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Hair in bulk
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Selling hair in bulk is now an attractive choice towards many people who are choosing a business to start and invest in. It is because of the fact that the hair business is a billion-dollar investment! However, not many people know how to start wholesale reselling in the right way. As a result, many had to suffer from such a loss in the business. In order to help you avoid taking risks as much as possible, now we will share all the most significant issues of hair in bulk reselling. The post will be about general knowledge of hair in bulk, potential markets of hair wholesaling, ways to choose and import hair as well as advice from hair experts.


Hair in bulk


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I. All about buying hair in bulk – answer all your wonders!

First of all, one important thing to clarify is the definition of hair in bulk. In fact, not many new hair resellers understand the term clearly and thoroughly, which sometimes can lead to misunderstanding or so on. Therefore, below is the most useful and easy-to-understand initial knowledge of bulk hair.

1.1. What is buying hair in bulk?

Simply, buying hair in bulk is used to indicate the action of buying hair in quantities. Why do resellers have to pay attention to this term? It is because only resellers have to buy bulk hair (buy hair in quantities) to resell in stores or salons. For retail customers or end-customers, they need only one or two sets of hair extensions each purchase, so they don’t deal with hair in bulk at all. Meanwhile, resellers have to deal with the factories/distributors to import a big number of hair extensions. Therefore, they need to grasp all about the order quantity as well as the wholesale prices.


Buying hair in bulk

The best place to buy hair in bulk is definitely K-Hair factory:

1.2. When is an order considered in bulk?

  • Normally, an order of hair in bulk is the order of at least 10kg of hair. In fact, when referring to the quantity of hair extension, people will use the term “bundle” instead of indicating the hair by its weight. And to link two different ways of quantifying, hair business people make it clear that normally one bundle has to weigh 100g, then 10kg comprises 100 hair bundles.
  • Another frequently asked issue related to a hair in bulk order is whether resellers have to buy at least 10kg of each type of hair to be able to get the bulk price. The answer is absolutely not! If yes, it will be very disadvantageous for small-scale resellers when being forced  to buy such a big number of just one kind of hair. The fact is, hair resellers can totally combine many kinds of hair in a bulk order, as long as the total weight reaches at least 10kg. For example, resellers can buy 3kg of deep curl hair, 6kg of loose wavy hair together with 1kg funmi hair to make a bulk order. 

A hair in bulk order

  • The next question is, then, where to import hair in bulk? There are two choices. One is to import from other retail hair vendors and the other is to import directly from a wholesale hair factory distributor. Undoubtedly, for the factory has a far bigger scale and prestige, choosing to import hair from a factory is much more beneficial. We have analyzed this issue many times before, so you can consult this post to have a clearer understanding: Comparison between a wholesale hair factory distributor and a retail hair vendor

Here is an ultimate guide to hair in bulk that you can consider:

II. Buying hair in bulk – what are the most important factors to consider?

When buying hair in bulk, there are many issues that you need to take into consideration. However, you cannot learn all of them at once. Especially for a newbie in the hair business, learning steps by steps is even more important. The three most significant issues to consider first are knowing how to check quality of the hair, consulting & comparing bulk price as well as finding a reliable wholesale hair factory distributor. Please remember that you are a reseller, you have to buy the hair to re-supply to others, so the process of buying/importing hair is very important; it largely determines whether your sale will achieve a good profit or not.


Important factors to consider when buying hair in bulk

2.1. Checking quality of hair products in bulk wholesale

Referring to the quality of hair extensions, you need to pay attention to these three main factors:

  • Sources of hair: Sources of hair are the main factor that affects the quality of any hair extensions. For a hair in bulk order, it is even more imperative, as it is always harder to check and ensure such a big amount of hair to have the same quality. Then, what to consider when you want to check the hair sources? 
    • Firstly, you need to make it clear whether the hair is made from human hair or synthetic hair. If the hair is synthetic, you must know that its quality is very bad, as man-made hair has no natural cuticle to protect itself. Under the treatment of chemicals, the hair can seem very silky and of good quality. However, after a short time, it will degrade seriously. 
    • Secondly, if the hair in bulk is human hair, you need to clarify which kind of human hair it is: virgin, remy or non remy hair and which grade of quality it is: single drawn, double drawn, super double or VIP hair. Each kind and quality grade has different characteristics, so you should deal with the factory straightforwardly and check a sample beforehand to avoid fraud. This is a must to make sure that your afterward reselling will occur smoothly.

