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Free hair vendors list
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Nowadays, the booming of hair vendors creates favorable conditions for growing the beauty demands of clients all around the world. The growing number of hair vendors sometimes confuse consumers because of quality and prestigious criteria. If you have ever considered choosing the proper hair suppliers, this writing is absolutely for you guys. We are showing free hair vendors list as a recommendation for buyers on a global scale, from Vietnam, China, India to  the United States, the UK as well. To make sure you are on the right journey to conquer trendy hair extension styles, don’t forget to thoroughly check out our introduction of free hair vendors list. 


Free hair vendors list

1. Beauty Forever Wholesale – Free Hair Vendors List 

The first hair brand when it comes to free hair  vendors list is beauty forever wholesale, which originates from Brazil. The main hair source of this brand comes mainly from domestic women with long and thick texture. Besides, beauty forever wholesale also tends to export premium hair from Asian countries, particularly Vietnam for dying and bleaching purposes. 

If you have ever browsed the website of the Brazilian hair suppliers, you are likely to experience the first and foremost aspects during the operation of beauty forever wholesale from the former stage, including: hair quality 100% virgin human hair, competitive wholesale rate, customer label available, and multicategory selection of hair in bulk products as well. We hope that with more than 20 years of experience, along with beneficial rights for consumers, the first element of the free hair vendors list may bring the best fulfillment for customers to experience fashionable hair extensions  items. 


Beauty Forever Wholesale – Free Hair Vendors List

2. K-Hair Vietnam – Free Hair Vendors List

It is obvious that K-Hair Vietnam has become the leading brightest hair distributor from the 19th century. Nowadays, under the leadership of Mr. Daniel, who specializes in hair goods after a long period of studying abroad, the proper and updated guideline makes a huge difference to the position of K-Hair in the hair industry. 

The strengths of K-Hair as talking about a pivotal part of free hair vendors list is the hair source. Having an abundance of hair from Vietnamese women, aged from 18 to 35 allows K-Hair to bring the highest hair items to the hair market. Thanks to daily proper hair care from traditional ingredients, hair source of K-Hair is always in the premium quality. K-Hair also has the chance to export hair to many countries and territories in the world for a long period of time. Accordingly, whether you are living in Asia countries or European nations, you still may experience hair extensions styles through cross-border customer policies of this Vietnamese hair vendor! 


K-Hair Vietnam – Free Hair Vendors List

3. SGI Hair – Free Hair Vendors List 

A potential and developing market of free hair vendors list is Indian hair brand with SGI as a typical example. India is known for the variety of hair texture from all different hair conditions. Compared to the industrial scale of China or mid-range scale like many hair vendors of Vietnam, SGI hair of India gradually gets the highest attention from clients. Particularly, SGI always bear in mind processing hair source without using chemical or toxic ingredients. 

During the meantime, customers may update their interest for their deal or follow the procedures of their orders, in lieu of getting on-hand hair extensions products. On the flip side, hair goods from this element of the free hair vendors list becomes a reasonable choice for those who have a limited budget and always desire to be gorgeous and beautiful. Plus, on virtual platforms, SGI gets more than 5000 votes and feedback from buyers with the ratio 4,9/5. Are you ready to put your belief in this India hair supplier? 


SGI Hair – Free Hair Vendors List

4. Beyond Hair – Free Hair Vendors List

Moving to free hair vendors list with the presence of a European hair vendor called Beyond Hair. It is obvious that having a plentiful hair source is not the strength of this UK hair supplier. On the sideline, human hair bulk resellers in these regions tend to import hair in bulk from other countries such as India, Peruvia, Vietnam, etc. With the quality of hair source, combined with high-end technology, Beyond Hair is supplying hair extensions goods for both wealthy and common customers. 

One of the highlighted missions during operation of this UK hair supplier is to motivate the confidence of women because they are worthy to try the best gorgeous hair extension style. One more thing, warehouses of Beyond hair always follow a tight procedure for quality criteria before delivering hair products to anywhere in the world. This selection from the UK may be absolutely worthwhile for anyone to pursue fabulous looks all the time! 


Beyond Hair – Free Hair Vendors List

5. Unice Hair – Free Hair Vendors List 

Unice Hair of China brand is the next destination of free hair vendors list. Talking about industrial scale, we can’t miss Unice hair with manifold traits to mention. Likewise many hair vendors from China, Unice hair are also prone to using exporting hair source for its hair extensions styles for the demands of customers. The beauty values also become the things that Unice hair review is constantly going for, aside from hair products criteria.

