How to add volume to hair men: Top 6 amazing secrets revealed

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Hair has a great impact on human appearance, both for men and women. As the men’s hair is short, it will look much more terrible without thick volume. Therefore, the question of how to add volume to hair men gains great concern for men when they want to improve their look. This article will explain the reason why your hair is flat as well as the solutions to this common question.  


How to add volume to hair men: Top 6 amazing secrets revealed

1. How to add volume to hair men: Why men’s hair gets flat

Before going to the answer to the question how to add volume to hair men, we should have a basic knowledge about the cause of the lack of volume. In other words, this part will reveal the reasons why men have flat hair.

Generally, the main cause of flat hair is because of the excess sebum, which is the natural oil cover on the scalp, and the build-up of dirt or products. The excess moisture can attract more dirt while the use of the wrong product can create buildup on the strands. This grease weighs down the hair roots and makes them look saggy.  

In addition, there are the causes from outside such as the harsh weather making the scalp sweat or loose hats making the hair flat. Overuse of wax will also lead to a lack of volume in your hair. Just, we have the solutions below for you to deal with this issue.  


How to add volume to hair men: Why men’s hair gets flat

2. How to add volume to hair men: 3 ways to follow

Here is the most important part in this writing. If you are in trouble with the question of how to add volume to hair men, we have the best options for you to solve it.  

2.1. How to add volume to hair men: Having a perfect haircare routine

  • The scalp of men tends to have more excess sebum; thus, it is necessary to have a habit of washing your hair everyday. There are different types of shampoo with distinct functions such as the best shampoo for coarse hair. Thus, choose the one that has the function of thickening your hair. The main ingredient of this product should be ketoconazole, which will preserve your pate. Keeping your hair clean can avoid the buildup of dirt and the greasy feeling. 
  • Rinse your hair with cool or room-temperature water instead of the hot one as the heat can damage your hair follicles as well as exacerbate the thinning hair’s appearance. 
  • To add volume to hair male naturally, apply the light conditioner on your hair after washing it with the shampoo as this product can add lift to your volume. Focus on the one with a thickening function. Coat the hair strands with a polymer designed to increase the density of the hair and use the product regularly. The best combination recommended is pairing a volumizing shampoo and a volumizing conditioner. 
  • The shorter your hair is, the harder it is to increase the volume. Thus, keep the strands growing to at least from 2.5 to 5.1 centimeters. This is the ideal length of hair to style and volumize. It does not mean you have to keep the whole scalp covered by long hair, you can shave the sides and hair at the nape, then keep the hair at the top long. Try to style your hair with fingers as constant combing may make the hair look flat and limp.  

How to add volume to hair men: Having a perfect hair care routine

2.2. How to add volume to hair men: Styling hair 

Beside having an appropriate routine to care for the hair, the way you style will be the answer to the question of how to add volume to hair men. 

  • Rub the light, volumizing mousse instead of gel or wax on your hair before styling as this product leaves less residue in your strands at the finish. You can use sea salt spray at the pre-styler step, after thoroughly towel-drying your hair. 
  • Avoid all the styling products that make your hair crunchy or crispy as the strands will be flattened and the volumes seem to be reduced. As the spray or mousse has a temporary effect on styling your hair, remember to use them regularly. Remember to follow the instructions on the box and maintain a consistent regimen to have the most ideal volume of hair.
  • As mentioned before, use the fingertips to style your hair. Rub a dime-sized amount of the product among three or four fingers on each hand and run both through your hair. Avoid applying the excess product on the root of the hair if you do not want the strands to stick with others.     
  • After applying the volumizing texture, use a hairdryer to blow your hair. Hold the tool about 25 centimeters away from your scalp to avoid the impact of high temperature. Run your hand through the volumes concurrently.  

2.3. How to add volume to hair men: Using hair extensions

Because the human hair bulk business is competitive and diverse, hair products come in a variety of materials and patterns. Human hair, synthetic hair, and fabric are commonly used for hair extensions. The human hair extension is the most highly recommended since it not only appears the most like genuine hair but also keeps the properties of natural hair.