Sources of hair in bulk

  • Hair life-span: Hair life-span is also of importance. Before deciding to buy any hair in bulk, you are recommended to ask the factories or wholesale distributors about its true life-span and how to lengthen the time of the hair. For newbie hair resellers, it is better that you choose to import hair which is durable like virgin hair, and which is simple to take care of like natural hair. It is because you may not have many customers in the beginning, if you buy hair in bulk and all the hair can last for only some months, you will have to suffer losses. 
  • Capability of restyling: This is also one factor that you need to ask and get advice from your hair in bulk distributor. Actually, it is the top concern of buy-for-use customers – who account for 80% of your potential customers. Normally, they tend to customize the hair before use instead of using it right away. Therefore, you need to master this knowledge to give advice to your customers. Hence, you will be able to attract more deals.

Check hair in bulk quality

2.2. Comparing price of hair in bulk

Being a wholesale hair reseller, you earn profit from the differences between importing prices and your selling prices. Therefore, you need to consult the price list of many hair in bulk factories carefully beforehand to make sure that you can buy the best hair at the best price to get the highest profits. One note when making a comparison is that just make sure to take the price lists for the same quantity of hair and of the same unit currency. As a result, you can have a quick observation and compare more easily.

2.3. Finding reliable hair in bulk wholesale distributors

Knowing how to check the hair quality and hair prices is of importance. Then, knowing how to find reliable hair in bulk distributors is also of importance. When choosing a wholesale hair distributor, you need to choose one that can meet these requirements:

  • The distributor is able to guarantee that the quality is worth the price. Sometimes, just some words of commitment from a bulk supplier is not enough, you need to directly verify it by yourself. To do so, you can make a video call, make a sample order, or if possible, please pay a visit to the distributor to have a check.
  • The distributor is able to demonstrate that it is reliable. The evidence can be the real feedback of previous customers, the real information published or the real hair in bulk supplying location.

Hair in bulk suppliers

For all of these reasons, it is clear that a wholesale hair factory is a good choice to import bulk hair from. It is because factories are active in their production and can give full guarantees, full information as well as discount programs.


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III. Where resellers sell hair in bulk – potential markets in Africa

After buying hair in bulk, you will have to find a good market to resell your hair. So, which one will be a good choice? For many wholesale hair resellers, especially for newbie hair resellers, the African market is said to be one of the most potential ones to start at. Two of the biggest hair consuming markets are those in South Africa and West Africa. Let’s take a closer look at these two booming markets!


Hair in bulk market in Africa

3.1. Selling hair in bulk – Brazilian hair wholesale bulk South Africa

In South Africa, there is a tendency that the people here fancy Brazilian hair extensions. Many hair sellers make their fortunes just by selling this kind of hair. So, what is Brazilian hair extension and where to start your hair business with this type of hair? Below are our explanations and suggestions.

3.1.1. What is Brazilian hair in bulk?

  • Brazilian hair is said to be the hair collected from hair donors from South America. The label “Brazilian hair” has been coupled with the fame of high quality and of course, high price for such a long time now. However, not many people know about its exact sources. According to our recent research, all the hair labelled “Brazilian hair in bulk” is totally imported from China, India and some other countries. In fact, there is no Brazilian hair in bulk factories at all. Still, many people haven’t kept up with this fact, and they keep buying this hair for believing in its high quality. 

For more research about hair sources of factories all over the world, we highly recommend that you read this updated post: Sources of hair extensions from factories worldwide


Brazilian hair in bulk

  • What are the qualities of this hair that people claim to be the reason for such a hot sale? 
    • Brazilian hair is advertised as human virgin hair which is typically soft, thick and durable. It is suitable to be made into any styles: bonestraight, curly or colored hair. 
    • However, it is said to have a disadvantage. It can last for up to only 1 year in the condition of proper care!

