“Is Ted Danson bald?”: Surprising answer revealed and 5 solutions for baldness

If you are a fan of American series, the name Ted Danson will not be strange to you. There are countless articles writing about how talented and wealthy he is, and of course this one will not be counted. Is Ted Danson bald? This is a common question and a more interesting topic for us to discuss. There are different answers provided for this question and if you are curious about our answer, let’s find it in this writing. 


“Is Ted Danson bald?”: Surprising answer revealed and 5 solutions for baldness

 1. Ted Danson bald: Summary about Ted Danson 

If the name Ted Danson is new to you, this part will provide basic information about this actor before going to discuss the topic Is Ted Danson bald or not. 

1.1. Ted Danson bald: Who is Ted Danson?


Ted Danson bald: Who is Ted Danson?

Ted Danson is famous for being an American actor and he also works as a producer. He became worldwide reputed when he played the lead character Sam Malone on the NBC sitcom Cheers. Mr. Danson has achieved a career as an actor in both television series and movies. 

After 40 years dedicated to the acting job, Ted Danson has nominated and received numerous valuable prizes and awards, which make him one of the most accomplished artists in the US. 

In particular, Ted Danson won two Primetime Emmy Awards after being nominated 18 times for this prize. He was nominated 11 times for the Golden Globe Awards and won 3 of them. Moreover, Ted Danson was honored a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and ranked at the second position in Top 25 television stars based on the list of TV Guide.    

1.2. Is Ted Danson bald?

The answer can not be definitely Yes or No. Ted Danson exactly has thin hair on the crown part of his scalp; therefore, we can say that he has a bald spot but it is not as large as some articles said before. 

The question about Ted Danson bald arose during the time the sitcom Cheers was on air. Particularly, in an episode of Cheers, he revealed his bald spot at the crown part while he was bowing. The scene quickly became viral and the question was raised.


Ted Danson revealed his bald spot in a scene of Cheers

Ted Danson in an interview after that approved that he does have a bald spot and he had to use the brown coloring and a combover to hide it. However, he also confirmed that he did not use a huge hairpiece to hide his bald spot as some people said before.    

His wife, Mrs. Mary Danson once said that her husband just put on the hair toupees when he went to the show or during the acting time. In daily life, he prefers to not wear the hair wig as he wants his scalp and natural hair to be free.  

In a brief, Ted Danson suffered from hair loss years ago, which caused a bald spot on his crown part but luckily, he just needed to wear a hair toupee to hide it. Then, when he took part in the CDI dramas on CBS, the audiences discovered that he wore a wig as there was no sign of thin hair or Ted Danson bald found.  

Ted Danson is one of few actors that admitted the problem of having bald spots at the early time of his career and feel free to answer about it. The bald spot did not affect the job of this man but even increased the fame for Ted Danson. 


Is Ted Danson bald?

2. Ted Danson bald: Secret about men getting bald

Ted Danson is an example of getting bald and a lot of other men even have more serious bald issues than him. After answering the question Is Ted Danson bald, this part will give an insight into the cause of this phenomenon.  

2.1. Ted Danson bald: Why are some men bald? 

Theoretically, the American Hair Loss Association states that androgenetic alopecia is the cause of 95 percent of hair loss in men. It means those men will have a thinning crown and receding hairline. This problem happens when the genetic sensitivity leads to a byproduct of testosterone, which is called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

There are two popular patterns of baldness on the men’s scalp. The first one is similar to Ted Danson bald, which means the hair on top and around the temple part is pretty thin and possibly leaves a hair’s “horseshoe” at the back and around. The second pattern is when the hairline at the front zone is pushed back due to the hair receding.  


Ted Danson bald: Why are some men bald?

2.2. Ted Danson bald: How to reduce the chance to get bald?

Although the main cause of baldness is hereditary as Ted Danson bald, there are other causes of this issue to be mentioned. 

  • Experiencing the bad effects on mental health: If you are in a long time of being stressful or depressed, the hair loss may definitely happen. Even the lack of sleep will also lead to hair loss. However, this issue will not last forever. As soon as you get the balance of your mental health, the hair will grow from 2 to 6 months.
  • Having nutritional deficiency: Human beings require vitamins and numerous nutrients to grow and stay healthy. Iron, protein, vitamin A, D, E… if you lack any of them for a long time, the hair loss will become more serious. 
  • Outside impacts: In some certain cases such as experiencing the chemical treatment for diseases or using low quality shampoo and conditioner, you will have to suffer from the shedding. As the hair of men is easy to get dry, you can search for the best shampoo for coarse hair to order. Moreover, the polluted environment, especially the polluted water in daily use will affect the health and the hair growth of people. 

