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Overview of hair factory
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You are now a wholesale hair reseller and have a bunch of questions about a wholesale hair factory but don’t know where to find the answers? “Why does this hair extensions factory request such a high price but still well-known? Which factory is the most suitable for my target? What to consider before working with a hair extensions factory? How to identify a reliable factory?”, etc. Then, please read this paper and you will get the answers to all of your questions. The following is our faithful sharing in order to give you the most objective overview of hair factories. 


Overview of hair factory


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I. General overview of wholesale hair factory

Talking about a hair factory is talking about the original distributor of hair extensions in the market, so have you known all the criteria of a qualified hair distributor factory? Have you known all the hair products that a hair extensions factory can produce? If you are not sure about the answers, keep reading and you will have the chance to reflect on your own business. Thereby, you will be able to identify whether your current factory distributor is good or not, and your choice of hair is suitable or not. In addition, in case you are a new wholesale hair reseller, you will obtain the very firstly needed knowledge to get into the business.


Hair factory scale and products

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1.1. Qualified scale of a wholesale hair factory 

Every reseller needs to know that importing from a hair factory is the best way to get your wholesale sources of hair extensions. It is thanks to the lack of intermediaries that makes the costs much lower, and hair factories or hair warehouse also bring about the commitment of better quality, better prestige, better services and more diverse hair types. However, many other resellers also know this. They know that wholesale hair factories will attract many more customers, and it is the reason why many resellers pretend to be wholesale hair factories and try to get better profit from this trick. You as a reseller ought to be careful and bear in mind these specific characteristics of a real hair factory.


Wholesale hair factory

  • Location: All wholesale hair factories are usually located in a specialized region which is far from the residents.
  • Equipment and technology: To be called a factory, it needs to have a production line with high specialization. Each group of labor will take charge of each process in the hair extensions production with the help of suitable tools or machines.
  • Scale of labor: The number of laborers in a wholesale hair factory needs to reach at least 100 people. Other hair producing places with only 20-30 workers cannot be called a factory, but they are workshops, family, household mini workshops or warehouses.

Characteristics of a hair factory

Knowing this, you’d better check the hair factory beforehand to make sure you are dealing with a real hair extensions factory, as resellers who fake factories often find many reasons to request a high price and give you lots of disadvantages. Also, here is another good source for you to compare between a factory and a reseller: Hair factories vs. Resellers

1.2. Hair products of wholesale hair factories 

If you are now already a wholesale hair reseller, which kinds of hair extensions are you selling? Have you got the time to systemize all the kinds according to specific quality or styles, or have you known how to distinguish different types of hair to make sure you got the right hair that you order from the hair factory? In case you are a newbie in the wholesale hair business, then do you know all the hair types that are salable in the market? This synthesis will provide you with an overview about hair extensions.


All kinds of hair factory extensions

1.2.1. Three human hair materials: virgin, remy and non remy hair

  • Virgin hair: Virgin hair is the hair cut from only one donor, and it is never processed. It is the key point that makes virgin hair the most beautiful and expensive one. For it is raw and not mixed up, all the cuticles are well kept and the direction is the same among hairs. Virgin hair is super suitable for bleaching and dying, and it is the hair that every hair factory wants to sell.
  • Remy hair: Remy hair is also human hair, but it is collected from 2 or more donors. For it is mixed up, the quality is not as identical and good as virgin hair; however, the quality in general is still good.
  • Non remy hair: Non remy hair is super mixed up; the direction is not identical among hairs. What’s more, it is collected from hair of different people and has to be processed to clean, so the quality is very bad. It is easily tangled and shedding. For these reasons, every prestigious hair factory, including Vietnamese hair factories do not sell this kind of hair.

