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If you are a hair wholesaler, surely you understand the high demand of customers for full lace wig. It can meet the criteria of convenience and fashion for anyone who loves wigs. In this article, we will show you how to buy the best wholesale as well as provide detailed information about this hair extension. You can consult to increase your knowledge and be more clever in your business as well as choose the best lace wig suppliers on the market today.

Full lace wig

Best full lace wig

1. What is a full lace wig

1.1 Definition of a full lace wig

So what is a lace full wig? This type of hair is defined as the part of hair that most closely resembles real human hair, as it has a texture like a complete set of hair. Users only need to attach it to their heads along with their real hair. Usually, when it comes with a lace or mesh accessory, it is used to fix real hair. After they are neatly tied, the user will put it on the head and have a really natural look.

However, to get the same natural look as the received hair, users will usually have to try a few times to succeed. Many shoppers choose full lace wigs because it can completely change their look. Short, thin, weak hair can become smooth and long with many different styles in just a short time. This is an item with a lot of potential, and if you are a keen wholesaler you should consider working with wholesalers to purchase a good quality lace wig that will meet your customers’ expectations.

In fact, this extension is also divided into many different levels. Hair origin, hair quality also form full lace wigs with different lifespans, qualities and prices. We will analyze it in more detail in the following section.

1.2 Difference between 360 lace wig vs full lace wig

It is interesting that not only customers but sometimes wholesalers themselves have confusion between full lace wig and 360 lace wig. In fact, these two types of wigs differ in some characteristics. We will differentiate you in a number of factors to help you recognize them.

Lace wig vs 360 lace wig

Full lace wig vs 360 lace wig

  • Lace size: Full lace hair wig with lace covering the entire head. This keeps the client’s hair in sync as they are all wigs. Hair length and style are all the same, creating consistency and flexibility for the hair. At this point, this is like a complete wig. And the 360 lace wig has a layer of lace that surrounds the entire hairline in a 360-degree fashion. It attaches the wig to the entire hairline.
  • Cap construction methods: This is an interesting difference. Full lace wig tied entirely by hand on a lace hat. And 360 lace wig is a wig with lace wrapped around the head, made by machine, they are a wig cap.
  • Price: In general, full lace wigs cost more than 360 lace wigs. The reason is because they have a larger lace area, better quality lace and are more breathable than 360 lace wigs.
  • Hairstyle’s versatility: Full lace hair wig is extremely versatile in terms of styling. You can let your hair loose or tie it in different styles if you want. While mostly 360 lace wigs can only be tied in a ponytail.

1.3 Why should you choose a full lace wig

There are many reasons why customers love and choose lace wig. That is also the reason why wholesalers should import this hair for sale because it helps their hair business. Some of the highlights of this hair type are:

Pros of full lace wig

Pros of full lace wig

  • Easy style change: Although it takes a few practice sessions for clients to master full lace wigs, they learn quickly. Once you get used to it, the change in appearance will happen very quickly. Even in just a few short minutes, the customer had a different hair than usual.
  • Hide hair defects well: Are you experiencing hair loss, hair growth, or even baldness? No problem. A lace wig will help you hide that.
  • Natural look: Today, with modern technology and high-quality materials, a lace wig looks really similar to the user’s real hair. So you don’t have to worry about being discovered.
  • Good durability: Depending on the quality and origin, the full lace wig will have a different lifespan. But overall, it is rated as having high durability and reusability many times over other hair extensions.

2. Different full lace wig options

When classifying, full lace wig is possible to divide this extension by two factors, according to materials and styles.

2.1 Different full lace wig materials

In terms of materials, this wig type can be divided into 2 different types: Human hair lace wig and Synthetic lace wig.

Human hair lace wig is made entirely of human hair. This helps the hair to have extremely good hair quality and is much more durable than Synthetic full lace wig. Holding in hand Human lace wig of good quality, anyone will admire its beautiful appearance and long shelf life. However, Human lace wig is quite expensive. This type of hair is suitable for long-time wholesalers in the market, looking for a high-quality item to satisfy demanding customers, ready to pay high prices to buy good quality products.

