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Virgin hair extensions are considered the most attractive hair extensions products in the market for its incomparable quality. However, due to the scarce sources of virgin hair, as well as its inaccessible prices sometimes, being able to find the suppliers that provide authentic virgin hair extensions at a reasonable price can be quite a nerve-racking task. Questions like “are there virgin hair extensions near me” arise quite often. In this article, we would like to helps customers through providing them the definition of virgin hair extensions as well as the most reputable suppliers that provide virgin hair extensions near me.


Virgin hair extensions near me

1. Virgin hair extensions near me – Definition and Characteristics

By definition, virgin hair is hair that is cut directly from a specific hair donor, has never been chemically processed or color-treated in any ways and is not mixed with synthetic hair or remy hair. As a result, virgin hair is mostly used to manufacture high-end wholesale hair extensions products. Below are some more significant characteristics of virgin hair extensions:

  • Cuticles: 100% of virgin hair has cuticles, and the cuticles all run in the same direction. If not, the cuticles have been extracted when the hair is bleached, dyed or exposed to any kinds of thermal hairstyling, and it is not virgin hair anymore. 
  • Texture: Virgin hair has that silky, natural shiny outlook and a lightly bouncy touch. However, for new entrants to the hair industry, it can be quite confusing to differentiate virgin hair extensions from other types of hair extensions just through the appearance. One way to test whether a product is authentic virgin hair or not is to rub it upward and downward. When rubbing it downward, both synthetic and virgin hair leave a smooth, silky sensation. However, when rubbing upward, there is a certain extent of resistance for virgin hair, whilst synthetic hair still feels the same

What is virgin hair extensions

Customers looking for virgin hair extensions near me must now know for sure what is virgin hair specifically and some of its most significant characteristics to tell it from other types of hair extensions.

2. Virgin hair extensions near me – Comparisons

Customers may ask, is virgin hair really that outstanding compared to its counterparts? Does virgin hair really deserve the recognition and attention? In this section, we would like to clarify all of these questions by comparing virgin hair extensions to, first of all, other types of hair extensions and secondly, among virgin hair extensions of different origins. 

2.1. Comparisons with other types of hair extensions

Apart from virgin hair, there are two main types of hair extensions, which are remy and non-remy hair extensions. We would like to compare virgin hair extensions with remy and non-remy hair in terms of both quality and price so that customers looking for virgin hair extensions near me can have an overall picture of all hair extensions products currently being distributed in the market, which facilitates them to get the best out of their purchasing decision.

2.1.1. Virgin hair extensions vs remy hair extensions

Remy hair is hair that is collected from many hair donors with the same characteristics. The strands run in the same direction with the outermost cuticle layer intact. With that being said, remy hair is not necessarily natural straight hair; it can be curly, wavy, etc.  Due to these features, quality of remy hair extensions can be indistinguishable to that of virgin hair extensions. 


Virgin hair extensions near me vs Remy hair extensions near me

Customers looking for virgin hair extensions near me, hence, can opt for remy hair extensions as an alternative, since remy hair extensions have one competitive advantage over virgin hair, which is price. Since the sources of authentic virgin hair are quite rare, its price can be inaccessible sometimes. In this case, remy hair is a perfect substitute, since it maintains roughly the same characteristics as virgin hair, but at a much affordable price.

2.1.2. Virgin hair extensions vs non-remy hair extensions

Non-remy, in contrast to remy hair, is hair that was not bundled and gathered at the time of cutting. As a result, the strands of non-remy hair do not run in the same direction. Most of non-remy hair extensions in the current market come from India, where women have the custom of keeping shedding hair as part of their body, which is often called hair balls. Non-remy hair can also be fallen and “scrap” hair stuck in brushes, kennels, garbage dumps, etc. that is collected and then brushed and cleansed before selling it to hair suppliers as raw materials. As a result, texture of non-remy hair is extremely rough and frizzy, which makes it easy to tangle and mat. 


Virgin hair extensions near me vs Non-remy hair extensions near me

Another problem with non-remy hair is that it may have been exposed to additional processing before, such as acid bath or silicone coating. This prevents non-remy hair from further bleaching or dyeing to suit the likings of customers.

Due to these substandard characteristics, non-remy hair extensions have a cutthroat price, which is also its greatest strength compared to other competitors in the market. However, for customers looking for virgin hair extensions near me, non-remy hair extensions products should never be considered an option because of its arguably low quality.

2.2. Comparisons among different virgin hair extensions near me 

In this part, customers looking for virgin hair extensions near me are provided with information related to virgin hair extensions products from different countries. This enables customers to compare and then choose the nearest and most suitable supplier according to their preferences.