Now can you see the paradox? Such a human virgin hair extension can last for only one year, while the time can be up to 5-10 years for qualified virgin hair! Therefore, you need to consider very carefully before buying this hair in bulk to resell despite its attractive hot sale.

3.1.2. Selling Brazilian hair wholesale bulk in Johannesburg

In case you still want to have a try with this kind of hair, we can recommend a very potential market in Africa. It is Johannesburg in South Africa. Johannesburg is a rich city centre in South Africa, so the buying power in general of this city is very big. People here still retain their interest in Brazilian hair. Therefore, if you buy hair in bulk and resell in this huge market, you may make your fortune!


Johannesburg hair in bulk market

3.2. Hair in bulk, human hair bulk wholesale in trade fair Lagos, Nigeria

  • For your information, Lagos is a big centre in Nigeria – the leading country of consuming hair in bulk extensions in West Africa.  
  • Trade fair Lagos, therefore, is a  big chance for you to promote your hair and boost your hair sale. At such a big trade fair in a big city, the participants will be easier at their buying behavior. What’s more, a trade fair is also the occasion for you to meet many people and be able to advertise your hair to lots of people at once. Therefore, you can both save time and access to different potential wholesale customers. Not only at trade fair Lagos, you should also promote your hair in bulk at as many big trade fairs as possible.

Hair in bulk trade fair Lagos

IV. Vietnamese human hair in bulk wholesale suppliers – top choice for wholesale resellers

As mentioned above, Brazilian virgin hair is very popular in South Africa, which is a giant and potential market for hair in bulk. In fact, it is also popular in many other countries. However, the point is, Brazilian hair is actually a product of marketing, a label that wholesale hair sellers build up to attract customers. The quality is not truly worth the price. So, what if you choose another kind of hair, another reliable hair in bulk factory to distribute the hair to you? If you read the whole research that we share in 3.1.1, you will see that Vietnamese hair factories, whose hair is both high-quality and reasonable, are prestigious suppliers.


Hair in bulk factories in Vietnam

The best wholesale hair vendor in Vietnam is definitely K-Hair factory:

4.1. High quality of Vietnamese human hair in bulk wholesale suppliers

The high quality of Vietnamese hair is no longer a wonder. It is proven by the fresh hair sources and the clean production. 

  • About hair sources: the hair materials of Vietnamese hair factories are 100% human hair which lies in 2 categories: virgin hair and remy hair. For it is human hair, the cuticle alignment is kept the same, and the hair is super strong, smooth, no tangled or shedding. The special point of Vietnamese hair is that non-remy hair is never sold in the market. Knowing that non-remy hair is of low-quality, Vietnamese hair in bulk factories refuse to collect and sell this hair.
  • About the producing process: 

The hair is always ensured to be fresh hair, as all the hair extensions are produced only when the orders are made. There is no available hair in bulk in stock, so the quality is much better. 

What’s more, hair factories in Vietnam are all of qualified scale with suitable facilities as well as skillful workers. This pretty much guarantees the hair quality.


Vietnamese hair in bulk

4.2. Competitive price of Vietnamese hair in bulk

In addition to high-quality hair, Vietnamese wholesale hair factories also offer a reasonable price for each type of hair. If you just glance at the price list of 3 countries: China, India and Vietnam, you may rush to the conclusion that the hair price of Vietnam is too high, and you’d better choose Chinese or Indian hair in bulk factories instead. However, remember that the price always goes with the quality. Chinese and Indian hair is cheaper due to its lower quality, and actually, the difference of prices among 3 countries is not huge at all. This indicates that in fact, the hair prices in China and India are not as cheap as they seem to be. 

To let you have a clearer illustration, below are 3 price lists of 3 typical hair factories in 3 countries. As usual, the price list often contains a variety of values due to the variety of grades of quality and styles of hair. To make it simple, we will extract the price only for 1kg of natural straight hair bulk of the equal quality grade among 3 distributors’. The price is listed in USD, and it also varies in lengths.