Virgin, remy and non-remy hair of hair factory

1.2.2. Four groups of hair extensions quality: single drawn, double drawn, super double and VIP hair

  • Single drawn hair: only 40-45% of the hair has the same length; the rest is shorter and usually has different lengths. When you touch the hair, it is apparently thick at the root part but really thin in the tail part, and it is easily shedding. A hair factory cannot demand a high price from you with this kind of hair mix.
  • Double drawn hair: 60-65% of the hair has the same length; the rest has shorter and different lengths. This is better than single drawn hair, but most hair factories will also not request a very high price.
  • Super double hair: 80-85% of the hair has the same length; the rest is shorter and different in lengths. This kind of hair is of pretty good quality and a hair factory often sells this hair at a high price. 
  • VIP hair: 100% of the hair is the same in length. Undoubtedly, this is of the best quality and not all hair factories have this kind of hair to sell. Only wholesale factories that are prestigious and have a reliable source of hair can. Vietnamese wholesale hair factories are one of those having this high-quality hair.

A synthesis of hair from hair factory

These kinds of hair are sold to you in terms of different styles: raw/bulk hair, weft hair extensions, closure/frontal hair extensions, wigs, clip in hair extensions, ponytail hair extensions, tip/tape in hair extensions. 

II. An analysis of each current group of wholesale hair factory

It is apparently that one of the top concerns of wholesale hair resellers is to find one reliable hair factory distributor. This is not an easy process. To make a smart decision, you have to gain an overall view of all hair factories in the world to make some assessments and comparisons. However, currently, there is not enough available information, but the secrets all lie in practical experiences in the hair business. Knowing this, we as a former hair factory are going to give you the most faithful sharing to help you have the most objective overview of wholesale hair factories worldwide. We are analyzing the hair factories from Asia such as China, India, Vietnam, etc, from Europe and also from America.


Market size of wholesale hair factory business

The data is collected from the Fortune Business Insights


A diagram of wholesale hair factory worldwide

The data is collected from the Statista

2.1. Chinese hair factory

Chinese wholesale hair factories are no longer unfamiliar in the hair business. For running industrial-scale wholesale factories together with using specialized technology, China becomes one of the biggest hair exporters in the world. So have you ever wondered why and how Chinese wholesale hair factories can become such a giant subject in this competitive hair business? Below are the answers which are about hair sources and wholesale prices.


Chinese hair factory

2.1.1. Sources of hair of  a typical Chinese wholesale hair factories

  • Hair sources of almost all Chinese hair factories

China is a giant hair distributor in the hair market, and it is also the reason why Chinese wholesale hair factories need more and more hair for production. Back to 10-15 years ago, when China was not as modernized as it is right now, the hair came mostly from local women in rural and mountainous areas. However, with the rapid development now, not many women in China sell their hair for money anymore. To find other stable sources of hair, Chinese hair factory started to outsource from their neighbors. India, Pakistan, Cambodia and many other countries are Chinese hair factory’s low-cost hair ingredients suppliers. Sometimes it is even worse when many Chinese wholesale hair factories are reported to have used goat hair to make hair extensions. So, what are the pros and cons?


Hair sources of Chinese hair factory

  • Advantages

The advantages of Chinese hair are all about the cheap price and good availability. Importing unqualified hair at low prices makes the end hair extensions pretty cheap. What’s more, the use of goat hair does cut down on the cost for ingredients. In addition, Chinese hair factory produces hair on a large scale; this makes hair always in stock and cheap.

  • Disadvantages

Many resellers decide to import hair extensions from Chinese wholesale hair factories for thinking that they in anyways still use hair of local residents, so maybe the quality is still good. However, the point is, not all human virgin hair has the same quality. Due to specific climate and life styles, Chinese hair is not of very high quality. In fact, the hair is often thin to help the Chinese keep warm in the winter and rather weak as a result of fatty eating habits. For these reasons, even human virgin Chinese hair is quite hard to preserve, process and change styles.

The hair imported overseas is worse. For the sake of profit, almost every Chinese hair factory imports cheap hair to process into hair extensions. Such a cheap price cannot guarantee a good quality, and most of the hair is certainly remy or non remy hair. 


Pros and cons of Chinese hair factory

After all, before choosing a Chinese hair factory as your supplier, you ought to take the above pros and cons into consideration. It is clear that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, so only choose Chinese hair when you want to focus on low-quality and cheap hair products.

