34 Inch Hair Extensions And Best Knowledge To Know

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Which hair extension, if you want long hair extensions, is ideal for you? The list must include 34 inch hair extensions! The ideal option for really long hair needs may be regarded as the 34 inch hair extension. To help you understand this type of hair extension better, we have included below the definition, features, categories, styling options, methods of installation, and aftercare for hair 34 inch hair extensions.


34 Inch Hair Extensions And Best Knowledge To Know

1. Overview of 34 inch hair extensions

What are 34 inch long hair extensions is the first thing to address. What does it mean and what characterizes it typically? You will learn more about these first discoveries in this part.

1.1. What are 34 inch hair extensions?

First of all, hair extensions that are 34 inches long combine hair extensions with 34 inches of length. The following is some basic information on hair extensions and 34 inch hair extensions in case you are unfamiliar with them.

  • With the use of hair extensions, people may change their hairstyle and make their natural hair appear longer, thicker, and more appealing. Since there are so many options and users hardly ever harm their original hair in the process, wearing hair extensions is said to be the most efficient method for beautifying hair. Your hair almost never grows to this length naturally without the use of a 34 inch hair extension. Since there aren’t many sources of 34 inch human hair, not every hair extension provider can offer this sort of human hair extensions.
  • In reality, although they can be made of a diverse range of materials, most hair extensions are made of human hair. In addition, they may combine animal fur with synthetic materials. However, the most gorgeous 34 inch hair extensions are unquestionably produced of virgin remy human hair.

1.2. Characteristics of 34 inch hair extensions

To help you understand more about the 34 inch hair extensions, we got the list of some special features of 34 inch hair extensions below:


Characteristics of 34 inch hair extensions

  • This particular hair extension is 34 inches long. In reality, 85cm long hair extensions are another name for 34 inch hair extensions. The best way to measure hair length should be taken into account in addition to its extremely lengthy length. It’s quite easy to measure the distance between the hair root and hair tail if the hair is straight, all you need to do is use a ruler. You cannot accomplish this if the hair is wavy rather than straight, and extending the hair before measuring is essential.
  • The height of the body is another aspect related to hair length. Could you visualize a 34 inch hair extension in proportion to your height? Your body proportions and height proportion are the main factors. The straight 34 inch hair extensions usually reach your thigh while the length of wavy or curly hair extensions can be reduced to about mid-thigh whilst potentially covering your hip. Additionally, your height – whether it be short, medium, or tall-will influence how your body’s hair appears. Please keep in mind that your body’s hair height might vary somewhat depending on your height and body type.

A 34 inch human hair extension’s ideal weight is impossible to determine

  • A 34 inch human hair extension’s ideal weight is impossible to determine. 34 inch hair extensions weight might also change. A 34 inch hair extension is heavier than shorter, such as those that are 30 or 20 inches long, etc, even though they have the same thickness. The weights are different depending on the varieties of hair. Additionally, the weights of various hair extension varieties will change. Due to the additional heaviness of the clips, a clip-in hair extension will weigh more than actual hair. Hair providers can thus cling to the general standard for each unit of hair in order to maintain a balance between hair length and weight. For instance, 100 grams must be the minimum weight for a bundle of hair weft, regardless of length. Additionally, the weights of different types of hair extensions will vary. Very simply, heavier hair means hair that is longer.

2. Different types of 34 inch hair extensions

As with other hair extensions of all lengths, 34 inch human hair extensions are available from hair vendors all over the world in a variety of styles. We’ll now go through the top three 34 inch hair extension types, which can be used with any style and with any sort of hair structure, to assist you in making your choice. They come in three different forms: tape-in, tip-in, sew-in and clip-in.


Tape-in and tip-in 34 inch hair extensions

2.1. Tape-in and tip-in 34 inch hair extensions

34 inch tape-in or tip-in hair extensions are ones that are attached to your natural hair using hair tapes. You only need to attach the extension directly to the root of your natural hair during installation. You must take care and firmly stick the 34 inch hair extensions to avoid any dropping since it is heavy and extremely lengthy. It is suggested that you seek assistance at a hair salon. Additionally, shielding the 34 inch hair extensions from heat and water during washing and blow drying will assist the 34 inch hair extensions stay in place for a longer period of time.

