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Hair market is booming and brings multiple profits and service to both the vendors and the consumers. People at present have nearly unlimited choices as the products of hair extensions are available in a wide range of types, grades and so on. However, the human hair extensions black with the traditional color still have a firm position in the hair market in comparison with other types such as human hair extensions blonde. This writing is to indicate the features and differences of different types of black human hair extensions, as well as provide ways to maintain the quality of black human hair extensions.

 human hair extensions black

human hair extensions black

1. Background knowledge about human hair extensions black

If you are new to the black hair extensions market or want to get a deeper understanding about human hair extensions black, here is the basic and essential information about black human hair extensions.

1.1. What is human hair extensions black?

Human hair extensions black are real human hair extensions, which means the black human hair extensions products are made from 100% hair provided by the women in distributing countries. This hair source has the best quality among the typical materials of black hair extensions, others like synthetic strands or fabric. Most of the black human hair extensions is gathered from Asian nations like Vietnam, India, Cambodia, China… It can be supplied by the women living in rural, mountainous areas or the wasted hair, temple hair… This difference results in the diversity in the prices of human hair extensions black.

 human hair extensions black

What is human hair extensions black?

1.2. Significant features of human hair extensions black

The color of black human hair extensions is majorly the original color from the raw hair. Asian hair is famous for its black and silky look; thus, the human hair extensions black requires less time to process. The most favored style of black hair extensions is human hair extensions remy including bone straight hair, micro loop hair, pixie curl…

There are numerous benefits that purchasers can get from human hair extensions black:

  • Long duration: As black human hair extensions has an original black color of material, black hair extensions does not require much process or chemical treatment. Therefore, the strands of black hair extensions are strong, full and silky. The minimum duration is 10 months while black hair extensions can be in proper condition to the exceed time of one year, much longer than colored items like human hair extensions purple.
  • Great adaptability: Not only does the human hair extensions black offer flexible styles and grades but it also has the color that fits almost faces shapes and skin colors. Furthermore, black hair extensions is also adaptable with a wide range of ages, either the young or the middle ages.
  • Require less complicated care: In general, as the human hair extensions black are not bleached or dyed, the users do not have to purchase the caring products on purpose of keeping the color when washing black hair extensions. 
 human hair extensions black

Features of human hair extensions black

However, human hair extensions black also have some weak points that the consumers should take into account:

  • Do not have an outstanding look: Black is a typical color of hair and it also resembles the original color of Asian, African hair. Thus, the human hair extensions black is considered to be a product for users who want to have a safe appearance. This also means that black hair extensions, despite being superior in terms of quality, are not the outstanding in terms of diversity of style.
  • Black hair extensions does not always have high quality:  If you are a black hair extensions lover or a familiar consumer of black hair extensions, you would definitely know that human hair extensions black have a unique type: Virgin hair. This hair type is made from the raw hair collected from only one condor and has a certainly high value. However, there are hair shops that provide the low-quality virgin hair extensions that are made from mixed hair. As a result, customers looking for black human hair extensions should pay special attention to spot out frauds and scammers.

1.3. Tips and cautions for usage of human hair extensions black

human hair extensions black

Tips and cautions for usage of human hair extensions black

  • Remember to hydrate your human hair extensions black regularly: Although consumers do not have to pay for the products that keep the color matte for a long time, they should still invest in the shampoos and other hair care products that hydrate their black hair extensions to retain the full and silky look.
  • Use the wide-tooth brush for the black hair extensions: This type of brush can reduce the broken black hair extensions when it is tangled. Users should untangle the human hair extensions black by hand in a soft way and brush the hair before washing. When the black hair extensions are wet, don’t brush it as at that time the hair is the weakest and easy to fall out.

2. Where to buy human hair extensions black?

Thanks to the sharply rising black hair extensions and black human hair extensions market in general, this product has become more common and available in numerous regions. If you are looking for the way to purchase a human hair extensions black product, here is essential information for you.

2.1. The methods for shopping the human hair extensions black

Traditionally, you can go to a physical hair shop or salon in your location to purchase the black hair extensions. As black is a popular and basic color of hair, there are always black hair extensions products available in the shop and you can try it on at the place. 

Human hair extensions black 5

Where to buy human hair extensions black?

Otherwise, you can take full advantage of the Internet by buying human hair extensions black through e-commerce sites like Amazon, Aliexpress… There are more black hair extensions options on the online marketplace and those sites also help you connect with the pleasing logistic service. You can order overseas human hair extensions on Amazon and have it delivered within 10 days.

2.2. How much does the human hair extensions black cost?

The prices of black hair extensions products varies according to the categories, the grades and quality. To be more specific, the virgin hair which is purely hair from a condor is more luxurious than the remy hair with mixed hair. 