2.1.2. Price of hair of a typical Chinese wholesale hair factory

As mentioned above, giving cheap prices is an advantage of Chinese hair wholesale factories. And to let you have a clear illustration, below is the price list of a typical Chinese wholesale hair factory. 

  • A price list of Chinese hair

Price list of a Chinese hair factory

Above is the price list of 1kg (10 bundles of hair extensions) of 9A hair from a Chinese hair distributor factory. The prices vary in lengths. For example, 1kg of 14” 9A straight hair is $280.

  • Comments and recommendations

As you can see, although above is the price list of 9A hair extensions (9A is a high A grade), the prices are very cheap. This cheap price list can be explained by the quality of hair sources and industrial-scale hair factory. As analyzed very clearly above, China imports mostly hair from other countries like India, so the quality is pretty bad. What we have repeated so many times is that “the quality is worth the price”, so it is easy to know how the prices can be that low! What’s more, Chinese wholesale hair wholesale factories are usually of large scale and using cheap labor, the production cost is cut a lot, which also leads to a low price of end-products.

So, should resellers import this kind of hair? Actually it depends. If you are aiming at selling hair extensions for customers with a low budget and don’t care about the quality, Chinese hair is a good choice. However, if you want to be a prestigious reseller and develop your long-term business in this direction, then just avoid hair from China!

2.2. Indian hair factory

As mentioned earlier, Indian hair is a huge source for any Chinese hair factory. This is an important factor that makes India a well-known country for exporting hair. What’s more, the secret for this fame also lies on the hair sources as well as the hair price.

2.2.1. Sources of hair of  a typical Indian wholesale hair factory

  • Hair sources of almost all Indian hair factories

Unlike wholesale hair factories in China, Indian hair factories don’t import hair ingredients from other countries. All the hair is collected locally. They are mainly temple hair and “waste hair”

For your information, temple hair is hair collected from temples. India is a country of Hinduism, so it is no strange that on each special cultural occasion, the Indian are willing to shave their heads to give their hair as a sacrifice to Gods. This big amount of hair, then will be used to turn into hair extensions by hair factories for the profit.

“Waste hair” – which is usually called non remy hair, is collected from shedding hair (comb waste) and hair stuck in the pipes of public bathrooms. The hair that was stuck for days, weeks or even months will be collected, and Indian hair factory will process by hand to turn it into hair ball, hair bundle and non remy hair. Then, many Chinese wholesale hair factories can import this cheap hair to process into remy hair!


Hair sources of Indian hair factory

  • Advantages

For temple hair, it is Indian human virgin hair, so it has almost all characteristics mentioned at 1.2.1: hair of one donor, never processed, having high uniformity and of good quality. What’s more, for the hair is collected from local temples as well as public bathrooms, and the process is almost by hand and backward, the price is very cheap. This makes the price of end-hair extensions from hair extensions factory also cheap, too.

  • Disadvantages

Although Indian human virgin hair is generally qualified, it has some weaknesses. Indian hair is thin, dry and naturally curly, which requires hair factories to process and restyle before selling. So, be careful when you see such a silky Indian virgin hair extension, it must have been chemically or heatedly processed, which makes the hair super weak. For hair trash or hair ball, needless to say, the quality is terrible. Can you ever imagine that such dirty mixed-up trash hair can turn into something people use to put on their heads for beauty!!!


Pros and cons pf Indian hair factory

After all, quality of Indian hair factory’s sources of hair is a big issue. You may be firstly appealed by the attractive prices, but please also take the quality into consideration. Only choose to resell hair from India when you are sure about what you are selling and you are really satisfied with it.

2.2.2. Price of hair of a typical Indian wholesale hair factory

  • A price list of Indian hair

Price list of an Indian hair factory

Above is the price list of 1kg (10 bundles of hair extensions) of hair from an Indian hair factory. The prices vary in lengths. For example, 1kg of 20” straight hair is $470.

  • Comments and recommendations

As we can see, the Indian wholesale price list above is even cheaper when compared with Chinese Hair. This is because of the origin of Indian hair and manufacturing processes of Indian wholesale hair factories which have been analyzed very clearly above. It is very simple that such hair extensions with a bad hair source and backward producing technique cannot have a high price!