Ted Danson bald: How to reduce the chance to get bald?

From the listed causes, we can come up with some recommendations to prevent baldness. Firstly, build a habit of massaging your scalp to stimulate growth of hair. Secondly, give up bad habits such as smoking or staying up late. Thirdly, have healthy menus for your meals, reduce the consumption of fatty and spicy food. In addition, have the necessary supplements daily and balance the life to avoid suffering from stress.

3. Ted Danson bald: Solution for bald men

There are some certain ways for you to deal with baldness such as taking medicine containing finasteride and minoxidil, applying laser treatment or having hair transplant surgery. However, those methods require a great amount of money, time and effort. Do we have other effective and economical solutions?    

As mentioned before, Ted Danson bald was solved by wearing hair toupees and coloring. If you have the same issue as this actor, you can apply this method. However, if your baldness is more serious, you can buy hair extensions as an instant solution.   


Ted Danson bald: Solution for bald men

3.1. Ted Danson bald: Types of hair extensions for bald men

The hair extensions market with various B2B wholesale hair vendors is competitive and diversified, thus, the hair items are available in different materials and designs. Normally, the hair extensions are made from human hair, synthetic hair and fabric. The most highly recommended one is the human hair extension as this product not only looks the most similar to real hair but also retains typical characteristics of natural hair.

There are countless categories of human hair; however, there are some certain types that are relevant to men:

3.1.1. Human hair extensions micro bonds for bald men

Human hair extensions micro bonds:  Hair bonds in a limited quantity that may be applied to natural hair parts using beads. This product is used to thicken and extend natural hair in the same way that other hair products are used. Although there is a tendency in using this hair type, you should consider the micro bead extensions reviews before ordering. Buying human hair bulk of this type to resell is also a good idea to start-up as they are sold as hot cake now.


Ted Danson bald – Human hair extensions micro bonds for bald men

3.1.2. Human hair lace frontal/closure for bald men – Ted Danson toupee

Human hair lace frontal/closure: Generally, the hair strands are sewn or weaved into pieces of lace with different sizes, commonly 4×3 for closure and 14×3 for frontal lace. This type of hair extensions is applied directly on the scalp of users and can cover a part of the head. For instance, if you have Ted Danson bald position, you can go for the middle part lace closure

3.1.3. Human hair wig for bald men – Ted Danson wig

Human hair wig: This product has the same method of production as the lace closure and frontal. The difference is that the wig has a net with 3D shape that can cover the whole scalp of the users. If you have serious hair loss in separated parts or the whole, this is the most suitable option.  

3.1.4. Hair extensions for bald men – Ted Danson hair piece

Hair piece: This is another popularly chosen item besides three common types of hair extension above. Hair pieces are always famous for amazing uses of covering baldness for both men and women, especially for men. The hair pieces are most common in terms of lace half-wigs. In addition, they may also be made into pieces of closures or frontals, etc. The point is that there is always a piece of lace or silk in the item to make sure that it can cover the baldness properly.


Ted Danson bald: Types of hair extensions for bald men

3.2. Ted Danson bald: How to apply hair extensions bald men

Here are basic steps for appliance of the mentioned human hair extensions products:

Steps to apply human hair extensions micro bonds:

This hair type is only used for men with thin hair that want to thicken and lengthen their strands.

  • Step 1: Wash your hair carefully to remove the dirt and flake on your scalp. Place the micro bond on your hair strands that is not too close to the roots. Pull the natural hair through the bond.
  • Step 2: Squeezing the tiny bead close with a plier. Squeeze the bond firmly but not too tightly, since this might cause the hair to break.
  • Step 3: Continue doing the same with other hair strands until all are done. Blend the hair extensions and real hair well to make the bonds invisible.

Ted Danson bald: How to apply hair extensions bald men

Steps to apply human hair extensions lace frontal/closure and wig:

  • Step 1: Wash your hair properly to have a clean scalp as the hair extensions will stay fixed on it. Make sure that you have dried the hair completely after washing and putting on the lace.
  • Step 2: Flatten your real hair, the flatter against the head your hair is, the better the lace will look. As men normally have short hair, you just have to mold the gel to make it flattened firmly.
  • Step 3: If you put on a lace frontal or closure, you should place the lace and adjust it before attaching. Otherwise, if you wear a wig, you just have to make sure that the hat barely covers the hairline.
  • Step 4: Wash the skin near the application part with gentle shampoo to make it oil-free or glue-free. Spray the scalp protector to create a barrier between the adhesive and the head skin. 

Both applying methods require the assistance of a hairdresser if you are new to these products. Remember to apply hair moisturizer for men regularly to keep the hair extensions hydrated and last longer. 


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