Glue In Hair Extensions: 5 Easy Steps To Remove Hair Fusion At Home

Glue in hair
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The hair business has been developed and spread to every corner around the world, which means the consumers of weave vs extensions are diversified and multiple. Therefore, the hair products are available in a wide range of types to meet different demands of the users. Glue in hair extensions is one of the earliest and popular items in the hair market. This article will provide an informative review about this product and the guideline to apply it. 


Glue in hair extensions: 5 amazing steps to remove the hair fusion at home

1. Summary about glue in hair extensions

Are you curious about the reason why it is called “glue in hair extensions”? The answer will be disclosed in this part with further knowledge attached. 

1.1. What is glue in hair extensions?

Glue in hair extensions is a small section of hair that is stuck together at the root by glue in the wholesale hair factory. The glue is always the keratin tips that are about one centimeter long. This item has a strand-by-strand application, normally offering 100 to 180 hair strands for a full head. 

The main function of glue in hair extensions is to lengthen and thicken the natural hair. To be honest, your real hair should be at a certain length to have the glue in hair applied on. Unlike the lace closure with bleaching knots, if your hair is too short, the bonds of hair strands will be more visible. Thus, this product has the major consumption in Europe, where the women have originally long hair.   


What is glue in hair extensions?

1.2. What is glue in hair extensions made from?

Like other hair types, the glue in hair extensions is made from human hair or synthetic hair in the wholesale hair distributor factory. Both types of glue in hair are available in countless colors and levels of length. However, there are some certain differences between these two items.

The synthetic glue in hair extensions products are much cheaper than the human hair extensions ones.  However, the synthetic hair strands can not be styled after purchasing. It means you have only one hairstyle for a whole time of use. Meanwhile, the human glue in hair extensions is more expensive but it offers longer durability and higher quality as some typical characteristics of natural hair are still retained. This type of hair can be styled as well. 


What is glue in hair extensions made from?

1.3. Main types of glue in hair extensions

The glue in hair extensions hair two typical types:

  • I tip hair extensions: This is also called the cold fusion. The bond at the root of each strand has cylinder shape, which is the part that hair is stuck together by glue. This hair type does not require the use of heat to apply. Instead, the hairdresser will put the natural hair, with bonds of i tip hair extensions inserted, through the micro loop and freeze it with a plier. This compression will keep the hair pieces fixed on your scalp. 
  • U tip hair extensions: On the contrary, U tip extensions are called hot fusion. This type of glue in hair extensions has each piece of hair wrapped at the root by the keratin glue with nail-like shape. This hair type needs the support of heat for installation as the bonds will be melted by heat and stick onto the real hair strands.    

These two types of glue in hair extensions have so secured attachment with you scalp that you can even twist dreads. If you prefer a glue in hair extensions type that is safe for your scalp, you can go for the I tip hair. Otherwise, if you want to have fast appliances and no extra tools, the U tip hair is more relevant to your demands.  


U tip hair extensions Vs. I tip hair extensions

1.4. Pros and cons of glue in hair extensions

The advantages of glue in hair extensions:

  • Users do not have to put on and off the hair as frequently as they would glue in hair extensions since it is a permanent appliance. The human hair extensions product can last up to 6 months if it is properly cared for.
  • When used, the hair is adhered to the base of your existing hair strands, giving it a natural appearance. The bonds are applied at the lower part of your scalp, they will be invisible thanks to the upper hair. 
  • The glue in hair extensions are little pieces of hair that customers may buy in any quantity they choose. You may also make the highlights for your hair by buying strands in different colors. 
  • Do you know “how long does a closure sew in last?”. The hair extensions with keratin bonds are considered to have the longest durability in the market. Each time use of the glue in hair extensions can last for 8 months.

Pros and cons of glue in hair extensions

However, there are also some disadvantages that consumers should consider before ordering the glue in hair extensions:

  • As both types of glue in hair extensions can not be reused, the price of this product is more expensive than other types of extensions. However, there is long durability offered, which means the price goes with the quality.
  • Both hot fusion and cold fusion can cause damage during the applying process. In particular, the hot fusion glue in hair extensions requires heat-tools to apply, the scalp can be attacked by the high temperature. Meanwhile, the cold fusion can stretch out our scalp when the plier freezes the micro loop. 
  • The glue in hair extensions requires a certain amount of time for appliance as there are more than 100 pieces of hair to attach for a full head. Thus, the whole time for the installation can be four to six hours.
  • As the glue in hair extensions are small bonds attached one by one on the scalp, it is necessary to make sure that all the links are firm and invisible. Thus, you would have to get a hair expert to apply this product for you.

