If you name 10 booming business models in Africa, have you ever thought of the hair business? Beauty industry, especially hair extension is a golden ticket for hair starters, which can help them go from rags to riches. In South Africa, women can pay top dollars to hair suppliers for the hair weaves. However, the business can develop too fast also hid a lot of traps, “Scam”, “scammer” or “cheater” are the common terms and pain of hair sellers. To avoid the worst situations such as: bad quality hair or can not  receive the hair after paying money, we will list here Top 3 best hair suppliers in South Africa like suggestion for vendors, wholesalers  and the newbies. 

1. Overview of hair suppliers in South Africa

You may seem surprised to know the truth that hair extension can create lucrative business opportunities in Africa countries and especially in South Africa. According to Reuters, the market for wigs and weaves in Africa worth over $6 billion per year and increases dramatically year by year. In South  Africa, where the hair market is mind-blowing, the demand for human hair is growing rapidly. Starting from the demands to change hairstyles of women, the entrepreneurs  can grab the chances and make a profit. We can divine the hair into 2 main groups: human hair and synthetic hair (based on quality). 

1.1. Human hair and synthetic hair- which one is chosen by hair suppliers in South Africa?

Human hair is the hair cut or shaved from human. If the hair is cut from donors, the cuticles are intact and it’s called “virgin hair” (from one donor) or “remy hair” (from more than 3 people). Virgin or remy hair can be easily bought from Vietnam or China.

We also know the term “non remy” hair means the hair is collected from  more than 3 people and the cuticles are not aligned. Non remy hair can be found at the floor of hair salons or temples and pagodas in India, where thousands women from different areas come to sacrifice their hair to the God. In general, human hair can be straightened or curled by hot tools. Besides, virgin or remy hair can let the hand go through. 


Synthetic Wigs in South Africa

Synthetic hair is the hair made by nylon, silicone and usually applied chemicals to make colorful looks. Some hair suppliers in South Africa sell hair mixed between human hair and synthetic hair to make more profit. The hair blend can not be restricted by heat from hot tools and easy gets tangle and shedding. They can be smooth and gorgeous in a short time but after washing, they can not be combed. Moreover, wearing a synthetics wig give customers  lack of natural look from human hair through every movement. 

1.2. Hair source: Brazilian/ Peruvian hair- the trendy hairstyles in South Africa

Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair are the favorable hairstyles in South Africa. Searching the information of any hair suppliers in South Africa, you will see these term go along with the vendors. Is it true that Brazilian hair is the hair collected in Brazil? And the Peruvian hair has the source from Peru?  Actually, they are just the names of the  hairstyles, the hair origin that the hair vendors selling is from 3 main sources: China, India and Vietnam.

2. Top 3 best hair suppliers in South Africa

Finding the true suppliers is the key deciding your business development. Do you want to buy hair from the factory at wholesale price or just looking for the local suppliers for convenience and short waiting time? Here below are the Top 3 best hair suppliers in South Africa that can help you to make a wise choice.

2.1. K-Hair factory- the leading hair supplier in South Africa

K-Hair was founded in 1992, with the 30 years experience in producing hair. Different from many other suppliers, K-Hair is the factory, which mean they can deal with all hairstyles, colors and quantity: weft, closure, frontal, wig, tip, tape, clip-in, ponytail… The hair sold in South Africa is in diversity of textures and designs. 

When wholesalers directly place an order with K-Hair factory, they can ask for the customized items. This is the advantages of a hair factory. No scam zone when you order with K-Hair factory when they have a ton of good feedback from customers around the world. Usually, you can find the screenshot of messages between customers and sales staffs, which hair companies show on social media. K-Hair factory has the leading step to have real feedback videos, they illustrate the good quality hair they sell and best customer service of K-Hair team. 


K-Hair trendy colors collection

To have 100% real human hair from K-Hair, you only have to pay from 8.6 USD (approximate 141 Rand). It is a golden investment because the hair can be used up to 10 years thanks to good hair source and proper care. Shipping is not a border because K-Hair is international company and ships hair to the front of your door

Contact K-Hair for the factory price- discount for 10 fastest orders each month:

Hotline: +84398344444 (reply in only 1 minute)


Instagram: astrid_ts_khair

Facebook: Astrid Taylor

Support 24/7

2.2. Hair city- famous hair suppliers in South Africa

Hair city is the retail hair brand in South Africa. Hair city majorly sell human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, other items: hair bundles, closures, frontal and clip-in, ponytail, braid also available in stock. Buying hair from Hair city, customers also have a chance to have gifts such as: hair care products and accessories. However, one obvious disadvantage of a hair trading company  is the hair length, textures and colors are limited. Customized order is zero chance. Therefore, Hair city is suitable for retailers and customers having personal use. 


Price fluctuates from less than 500 Rand to nearly 3000 Rand, depending on the textures and hair length. Because Hair city is located in South Africa, they can ship the hair during one day and have free shipping program for loyal customers. The hair which this supplier import is from China at cheap price and only realized by hair experts. However, like one of the tactics of hair dealers, all the hair is attached the tags “Brazilian hair” and “Peruvian hair”.

Contact Hair city for the retail price and gifts:

Hotline: +84398344444


Instagram: haircity_official

2.3. HOT- a good choice for hair dealers

HOT is the wholesale hair supplier in South Africa. Their products are wigs in majority, and most of them are synthetic wig, which has cheap price and affordable for all women. Besides, they also sell weft bundles and closures in packages. Hair bangs are another choice for customers. HOT offers tape and clip in with natural black hair, which can be dyed into some other brown shades. 

The prices are from $10- $2300. Come to HOT, customers also have the chance to take part in Free Wig Sewing Machine Course. Some cons to order HOT are: limited size of closures, frontal, limited styles and colors. 

Contact HOT for hot deals: 

Hotline: +84398344444


Facebook: hothair01

Instagram: hothair_sa

3. How to choose the best hair suppliers in South Africa? 

Step 1: Target your customers and answer the questions: What do they want? What is the affordable price for them?

Step 2: Divine customers in different groups based on their interests and budget

Step 3: Looking for the appropriate hair suppliers which can satisfy all the conditions above.

Step 4: Make inquiry and sum up all the information, “the one” you want to choose must have these factors:

  1. Good quality: a top factor for all transactions, especially for international trade which you can not always have a chance to come to the supplier’s address directly. 
  2. Reasonable price: another factor can help your business  build long term partners and attract more and more customers. 
  3. Capacity of production:  the best supplier must have the ability to provide hair at the large quantity. When the quantity raises, quality must be stable as well. 


In conclusion, there are a lot of hair suppliers in South Africa. However, most of them are wholesalers and retailers in the trade company model. Therefore, by determining what your aim of buying hair and how big your business you want to build, you can find the most suitable manufacturers from our top list. 


 Our priority is customer’s satisfaction based on the utmost good faith. Contact K-Hair now for the best deals ever.

Deal with K-Hair- the leading hair supplier in South Africa via WhatsApp: +84398344444 (Ms Astrid- CMO)

Instagram: kinghair_factory



Facebook: Astrid Taylor

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