So, should resellers choose this type of hair as the price is too cheap? Many may jump to the answer “Yes” and think that this hair from Indian hair factory will bring about a big bargain. However, the fact is “the quality is worth the price”, many customers demand a high quality rather than a cheap price. Therefore, you always have to consider carefully who your target customer is before deciding which hair to import!

2.3. Vietnamese hair factory

Another famous Asian wholesale hair factory is factory from Vietnam. The hair business in Vietnam is more and more developing nowadays. The key reasons for this development lie in hair sources and hair prices.

2.3.1. Sources of hair of  a typical Vietnamese wholesale hair factory

  • Hair sources of almost all Vietnamese hair factories

Almost every Vietnamese hair factory sells virgin hair. This hair is collected from Vietnamese women who live in rural or mountainous areas. In many regions in Vietnam, the custom of raising long hair is still loyally maintained. This helps Vietnam have a stable source of virgin hair materials. What’s more, remy hair is also one kind of hair source that many Vietnamese wholesale hair factories use. However, it accounts for only a small proportion. It is usually collected from households or salons and the quality is not bad but not very high.


Hair sources of Vietnamese hair factory

  • Advantages

Vietnamese virgin human hair has a great quality. Due to mild climate and healthy eating habits, healthy lifestyle, especially in rural and mountainous areas, the hair is very strong, silky, with no tangle or shedding. It is the perfect type of hair for bleaching, dying and restyling. For remy hair, the quality is not as good, but the price is undoubtedly better. One important point is, hair of Vietnamese hair factory has a clear origin, which ensures freshness as well as safeness.

  • Disadvantages

For having a high quality, the only disadvantage of Vietnamese hair is that the price is not cheap. It cannot be as cheap as the prices of low-quality hair from Chinese or Indian hair factories. However, in correlation with the quality and the overall market, the price of Vietnamese wholesale hair factories can be said to be the most reasonable. You can consult the price list below to have a clearer view.


Pros and cons of Vietnamese hair factory

After all, when assessing a hair source, you cannot just base on its price to decide whether it is a bargain to invest or not. Another important factor is quality, so remember that the quality is always worth the price. Just choose a Vietnamese hair factory and gradually you’ll realize that the price is not expensive at all for such amazing hair quality. Then, you’ll also build your own prestige as a reliable reseller. For more concrete information about the wonderful hair quality of Vietnam, you can consult this useful blog of top 1 Vietnamese wholesale hair factory: Vietnamese Hair: The Best Hair Quality to Invest in Hair Market

Here is the best Vietnamese hair factory for you to consider:


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2.3.2. Price of hair of a typical Vietnamese wholesale hair factory

  • A price list of Vietnamese hair

Price list of a Vietnamese hair factory

Above is the price list of 1kg (10 bundles of hair extensions) of hair from a Vietnamese hair factory. The prices vary in lengths and quality. For example, 1kg of 10” straight super double hair is $220.

  • Comments and recommendations

In comparison with Chinese and Indian hair, Vietnamese hair is a bit more expensive. The reasons lie in the perfect hair quality of Vietnamese human virgin hair as well as the production with small scale and skillful workers. Undoubtedly, the production cost cannot be as cheap as that of industrial Chinese hair factories or backward Indian hair factories! 

The prices seem not to be cheap, so should resellers choose Vietnamese hair factories to be their wholesale supplier? Absolutely yes! Again, the quality is worth the price, so no choice is better than high-quality hair as well as a reasonable price like this. Please keep reading and you will see that this price list is not expensive at all in comparison with other distributors’!

In case after reading till here, you feel interested and need a short comparison of the 3 hair factories: Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian hair factories right away, you can consult this post: Compare Vietnamese hair factory with Indian and Chinese factory

2.4. Other Asian hair factory

As we all know, Asia is in general the main distributor of wholesale hair extensions. It is also the reason why besides the 3 most famous hair factories above, there are also many other wholesale hair factories that are developing now. Some of the typical ones are Cambodian, Laos, Myanmar and Mongolia “hair factory”. You may wonder why I use the quotes here? Please keep reading to get the answers!