Human hair comes in a variety of types, but there are a few that are particularly pertinent to men:

  • Human hair lace frontal/closure: The hair strands are usually sewed or woven into lace pieces of various sizes, most typically 4×3 for closure and 14×3 for frontal lace. Hair extensions of this sort are put straight to the scalp of users and can cover a portion of the head. About how to give your hair volume guys, if you have thin volume or a bald spot, for example, the middle part lace closure is a good option.
  • Micro bonds for human hair extensions: Hair bonds are available in small quantities and can be applied to natural hair portions using beads. This product is used in the same way as other hair products to thicken and lengthen natural hair. Despite the fact that this hair type is popular, you should read micro bead extensions reviews before purchasing.
  • Human hair wig: This product is made in the same way that lace closures and frontals are. The wig differs in that it features a net with a 3D form that may cover the user’s whole scalp. This is the best option if you have severe hair loss in different regions or all over.

How to add volume to hair men: Using hair extensions

How to add volume to hair men by applying the human hair extensions 

About how to increase hair volume male, here are the steps to put on lace closure or frontal extensions as well as a wig:

  • Step 1: Thoroughly wash your hair to ensure a clean scalp, as the hair extensions will be attached to it. After washing and putting on the lace, make sure your hair is totally dry.
  • Step 2: Flatten your natural hair; the flatter your hair is against your skull, the better the lace will seem. Because most men’s hair is short, all you have to do is flatten it with the gel.
  • Step 3: If you’re using a lace frontal or closure, arrange and adjust the lace before attaching it. Otherwise, if you’re wearing a wig, just make sure your hat barely covers your hairline.
  • Step 4: Use a light cleanser to wash the skin near the application area to remove any oil or stickiness. To create a barrier between the adhesive and the head skin, spray the scalp protector.

What about the micro bonds extensions appliance?

  • Step 1: Thoroughly wash your hair to eliminate debris and flake from your scalp. Apply the micro bond to strands of hair that are not too close to the roots. Pull the natural hair through the bond using your fingers.
  • Step 2: Using a plier, squeeze the little bead shut. Squeeze the bond firmly but not too hard, since this might break the hair.
  • Step 3: Repeat with the remaining hair strands until they’re all done. To hide the links, blend the hair extensions and natural hair together carefully.

2.4. How to add volume to hair men: Some tips to consider

Besides all the solutions above, here are some other tips to follow to add volume to hair male. As a result, the hair can get healthier and you can get rid of the low-volume hair issue.


How to add volume to hair men: Some tips to consider

  • Avoid the sun disclosure in daily activities as the UV rays have an extremely bad effect on your hair and scalp. It causes the volume to fall out, resulting in thin hair. In addition, the heat from the sun will make your scalp sweat, leading to the buildup of dirt and greasy feeling on the hair.
  • Do not wear the too tight hat regularly as it will compress your strands and reduce the hair volume as well as the circulation to your scalp. Wearing a tight hat also results in damage on your follicles, which thin your hair.
  • You can see a doctor to check on the status of your scalp and hair roots if you are suffering from severe hair loss. Take some vitamins and supplements to reduce hair loss and boost hair growing concurrently if necessary. The most common products contain minoxidil for treatment and finasteride.
  • Stop smoking as it increases the levels of hormones triggering hair loss. Smoking also constricts the minor blood vessels that starve your strands of nutrients for growing as well as keep the scalp healthy.
  • Have a healthy diet to enhance the process of growing hair. To learn how to get volume in hair men, you should go for food containing rich nutrients like vegetables, positive protein and fruits. Avoid the intake of alcohol, coffee and fatty food.    

3. How to add volume to hair men: FAQs

Here are some common questions along with the one of how to add volume to hair men, find the answer in the below part.

3.1. Does conditioner add volume to hair men?

About the way how to get more volume in hair male, although it is recommended to use the best hair moisturizer for men, the leave-in conditioner may not be a relevant option. Applying deep conditioner after the shower may definitely weigh down the hair strands and increase the possibility of excess sebum on the scalp. As you are advised to have a habit of washing hair once a day, use the light and volume improvement function conditioner instead of a deep and thick one. 


Does conditioner add volume to hair men?

3.2. How to add volume to hair men without a dryer?

As your hair looks the most voluminous when it is totally dry, the dryer may be necessary to make it appear thicker. Thus, if you are into another method that does not demand the use of a hairdryer, you can go for the dry shampoo. This product not only gets rid of the grease in hair but also requires a pretty short time to get dry. Use a comb and fingertips to style the hair strands.

That’s all about the information on flat hair as well as the answer to the question of How to add volume to hair men. K-Hair Company hope that you have come up with your apprpriate solution for having more voluminous hair. Visit our website to explore more useful articles.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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