2.2.1. Virgin hair extensions near me in India

Most of Indian virgin hair originates from Hinduism practitioners from South Indian temples, who express their respect and gratitude towards Gods through shaving their head. The leftover hair is then collected and bundled together. As a result, the cuticles and strands of Indian virgin hair can be quite messed up, because it is not bundled and gathered at the time of the cutting.


Virgin hair extensions near me in India

Indian virgin hair is naturally curvy, soft and thin. Due to its natural characteristics, the Indian hair weaves made of Indian virgin hair is hard to be bleached or dyed, since the final products can be frizzy, rough and mat. It is not an ideal option for customers looking for virgin hair extensions near me to purchase bleached or trendy, high fashion hairstyles.

2.2.2. Virgin hair extensions near me in China

Chinese virgin hair is hair that is cut directly from women of ethnic groups living in the farthest mountainous areas of China. Due to extreme weather conditions and an unhealthy diet, with low vitamins, high calories and much fatty food, Chinese virgin hair is long but thin and weak. Its condition is roughly the same as that of Indian virgin hair, which makes both of them hard to be adjusted and changed to hairstyles that required further thermal styling or additional chemical treatments.


Virgin hair extensions near me in China

Customers looking for virgin hair extensions near me in China, hence, should keep in mind that Chinese virgin hair extensions products are most suitable when being used to increase volume or make their natural hair looks stronger. That is when it maintains the most preferable features and can be used for a long time.

2.2.3. Virgin hair extensions near me in Viet Nam

Vietnamese virgin hair has been famous for its incomparable quality ever since being distributed in the market. The quality of Vietnamese virgin hair extensions products has gained reputation not only in the domestic market, but also among international customers.


Virgin hair extensions near me in Vietnam

Most of Vietnamese virgin hair originates from women living in mountainous areas, just like the origin of Chinese virgin hair extensions. However, the natural features of Vietnamese virgin hair and Chinese virgin hair are in striking contrast. While Chinese hair is thin and weak, Vietnamese hair is lustrous and thick, with a bouncy and silky touch to it. This is because women in Vietnam, especially those of ethnic communities living in mountainous areas, have an almost ideal lifestyle to maintain the top quality of Vietnamese hair. 

They pursue an environmentally-friendly lifestyle with most of the dishes are from self-planted vegetables and meat. The weather condition is almost pollutants-free, with low moisture and a lot of sunshine.

As a result, customers looking for top quality and high-end virgin hair extensions near me should definitely consider Vietnamese virgin hair as the ultimate option. As a matter of fact, most of high-end virgin hair products being distributed in the market for the time being is originated and made in Vietnam.

3. How to find suppliers of virgin hair extensions near me

There are many ways for customers looking for virgin hair extensions near me to find a trading partner to cooperate with, especially in this digital era, when all information is at the fingertips of customers through the facilitation of the Internet. Below are some of the most common (but also most effective) channels for customers to contact potential suppliers.

  • Finding virgin hair extensions near me through search engines

Google and other search engines are a ubiquitous part of digital life, since the first thing that pops up in someone’s mind when looking for something is to search it on the Internet, specifically through search engines. For customers having the demand for virgin hair extensions near me and want to find the nearest supplier, all they have to do is type the term “virgin hair extensions near me” on the search bar and the algorithm would recommend a plethora of results related to the term.


Find virgin hair extensions near me through search engines

Nonetheless, in order to find the most trustworthy supplier, as well as the top quality virgin hair extensions products, customers should prioritize top results recommended (apart from advertisements) since these websites acquire the most traffic and conversions rates compared to others.

  • Finding virgin hair extensions near me through social media

In this digital era, every virgin hair extensions vendor has at least one social media account via which they may reach out to potential consumers and engage them in conversations about their products as well as their customer services. Facebook and Instagram are among many popular social media platforms that customers can leverage when finding virgin hair extensions near me. WhatsApp is a different social networking platform that Nigerian customers might want to check out, since this is the most well-known social media site in Nigeria.


Find virgin hair extensions near me through social media

Customers can leverage comments and reviews left by previous customers to choose the hair supplier. It is also important for customers to differentiate authentic from fake review and comments.

  • Finding virgin hair extensions near me through e-commerce sites

AliExpress and Amazon are the most popular e-commerce sites used by hair suppliers, thus customers looking for virgin hair extensions near me should definitely check out these websites. One of the most trustworthy sources of information related to the quality and price of virgin hair extensions products is derived from reviews and comments of previous customers. 


Find virgin hair extensions near me through e-commerce sites

These reviews can offer a comprehensive overview of the products, including information on their quality, price, and the services that clients receive while working with the company.