 Hair full lace wig

Human hair full lace wig

Today, with the technical level of hairdressers and modern machines, it is not that Synthetic is of poor quality. But its quality can’t be as high as Human hair. Durability and shine are also lower, but this type of hair has a lower price. If you are a hair wholesaler with a small capital, customers buy goods at low prices, this is also a safe choice for you.

If you are a wholesaler, you can rely on the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the above two types of full lace wigs to choose the right materials for you and your customers. Make sure you know the difference between them.

2.2 Different full lace wig styles

In terms of styles, lace full wigs can also be divided into many types. This ensures a wide range of products that both hair wholesalers and customers can choose from to suit their conditions and preferences. Some outstanding are often available on the market such as:

Full lace hair wig style

Different full lace hair wig style

  • Braided full lace wig: Their texture is braided hairs. This hairstyle is often suitable for customers who want their own personality, breaking and rebellious hair.
  • 613 full lace wig (blond): The special feature is that they are blond or tend to be bright yellow. This is a youthful, trendy color, suitable for many fashionable women.
  • Curly full lace wig: Owning curly hair is guaranteed to help you become outstanding and attractive. If your real hair does not allow you to do this hairstyle, immediately buy a curly wig to attract all eyes from those around.
  • Full lace wig ponytail: This hairstyle is really suitable for customers who prefer personality and dynamism. As you know, one of the advantages of a lace wig is that it allows for flexibility. They can be made into a ponytail if you like.
  • Short full lace wig: If you think that lace wig only has long hair, you are completely wrong. There are many types of shorts that still look very natural like real hair.
  • Kinky straight full lace wig: And finally, no matter how many different designs, this is still the choice of many customers. This simple but still top customer choice hairstyle you should also refer to to import and sell.

3. Price list of full lace wig

Price is also a factor that many wholesalers and customers consider when choosing to buy a product. However, the price depends on many factors such as the origin and quality of the hair as well as the length of the hair, the quality of the hair factory.

Full lace wig is the most popular wig on the market today. Lace is light, soft and breathable, so even if you wear it all day on your head, you won’t feel uncomfortable or stuffy.

Price of full lace hair wig

Price of full lace hair wig

A wig from a beauty supply store can cost anywhere from $30 to several hundred dollars. Mid-priced wigs, such as if you’re a wholesaler and import directly from a hair company, typically start at $200. However, this also depends on the quantity you enter, the more you buy, the more you can negotiate the price.

Generally, a full lace hair wig derived from human hair will cost more than a synthetic  thing. However, their durability and appearance are also higher. Considering the same quality, the longer the hair, the higher the price.

For a standard full lace wig, clients typically spend between $400 and $600. So you can be careful to choose the right product and supplier.

4. How to find a reliable full lace wig supplier

There are two important signs that help wholesalers find reputable and quality full lace hair wig suppliers for long-term business cooperation:

4.1 Sign of a reliable wholesale hair vendor

According to longtime wholesalers in the hair market, there are many signs to identify a reputable full lace wig supplier. Such providers usually satisfy the following factors:

  • Hair quality:

Hair from wholesale hair factories must be of high quality. Quality makes a seller’s reputation, whether it’s synthetic or human hair because low-quality products not only affect the reputation of the hair supplier, but also the reputation of the wholesaler. hair on the market. Usually, the source of the prized material is still human hair, of which virgin hair and remy hair are said to be of the highest quality.

  • Factory quality, labor:

A good quality hair supplier usually has an investment in technical equipment and highly trained staff. Should avoid cooperation with hair suppliers with rudimentary, handmade machines. Since they can only meet a small amount of hair, the quality of the full lace wig is also not high.

A real hair factory

A real hair factory

  • Price:

Of course, this is also a sign in considering a hair supplier. Usually, the quality will be the same as the price. You can base on your conditions and your customer group to choose the supplier with the most reasonable price. If you consider looking, there are also many suppliers of good quality products at reasonable prices.

  • Post-purchase customer support:

The best sign of a wholesaler is good customer service. You know, you accept wholesale so there can be many emergencies. Post-purchase customer support also helps you solve a lot of problems about order status and products. You should choose providers with 24/7 customer support staff, high customer response rate.

  • Corporate policies

Company policy also dictates cooperation between wholesalers and bulk suppliers of full lace wigs. When reviewing a product, do you get a free sample reference? Are delivery costs high if you are far away from them? What payment methods does the supplier accept? In addition, if they deliver the wrong model, or the quality product is not as described, what is the return or refund policy? Please review this information carefully.

