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The rising demand for hair extensions has attracted a large number of people selling hair, buying hair, making the market more and more competitive. To make the matter worse, COVID 19 came and everything has become much harder. In this article, we will equip you with super helpful advice to make your hair sell like hotcakes!


Firstly, let us motivate you to stay in the hair selling field by providing you with a promising outlook of the market. If you are indeed a newbie, this part is a must-read to gain a general idea about the industry.

1. Global market: valued at US$10 billion

Here are some quick insights about hair market

  • According to Aritzon, the global hair wigs and extension market will reach the value of $10 billion in 2023 and grow at the rate of 9% over the period 2018-2023. So selling hair is a multi-billion industry that should not be ignored.
  • The rise in income levels is enabling consumers to increase expenses on personal grooming and beauty products. They tend to buy wigs and extensions made of high-end human hair which are expensive than products made of synthetic hair in the market.
  • The development of social media and shipping system has enabled hair sellers to reach more potential customers from different parts of the world

So if you’re struggling to get customers recently, the problem may lie in your business plan or how you market not in the market. There are still a lot of rooms for you to earn money. In the next part, we will help you to utilize your strength and improve your weakness to make your hair venture take off. But before we’re gonna jump into the interesting part, let us show you a fast-growing, prospective market to start selling hair extensions.

K-hair: Vietnamese hair factory produces and sells virgin human hair products

2. Africa: Multi-million playground

Believe it or not, the hair industry is one of the most lucrative business opportunities in Africa. The massive demand for human hair in Africa has made a lot of entrepreneurs and investors very rich. A study states that black women are willing to pay double on hair than white women. Let’s listen to what African women say about their haircare:

Hair extensions are the vogue and they make me look great.

“I like to play with different hairstyles. I get bored if I have one style for too long.”

“My natural hair is fragile (breaks easily) and can be hard to deal with. Hair extensions make life easy for me.”

African women shared

The improvement in incomes has gone together with hair-conscious women because Africa is detrimental to hair growing process of the women here. Though the demand for hair wigs and extension here is on the rise, African girls lean toward real human hair, not synthetic hair wigs overusing chemicals that may cause people to die.

So it can be seen that virgin human hair is much favored over the artificial one. If you’re about to open a hair store, make sure you pay enough attention to this point.


1. Sell human hair instead

As we have already mentioned above, the market for hair is very dynamic and potential. However, not all kinds of hair are demanded. Hair wigs and extensions can be divided into 2 types by material: virgin human hair and synthetic hair. While synthetic hair is cheaper, it feels unnatural. Therefore, customers will prefer human hair to have a shiny and silky look. If the price is your concern, remember that modern women are willing to spend double to buy high-quality hair. To provide high-end hair (human hair) at a reasonable price, finding a trustworthy supplier who offers good prices with the relevant quality.

K-hair: Trustworthy Vietnamese hair supplier

There are three big hair suppliers in the world: Vietnam, China, and India. Among those, Vietnam’s hair is known for its best quality.

Vietnamese weft hair from K-hair factory

2. Listen to your customers

To be a good seller, listening to your customer needs is of importance. Your hair may be great and trendy, but it might not be what your customers want. For example, Chinese hair looks quite eye-catching at first, but it will be shedding and tangled after a short time of being used because Chinese manufacturers use a large number of chemicals. In the meantime, your clients want long-lasting hair. So your product just SEEMS to be good, but actually it doesn’t satisfy your client base. In this case, finding a Vietnamese virgin hair seller will be a better choice.

3. Start trading in social media and selling internationally

In 2020, there are 3,03 billion people using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Twitter, etc. Retailing goods on social networks is now a rising trend. Not only can you show your hair to the whole world but you can text your interested customers or run ads to reach them. Also, the tool for creating content on social media is getting better every day. Tiktok, Instagram provides you tools for editing perfect pictures and interesting videos, which is very effective in drawing viewers’ attention.

Here are some tips to promote online and get international clients.

TIP 1: Determine which social platform do your client base uses the most. Picking the right social platform to post your product is of high importance. Try to use more than just one social platform instead of just one. While Facebook, Instagram is popular worldwide, in some certain countries, they’re not that common. For instance, if you want to sell hair extensions to your Russian customers, Vkontakte is a way better choice.

Most used social media in Russia
Source: Statista
Create thumbnail for the video to attract more views
Source: K-Hair factory channel

TIP 2: Be online active. The next step is to post eye-catching pictures or videos with informative captions on a DAILY basis on every social platform that you put your online store. Your customer is full of news from different sources. If you fail to post content EVERY DAY, your account will soon fall into oblivion and disappear from their newsfeed. Show your potential buyer that your business is still alive by catching up with hair trends!

TIP 3: Spy your contenders. Start stalking your competitor’s page. Figure out what content of them gains the highest attention and draw the conclusion of what interests your customers. This will help you generate more suitable content.

4. Find a good hair vendor

Let’s define what a good hair vendor is:

  • to be REAL and LEGIT: Selling hair extensions is a rising industry, therefore the number of scammers related to hair is also on the rise. So before deciding to work with any international wholesalers, you should ask them for their signed papers and for making a video call to test the products, If they fail to meet that request, there is a high likelihood that you are talking with a cheater.
  • offer reasonable price: bear in mind that it’s REASONABLE prices, not CHEAP prices. It means the prices are supposed to be relevant to the quality.
  • maintain good communication: A company that only treats you nice before your payment and almost ignore you after selling is definitely not a good partner.
  • an original hair factory: Many hair wholesalers recognize themselves as factory, but actually, they are just commercial companies or sellers. Such companies like that are unable to control their quality and offer as low prices as original factories.

If you’re looking for a reliable partner for your hair business, you have K-HAIR FACTORY here as the first choice. With 30 years of producing hair experience, we are proud to be the trustworthy business partner of many beauty salons and hair sellers all over the world.

  • REAL original factory
  • Offer factory prices
  • Best pre and after-sale services
  • Reliable and transparent
Customers visited K-hair

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I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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