2. How are the glue in hair extensions applied?

After having basic knowledge about the glue in hair extensions, do you want to know more about the way this item is applied on our scalp? The steps with full details are below.

2.1. How to apply glue in hair extensions?


How are the glue in hair extensions applied?

How to apply the hot fusion?

  • Step 1. Wash your real hair properly: To eliminate dust and cleanse your hair, use shampoo with natural ingredients. The next stages will be more effective as a result of this.
  • Step 2. Parting the hair: Your hair will be separated into four sections: top, bottom, left, and right. The hot fusion glue in hair extensions will be applied initially to the bottom section.
  • Step 3. Applying hair extensions consists of the following steps: The extension bonds will be placed around a half-inch from the hair’s roots, beneath the real hair. The professional next uses a heat-tool to melt the keratin glue and blend it with the natural hair. Wait for the keratin to cool before applying the human hair extensions U tips to your scalp.

How to apply cold fusion?

Do the same as the first two steps of the hot fusion’s appliance. At the next step, instead of using the tool to melt the bonds of hair, let a small amount of real hair through the micro loop, then insert the glue in the hair extensions bond. Finally use the plier to compress the ring. Do not freeze too hard as your scalp would be stretched out.

2.2. How to remove glue in hair extensions?


How to remove glue in hair extensions?

How to remove the U tip glue in hair extensions?

  • Apply a certain amount of D-Bond Gel or Vision Removal Solution on the bonds of your hair. You can choose one out of two products but having both is the best.
  • Let the texture sit on the bonds for 10 minutes. When the keratin glue is softened, use a plier and gently break the bonds,
  • Do not reheat the bonds as the keratin will blend more with the real hair, which is harder to remove. Moreover, the heat can burn the real hari as well.
  • Break the keratin bonds one by one till the end. This process takes a long time.   
  • Brush your hair with shampoo and apply the deep conditioner to retain the balance of hydration for your real strands.

How to remove the I tip glue in hair extensions?

  • Sectioning the hair tips into small parts. Start removing from the lower part.
  • Take a micro bead, use a plier and press gently on two opposite edges of the tip. Do not assert too much pressure, if not the bead will be tighter on your strands. Press until the micro loop has enough room for the hair bond and the real hair to get out. 
  • Keep doing the same until the last bonds. Wash your hair probably and apply a deep conditioner.

2.3. How to maintain the glue in hair extensions


How to maintain the glue in hair extensions

  • Brush your hair carefully: Remember that both cold and hot fusion of glue in hair extensions have hair bonds. Therefore, comb your hair gently, you can use the wide-tooth brush to avoid being stuck by the bonds. Detangle and untie the knot by your hands instead of using the brush.
  • Wash the hair correctly: Unlike other types of hair extensions, if you are putting on a glue in hair extensions set, you should reduce the times of washing as the more you wash your hair, the faster the bonds are loosen. Rinse the hair with cold water instead of hot water as the keratin glue can be melted by hot temperature.
  • Avoid using the heat styling: The heat styling will have a great impact on the bonds of your hair extensions. Moreover, the hair strands will get dried more if you style your hair by high temperature regularly.
  • Take care of your hair during your sleep: As the glue in hair extensions will stay on your scalp for weeks and can not be removed daily, you should try to keep it in shape. When you sleep, your hair can easily get fizzy. Thus, putting on a silk bonnet before sleeping will help you keep your hair hydrated and the bonds stay firmly. 

3. Where can I buy the glue in hair extensions?

Buying offline:

  • Hair shops: As the hair market is booming in multiple regions with top hair warehouse and resellers, you can easily find hair stores in your location if you are living in the urban areas. When you go to the hair shops, you can evaluate the quality of the glue in hair extensions in eyes.
  • Hair salons: If there are no hair shops in your area, you can visit a reputable hair salons. There are big salons with imported hair extensions products available for clients. You can also ask the hairdresser to apply the glue in hair extensions for you. 

K-Hair website is one of the most trustworthy addresses in Asia to purchase hair extensions

Buying online:

  • E-commerce: Consumers can take full advantage of the Internet by ordering hair items online via marketplaces like Amazon, Aliexpress… You should consider the description of the hair products and the feedback of previous consumers to avoid unexpected loss.
  • Website: You can visit the official website of the hair factories to order the glue in hair extensions. As these factories produce and export the hair items concurrently, the price is more pleasing and the quantity of goods is more adequate. For instance, K-Hair website is one of the most trustworthy addresses in Asia to purchase hair extensions. They have the hotline and staff available 24/6 to support the consumers and provide the finest human glue in hair extensions. 


I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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