Remy Hair Extension Sew In: Top List Must-Know Things

If you are looking for a hair extension type which is natural-looking and pretty durable, remy hair extension sew in is a highly recommended choice. Not only the hair quality is good or the prices are reasonable, this hair type is also loved for its variety in choices in terms of lengths, styles, suppliers or so on. In this article, we will help you discover all these must-know things about remy hair extensions sew in.


Remy Hair Extension Sew In

1. What basic information to know about remy hair extension sew in?

Basic information about the hair is what we want to firstly introduce to you. Reading this section, you will understand what remy hair extensions sew in are, what choices of length you have as well as a detailed comparison between remy human hair and synthetic hair. They are all the primary factors that you need to consider before buying any hair extension.

1.1. What are remy hair extensions sew in?

A remy hair extension sew in can be understood as a remy human hair extension as well as a sew in hair extension. This name is the combination of hair material type (remy human hair) and the installing method (sew in method).

About remy human hair extension: This name is used to differentiate remy with virgin or non-remy human hair extension. If you have not known clearly yet, here is a brief explanation. When it comes to human hair extensions, there are 3 types to consider: virgin, remy and non-remy hair. Though they are all human hair, the quality and prices are different.

  • Virgin hair is the hair that is cut from only one person. What makes this hair type so valuable and different from remy hair extension sew in or non-remy one is that the hair is uniform in hair strands and their direction. In addition, the hair collected is totally fresh, and all the cuticles which help the hair stay healthy are well kept. As a result, this is also the most high-quality human hair type from hair warehouse distributor and also the most expensive one.

Virgin hair

  • Remy hair which is used to produce remy hair extension sew in is less valuable than virgin one. Remy hair is collected from 2 or more people, so the uniformity is not as high. However, the hair quality is still good with well protected cuticles and the same hair alignment. The price of remy hair is cheaper than virgin one, so remy hair extension is the best choice for a medium budget.

Remy hair

  • Non-remy hair is the last type of human hair. This hair type is the mix of different hair from different people. The quality is the worst, and the price is the cheapest as well. Instead of spending money buying such low-quality hair like this, you’d better buy remy hair extensions.

Non-remy hair

About sew in hair extension: This name is used to describe the applying method. Besides many methods like clip in, tape in or microbead, etc, remy hair extension sew in is also a popular choice. The weft hair extension is literally sewn on users’ real hair using real needle and thread; therefore, it is called sew in hair extension.

1.2. Different lengths of remy hair extension sew in

To choose remy hair extensions sew in, you need to take the hair length into consideration. If you are into long hair to create many hairstyles, you should choose from the long hair extension collection. Whereas, if you prefer short hair extensions, you should choose short ones like 8, 10 inch ones, etc. You can also choose a medium long one which is very trending these days. In case you haven’t decided which to choose, the synthesis below can help you have an overview about all the choices. 


Different lengths of remy hair extension sew in

1.2.1. Long remy hair extension sew in

Talking about long hair extensions sew in is talking about those which are from 20 inch long. The hair length can be up to 30, 32, 34 or even 36 inch. However, the most popular hair length of long remy hair extension sew in is around the waist length. With a long hair extension, you can style the hair into any hairstyles you like. You can untie the hair and let it be natural straight. Such silky straight hair will help you gain everyone’s attention and admiration. You can also style tied, curly or wavy hair as well.


Long remy hair extension sew in

1.2.2. Medium long remy hair extension sew in

Medium hair extensions are those around the mid back length which is usually the length of an 18 inch hair extension. With this hair length, the most gorgeous style for muses is to keep the hair untied and slightly wavy. For individual girls, you can choose bone straight colour styles which are not only classy but also amazingly attractive. Medium long hair is also perfect for simple braids which do not reveal the sewing line such as standard braids, French braids, or Dutch braids.


Medium long hair extension sew in

1.2.3. Short remy hair extension sew in

Short hair extensions are those with shoulder length or shorter one. Usually, a short remy hair extension is 12, 10 or 8 inch long. The most recommended hairstyle for such short sew in hair extensions is to let it untie and trim for shaping the hair.Through hair trimming, you can have sporty bob hair, gorgeous curtain bangs hair, blunt bangs hair or so on. The haircut or hair trimming, in fact, is also good for hair care as well. 