2.4.1. Cambodian wholesale hair factories

  • About the sources of hair, a Cambodian wholesale hair vendor oftens collects hair from local residents. However, the point is, officially there is no hair factory in Cambodia! Therefore, most of the hair is not processed here. Only a small amount of hair is processed with local backward skills, the rest is exported to China through Chinese collectors. Then the hair will be used to produce “Cambodian virgin hair extensions” – this labelling does help raise the price upwards.
  • As mentioned, Cambodian hair produced in China is intentionally labelled, then the price is not cheap, although the hair quality is only of medium scale. Here is the price list of 1 kg Cambodian natural hair from a typical hair factory you can take as reference:

Price list of a Cambodian hair factory

Above is the price list of 1kg (10 bundles of hair extensions) of hair from a Cambodian hair factory. The prices vary in lengths and quality. For example, 1kg of 10” straight super double hair is $387.

As you can see, although the local hair source has a low price and the production is outdated, Cambodian hair is still quite expensive. The reason is that Cambodian hair is gradually built up as a high-quality brand by Chinese wholesalers, as mentioned above. Knowing this, the advice is that you consider very carefully before importing Cambodian hair to resell. Please remember that it is only suitable when your customers specially demand this kind of hair!

2.4.2. Laos wholesale hair factories

Similar to Cambodia’s case, there is no hair factory in Laos. In Laos, there are only warehouses that collect hair to export to China. What’s more, the population here is uncrowded, so the sources of hair are really scarce, too. As a result, whenever you see a hair extension that is labelled as “Laos hair extension”, remember that it is not reliable at all.


Laos hair is not from a Laos hair factory

2.4.3. Myanmar wholesale hair factories

Myanmar hair extensions must be a popular name if you are interested in the hair business, right! 

  • About the sources of hair, it is virgin or remy human hair that is collected from local residents. What’s special, many people in Myanmar are Buddhist who carry out the tradition of selfless activity every year. This is the occasion for local people to cut their hair to show their sacrifice. This hair is provided for hair factory; however, because the technique is still backward, lots of raw hair is exported to China at low prices.
  • As mentioned, the hair source is all from local people and the technique of production is still outdated, the price is not high. However, the backward skills somehow degrade the hair quality.

Myanmar hair factory

As a result, Myanmar can be said to be a good hair factory distributor, though the quality is not the best and the technique is not modern enough, the price is quite reasonable.

2.4.4. Mongolian wholesale hair factories

Mongolian hair extensions are not well-known products in the hair market. However, in case you encounter over-marketing of this kind of hair, here are some truths you can consider. Just think a little bit, you will realize that Mongolia’s population is quite rare and the lifestyle is all about wandering. So, is it possible that a Mongolian hair factory can collect hair and process it into hair extensions in the market? That is so impossible. Therefore, whenever you are told that the hair is from a Mongolian wholesale hair factory and has all the good qualities of strong Mongolians, you should realize that it is just marketing!!


Mongolian hair factory?

2.5. European hair factory

Besides Asia, Europe is also famous for good hair factory as well as qualified wholesale hair factories. However, you may not be able to access much European hair in the market, so what are the reasons? Following are the findings.


European hair factory

2.5.1. Sources of hair of  a typical European wholesale hair factory

80% of hair factories in Europe are from Russian hair factories, the rest is mostly from Ukraine and a few other Southern European countries. The hair used here is naturally blond hair of Southern European people. This kind of hair is very high-quality. No hair from any other parts of the world can be so silky and beautiful as blond hair here. And of course, the source is very rare as well. It is because European people do not tend to sell their hair for a living or so on. This scarcity also leads to a super high price as analyzed below!

2.5.2. Price of hair of a typical European wholesale hair factory


Price list of an European hair factory

Above is the price list of 1kg (10 bundles of hair extensions) of hair from a Russian hair factory. The prices vary in lengths and quality. For example, 1kg of 12” light to dark raw hair is £950.

As you can see, Russian hair factories offer a super expensive price list. It is as we mentioned above, European hair is super rare and high-quality. So, what is the recommendation? You only ought to buy this kind of hair when your customers request, or when you target at luxurious hair wholesale. However, this hair is very scarce and you as a new wholesale hair vendors reseller are hardly able to find a good supplier.