The Price List of a Chinese Hair in Bulk Factory


Chinese hair in bulk price list

Above is the price list of a Chinese hair in bulk factory. As mentioned very clearly above, it is the price list for 1kg of natural straight hair. The quality grade is 10A, which is one of the highest quality levels of Chinese hair. You can easily see that the first column shows how long the hair is and the second shows its corresponding price. For example, 1kg of hair 10 inch long costs $180.

The Price List of an Indian Hair in Bulk Factory


Indian hair in bulk price list

Similarly, above is the price of Indian super double hair. You can see that 1kg of hair 14 inch long is $260. The prices are even cheaper than those of Chinese factories. And the reason is, certainly its low quality.

The Price List of a Vietnamese Hair in Bulk Factory


Vietnamese hair in bulk price list

Above is the price list of 1kg super double, natural straight Vietnamese hair. You can see that the price for 1kg of hair 20 inch long is $530… The hair prices of Vietnamese factory are higher than those of two other distributors. The reason also lies in quality, which we have analyzed and stressed many times that the quality is worth the price!

In case you feel confused, the quality grade in China is a bit different than that of Vietnam or India. Chinese hair factories use A to assess the hair quality. The more As it has, the more qualified the hair is. Above is the price of 10A Chinese hair, which can be considered as of equal grade as super double hair. However, remember that having the same level/grade of quality doesn’t indicate that the hair is of the same quality, as the criteria of each grade are not exactly the same among different hair in bulk factories. 

And if you are interested in finding a thorough comparison of price as well as quality of more hair in bulk factories in the world, you consult this one: All truths about wholesale hair factories worldwide

4.3. K-Hair – Top 1 reliable Vietnamese human hair in bulk wholesale distributors 

In Vietnam, K-Hair has been well-known for a long time as its hair is of great quality and all of the other factory elements are wonderful. More and more resellers are choosing K-Hair to be their long-term hair in bulk supplier. Therefore, we think that you also should be introduced to K-Hair. 


K-Hair hair in bulk factory

  • K-Hair factory provides 100% human hair extensions for reselling hair in bulk vendors

Importing hair in bulk from K-Hair, you can be assured that all the hair is collected from Vietnamese local donors. Not to mention low-quality synthetic hair, K-Hair factory doesn’t even use non-remy human hair as materials. For K-Hair, quality is the best priority.

What’s more, the qualified human hair materials also enables K-Hair to produce a variety of trending hairstyles, such as: colored hair, bonestraight hair, curly hair or so on.


K-Hair hair in bulk

  • K-Hair factory provides high-quality hair at the best price

Here is the price list of K-Hair factory, you can compare it with the price lists of Chinese and Indian hair in bulk above to see how reasonable it is for such a high quality. It is also a price list of natural straight hair with natural color, and the deal is also in kg. In addition, it will contain two more kinds of hair: single drawn and double drawn hair for you to have a wider choice.


K-Hair hair in bulk price list

  • K-Hair factory provides professional customer care

In addition to providing you with clear policies of shipping, payment and returning, K-Hair is also willing to be the best partner in your hair business. The experienced sales staff are always willing to answer all of your questions and give you lots of useful advice.


K-Hair factory – hair in bulk distributor

  • K-Hair have been a prestigious partner of many hair in bulk vendors, especially those in Africa

A picture is worth a thousand words. You can have a look at these feedbacks below.


K-Hair hair in bulk feedback

Here is the official contact of K-Hair that you can use to have more information:


K-Hair is running the HOTTEST SALE ever! Contact now to make a deal!

V. Buying hair in bulk from Vietnamese wholesale bulk hair vendors factories

Knowing that Vietnamese wholesale hair factories are good distributors, you need to learn about how to import hair beforehand. Below are 5 steps to import hair from Vietnam as well as some useful tips for you during the process of buying wholesale hair. 

