Raw Hair Vietnam Reviews With Important Things You Need To Know

raw hair Vietnam reviews you need to know
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Currently, customers are increasingly preferring raw hair extensions because they feel that raw hair extensions can make their hair bouncy and smooth, making them more confident when going out. Due to high demand, in recent years, raw hair extension manufacturers have appeared more and more with different quality and prices, and raw hair in Vietnam has always been the best choice for hair traders. So what is Vietnam’s raw hair, what are its characteristics, and how do you export them? Please read raw hair Vietnam reviews to get more detailed information about raw hair in Vietnam.


Raw hair Vietnam reviews: Important thing you need to know

1. Raw hair Vietnam reviews – About the origin 

Raw hair in Vietnam is a type of hair that is purchased directly from female hair donors in the highlands and ethnic minority areas in Vietnam, especially the Northwest and Northeast regions of Vietnam. Raw hair is taken mainly from women aged 18–25 with strong and shiny black hair to ensure the quality of the hair. Raw hair is collected, cleaned by manufacturers and then supplied to hair factories or businesses established in Vietnam.

Raw hair Vietnam reviews from Vietnamese hair factory often appear with the feature of smooth, shiny black because highland women often wash their hair with herbs such as locust, lemon, and grapefruit and do not use chemicals. That’s why raw hair in Vietnam is easy to styles, such as bleaching, dyeing, curling, or wavy, which is popular with many customers.


Raw hair Vietnam reviews – The hair origin is always qualified

2. Raw hair Vietnam reviews – About the features

Raw hair Vietnam reviews is favored by many female customers around the world thanks to its unique characteristics that are superior to raw hair in other countries. So what are the outstanding features? How is raw hair classified in Vietnam? What are the advantages and disadvantages of raw hair in Vietnam? Let’s find out through the passage below for more raw hair Vietnam reviews. 

2.1. Raw hair Vietnam reviews – About the quality

In essence, raw hair Vietnam reviews mentioned with long, thick, straight, and soft hair, so raw hair in Vietnam still retains this advantage. Hair fibers of human hair in bulk in Vietnam are shiny and often tangle-free due to the naturally straight hair structure. In rare, also because natural care women in Vietnam addition straighten or process their hair, and take care of them with hair products, raw hair Vietnam reviews are known for being extremely strong.

Vietnam’s natural hair color is black, so you can easily dye it any color you want, including blond, brown, white, blue, gray, red, and so on. Raw hair in Vietnam is also easy to style. You can feel free to curl or straighten your hair as you like without worrying about it harming your real hair.


Raw hair Vietnam reviews – Vietnam’s natural hair color is black

2.2. Raw hair Vietnam reviews – About the classification

Currently, raw hair in Vietnam is offered on the market in two main types: virgin raw Vietnamese hair (raw hair in Vietnam is collected from a single donor), and remy raw Vietnamese hair (raw hair in Vietnam is collected from two or more donors). However, in fact, to ensure the quality of raw hair in Vietnam, suppliers rarely produce remy raw Vietnamese hair. Therefore, raw hair in Vietnam has only one popular type, virgin raw Vietnamese hair.

By definition, as stated above, virgin raw Vietnamese hair is raw hair in Vietnam that was purchased from only one donor the cuticle is still intact, and the hair has not been bleached or dyed by the mountain women. Raw hair Vietnam reviews by being soft, uniform, and supple, suitable for all types of styling such as bleaching or dyeing, but still gives superior results, is the ideal raw hair for you. Because of the best quality, virgin raw Vietnamese hair is also the most expensive and highest quality hair on the Vietnamese market today.


Raw hair Vietnam reviews – Vietnamese virgin hair

2.3. Raw hair Vietnam reviews – About the advantages

Through the ways of classifying raw hair in Vietnam with distinct characteristics, it can be seen that raw hair Vietnam reviews have the following advantages.

  • Good quality raw hair: Raw hair in Vietnam is taken from mountainous women with a straight, smooth, soft texture with sufficient thickness. In addition, it is regularly cared for by locusts, lemongrass, or grapefruit. So when you hold it in your hand, you can feel its softness. Raw hair Vietnam reviews is also known as the best raw hair on the market today.
  • Reasonable price: Raw hair Vietnam reviews say it has good quality for the price, and it is relatively cheaper than many other raw hair suppliers. For example, while factories in China have to buy hair from neighboring countries, pay additional tax and sell it at a higher price, Vietnamese manufacturers collect their own hair from mountainous women in Vietnam and proceed with production, saving the cost of importing hair from abroad.
  • Hair is not tangled: The nature of Vietnamese hair is straight and smooth, so raw hair is always soft and tangle-free every time you go out. Raw hair Vietnam reviews say they can give you a more vibrant look with shiny, bouncy hair. Accordingly, you also do not need to regularly brush tangled hair that causes raw hair to become broken, but only need to occasionally use a comb to gently brush from the ends of the hair to the top to ensure that the hair is always smooth.
  • Various hairstyles and colors: Raw hair Vietnam reviews mention that raw hair in Vietnam gives customers many choices of colors such as yellow, black, and brown, as you can have raw hair dyed or bleached easily as you can have raw hair dyed or bleached easily. There are also pre-styled raw hairs such as curly or straightened.