2.6. American hair factory

Another region well-known for wholesale hair factory is America, especially Latin America. You must have heard of Brazilian, Peuvian or Bolivian hair extensions, right? All of them are considered American hair. So, let’s take a look at these kinds of hair.


Hair of American hair factory

2.6.1. Sources of hair of  a typical American wholesale hair factory

You must be very surprised to know that actually American hair extensions are totally imported from China and India hair factories! Brarizilian, Peruvian or Bolivian are just the brand names that many wholesale hair distributors make up to attract customers. As the majority of residents in these South American countries are not too poor to have to sell their hair for money, then to expand the market day by day, wholesale hair vendors have to import hair from foreign countries. About Chinese or Indian hair factory, the quality and prices are analyzed clearly above, you can base on that to make a comparison. You can also see the price list below to see how the labeling pushes the prices much higher than the quality it worth! 

2.6.2. Price of hair of a typical American wholesale hair factory


Price list of an American hair factory

Above is the price list of 300g (3 bundles of hair extensions) of Brazilian hair. The prices vary in lengths and quality. For example, 3 bundles of 12” 10A straight hair is R1050. (1 R = 0.19 USD). (The conversion into price of 1kg is included in 3.2’s table)

As we can see, Brazilian hair is very expensive, the point is it is labelled as a luxurious hair category. However, we all know that the hair is totally imported from Chinese and Indian hair factories! So, it is simple to decide that this kind of hair is not worth investing in as the quality is not worth the price!

III. A synthetic comparison of current wholesale hair factory

After learning all about hair factory worldwide, in case you feel overwhelmed and need a synthesis, these are comparisons for you to have a clear overview!

3.1. A comparison of quality of hair factory

Here is the comparing table of different wholesale hair factories in terms of their qualities. It will focus on 3 most concerned characteristics: hair sources, strengths and weaknesses.


Compare hair sources of hair factory

  • As you can see, the hair of European hair factories has the highest quality, but as analyzed, the sources of this hair are expensive, rare and are turning scarcer and scarcer day by day. For you as a wholesale hair reseller, it is not recommended to resell this hair. It will be very hard for you to find a reliable wholesale hair factory distributor, even if you can find one, it is impossible to maintain a long-term business relationship.
  • Another group of hair that is also high-quality is that of the Vietnamese hair factories. As mentioned, Vietnamese human virgin hair is prominently good and the sources are stable. If you choose  Vietnamese wholesale hair factories as your business partner, you can get lots of benefits from prestige to profits.

A prestigious Vietnamese hair distributor factory you can consider is K-Hair Factory, which is the reliable cooperator of wholesale resellers all over the world. A picture is worth a thousand words, you can visit its official channel here to have the most realistic view:

  • Hair from Chinese and Indian wholesale hair factories can be said to have the lowest quality. Before choosing these two factories to cooperate, you must remember that selling low-quality hair is never the smartest business choice!

3.2. A comparison of prices of hair factory

Above is the table of quality, now we move to the table of price comparison between various hair factory price list!


A synthesis of hair factory price list

Due to the fact that the above hair factory price list is just the price list for a specific hairstyle, which is “Natural Straight Hair”, this should only be used as an illustrator for research purposes. However, this hair factory price list has obviously shown that in most cases, Indian hair extensions factory sells significantly cheaper products than any other wholesale factories. Moreover, it can also be seen from the hair factory price list above that Cambodian Hair and Chinese Hair also have a very cheap prices in most cases. Hence, it seems that b2b hair products from these three countries are the cheapest ones, which comes with a fact that their hair quality might be lower or have a shorter lifespan.

After considering both 2 tables, you must have a very clear understanding of wholesale hair factories as well as hair extensions factory worldwide, right! What you should do now is to consider which hair factory is the most suitable with your hair business target. To make it easier, you can consult this very thorough table.


