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For centuries, straight hair has always been chosen as one of the top easy-to-apply hairstyles voted by hair-fanciers. Whether it’s short or long, straight hair can always breathe a new life to the person who’s wearing it with a fabulous look just by the natural hair type. For example, with straight hair, you can easily make it into a slick high ponytail which is one of the best summer hair extension styles.

What’s more, ladies with straight hair would be considered much younger and dynamite compared to those owning or wearing curly hair extensions. As a result, those who are unlucky to possess the dreaming natural straight hair would try to find ways in order to get what they wish for, in which, straight hair extensions rank 1st in their choice list. For hair vendors, so as to convince their customers to purchase straight hair, they have to know about it in detail to grasp the customers’ psychological happenings. To tackle this issue, read on more to know the secrets.


It’s clear as day that straight hair is regarded as an often-coveted hair type that gives the wearer a spectacularly sleek look. It’s kinda more popular in Asian countries where about 90% of the population were born with natural straight hair. Also, this is where wholesale hair vendors could find the finest quality straight hair. So basically, the texture of the hair is straight-shaped. If you are also into curly hair, then this post is for you: 10 gorgeous curly hairstyles.

Natural Straight Hair by K-Hair in bulk

Natural Straight Hair by K-Hair in bulk

Merits Of Straight Hair

Everything has pros and cons but to decide whether to choose something or not, customers often choose the ones with advantages prevailing the other.

It’s endurable.

Since straight hair doesn’t have to bear the pressure of using as much nutrition to nourish as curly hair, it can stay strong and handle any types of brushing and styling.

It contains shining substances.

The surface area that the light is exposed to straight hair is almost absolute, so it can bounce the light and produce a mirror-like bounce. So no need for girls to wear extra shine serum, your straight hair will still look gorgeous.

It doesn’t take much time to grow out.

If curly hair requires more time as well as essential nutrients to grow, straight hair only needs over 2/3 of those to develop. What’s more, curly hair has a tendency of being weakened due to its unsustainable texture. According to some surveys done by K-Hair experts, while it just takes natural straight hair 1 year or even less to grow 12 cm more, the curly one requests 1 and a quarter years to be able to reach the same length.

It accessorizes the beauty of those who wear it.

There’s no doubt that when wearing straight hair, ladies will look much younger and more dynamic than those with curly hair. Trust me, girls who were born with natural curly hair should give straight hair one time in their life to see the difference and I’m sure that it’ll be one of the most deserving decisions you will have ever made in your life.

Demerits Of Straight Hair

Also, some advantages of straight hair still exist but it’s not too serious.

It looks lack of vitality sometimes.

Obviously, the volume lacks when women wear straight hair and the hairline seems to be flat and they have to face up with the lack of the body. In this case, hair spray is the most favorable solution to keep the volume up, which may make girls look like being breathed a new life to.

It can get dull

Though straight hair is basic and not time-consuming to take care of, it can make you get bored if you just stay with straight hair all the time and refuse to make some changes. There’s a variety of curly hairstyles while there’s only 1 type of straight, which means this could be a struggle for girls who wanna manipulate the hair.

It can easily get greasy

Such is a nightmare that girls wake up in the morning and find the hair greasy though they just washed the hair last night. Nevertheless, because of the volume of the hair when it’s curly, people can hardly find out whether it’s greasy or not.


Natural Straight Hair.

As we can tell from the name “natural straight hair”, it’s not ever been affected to make it straight. This is a smart choice for hair vendors if they wanna import hair then resell their customers cause it’s the most affordable hair

Weft straight hair by K-Hair

Weft straight hair by K-Hair

Bone Straight Hair.

Rarely can anyone be born with bone straight hair right from the start, that’s why we need the intervention of heat or chemicals to get the bone straight hair, the hair goal of almost every girl. With over 30 years of experience in producing bone straight hair, K-HAIR factory has come up with the most modern technique to give out the best quality bone straight hair.

Bone straight hair with Piano Color

Bone straight hair with Piano Color

Kinky Straight.

If you wanna stand out of the crowd, you have to be different, and kinky straight is the key to open it.

Beautiful Kinky Straigt by K-Hair

Beautiful Kinky Straigt by K-Hair


Bone Straight Hair by K Hair with Pink color

Proud of being the leading wholesale hair factory in Vietnam, straight hair, especially bone straight hair has always been our best-seller for decades not only because of the nature of the raw hair we took from women who are living in our own mountainous areas, but also secret methods to keep the hair in good condition.

Also, K-Hair Factory enables customers to customize the colors, length that they want and makes sure they’ll get the newest and finest hair.

Hence, hair vendors, if you’re looking for where to supply the best quality straight hair with super reasonable prices, K-Hair is the best choice for you.

For further details about K-Hair: K-Hair Website.

If you’re looking for the best straight hair supplier in the market, read more on: Double Drawn Hair Extensions Suppliers.

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I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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