For example, according to a human hair extensions black product on Amazon, 7 pieces of 100 grams bundle of the black hair extensions with 24 inch length cost $128.99.

Human hair extensions black 7

Another example to indicate the general cost of black hair extensions is the price list below, bone straight hair is the best-seller human hair extensions black item. All the prices are applied for 1 kilogram weight of the black human hair extensions. There are three separated grades of the bone straight black hair extensions: single- double and super double. With the length of 10 inch, equal to 25 cm, the cheapest cost for black human hair extensions is $191 while the most expensive option of black hair extensions is $275 for the fullest grade of hair.  

Human hair extensions black 8

2.3. Other hair colors beside human hair extensions black

As mentioned before, black hair extensions is a safe option for consumers. If you want to refresh your appearance or want to have a stunning look expressing your characteristics, you can go for other colors such as: human hair extensions burgundy with the velvet deep red color which makes you outstanding in the crowd. You can also go for other popular tones of hair like blonde or ash grey…

3. The wholesale distribution of human hair extensions black

Are you interested in the black hair extensions business? Do you want to buy black hair extensions at a more reasonable price than the retailers? Please come to the wholesale market as it is beneficial and more diversified than the shops or salons.

3.1. How to find a wholesaler of human hair extensions black?

You can go to the Internet and search for “human hair extensions near me” or “human hair extensions vendors in …” or “black hair extensions near me” as well as “black human hair extensions near me”. There will be information about the products and the distributors provided. Then you should visit the official websites of those wholesalers and have a short check on their history and manufacturing technique. You can also refer to the feedback from previous customers of the black human hair extensions vendors. Another crucial factor to choose a wholesale supplier of hair extensions black is their offering payment method and logistic service support.

Human hair extensions black 6

wholesale distribution of human hair extensions black

After considering the information about black human hair extensions products and coming up with the most relevant option, contact the manager of the hair factory to ask more about the black hair extensions products you want to import. After the discussion, there will be a contract if you import a great number of human hair extensions black and you have to pay 50% of the total cost for deposit. After the black hair extensions goods arrive in your place, you pay for the rest of the cost. Remember to have a proper check during the transferring process and after receiving.

3.2. Top human hair extensions black vendors worldwide

If you are a newbie in black hair extensions markets and just take up the hair investment or want to save time in finding the reliable wholesale human hair extensions suppliers, there are some recommendations of black hair extensions wholesale suppliers for you to consider.

3.2.1. TedHair- China’s top wholesaler of human hair extensions black

In terms of supply-scale competition in black hair extensions market, the Chinese market is the most likely to challenge the Indian market. The reason for this is because they not only have a large population capable of supplying a large amount of material, but they also import hair from other nations. TedHair is an excellent choice if you need a huge quantity of human hair extensions black for your business.

Human hair extensions black 11

3.2.2. Indian Hair Giant- Potential supplement for human hair extensions black

This is a competitive counterpart of Chinese vendors in the quantity of exporting hair products. Indian hair distributors are recognized for having the most affordable human hair extensions black. Although the quality does not compare to that of neighboring markets such as Vietnam, local merchants in this nation nonetheless ensure that basic hair criteria are met and that adequate hair is distributed.

Human hair extensions black 12

3.2.3. K-Hair- The biggest seller of human hair extensions black in Vietnam

Vietnamese black human hair extensions is recognized as the highest-quality black hair extensions products in the global black hair extensions market as the source of black hair extensions comes from women using limited chemical shampoos. K-Hair, which has been in the black hair extensions industry for many years and has an adequate supply of black human hair extensions, is a reliable seller based in Vietnam. Thanks to its excellent customer service and extensive choice of black human hair extensions products, this firm has partnerships with dozens of vendors all over the world. This is another option for purchasing human hair extensions black at a reasonable price.

Website: K- Hair Vietnam

Human hair extensions black 10

3.2.4. Meir Hair- Brazilian well-known hair wholesaler

In Africa, particularly in Brazil, Meir Hair is a well-known distributor of black hair extensions. They provide the highest-quality black human hair extensions kinds that fulfill the needs of local customers. Human hair extensions black is one of the most favored products purchased by the native people in this country. As a result, you can get this good-quality black hair extensions type at a wholesale price from this source.

Human hair extensions black 13

3.2.5. Beyond Hair- human hair extensions black supplier in the United Kingdom

Europe is another potential market of black hair extensions as the rate of consumption gradually reaches the top position. Beyond Hair is a hair company noted for its high-quality black hair extensions goods and large supply of human hair extensions black. They are a trusted distributor for many global black hair extensions suppliers across the world. Their staff are helpful and they are always available willing to serve customers of black hair extensions at all times.

Human hair extensions black 9


I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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