Raw hair Vietnam reviews – Vietnamese raw hair is easily styled

  • Long use time: Raw hair in Vietnam is strong, often not through the styling process, so the hair quality is relatively good, with high durability. Raw hair in Vietnam can be used within 2-5 years depending on the maintenance and care of the user.

2.4. Raw hair Vietnam reviews – About the disadvantages

Although there are many outstanding advantages, raw hair in Vietnam still has the following disadvantages. Here are raw hair Vietnam reviews of disadvantages. 

  • Supply is not abundant, becoming rarer: Currently, a large amount of raw hair in Vietnam in factories has been sold out and is no longer in stock because the demand in the market is too great. Moreover, society is increasingly developing with the advancement of beauty technology, Vietnamese women are also aware of the importance of appearance, so they start taking care of their hair, perming or dyeing it to make them beautiful. than. So raw hair Vietnam reviews that Vietnam’s raw hair supply is dwindling, Vietnamese women still keep their unprocessed hair not much.
  • Higher price than other hair types: Raw hair Vietnam reviews are reasonably priced, but it is 100% raw hair from Vietnamese women with the best quality, the price of raw hair in Vietnam is also higher than other hair types on the market. But quality goes hand in hand with price, raw hair in Vietnam is also the most ideal hair type for customers to bleach, dye, perm, or straighten.

Raw hair Vietnam reviews – Vietnamese raw hair is suitable for restyling

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3. How to buy raw hair with good raw hair Vietnam reviews in Vietnam

Raw hair Vietnam reviews has lots of pros, so the demand for raw hair in Vietnam is also increasing. So if you want to buy raw hair in Vietnam, what should you pay attention to? This section will clarify how to find a reliable supplier and how to buy raw hair in Vietnam. 

3.1. How to find a reliable raw hair supplier in Vietnam

In Vietnam, many suppliers are providing raw hair, but not all suppliers are reputable and reliable. You need to pay attention to the following things to find a good supplier. Some people may also ask whether there is a Vietnam hair factory in Lagos or not, and the answers may vary as well. Therefore, you’d better be alert.

  • Compare prices of raw hair in Vietnam suppliers: Raw hair Vietnam reviews suggest that raw hair has many suppliers. Each supplier has different prices, and there is always a price difference between them. You need to rely on your budget to find the supplier with the most suitable price for you.
  • Find a potential supplier: Currently, there are many suppliers on the market manufacturing raw hair in Vietnam, so the first thing you need to do is choose a supplier with the price and quality of raw hair that suits your needs. To do this, you can find out the supplier’s public information via google, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and read raw hair Vietnam reviews. Additionally, a trusted supplier is one that has an official website that regularly posts information regarding the supplier and the products they offer, has a brand name, and is knowledgeable about raw hair. You need to carefully check the supplier’s information to avoid encountering scammers. 
  • Choose the nearest vendor: A supplier also has many vendors that supply their products in different locations, you need to read raw hair Vietnam reviews and choose the vendor closest to you to save on shipping costs later, and delivery time will also be faster. However, it is also necessary to check the reputation and quality of raw hair in Vietnam of the vendor before making a choice.
  • Texting with the dealer to inquire about specific hair information: In this step, you will contact the vendor you selected in the previous step to confirm the origin, price, quality of hair. Raw hair Vietnam reviews that they will have discounts for bulk orders. If you want to be sure to check the quality of your hair and evaluate it first, you can ask the vendor to provide more photos and videos of raw hair in Vietnam.

How to buy raw hair with good raw hair Vietnam reviews in Vietnam

  • Request a sample product: If the reputation of the vendor is not too high, you can’t find the raw hair Vietnam reviews or this is the first time ordering, you can request a sample of raw hair in Vietnam from the vendor. Vendors always have product samples available to send to customers if they need them, so don’t worry about mentioning them. Through this, you can estimate the delivery time, confirm the quality of raw hair in Vietnam and purchase later.