Hair factory conclusion

IV. Issues to consider before dealing with B2B wholesale hair factory

After choosing for yourself a good hair factory or suitable wholesale hair factory, what you should do is to consider all the possible problems before dealing with that factory. It is an important preparation when dealing with B2B factories, so let’s consider 3 most typical issues below.

4.1. Review of dealing with B2B hair factory – definition and benefits

In case you feel a bit awkward when seeing the phrase “B2B”, here is a quick explanation.

What is B2B wholesale?

B2B or business-to-business is a form of trade where a wholesale company will sell products in quantities to another company. A B2B hair factory means that the factory produces and majorly sells b2b hair products to other businesses (wholesale resellers like you) instead of focusing on end-users/customers.

What are the benefits of choosing a B2B hair distributor factory?

  • The most easy-to-realize benefit must be the price of B2B hair products! Exchanging hair extensions in quantities do help you to purchase hair with a much lower price. If you buy hair from other intermediaries, due to many added costs, you must pay such a big amount!
  • Buying B2B hair products from a B2B hair factory also gives you a variety of choices. All the wholesale hair factories have the labor and technique needed to produce any styles of hair from any level of quality you need. No intermediaries can do this.
  • Another strength of a B2B wholesale hair factory is that it can give you full kinds of guarantees. Guarantee of quality of the B2B hair products, guarantee of producing time, guarantee of shipping, payment or return policy and guarantee of customer services are all within its capability.

Benefits of choosing B2B hair factory

In fact, B2B is not that simple, you can get more knowledge about it here: B2B Wholesale Hair Suppliers

4.2. Knowing each government intervention towards hair factory 

The first issue to consider is the government interventions of each wholesale hair factory. What to consider is taxes, trading policy and industry regulations. All of this information will directly affect the price and quality of the hair you are about to import.

For example, according to BnB Magazine, in the US in 2019, the tariff rate of 10% would be raised to 25% on the $200 billion of Chinese imports and it would be up to 25% for residual imports. The rise of tariffs definitely causes an increase in price and a hardship in shipping. What’s more, in China, there is no unified hair industry standard, so the quality is not equal among different hair factories. These things are what really affect B2B wholesale and you need to seriously consider.

You also need to remember that government intervention of each hair factory is something that needs serious research time, so you cannot wait for anyone to do it for you.


Hair factory taxes and policy

4.3. Shipping issues with hair factory

About the shipping issues, they are pretty important as transactions among B2B wholesale hair vendors are usually out of one country’s border. Making it clear about the currency unit, means of transport or cost of shipping is essential. Below are the shipping policies of some typical hair factories.

  • Vietnamese wholesale hair factories – K-Hair Factory shipping: 
  • Currency unit dealable: USD, Naira
  • Means of shipping: Alice, Mr Grabriel, DHL, UPS shipping
  • Cost of shipping: variable
  • Chinese hair factories shipping: It is a pity that after visiting a number of Chinese wholesale hair vendors/suppliers websites, we still cannot come up with a specific shipping policy! This is something you really need to take into careful consideration.
  • Indian hair factories shipping: 
    • Shipping payment through: bank transfer, credit card, western union and paypal
    •  Offer dropshipping services
    • That’s pretty much of what can be found

Hair factory shipping

Just remember that a reliable hair factory will always give you a clear shipping and payment policy, thereby you can have some calculation and decide whether to import hair from there or not. 

4.4. Dealing with a wholesale hair factory in the pandemic

One important issue to bear in mind in this situation of covid-19 pandemic is its effects on trading activities. Different countries will have different circumstances, so you need to have an overview to choose the best wholesale hair factories. The three countries outstanding in the pandemic are China, India and Vietnam.

  • In China: the pandemic started first, then quickly expanded. This made the trading almost frozen. China from a giant wholesale distributor of hair extensions became powerless. That is also the reason why many wholesale resellers had to find other suppliers and gradually built a good relationship with prestigious factories like Vietnamese hair factory.
  • In India: the pandemic in 2021 has a huge impact. It caused the Indian trades to be stuck, and it is also the reason why Chinese hair factories lost its main raw hair suppliers.
  • In Vietnam: the pandemic is also influential. However, thanks to good ways of coping, the hair business is still increasing and Vietnamese good hair factory is discovered and trusted by many resellers.