4.2 Proper process to find and contact a supplier

Normally, the proper process to find and contact a supplier usually follows the following 5-step process:

  • Step 1: Research full lace wig suppliers
Doing research is necessary

Doing research is necessary

Wholesalers can continue searching by applying filters. Search engines like Google or e-commerce platforms dedicated to wholesalers can yield highly rated suppliers results. Or even more realistically, you can consult with colleagues in your field, ask where they usually wholesale, and which wholesale hair factories are considered to be of good quality. ? All the names mentioned, please list them, then filter gradually to find some of the best suppliers.

  • Step 2: Access and collect information

Out of a few names that have been selected, now you need to find out more details with them. You can come to talk in person (if you have the opportunity), or even talk online. However, a few points should be clarified:

– Is the product quality of full lace wig good?

– Do their old customers have good reviews?

– Is their website or store full of information?

– How long does it take for them to prepare the goods?

– Can they meet the number of expectations?

By clarifying the above questions, you have narrowed down the number of suppliers you want to work with. At this point, the last choice is the most reasonable choice.

  • Step 3: Order samples

Before placing a full order, order a few samples to check the quality first. You can try out a few samples that you think your customers will enjoy and buy a lot. After receiving the sample goods, agreeing with the quality and service of the partner, proceed to negotiate the contract and place the bulk order.

  • Step 4: Negotiate the contract

This is a very important step. All necessary information such as order quantity, model, style, length, color should be specific and detailed. In addition, wholesalers also need to clearly discuss the expected delivery time, shipping costs, and return policies if problems arise. Everything must be clearly stated in the contract to ensure the interests of both parties.

  • Step 5: Place your order

And finally, you just place your order. Wait for the right time, get the goods and start your business!

5. Top 5 best wholesale full lace wig vendors

5.1 K Hair Factory – Vietnamese raw hair factory

K-Hair is considered the leading hair supplier in Vietnam. They also offer full lace wig and very good quality. With more than 30 years of experience in the hair market, K-Hair ensures to bring good quality and satisfy every customer. When wholesalers cooperate with K-Hair, they get good negotiation on price, as well as many favorable terms in the contract. In general, this is the choice that almost every supplier wants to cooperate with because of its prestige and trust.

K Hair Factory

K Hair Factory – Vietnamese raw hair factory

5.2 5S Hair Factory – Vietnamese raw hair factory

This is also a Vietnamese hair supplier. This supplier was born in 1989 but mainly only accepts wholesale for close customers or some foreigners come to the shop to buy hair, so it is rarely advertised. If you are nearby, you can come and contact them to talk directly to them. Full lace wig from 5S Hair Factory is also appreciated for its high quality.

5S Hair Factory

5S Hair Factory – Vietnamese raw hair factory

5.3 Temple Hair – Indian raw hair factory

In general, if working with Indian hair suppliers, you should choose a reputable supplier, avoid buying waste hair from salon shops. Temple Hair is derived from Indian Raw hair, taken directly from temples and pagodas, so there is no need to worry about the origin of the hair. Moreover, Indian hair suppliers also offer reasonable prices for full lace hair wigs.

Temple Hair

Temple Hair – Indian raw hair factory

5.4 APSARA Hair – Cambodian raw hair factory

Usually, hair suppliers in Cambodia are of better quality than Vietnam or China. However, among them, Apsara is different. Full lace wig from Apsara is rated quite well, committed to 100% natural hair, not mixed and processed. You might also consider this provider.


APSARA Hair – Cambodian raw hair factory

5.5 Ideal Hair – Chinese raw hair factory

Ideal Hair has over 4 years of experience in the hairdressing industry and has earned rave reviews from hair professionals. Not only Chinese hair, they also export Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair,… and guarantee all 100% human hair. In addition, the post-purchase customer support also helps this hair supplier to create a lot of sympathy with the hair wholesaler.

Ideal Hair

Ideal Hair – Chinese raw hair factory

With this article, we believe that wholesalers have enough information about full lace wig as well as ways to choose a hair factory that meets the requirements of their business. There are many other types in the wig market, we will try to provide you with more useful information.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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