  • Finding virgin hair extensions near me through networking

For customers that have already developed some business relationships with hair vendors nearby, they can ask for detailed information about virgin hair extensions near me from their business associates. Since buyers might have to deal with scammers, frauds, etc., this can be more dependable than simply discovering and searching for suppliers online.

Customers who have acquaintances or relatives can also leverage this method. Acquaintances and relatives are most of the time more reliable than trading networks.

4. Recommendations of some suppliers of virgin hair extensions near me

In order to save customers purchasing time and efforts, in this section, we would like to recommend the most reputable suppliers from the main hair extensions markets, specifically Viet Nam, China and India, which guarantee to bring about the most satisfactory products and customer services for customers looking for virgin hair extensions near me.

4.1. Best supplier of virgin hair extensions near me in Viet Nam

As we have discussed and analyzed, quality of Vietnamese virgin hair extensions is incomparable to its competitors in China and India. However, when it comes to the virgin hair extensions supplier that can meet the strictest requirements of both products and service, it must be K-Hair – the top virgin hair extensions supplier that every customer must try once. 


K-Hair – Best virgin hair extensions near me supplier

K-Hair takes great pride in being the best hair manufacturer in Vietnam in terms of quality, cost, and customer service. K-Hair only provides their customers the best items, which can be classified into high-end virgin hair extensions products with sophisticated and advanced manufacturing.

100% of virgin hair extension items are made from Vietnamese women’s hair, which is known for being strong, smooth, and silky. However, even with such high quality, K-Hair keeps pricing at a competitive rate, and when consumers buy in bulk or become regulars, they may be given perks like sales discounts. Given that K-Hair employs competent employees having great commands of several languages, including English, Spanish, etc., their customer service is likewise of the top-tier.

4.2. Best supplier of virgin hair extensions near me in China

There are tons of great Chinese hair suppliers currently operating in the market. However, in terms of virgin hair extensions, there is no competitor to Rebe Hair – the best wholesale virgin hair vendor in China. 

Chinese hair manufacturer Rebe Hair has more than 10 years of experience in both the production and distribution of hair extensions. However, their most premium, high quality hair products are their virgin hair extensions, which are allegedly manufactured and processed from raw materials of only authentic human hair extensions. It is a promise of quality that they commit to themselves and their customers.

When customers decide to use Rebe Hair, they are assured to be provided a comprehensive product portfolio with innumerable options in terms of style and designs, ranging from weft hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, microbead hair extensions, etc., which are available in different shades and styles such as natural straight, body wavy, pixie, kinky, etc.

4.3. Best supplier of virgin hair extensions near me in India

Bellami Hair specializes in all kinds of hair extensions, ranging from common remy Indian hair extensions to opulent, high-end silk seam virgin hair extensions that leverage Bellami’s renowned Invisi-Weft technology. This facilitates remy Indian hair extensions from Bellami to be incredibly silky and smooth as well as coming in a wide variety of shades and styles, tailored to cater to all customers’ preferences.


Bellami – Best virgin hair extensions near me in India

In addition to hair extensions, Bellami Hair also offers clip-in bangs, human hair wigs, and synthetic hair wigs. Customers who choose Bellami hair may be confident that they will receive a comprehensive service from them thanks to their accumulated experience in the hair industry, not just in hair extensions but also in technology and other hair products.

5. Illustration of steps to buy from supplier of virgin hair extensions near me

The below steps are exemplified from steps to buy from K-Hair – the best supplier that every customer looking for virgin hair extensions near me should look for.


How to buy from K-Hair

Step 1: In this step, potential customers first reach website K-Hair to gain an overall picture of the company, including the products range as well as feedbacks of previous customers to get an overview of K-Hair’s services and operations.

Step 2: Enclose the requested products with all details related to product description to either +84 96 789 4448 or customer service staff through WhatsApp for consultancy when necessary. K-Hair is popular for top-tier customer service, with staff having great commands of multiple languages like English, Spanish, etc. that are on demand 24/7.

Step 3: Make sure that the order has been confirmed in this step

Step 4: Upon the receipt of your order, K-Hair would activate sending papers and contracts related to the order through email. The most important task that customers must finish in this step is to conduct the payment so that manufacturing staff can prepare products for customers’ orders

Step 5: Only customers using K-Hair can have the opportunity to witness the manufacturing and processing stage of their orders. For international customer, K-Hair would send a video recording this process. This helps build a long-term and trusting relationship between buyers and sellers.

Step 6: K-Hair commits to the rule that they would only activate the shipment if all the goods and services are up to customers’ satisfactions. After receiving the delivery confirmation, the products would be send to the customers.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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