Short remy hair extension sew in

After all, which hair length is the best choice for a remy hair extension sew in? It totally depends on your interest! All hair lengths can be created in at least one hairstyle that suits your face and your fashion style. Therefore, just feel free to choose the hair!

1.3. Remy human hair extension sew in vs. Synthetic hair extension sew in

In addition to the classification in terms of human hair quality including 3 types: virgin, remy and non-remy hair, there are also two main types of hair extensions in terms of the materials. They are human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. Let’s discover more about these two types.

1.3.1. Natural remy hair extension sew in

The first type is human hair extension. As its name, the extensions are made of natural human hair. With natural remy hair extension, the hair materials are from 2 or more donors. The hair is of good quality and of the middle price range. As the extensions are human hair, they are not only natural but also pretty durable. Raw human hair can last up to 6 years under proper hair care!


Natural remy hair extension sew in

1.3.2. Synthetic hair extension sew in

On the contrary, there is no human hair in synthetic hair extensions at all. While remy hair extension sew in is 100% human hair, synthetic hair is 100% man made fibers. To achieve such a final sleek and silky vibe, the “hair” has to undergo a complicated process in the factory. Therefore, it never has the natural look as human hair, and the artificial sleek outcome cannot last for a long time, either.


Synthetic hair extension sew in

1.3.3. Human hair vs. Synthetic hair: Which one should you choose?

After reading the synthesis above, we all know that natural remy hair extension sew in is prominent in comparison with synthetic hair extension sew in. However, the quality always goes together with the prices. As a result, remy human hair extension sew in is much more expensive than the synthetic one. If you just want to wear the hair extension temporarily for a custom party, you can choose a cheap synthetic hair extension. However, for long term use, a qualified natural hair extension sew in is never a losing investment.

2. Gorgeous styles of remy hair extension sew in

After knowing about all the basic information about remy hair extensions sew in, now is the time for you to dig into the gorgeous styles to wear, make wigs or even resell for your hair extension business. Below are top 3 styles to consider. Their flexibility and attractiveness will definitely not let you down! Let’s now see what they are.


Hairstyles of remy hair extension sew in

2.1. Curly wavy remy hair extension sew in

Curly wavy is the first name in the list of gorgeous sew in hair extension styles. Normally, the purpose of applying sew in hair extension is to add length and volume to your real hair. Therefore, styling both your real hair and hair extension into curly wavy style will help them blend well with each other and create a natural-looking outcome. When it comes to curly wavy style, your choices are also pretty abundant as well. You can choose from a wide range of tight curls, loose curls or medium bouncy curls patterns.

  • If you like gentle vibes which are popular among Caucasian, you can choose a body wavy remy hair extension sew in. The combination of wavy pattern and blond colour will be a perfect choice for any event or even for daily vibes.
  • If you prefer individual vibes especially for American-African styles, a kinky/pixie hair extension sew in is super suitable. 
  • If you like a unique hair style, why not try a bouncy voluminous coil hair extension sew in? Wearing the hair with a hot colour like orange will give the most special vibes ever.

Curly wavy remy hair extension sew in

2.2. Bone straight remy hair extension sew in

Another choice to have the sew in hair extension blend well with your natural hair is to apply the bone straight style. Don’t worry that your hair is not naturally straight, and applying bone straight extensions can show the unnaturalness. In fact, you can easily straighten your hair with a straightener after the installation. Therefore, the outcome is ensured to be natural looking. Then, who is suitable with this hairstyle? Everyone! Many think that this style is only popular and suitable with American African women, but it is actually also loved in Europe, Asia and all regions worldwide.


Bonestraight remy hair extension sew in

2.3. Customize your own remy hair extension sew in

Customizing your own straight hair extension sew in is also an amazing idea to exactly get the hairstyle you wish. From basic to more complicated steps, you can create a number of attractive hairstyles. Customizing is also effective in letting you change the styles often in case you easily get bored with old styles. Then, what can you do with your straight remy hair extension sew in? A lot! Below are some simple ways to create your own styles at home.