  • Pros: This particular 34 inch hair extension is also incredibly practical and simple to complete yourself. Due to your hair growing, it might last for 4-6 weeks straight before you need to retape the hair. It is therefore appropriate for individuals who wish to quickly add length and volume to their natural hair.
  • Cons: Due to the fact that the tape is chemical, it might occasionally impact your natural hair in some way. Additionally, if the 34 inch hair extensions is subjected to intense heat or water, it may go fast.

2.2. Sew in 34 inch hair extensions

A 34 inch hair extension that is sewn into your thin hair is called a sew-in extension. To attach the extension, you will first need to weave one or more portions of your hair. The vertical or along-your-hair-lines braids you create will depend on how you braid your hair. To install the sew-in 34 inch hair extensions, you need to go to the salon because this process takes a lot of time and experience.


Sew in 34 inch hair extensions

  • Pros: This technique is incredibly durable and solid. According to trusted human hair wholesale manufacturers, they may be reused for many years. It typically lasts for two months before needing to be reapplied. It looks incredibly natural since the hair extension may easily mix in with your natural hair.
  • Cons: It sounds a little frightening how to put this hair extension. Your scalp might be damaged if the installation is not done correctly. Therefore, you can’t do it on your own at home and must often spend hours in the hair salon, which takes a lot of time.

2.3. Clip-in 34 inch hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions for 34 inches are identical to all other clip-in hair extensions. When you need to install a hair extension, you may clip the extension onto your hair using the hair clips that are linked to the root portion of the hair weft. Another thing to keep in mind is that 34 inch hair extensions are quite long and occasionally very heavy, so you need to be careful not to lose or tangle it.


Clip-in 34 inch hair extensions

  • Pros: The convenience of this type of hair extension is well known. You may effortlessly install the hair at home without requesting help from anybody. Additionally, it takes very little time to complete, allowing you to use it at any time.
  • Cons: One temporary form of extension is clip-in 34 inch hair extensions. If you still wish to use it, you will thus need to put it on and then take it off daily. Despite being quick, the technique can occasionally be problematic when compared to other long-lasting hair extensions.

3. Different styles of 34 inch hair extensions

As previously said, 34 inch hair extensions let you flexibly make any hairstyles. There are several hairstyles that you may pick from for each of the mentioned hair extension types. Let’s look at the top 3 beautiful hairstyles that use 34 inch hair extensions

3.1. 34 inch straight hair extensions

You can maintain the ideal length of hair with straight 34 inch hair extensions. Your thigh will be covered by the hair in this style. This kind of elegant, straight hairstyle will ensure that you stand out any place you go. 

In addition to using these 34 inch hair extensions in naturally straight patterns, you are also free to use your imagination to create unique hairstyles. Purchasing straight 34 inch hair extensions also gives you the flexibility to alter the styles at any time to bone straight, curls, etc. Other fantastic alternatives include cutting the hair layers or wearing your 34 inch hair extensions in buns or a ponytail.


Different styles of 34 inch hair extensions

3.2. 34 inch curly hair extensions

Undoubtedly curly 34 inch hair extensions are the second choice. Because of its incredible length, the hair will remain long even if it is curled in massive coils or poofy hair curls. The length is much longer for designs with loose or body waves.

Beautiful hairstyles always use curly 34-inch hair extensions. Curly hair may be styled at any length. The finest outcomes, nevertheless, will come from medium to long hair. Your curly hairstyle will seem even more beautiful and charming with a 34 inch human hair extension. Without considering the length of your hair, you are free to select any style of curls.

3.3. 34 inch bleach and color hair extensions

As a popular choice for styling such hair extensions, 34 inch colored hair extensions are also available. 34 inch hair extensions in various colors are extremely appealing and varied. Such an intriguing adventure awaits. You can pick dark colors like honey, brown, black, etc. when it comes to color preferences. 

Additionally, you have the option of selecting medium hues like deep purple, dark blue, or deep burgundy. If you pick a highlight or an ombre, or concealed color hairdo, 34 inch long hair extensions will look gorgeous. Both dark and light colors are acceptable. The best options for long hair are those mentioned above. Additionally, you may purchase blonde 34 inch hair extensions and alter the colors yourself.

4. How to purchase 34 inch hair extensions

The last section is about importing 34 inch human hair extensions. To find the hair, we’ll let you know where to search. The effectiveness of your business will be significantly impacted by how and where you import the hair.