3.2. How to buy raw hair with good raw hair Vietnam reviews

Just like how to find a reliable supplier by read the raw hair Vietnam reviews, exporting raw hair in Vietnam also goes through many different steps. Here are the steps to keep in mind to become a wholesaler of raw hair in Vietnam.

  • Research raw hair vendors in Vietnam: In the first step, you need to find out about raw hair prices at vendors, find raw hair Vietnam reviews, and choose a reputable vendor in the market. You can go to groups on Facebook or Google to find customer reviews about vendors providing raw hair in Vietnam. Pay attention to learning about the policies that the vendor offers to ensure your rights are received when making a purchase.

How to buy raw hair with good raw hair Vietnam reviews in Vietnam

  • Messaging with vendors: In this step, you need to contact the supplier to agree on the origin, quality, and price of the raw hair you need. Therefore, you also need to give your requirements about the length, thickness, color, and style of the hair to be consulted by the vendor more carefully, choosing the appropriate type of raw hair in Vietnam. Carefully read raw hair Vietnam reviews to make the right choice. In addition, this step also allows the vendor to check whether their source of raw hair is enough to supply your order.
  • Unify the invoice with the vendor: After making a request and being noted by the vendor, the vendor will send an invoice for you to check if it is correct with your initial request, and for you to check the price of the order. goods to avoid errors. When receiving the invoice, please carefully check the information about the quantity, price, and quality of raw hair in Vietnam to avoid future troubles.
  • Deposit payment: After setting up the invoice, the vendor will usually ask for a deposit from you based on the order value. The payment method will be based on the forms requested by the vendor and the payment methods of their country.

How to buy raw hair with good raw hair Vietnam reviews

  • Vendor will process your order: After checking the order information carefully, the factory will proceed to produce raw hair in Vietnam according to your request. Raw hair Vietnam reviews evaluate that the time you receive the goods depends on the factory production time, raw hair quantity and shipping time, so for vendors near you, you will receive raw hair faster.

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4. K-Hair – Best supplier with good raw hair Vietnam reviews

Raw hair Vietnam reviews state that K-Hair is a well-known leading supplier and receives the attention of many wholesalers in many countries around the world. Above is some basic information about K-Hair, the leading Vietnamese supplier of raw hair.


K-Hair – Best supplier with good raw hair Vietnam reviews

4.1. About K-Hair

K-Hair is a factory in Vietnam founded in the 1990s, specializing in providing Vietnamese hair extensions with outstanding products such as weft hair, closures, and raw hair sourced 100% from Vietnamese women. With more than 20 years of production and business experience in the market, K-Hair has received a lot of trust from domestic and foreign customers, affirming the quality of Vietnamese hair extensions in the international market.

Raw hair Vietnam reviews state that K-Hair provides raw hair with all kinds of designs, thicknesses, and thicknesses to suit the diverse needs of customers. In addition, K-Hair’s vendor system in many countries around the world is also very dedicated and enthusiastic to support you every time you have a need to buy raw hair in Vietnam products from K-Hair.

4.2. About the quality of raw hair

According to raw hair Vietnam reviews, K-Hair guarantees to provide raw hair sourced from Vietnamese women with outstanding features such as shiny, smooth, straight, and not easily tangled hair. K-Hair does not distribute remy raw Vietnamese hair but often provides virgin raw Vietnamese hair to ensure the best quality and experience for customers.

For the quality of virgin raw Vietnamese hair, K-Hair offers stylized hair that is easy to bleach or dye without worrying about causing damage to your hair, such as breakage and frizz. In addition, virgin raw Vietnamese also have the advantage of having a long lifespan, so you can use them within 1-2 years if you know how to store them well, and they can be used many times.

4.3. About the price of raw hair

Raw hair Vietnam reviews state that the price of hair at K-Hair is affordable and competitive with other factories, because the hair is collected from Vietnamese women, so it doesn’t take time and cost to ship raw hair from other countries. In addition, K-Hair has a modern production line that can supply its own products and at the same time has its own sales department so it does not depend on other factories, reducing costs and can provide a large quantity of raw hair to the market.

Depending on the quality, length, and thickness of raw hair, K-Hair has different prices for raw hair in Vietnam. For bulk orders or wholesale orders, K-Hair will have special discounts or offers for you. You can refer to the price list of K-Hair’s raw hair according to the table below.


Raw hair Vietnam reviews – Vietnamese raw hair price

4.4. About the contact method

If you are interested in raw hair in Vietnam and want to order raw hair from K-Hair, do not hesitate to contact K-hair via the contact method below.

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