  • Layering the hair. This method is the easiest one to refresh your straight hair. No matter how long your hair extension is, you can apply a hair cut or a simple trimming to create the gorgeous layers to the hair. There are so many videos that show you how to create the layers on Youtube, so you can follow one at home.
  • Tying the hair. Tying seems simple, but not everyone knows how to tie the hair without exposing the attachment of remy hair extension sew in. In order to keep the most natural look, you can create a low ponytail, a low bun or simple braids. 
  • Colouring the hair. This is the funniest method, but also the most damaging one! With remy hair extensions sew in, you can easily dye any colour you want. However, the hair will quickly become dry, and you need to pay attention to the moisturizing steps in the hair care routine.

Customize your remy hair extension sew in

3. Installation of remy hair extension sew in

How to install a sew in hair extension and can you do it at home? Is there anything to notice before, during and after the installation? Whether the hair will still be durable after being installed? How to take care of the hair after installation? All the wonders will be clarified below.

3.1. How to install remy hair extension sew in

The only way to wear a human hair extension sew in is to use the needle and thread to sew the hair extension into your real hair. The process is time-consuming and requires meticulous skills; therefore, it is usually carried out at the hair salons by skilled hairdressers. The hairdressers will firstly brush your hair and create at least a small braid line with your real hair. Then, they will sew the root of the hair extension to that braid. This practice will help the hair extension stay firmly attached on your real hair.


Install remy hair extension sew in

3.2. Time remy hair extension sew in last

After being sewn on your hair, how long can the hair extension last? The answer is that the hair extension can stay still for about 6 to 8 weeks ( about 2 months) before you have it resewn. It is such a long time in comparison with other hair types like clip in or tape in remy hair extensions. Installing this type of human hair extension, you no longer need to worry about your hair length and hair volume for a long time. This is very pleasant and convenient in styling.

3.3. Post-installation care of remy hair extension sew in

The sew in hair extension is technically attached to your real hair totally by hand. There is no interference of glue, heat or chemicals. Therefore, daily hair care and hair conversation is quite simple and convenient. 

  • For daily hair care, you just need to take care of the hair as normal. All the steps include brushing the hair, washing the hair, blow drying the hair and moisturizing the hair. Just make sure that you don’t tangle the braid where the extension is attached.
  • For hair conservation, you need to make sure the hair is totally clean and drained before storing in a hair extension bag. As a result, the hair can last for up to 6 years.

Take care of remy hair extension sew in

4. Where to buy remy hair extension sew in

The last thing to discover is where to buy remy hair extensions sew in or which hair origin is the best to choose. Nowadays, there are thousands of wholesale hair vendors all over the world. Therefore, it is always essential to choose a reliable supplier. Below are the top best 5 types of remy hair from 5 supplier countries that you can pay attention to.

4.1. Vietnamese remy hair extension sew in

The first country to mention in the list is definitely Vietnam. Besides the most high-quality virgin human hair, Vietnamese suppliers also produce and distribute high-quality remy hair extensions. All the hair is Vietnamese human hair which is naturally healthy and smooth. Therefore, the hair extension products are very attractive and high-quality. Here is the information of the best wholesale hair factory in Vietnam – K-Hair:


K-Hair – Top supplier to import remy hair extension sew in

4.2. Brazilian remy hair extension sew in

Brazilian and Peruvian hair is always famous in the hair business. However, not many hair buyers know that most of the Brazilian tagged hair is imported from Asian countries like Vietnam, China or India. Through marketing, Brazilian hair is believed to have amazing quality and the price is also high. In fact, you can buy Vietnamese hair for high quality and much cheaper prices to save the budget.

4.3. Russian remy hair extension sew in

Russian hair is well-known for the natural blond colour and smooth texture. These characteristics make all hair extension users love this kind of hair. However, the source of Russian hair is becoming so rare, so the prices are more and more expensive. In fact, the hair is normally always expensive, though.


Russian hair

4.4. Remy hair extension sew in Hong Kong

Instead of Chinese hair extensions, today we will talk about the hair extension sew in Hong Kong. In fact, Hong Kong has been the top 1 country in exporting raw hair to foreign countries for many years. Hong Kong raw hair is naturally black and qualified, so the country can be a reliable destination for hair importing.

4.5. Remy hair extension sew in UK

UK remy hair extensions sew in are always famous for amazing quality and expensive price. Similar to Russian hair, hair from UK donors is naturally blond and smooth, and the raw hair source is very rare as well. Currently, the hair extension sew in here is one of the most popular items.

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