How to purchase 34 inch hair extensions

  • For personal use: Please get a 34 inch hair extension from a reputable hair source if you wish to use one. When you search “wholesale hair sellers near me” online, a ton of results come up. Avoid purchasing 34 inch synthetic hair simply because you can’t find a local vendor offering this kind of human hair extension. It is best to broaden your search and get in touch with providers of human hair extensions. Because 34 inch hair extensions are pricey, be sure you choose a high-quality pair. It is also advised that you get hair extensions from reputable wholesale wholesalers of human hair extensions if you intend to purchase hair for wigs.
  • For wholesale hair purposes: Finding trustworthy wholesale hair vendor wholesalers with a wide selection of hair goods in terms of varieties, styles, and pricing is necessary if you want to purchase 34 inch hair extensions in bulk. By doing so, you may satisfy the needs of many clients, retaining your current client while also attracting new ones. 

The top 3 vendors are listed here for your consideration:


The top 3 vendors to purchase 34 inch hair extensions

  • K-Hair – The largest hair manufacturer in Vietnam supplies 34 inch hair extensions: Vietnamese vendors are always first suggested when it comes to such a lengthy hair extension as the 34 inch hair extension. Vietnamese virgin hair is known for being very long, healthy, and silky. Then, it is all used to make high-quality hair extensions. As the number one hair factory in Vietnam, K-Hair is a trustworthy supplier of this kind of hair. Since its reputation has been established for about 30 years, the hair quality is usually excellent. Additionally, K-Hair employees personally gather the hair, making the pricing range the most affordable. Here is the contact: 
  • Website: K-hair Factory: #1 Virgin Human Hair For You ! | K-Hair
  • Instagram: the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp: +84 85 558 8000 (Dealing wholesale with best deal)
  • JB Extension – Top hair vendors in the United Kingdom supply 34 inch hair extensions: They provide international shipping to more than 200 countries across the world with the help of their worldwide distribution and warehousing. They provide a broad selection of items, including Kanekalon quality synthetic hair extensions, ponytail extenders with a variety of color options, and wigs made of synthetic hair.
  • Shandong Elite Hair – One of the best hair suppliers in China: Shandong Elite Hair, a reputable manufacturer founded in the early 1990s, is committed to providing genuine hair extensions and unmatched customer services all over the world. They provide services for some of the most well-known luxury hair extension brands. They are always working to improve our goods since, in the hair industry, quality is important in everything they do. This way, they can guarantee that the high standards your company sets for your products are consistently reached.

5. Steps to take care of 34 inch hair extensions

It might be difficult to maintain such long hair, especially 34 inch human hair extensions. Long hair is frequently dry, easily knotted, and prone to shedding. As a result, you must take care of the situation as carefully as you would your natural long hair. You may stick to these instructions to keep your hair smooth and healthy.


Steps to take care of 34 inch hair extensions

  • You must maintain a cool temperature for the hair. The 34 inch hair extensions will get extremely dry and unnaturally curly if exposed to intense heat, especially while walking outside. The use of excessive heat when blowing dry the 34 inch hair extensions is another factor that reduces its silkiness.
  • The hair must be combed softly. Try not to brush the 34 inch hair extensions strand for 1 straight time. Given the length of the 34 inch hair extensions, you should progressively brush each strand starting at the root.
  • 34 inch hair extensions don’t require frequent washing. The hair will rapidly become worn out from frequent washing. Additionally, if the 34 inch hair extensions have been colored or fashioned with curls, washing might also erase them.

Sleeping with 34 inch hair extensions

You shouldn’t be concerned about sleeping with 34 inch hair extensions because it is completely safe and pleasant to do so. However, there are a few steps you must do before you may sleep securely with your 34 inch hair extensions. New users of 34 inch hair extensions might not be aware of the precise procedures they need to follow in order to prevent harming their 34 inch hair extensions or their own hair, which might make for a restless night. The steps for sleeping with tape hair extensions, sew in hair extensions, or any other method, are always the same.

  • Braiding or plaiting the hair is the most common method of sleeping with hair extensions. This method of holding the hair in place has several advantages.
  • Using a braid will stop your 34 inch hair extensions from shifting and tangling the links.
  • A braid will make your 34 inch hair extensions smoother and simpler to brush in the morning by reducing friction on the mid lengths and ends of your 34 inch hair extensions as you move around as you sleep.
  • When the plait or braid is taken out in the morning, the hair will be detangled and simple to brush.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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