If you are a customer of Unice Hair, you will experience the dedication of staff here in a professional manner whenever you wonder about any information. Furthermore, buyers can get the most suitable option for the needs of clients for their skin, their face shapes or even their budget as well. 


Unice Hair – Free Hair Vendors List

6. Dynasty Goddess – Free Hair Vendors List

Another prominent hair brand of free hair vendors list is Dynasty Goddess, which is labeled as the USA. As such, this hair supplier is in charge of supplying 100% virgin human hair for a long-term mission. 

Currently, Dynasty Goddess is offering the competitive price as wholesale hair vendor, which is beneficial to consumers and accompanies this USA hair brand for sustainable development. The question is why choose a Dynasty Goddess? We will answer with the following factors:

  • Ship with high speed around the world: whether you are living in any regions, you will get your orders from Dynasty Goddess as soon as possible. 
  • Consistent hair quality of hair extension products: the leading factor determining the success of this hair vendor until this time, likewise global hair suppliers. 
  • Professional business: the profesion is demonstrated on how they cater for customers online, how customers express their satisfaction or the feedback of clients on social platforms, and so on. 

Dynasty Goddess – Free Hair Vendors List

7. Honest Hair Factory – Free Hair Vendors List 

Talking about free hair vendors list, companion with Unice hair as we mentioned previously, Honest hair factory is another famous hair brand from China. Set up in 2007, Honest hair factory is a professional hair manufacturer and exporter on a massive scale with advanced technology. In regard to the Chinese hair brand, Honest hair factory is deemed as one of the biggest hair raw material collection factories from a wide range of hair sources from many countries.

Understandably, Honest hair factory can take pride in itself for its dedication to the hair industry and meet all different needs of clients on a global scale. Not only making full use of the outlook of technology to build up virtual platforms, Honest hair factory succeeded in expanding physical stores to bring the best convenience for buyers. Hair honest factory offers hair extensions styles to allow clients to dye or bleach according to their interest without worrying about performance. In case, you are obsessed with changing your look frequently, don’t ignore this amazing option. 


Honest Hair Factory – Free Hair Vendors List

8. 5 S – Free Hair Vendors List 

Another famous name that comes from Vietnam recorded on free hair vendors list with special achievement is 5S. Along with focusing on the hair quality of each and every single hair extension product, 5S is highly interested in customer policies, in terms of customer services, shipping and payment policies and sort of like that.

To cater for customers from all walks of life, both international and domestic clients, 5S constantly updates the latest trend of hair extension, from tape in, weft, clip in, microbead to bright or natural colors. This Vietnamese hair vendor has a tendency to create a solid foundation on virtual platforms, especially its official websites, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. If someone asks me for the reason to choose hair extensions of 5S, I would mention some main points: 

  • Direct wholesale without intermediary for a fair price. 
  • Flexible policies no matter you come from 
  • Varied purchase channels 
  • Guaranteed hair source 

5 S – Free Hair Vendors List

9. Indian Hair Factory – Free Hair Vendors List

Indian hair factory is among wholesale hair vendors from India doing well to take advantage of temple hair from Indian people with a variety of criteria. From the beginning step, Indian hair factory are aware of preventing harmful processes with the intervention of chemical or toxic ingredients. Thus, the cuticle alignment of each hair structure will be guaranteed with the best performance. That is why hair products of this Indian hair brand can last up to 1 to 2 years, along with proper maintenance from users.

About free hair vendors list, Indian hair factory also persistently find out the best way for processing hair source, as well as how to satisfy the needs of consumers. The prevalence of hair vendors around the globe  also spur Indian hair factory to strive for customer’s needs as much as possible. 


Indian Hair Factory – Free Hair Vendors List

10. London Virgin Hair – Free Hair Vendors List

Last but not least, as mentioned on free hair vendors list is London virgin hair with its mission to bring confidence for all women around the world. After a long journey in this hair industry, London virgin hair is recognized by over 3000 clients. On its social sites, London virgin hair is getting a high number of feedback from customers for some main basis, including fast delivery, beautiful hair extension products, or loose deep waves which the quality of hair is lovely will definitely buy again best ever hair they have ever applied, or something. 

If you are residing in the UK, don’t hesitate to try hair extensions from this prestigious hair brand and verify our general introduction, as well as the opinions from buyers. If you want to figure out the notion “proudly beautiful” from London virgin hair, make a contact and wait for the surprising things to come! 


London Virgin Hair – Free Hair Vendors List

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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