Hair Store Near Me: How To Find The Best High-Quality Hair Vendors.

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In the diverse market with multiple choices for purchasing Hair Extension products, most people find it difficult to look up a high-quality product from a trustworthy Hair Store near me. Here I have done this task for you. In this article, I will give you a brief vision of the systems of hair stores and how to find them easily.

High-Quality Hair Store near me in Vietnam

High-Quality Hair Store near me in Vietnam

I. Why do I have to find a High-Quality Hair Store near me?

Finding a High-quality hair store near me is very necessary to purchase an extension without consuming much time and money. Here is the reason why finding a high-quality hair store near “me” is essentials for people who want to start a human hair bulk business:

  • Most hair salons want to find a local hair store to cooperate and purchasing for the long term because of its low risk of being frauded. Moreover, collaborating with a local store is easier when doing some administrative procedures or transactions.
  • Shipping costs are minimized many times. 
  • Convenient to check the quality of hair extensions usually.
  • If you purchasing an extension product having some fault, it is easy to refund and exchange goods.

II. How to find a Hair Store near me easily?

If you never purchase a hair extension product before, these part details are very helpful for you!

1. Evaluation criteria for a Hair Store Authentic – The first step is to find a Hair Store near me

For each country, there are multiple criteria to rate a Hair Store is certified or not. It depends on the quality of products, the origin of product, the scale of storerooms, the human resources, the customer review also the price list of this store. Here are the popular evaluation criteria to rate a hair store authentic.

  • Have a Legal Manufacturing License.
  • Have a business registration certificate from the government. For example, a Vietnamese Hair Store must have a business certificate from the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade. 
  • Have strict production and censorship processes.
  • Providing hair extension products of brief origin. 
  • Provide a full range of purchase and sale contracts.
  • Selling products at a price consistent with the law of supply and demand in the market and suitable with product quality.
Legal Manufacturing License

Legal Manufacturing License

2. The way to find a high-quality Hair Store near me -The second step is to find a Hair Store near me

There are many ways to find a Hair Store near me. The method below I give you is the best traditional easy way but have highly effective without spending a lot of time and effort.

  1. Firstly, Searching for a hair vendor supplier near you on Google Sites. There are multiple choices for you to consider.  If you are confusing about Google Searching results, asking in some forum or some kind of online group through social media is another effective choice.  Searching for some topics relevant to hair extension and read some reviews in the hair group.
  2. Secondly, Read all the store information carefully and check the asking frequent questions to know clearly the products as well as how to purchase a product from this shop.
  3. Thirdly, Finding or asking for some customer feedback from this hair store.
  4. Last, I recommend you should make a contact with the representative of this store and have a reasonable deal to have a good purchasing.

III. Importing Hair Extension from the origin of Hair Store near me –  Vietnamese Hair Suppliers

Vietnamese Hair Extension

Vietnamese Hair Extension

1. Vietnamese Hair vendor – The biggest vendor supplying Hair Extensions for almost Hair Stores.

For any business, working with a Vietnamese hairdressing supplier is the best option because they always focus on hair quality, retain customers, and strengthening their brand. Although the prices for hairdressing products and other services from Vietnamese extension suppliers are higher than those from other suppliers, they are of the best quality. Since customers are willing to pay for high-quality products, you can earn the first loyal customer profile. So, what are the specific steps to make a hair in bulk order from Vietnam? Here is the answer: How to import hair extensions from wholesale hair vendors.

Moreover, the Vietnamese hairdressing supplier in the below list is the best address you consider because it is confirmed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam so that customers can see the place of origin and trust you more. After that, with the feedback of customer satisfaction, your customers will come back many times and attract more and more investors.

2. How to import Hair Extensions from Vietnam without through a hair store near me?

  1. Firstly, Please be sure that you have enough budget to import hair products from Vietnamese Hair Vendors. You also have to choose which type of hair is suitable for your business: Vietnamese Single, Double, or Super Double Drawn Hair.
  2. Secondly, Searching for a trustworthy supplier. The top 3  in the previous list are worthy to exist in your consideration list.
  3. Thirdly, Let’s find the information and the contact of this supplier. You need to know the quality of its product, the cost range, their factory position, sources of hair and obviously the contact of the company representative.
  4. Finally, Contact the representative and make a reasonable deal for your business. The shipping services may be included in the contract because the shipping fee is not cheap at all. Take notice of that.
  5. Bonus: one important issue to consider when importing hair in bulk is how to have the most effective conversation with the hair suppliers. Then, you might need some tips here: What to say when contacting wholesale hair vendors.

IV. Top 6 Vietnamese Hair Vendors bring the best Hair Extension for your business

1. K-Hair Factory – The best famous Vietnamese Hair Vendors 

K-Hair Factory – The best famous Vietnamese Hair Vendors 

K-Hair Factory – The best famous Vietnamese Hair Vendors

Introduction: K-Hair is a big manufacturer and wholesaler in Vietnam, which has ranked in the top 1 biggest hair factories in VietNam in 2020. K-Hair has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting hair around the world. They always supply the best hair quality to many salons, retailers, wholesalers, and other factories worldwide.

