Human Hair Extensions Purple: Top 6 Stunning Styles Of Purple Hair

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Purple extensions are the best solution for colored-hair lovers who want to protect their scalp and avoid dying hair many times. In the competitive market, the human hair extensions purple emerged and quickly became a hot item. If you are new to purple extensions, the basic knowledge is provided in this writing. 

Human Hair Extensions Purple

Human Hair Extensions Purple

1. Get to know about human hair extensions purple

Although the tendency of dying hair in different colors has existed for years, purple extensions is still a new and adventurous color for the users. For the newbies, before picking up human hair extensions purple, take this information about the urple extensions into account.

1.1. Why call “human hair extensions purple”?

Human hair extensions purple is the purple extensions hair products made from 100% hair gathered from women, which has purple color and purple extensions are used to thicken and lengthen natural hair.

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Why call “human hair extensions purple”?

Asia is the leading exporter of purple extensions, with nations like China, India, and Vietnam leading the way… Although purple extensions have better quality than synthetic or fabric hair, the quality of purple extensions distributed by different countries do not have the same quality. Depending on the technique of purple extensions collection, the quality of different national purple extensions sources varies. 

For instance, Indian purple extensions producers, for example, use wasted hair from public places and consecrated hair from temples to make their purple extensions. As a consequence, human hair extensions purple are not growing in this country since the strands are not the same hue. Otherwise, Vietnamese hair firms harvest purple hair pieces from indigenous women in mountainous and rural locations, resulting in a supply of healthy and silky hair. Their human hair extensions purple sparkle even brighter.     

1.2. The production of human hair extensions purple

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The production of human hair extensions purple

  • Step 1. The hair is collected and slightly processed: Hair factories gather the hair from native condors. The hair source is washed properly and categorized according to the quality.
  • Step 2. Bleaching the hair into light color: This process is recognized as the pre-lighten step that makes the original hair with black or brown color to the light tone in order to apply the purple extensions after that.
  • Step 3. Dying the hair with purple color: Based on the styles of purple hair pieces, the colors used in the dying process will be used in certain quantities to produce the best purple extensions.
  • Step 4. Manufacturing different hair types: There are numerous types of human hair extensions purple produced by different techniques and machinery. This step make the market of purple hair extensions human hair more diversified.

1.3. How to maintain human hair extensions purple?

  • Regularly hydrate your hair: Because you cannot wash your human hair extensions purple too often, you should hydrate purple hair pieces properly daily. You may follow up with a deep conditioner and a hair mask after using the shampoo. In addition, a potent help in the shape of moisturizing oil is recommended for purple hair pieces.
  • Reduce sun exposure and styling by heat on hair: Heat equipment, such as flat irons, blow dryers, and curling irons, may destroy your scalp and natural hair. Furthermore, the purple extensions will also be damaged by extreme heat. As a consequence, you should keep the heat on your human hair extensions purple to a minimum. Remember to apply UV-protection oil to your purple extensions as well.
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How to maintain human hair extensions purple?

  • Reduce hair washing time: While it is advised that human hair extensions be cleaned on a regular basis to remove dirt and bacteria, purple hair extensions human hair do not require this. If you wash your purple hair extensions human hair too regularly, the color will fade faster.
  • Using color-proof products for hair: To maintain the colors of purple extensions for longer, human hair extensions purple demand the use of certain types of hair care products. Shampoos made particularly for purple extensions should be purchased. Rinse the purple extensions with cold water to keep the color of the purple extensions from fading. It’s also a good idea not to comb your purple extensions when purple extensions are still wet, since purple extensions may become tangled and break.
  • Using a wide-tooth brush: When purple extensions become tangled, this brush type can aid to reduce damage for purple extensions. Before washing, customers should comb the hair and untangle the human hair extensions purple by hand in a delicate way. Avoid brushing purple extensions when wet since purple extensions are at weakest and most prone to coming out.

2. The market of human hair extensions purple

Have you known about the typical types of purple human hair extensions available in the hair market? What are the most favored styles of purple extensions at present? The answers of purple hair pieces will be revealed in this part.

