANTITY – LENGTH, so that your suppliers understand what you want.

For instance: HAIRSTYLES – QUALITY GRADE – COLOR – QUANTITY – LENGTH are some examples.

0.9kg – 18inch – Bone Straight Hair – Double Drawn Quality – Natural Color

Deep curl – Double – Natural Black color – 0.9kg – 22inch

Normally, when you buy the hair extensions, you should also order closures. For a full head wig, 3 closures are usually combined with 1 closure. Closures are frequently ordered in lengths less than 2 inches when compared to hair bundles (for instance, if you want to buy 22-inch hair, then the length for closure should be 20-inch). Mrs. Cherry can assist you in listing orders with matching closures and creating an invoice if you do not know how.

Please follow the instructions in the example below when sending orders over WhatsApp:

  1. You make a deposit using a bank account, Western Union, or MoneyGram.
  2. After you pay, the factory will begin producing the hair.
  3. When orders are completed, the sale dealer sends you photographs and videos, and you only pay the balance when you are satisfied with the orders.
  4. You balance the rest, and we send it to your nations by UPS/DHL (or if you are from Africa, we have our own shipment way for you)

To have a better understanding of the Import procedure in Vietnam, visit How To Import Vietnam Hair? – Best Detailed


The hair extensions from K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory

5.2. Skilled Staff of Vietnamese Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors

K – Hair Vietnamese hair factory has a skilled workforce that is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Russian to give you with fitness services.

  • To confirm your final choice for kind, description, and quantity with them. They will send you an order confirmation and an invoice through email.
  • When their manufacturer receives your cash, they will begin production.
  • Every day, the manufacturer will email you a report on the state of your hair manufacturing. You can contact us at any time to come and inspect your product in our factory (This privilege is only available in the K-Hair factory).

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