Hair factory in the pandemic

Through the picture of pandemic influences, what you need to know as a reseller is to decide which country has the most stable and reliable expression to cooperate.

V. Dealing with a wholesale hair factory – how to identify frauds

Before dealing with a hair factory, there are so many things to consider, and during the transactions with a wholesale hair distributor factory, there are lots of issues to consider, too! One of the most concerned ones is about fraud and reliable factories. Finding a reliable distributor means you are almost successful in the deal, so bear in mind the following tips to identify such fraud hair factories!

5.1. Fraud signals of a hair factory

All fraud hair factories share these characteristics:

  • Have no official website: they cannot provide official information of location and contact
  • Have no hair factory: they will reject to let you visit in person
  • Do not accept sample order: they cannot get profit from these orders, as they do not produce hair
  • Do not produce new hair styles on order: as only hair factories can do so
  • Urge you to confirm order and pay the money: they want to soon get the money and hop it
  • Cannot explain hair sources and confirm quality
  • Do not offer guarantee and clear policy 

Fraud hair factory

5.2. How to check a hair factory beforehand

According to each signal, there are always ways for you to check a hair factory’s reliability:

  • Request official channels information (website or other B2B platforms) to check location, contact, products, policy, feedback beforehand
  • Visit the factory in person/make video call with the hair factory to confirm the scale, technique and quality
  • Always order sample orders for the first transaction
  • Consult different hair factories before choosing the most prestigious one

How to check a hair factory

VI. Answer frequently asked questions about hair factory

Before dealing with hair factory, there will be lots of questions that need answering. If you wait until making the transaction to ask and discover, it will take a lot of time while there is much information you can find out on your own. Especially for newbie wholesale hair resellers, it will be very useful to do research beforehand; it not only helps you avoid scams but also help you be more confident and active in the business. Knowing this, below are three most frequently asked issues that we listed – 3 basic things that you can learn first!

6.1. What is MOQ – a term every wholesale hair factory uses

MOQ simply stands for Minimum Order Quantities. It is the minimum amount of a product that a customer must order to have the business fulfill the order. In the hair business, MOQ is usually set by hair factory and is often about 500gram each type. In case you are not clear yet, each bundle of hair weighs 100 gram and 500 gram is 5 bundles. You’d better know this knowledge first in order to avoid confusion when ordering.

Besides MOQ, “buying hair in bulk” is also a frequently asked issue realted to quantiy. Therefore, you’d better take a look to make sure all the basic knowledge in the hair business is clear to you: About Hair in Bulk


MOQ of a hair factory

6.2. What is the timeline and process for an order with wholesale hair factory

In general, almost all wholesale hair factories give the same process to buy hair, all the steps are:

  • Check out the price and confirm the order
  • Check demo invoice
  • Confirm the invoice and make payment
  • Check out the hair before confirming the shipping
  • Confirm, pay the rest (if any) and get the hair delivered

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You may think it is so simple. However, it is just the very general steps to order from wholesale hair factories. With different wholesale hair factories, there will be different notes and requirements. For example, K-Hair Factory – top 1 hair distributor factory in Vietnam, usually provides you with concrete information of ordering in addition to steps above. You can consult this post to get more information: How to import hair from Vietnam Hair Factory To South Africa


Ordering from a hair factory

6.3. Where to find more information about hair factory

There are lots of B2B platforms that you can use to find more information about wholesale hair factories. The point is you have to know how to access these sources of information! 

For example, when visiting a website, what is to bear in mind to collect useful information about a hair factory? Remember that almost all hair factories have a website, but not all the wholesale hair factories can build an official and qualified one! A qualified website is the one that includes all important information about the hair factories: location, contact, introduction, products, policy, blog (only reliable factories build this part) and FAQ.

Similarly, when searching on other channels like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or so on, don’t forget to make use of all the information, especially the system of testimonials/reviews/feedbacks that only a prestigious hair factory has.


Find more about hair factory

That’s pretty much an overview of wholesale hair factories! Mastering all of these lessons means you are knowledgeable enough to be successful in the hair business!

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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