Quality: 100% non-chemical Vietnamese women hair

  • Taken mostly from the villager’s women aged 18-25 living in high mountains where their hair doesn’t be affected by the sunlight.
  • The quality of their hair is as durable and strong as the donor’s health (mountainous people).
  • Hair is taken carefully.
  • Be very thick, soft, and silky – In high demand due to its capability to hold curls as well as its softness.

Price: K – Hair is the top factory that has the best price in the Vietnamese Hair Market. You can see it in the below image. For example, 8 inch Weft Straight Hair costs 8,9 dollars per bundle.


2. Michair Company – The long-standing Wholesale Hair Vendor

Introduction: The first company which exports and sells hair extensions worldwide.  Michair became one of the top companies of Vietnam which specializes in trading natural raw hair, virgin hair, and human hair of Asian humans with many countries in the world.

Featured product: Bulk Hair, Weave Hair, Closure, Frontal, Hair Extensions.


  • Place: Sun Square Building, 21 Le Duc Tho Street, My Dinh Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Ha Noi City, Viet Nam.
  • Hotline: (+84) 962 279 910
  • Website:
  • Instagram: @mic_hair_company

3. 5S Hair Vietnam – The trending Hair Vendor in 2021

5S Hair Vietnam

5S Hair Vietnam

5S Hair Vietnam

5S Hair Vietnam

5S Hair Vietnam Customer review

5S Hair Vietnam Customer review

Introduction: A young hair business but having a variety of special and premium hair products. 5S is trying to assert itself in this industry.

Quality: Supplying 100% high-quality Vietnamese Hair Extensions product with various types of hair. Such as Raw Virgin Hair, Weft Hair, Curly wavy hair, Closure and frontal, Human lace wigs.

Price: 5S Hair Company is always proud of being one of the leading companies in Vietnam which supply the best quality Vietnamese virgin hair at the most reasonable price. The price is given by them in the most particular way for customers to understand easily.

Contact for more information:

  • Web:
  • Hotline +84855555348 (CEO ADAM SMITH)
  • Fanpage: 5shair
  • Instagram: 5s_hair official

4. Extensoes De Cabello

  • Introduction: Established in 1996 under the management of talent Rick CEO, with a long term of 24 years, The Extensoes De Cabello has become the biggest hair in bulk factory of Raw Bulk Hair in Asia (ranked by Hair business Magazine 2019). They possess Double Check Technology (DCT), the most modern hair technique applied for the best perfect quality of hair.

5. TED Hair Factory – The most popular Chinese hair vendors

Feedback from Wholesale Hair Factory in China

Introduction: 1st Wholesale Hair Factory in China. TedHair is a premium hair manufacturer in China, providing top-quality hair products and services to distributors, vendors, salons, and online store owners around the world. Owning Hair Factory Warehouses in Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Houston, Chicago, New York & Virginia.

6. JenHair

Jenhair is a quite good hair commercial company in Vietnam. If you want to buy hair for personal use, you can contact this hair factory for a variety of choices about hairstyles.

JenHair supply these hair items:

  • Weft straight hair, curly wavy hair, ombre piano hair,….
  • Supply hair for personal uses ( like a set of 3 bundles and closure,…..)
  • 360 lace frontal closure, full lace wigs, HD lace,….

What if you care about wigs? Here is the list of top best suppliers: Top wigs factories

V. Tips to avoid being scammed by fraudulent hair vendors.

Hair markets are becoming popular day by day. That means many people take advantage of the trust of customers to cheat. Besides the figure below, you can also consult this for more details: How to identify fraud when dealing with wholesale hair factories. And if you do not want to waste much time and money, why do you not consider our suggestion list? I swear that it is the best first choice.

Tips to avoid being scammed by fraud hair vendors.

VI. Expert advice: Should you buy hair from hair manufacturers in India or hair manufacturers in Vietnam? 

If you are considering doing business with Vietnamese hair and Indian hair, the factors below will assist you in determining which is best for your needs.

Should you buy hair from hair manufacturers in India or hair manufacturers in Vietnam?

Should you buy hair from hair manufacturers in India or hair manufacturers in Vietnam?

1. For the beginner 

When starting a hair business, you should prioritize good quality as a vital factor in retaining clients. The quality will help to build your brand name. That is why you should establish a hair company using high-quality Vietnamese hair. Everyone has the thought that they will start a business with a small budget. So I think you should start with double or super double bone straight hair. And when you’ve decided on your products, don’t forget to find out how to effectively find a reliable hair supplier near you!

2. For Wholesale seller

When you are a long-time wholesale hair seller and you have been in the hair business for many years, it is absolutely that you have a variety of customers. If you want to diversify customers, you should choose hair manufacturers in India for a cheaper price.

Contrary, customers with a high budget and demand: Will want high-quality goods and are ready to spend money on beautiful hair. This type of client may be regarded as loyal, and they are important in spreading the word about your business as wholesale hair vendors. You should choose Vietnamese hair to affirm your brand.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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