2.1. The categories of human hair extensions purple

Human hair extensions purple comprises multiple types with different purple hair pieces designs to satisfy diversified demands of consumers. Here are some typical hair types of purple extensions available:

  • Weft hair purple hair extensions: purple hair weave strands that are woven or sewn into a bundle on a horizontal strip of cloth. Because purple hair weave is normally sold in bundles weighing 100g, the thickness of purple hair weave varies depending on the length of the hair. At first, the purple hair weave material is sewn with a strong weave at the base. The purple hair weave is folded and braided together to create the final horizontal band. A long strand of intertwined purple hair weave separates, all facing the same way.
  • Tape in hair purple hair extensions: the purple hair extensions that have been equally distributed and attached to tape purple hair pieces in a certain arrangement. The tape in purple hair extensions have an average duration of 8 months. 
Human Hair Extensions Purple 5

The categories of human hair extensions purple

  • Ponytail purple hair extensions: the purple hair extensions have the design of pre-tied purple hair extensions to increase the thickness and length of the natural tied hair. Ponytail human hair extensions purple can be tied high or low depending on the needs of use. There are 3 types ponytails for purple hair extensions: Long Romantic Ponytail, Sleek High Ponytail and Double Twisted Ponytail
  • Lace Frontal/Closure purple hair extensions: is created entirely of 100% purple hair extensions that are hand-stitched into a net. The lace frontal of purple hair extensions is bigger than the lace closure of purple hair extensions (the grid of purple hair extensions is a square piece). 13×4 and 4×4 are the most popular sizes for those types of purple hair extensions.
  • Wigs: this purple hair pieces type is created in the same way as the lace frontal purple hair extensions and closure purple hair extensions. Human hair extensions purple wig does, however, have a 3D form that may potentially cover the whole user’s head.

2.2. The trending styles of human hair extensions purple

Purple hair extensions has made an outbreaking in the mindset of consumers about colored hair by offering a wide range of purple hair pieces styles. Here are the most trending styles of purple hair extensions available in the purple hair pieces market:

  • Periwinkle purple hair extensions: This purple hair pieces type has dark color from the roots of hair strands and becomes lighter till the ends. To be honest, periwinkle purple hair extensions would be a wise option for the sexy or cool girls who want to define their characteristics through the purple hair extensions. 
Human Hair Extensions Purple 6

The trending styles of human hair extensions purple

  • Blue and purple hair extensions: This style of purple hair extensions recognized as the most ideal combination of purple hair extensions on head. The dark purple human hair extensions along with the support of blue becomes more stunning and special. These two colors blend well with purple hair pieces and both are warm tones, which provide an underlying tone after fading.
  • Red and purple hair extensions: If you are into human hair extensions burgundy but want to have the uniqueness on your hair, adding purple hair extensions is highly recommended. The ombre purple hair extensions and burgundy red is an “old but gold” purple hair pieces style for any beginner to give a try.
Human Hair Extensions Purple 7

The trending styles of human hair extensions purple

  • Black and light purple human hair extensions: If burgundy red is still a challenging color for you to take up, human hair extensions black color is not a bad idea for your purple ombre. This style of purple hair extensions has the black color on the roots of hair threads then blended with the purple hair extensions until the ends.
  • Mauve pinkish light purple human hair extensions: This style of human hair extensions purple is specialized for the cool girls who still want to add a little “girly taste” to your appearance. The mauve pink and light purple human hair extensions combining that creates an awesome look and can match almost all clothes you have.
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The trending styles of human hair extensions purple

  • Violet dark purple human hair extensions: This is a full-colored dark purple human hair extensions but will not be outweighed by the ones mentioned before. The violet color of purple hair extensions is the symbol of mystery and attractiveness. The violet color works the best on human hair extensions wavy, which will help you appear like the queen in the party.

3. How much are human hair extensions purple?

The retail price of human hair extensions purple offered on e-commerce sites are based on the types and length of the product. For example, the purple human hair extensions on Amazon weighing 30 gram with the length of 16 inch costs $25.49.

Human Hair Extensions Purple 9

Retail price of human hair extensions purple

Otherwise, the wholesale market is popular for its sufficient source of purple hair weave and reasonable price. Therefore, if you are running a purple hair pieces business and looking for guaranteed importation of purple hair weave, you can go for the wholesale hair extensions suppliers. The human hair extensions purple are always available in large quantities and purple hair weave is sold at pleasing cost. In particular, the wholesaler exports the purple hair weave in kilograms, with the same length of 16 inch, a kilogram of purple hair weave has the prices from $357 up to $471. It means 30 grams of 16-inch-long human hair extensions purple costs approximately $10.7 to $14.13.

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Wholesale price of human hair extensions purple

This is the wholesale price offered by a dominant purple hair weave distributor in the global-scale purple hair weave market: K-Hair Vietnam. K-Hair Vietnam is considered to be one the most potential wholesale distributors of human hair extensions purple in Asia and all around the world. Having over a decade of manufacturing and providing the hair products such as human hair extensions for braids, clip in, wig…, K-Hair Vietnam commits to export the highest-quality purple hair pieces at the finest prices. If you are still confused with choosing a reliable vendor of purple hair pieces for your business, this is a trustworthy address for you to start a purple hair pieces wholesaler.  


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K- Hair Vietnam: Top wholesale hair vendor


I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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