Virgin hair: How to find reliable vendors

Why can the Vietnamese hair business develop?

Long strong silky hair is one of the prominent characteristics of Vietnamese woman hair. Because of abundant hair sources from religions all over Vietnam, the Vietnamese hair business accounting for large market share is developing in the hair market. However, purchasing wholesale hair has a lot of risks so this article make sure that you can find reliable virgin hair vendors in Vietnam

Vietnamese hair

Virgin hair or Remy hair, which is better?

It is a popular question when purchasing hair. There are 3 main qualifies of hair: virgin hair, Remy hair, and non-Remy hair. However, non-Remy hair is not popular in Vietnam because of its bad qualify so this article clarify two main definitions of hair.

Virgin hair (Pure hair)

virgin hair

Virgin hair has another name- pure hair. This hair is human hair that is 100% that is non-processed from only one person donor and following the one direction. Human hair can be from Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian,… And it can not be altered by dyeing, bleaching, harsh washing so the cuticles are totally intact and hair strands are soothing and strong. It is the highest quality thank to the above characteristics.

The pros

  • It comes from one single donor and the cuticles still have to be intact and run in the same direction. You must meet all these requirements to be a valid 100% virgin hair manufacturer
  • This type of hair is totally natural, healthy and strong
  • When using this hair you have diversity choice such as simple style, turning to every color you want to dye coz it can meet both color and style you need
  • The fear of many women is hair loss, virgin hair is invariable firm, thick and silky of durable at people, the more you care for your hair, the more time you can enjoy with your hair. As usual, if you use virgin hair, you can keep at least one year
  • Of durable at people, the more time you care for your hair, the more beautiful your hair is

The cons

  • Perhaps, the only disadvantage of virgin hair is the expensive price. because of good quality and its diversity, the high cost is understandable. “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR”
  • If you do not buy virgin hair at a reliable company and you can not distinguish the difference between them, you will lose a lot of money. So be alert before purchasing hair oversea

Remy hair

Remy hair is also human hair as real as virgin hair. Remy hair is from different donors following a direction from root to tip, sightly processed to make hair silkier and softer. The cuticles are still intact and run in the same direction

Remy hair

The pros

Certainly, Remy hair much cheaper than virgin hair, if you can buy the highest quality of Remy hair you can keep them more than 6 months, that is shorter than the maintenance of virgin hair

The cons

  • Remy hair needs to be rearranged while virgin hair is not the Remy strands
  • If you want to buy Remy hair with high quality, you need to pay more money to buy hair care products to keep them strong and smooth as natural hair. Remy hair not only needs caring by hair professional stylists but also maintaining from users

Apparently, virgin hair has more benefits than Remy hair so virgin hair is the best hair but expensive

3 tips to find reliable wholesale hair vendors oversea

Finding a reliable vendor is always a problem that many hair companies concern when purchasing hair oversea. So, How we can eliminate bad things like scams, fake goods, lower quality products when finding on e-commerce websites? Below are some important tips we can conclude after making purchasing online

#1 Searching Google

This tip sounds easy when anyone in the world knows how to search google. But, not everyone knows how to make use of Google to check information. If you want to check whether the company is fraud or not, you need to search a keyword that is the name of the company and the word ” fraud”. If there is any information about the company you are finding show it is fraud business, make sure that you will know the next step.

Searching Google

#2 Verify the profile of that company

There is no reason a big business does not have detailed information in its profile. So, a reliable hair company always shares all of their information on websites, sociable networks,…They will give the verification badges of the website will on product listing of the reliable supplier profiles. If you can see the product with verifications, you can rely more on that vendor.
To sum up, when you make a decision to have any purchases from these e-trade websites, you should ensure that you have read their latest information and safeguards policy to protect your purchase.

#3 Finding feedback from the previous customers

When you have never purchased these products from the company in other countries, you have a lot of questions such as ” Whether this company is fake or not?”, “whether their products can meet my need?”, etc… It is essential to find feedbacks from customers before because their comments are true and you can find out the answers from their experiences.

By and large, purchasing hair products oversea is risky, so make sure that you will have more and more information about these companies and their products in order to feel satisfied after ordering.

Top 3 reliable hair companies in Vietnam

In recent years, many Vietnamese hair factories have grown strongly in the hair market due to the increasing demand for hair all over the world. For hair business, they have to find a reliable hair factory to corporate for a long time especially when choosing to purchase the most popular and highest quality hair- virgin hair. Below is top 3 reliable hair factory to buy high-quality virgin hair

No1. K- Hair Factory – The best hair factory in Vietnam

K-Hair was founded and existed in the hair market for more than 30 years with a lot of hair products and a variety of quality for all users both national and international customers. With slogan Quality is the King, K-hair always satisfies  all users both national  and international customers and become the famous brand in the hair market

Video introduction K-Hair factory

K – hair’s products

K-hair provide Hair Market into 2 smaller markets: African market and Europe market

For the African market, K- Hair is the best hair company in Vietnam with its product line, they concentrate on providing hair loss solutions

For the European market, they focus on selling raw hair and hair extension with impressive color and lead trend in Vietnamese hair market

100% natural virgin hair ( no mix )

Weft Hair _ Curly Wavy _ Colour _ Tip/Tape

Closure _ Frontal _ 360 Wig _ Full Lace Wig _ HD Lace

K-Hair factory has a representative office in Nigeria and Russia. The main customers from Nigeria, Russia, Brazil, US

The reason why K-hair can sell high-quality products such as virgin hair at a lower price is all hair products which are manufactured at the factory in Vietnamese villages that means K – hair saves money not paying for a middleman


No2. Layla Hair

As Layla hair company offers, this Vietnam hair company focuses more on hair extensions and wefts hair. apparently, a large of them are made from Remy human hair. A smaller part made from virgin hair with high quality too. Layla hair is selling human hair wigs for women. Full lace, lace front, lace closure, 360 frontal, etc. are all available to order here. But most of their products are made after the order is made, so expect to get a large amount of in-stock wigs at this hairline.



contact: (+84) 989 633 424

No3. Apohair

Another name of wholesale hair company in Vietnam to be mentioned is APOHAIR. This is the oldest wholesale hair vendor in this country. So you can totally trust this company when choosing the hair market. However, Focusing on the same market, Apohair seems to have less diversity in the product ranges. Apohair sells mostly human hair weaves, extensions, and lace pieces




This article should broaden the knowledge about types of hair and introduce some of the famous hair companies in Viet Nam. I hope you will have strong, healthy hair when choosing the right hair factory!

If your hair any ideas or have information to share with us, write comments to let us know

Many Thanks!

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