5.1. Steps to import human hair in bulk from Vietnam

In general, to import hair from Vietnam, you need to do these 5 steps:

  • Step 1: Investigate the prices, chat with a seller about the order

This step is very important, as you need to list all the hairstyles and their characteristics very carefully in order to avoid any mistakes. You need to make it clear about the hairstyles, quality grade, color, quantity and length.

  • Step 2: Make the invoice or have the seller make the invoice for you
  • Step 3: Confirm the invoice and make payment
  • Step 4: Check hair quality before receiving
  • Step 5: Confirm the shipping and make any remaining payment

Steps to order hair in bulk

Above are 5 very general steps, to have a clearer understanding, you can consult this sharing: How to import hair in bulk from Vietnam

5.2. Tips to avoid fraud in the process of buying human hair in bulk wholesale

Even when you have a certain trust towards the factory and decide to import its hair, you still need to be careful during the dealing process, especially for the very first ones. Below are some tips that you need to remember.

  • Invoice is always of importance. Invoice is one of the most important factors in a transaction. However, many resellers find it quite complicated to make an invoice, so they often let hair in bulk factories prepare it for them. Therefore, to avoid any possible fraud, make sure you always check out the invoice carefully before making any commitment.
  • Clear policy of payment, shipping and return is a must in a transaction. You cannot agree on a deal when you have no information about how the hair will be delivered or how the factory will deal with faulty products, etc, right! Therefore, also make sure that you confirm everything with the hair in bulk factory beforehand to avoid any disagreement in the future.
  • Hair check before confirming shipping is necessary. A prestigious hair factory will always update the hair condition for you before shipping.Therefore, if the factory doesn’t, it may not be very reliable, and you need to actively require a hair check.
  • Factory check is essential. You can apply many ways to check a factory, such as making a video call, visiting in person or making sample orders, etc.

Avoid fraud when buying hair in bulk

VI. Advice from hair experts for newbie hair in bulk vendor resellers

For newbie wholesale hair resellers, there are a lot more to consider. However, as learning step by step is better than rushing, today’s sharing will be about to end here with two most useful pieces of advice for a new hair in bulk reseller!

6.1. What is the most important for new hair in bulk resellers?

Certainly, for a newbie in the hair business, building prestige is of the most concern. Therefore, in the beginning, you as a new hair reseller should try to import and supply qualified hair in bulk to build trust from your customers as well as to create a stable source of customers. So, what are the qualified hair extensions? They are those of high grade quality like double drawn, super double or VIP hair. In the future, when your business is already much wider, and your groups of customers are also more diverse, you can consult other types of hair. Then, there will be other advice for your choice of hair!! In fact, you can find it here: Advice for wholesale hair resellers


New hair in bulk resellers

6.2. What many new hair in bulk resellers often ignore?

One of the most important factors of a successful sale is customer care services. However, many new resellers ignore this and get not a good outcome. 

Many new hair in bulk resellers just focus on how to sell the best quality hair to gain prestige and forget that customer care is of the same importance. Another reason is that, newbies in the hair business usually do not have many resources. They often choose to start the business on their own or with a few people, so they cannot handle such a lot of work at the same time. However, customer care is the very factor that affects the effectiveness of other efforts. You may prepare a beautiful store or good hair quality, etc, but you don’t treat your customers well. Then who will get in your beautiful store? Who will buy your high-quality hair? 


Hair in bulk customer care

Many customers shared that they did feel interested in some new hair in bulk resellers and want to make an order. However, when they tried to contact, no one answered them or the answer came too late. Then, they had to find another distributor. In addition, many customers show their dissatisfaction for new hair in bulk resellers as their post-transaction care is too bad. After the hair is delivered, the sellers don’t want to take care and keep in touch, which makes them lose a potential customer! 

So, remember that it is your task – a hair reseller – to find out and attract the customers, as customers on the other hand have a wide range of choices and they don’t necessarily have to choose you.


Hair in bulk customer satisfaction

Above are all practical experiences of us as a prestigious wholesale hair factory in the hair business. You may not read it anywhere else. Therefore, please think about it and share it to your beloved ones in the hair business!

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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