How To Remove Tape In Extensions At Home Without Much Effort

How to remove tape in
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People tend to struggle to apply tape in extensions and even when it comes to how to remove tape in extensions out of their head. Do you have no ideas? Fortunately, in this writing, we are referring to the practical tips and tricks for those who are wearing tape in extensions as temporary solutions. Users don’t need to wait for salon appointments, we are here to support you without damage and impact on your scalp. Let’s tune in until the end! 


How to remove tape in extensions

1. How to remove tape in extensions – Get to know tape in hair extensions

For many people, who haven’t figured out this trendy hair extension, all things about tape in extensions are mentioned here first thing first. 

Tape in extensions, along with some types, including clip in, weft, halo, microbead, or other kinds of extensions are the top best human hair bulk products that are dominating the hair market for meeting all the different requirements of customers. 

If users have to sew weft hair directly on the scalp with heat techniques, tape-in are pre-taped one to one and a half inch hair portions to your hair with medical-grade specific glue. This application of tape in extensions is forced by professional cosmetologists to guarantee safety. However, installing tape in extensions would say no with chemical or toxic factors or tools. 


How to remove tape in extensions – About tape in hair extensions

Among trendy hair extensions, tape in is considered to be a quick and hassle-free solution to add hair volume and length to your hair for a long-term period. More importantly, the extensions are painless, non-damaging with versatility to put on. 

When it comes to tape-in, far more than how to remove tape in extensions, comfortability of this type is highly appreciated which brings the best satisfaction because of its lights and painless to maintain natural beauty for users, as well as avoid affecting natural hair strands as much as possible! 

2. How to remove tape in extensions – The traits of tape in hair extensions

Whether you are wearing any wholesale hair distributor products, nothing is perfect because it has its own perks. Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of tape in hair extensions to take them into consideration, particularly find out the reason why they are not out of date all the time! 


How to remove tape in extensions – Traits of tape in hair extensions

2.1 The pros of tape in extensions for how to remove tape in extensions 

Talking about the pros of tape in extensions, many people are likely shocked with fantastic content as below: 

  • Comfort: the first and foremost criteria for using artificial hair products, like tape in extensions is comfort, as if you are wearing natural real hair. About this factor, tape in extensions can take pride in themselves to wear all day long without irritation or headaches. This brings safety and assurance for users even when they know how to remove tape in extensions so much that they even forget to wear them. 
  • Time-saving application: With specific design to save time best, installing tape-in extensions becomes a quick process with the shortest amount of time feasible from 20-30 minutes for volume application and 45-60 minutes for full length application. If you want to apply or how to remove tape in extensions tape in extensions, spending a little time would be great. 
  • Reusable ability: Tape in extensions become a feasible selection for you in case you wish to remove or replace without any hair issues. After that, tape in can be installed again according to your interest and demand with the support of professionals. 

How to remove tape in extensions – Pros of tape in hair extensions

  • Safe application: People can completely get assured with tape in extensions application. The reason is this way does not require heat exposure or chemical tools, which has a negative impact on the real hair. This point is also one of the highlighted factors of tape in extensions. They are also quite similar to the glue hair extensions that we wrote about hair extension glue remover before.
  • Invisible look: If you have ever applied tape in extensions, you are likely to know the integration of each transparent tape, right? Tape in installation is blended with natural hair to create the best pristine beauty for users. 
  • Best choice for thin hair: having thick and flowing hair always become the desire of many people. Don’t worry, the mission of  tape in extensions is to cater especially for those who have thin or fine hair. 
  • Long duration: the combination of the premium tape in extensions with a proper hair care routine creates the foundation for the duration of this hair for nearly a year. Don’t forget to spend time on taking care of them with natural or organic ingredients for the shiny hair. 

2.2 The cons of tape in extensions for how to remove tape in extensions 

Now, it is time to talk about the downsides of tape in extensions after following amazing pros. 

  • The higher price: the price of a product tends to be equivalent to its quality. This also causes more concern for users. Honestly, the cost of tape in extensions is totally higher, compared with other types of semi-permanent extensions. The difference would be the requirement of installation from professionals, rather than DIY as applying clip-in. 

How to remove tape in extensions – Cons of tape in hair extensions

  • Cause minor issues if not installed properly: wearing tape in extensions easily causes hair problems for users if not properly applied, including irritation, tangleness, and definitely pay attention to how to remove tape in extensions after that. 

3. Effective suggestions on how to remove tape in extensions at home 

The good thing is tape in extensions with  gentle application method is on the hair, becoming usually the easiest to remove. Tape-in extensions should be removed and reinstalled every eight weeks, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

  • Getting professional help from a registered salon professional is the safest and most effective approach to know how to remove tape in extensions. This hair type requires the skillful hair professionals to take action in a safe and quick manner, also to ensure the best performance. 

How to remove tape in extensions – Getting professional hair

  • The mix of natural oil-based as removers, including olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, argan oils or so on for those who are about to learn how to remove tape in extensions. During this procedure the user normally needs to cover the top of the tab with oil and wait for the oil to seep down in between the tabs and soften the tape’s tackiness to marinate it. After the peeling has begun, you can add more oil to make the removal process easier. Then, you should massage the tape into the hair until it softly peels away from the hair and slips down and away from the hair cuticle. The performance of these natural ingredients are proven by many users with positive feedback.

How to remove tape in extensions – The mix of natural oil-based

  • Conditioner is the next way for our removal procedure. As you know, conditioner plays a vital part of the hair care routine with the supplement of necessary nutrients, also preventing hair problems and taking care of the hair after the process of fixing the highlights or so on. Plus, this element is utilized to be useful to how to remove tape in extensions, similar to the way of different oils. However, applying conditioner is more time-consuming than using oil. You should massage the tab in order to reduce the stickiness and let the conditioner seep in between the tape tabs.

How to remove tape in extensions – Apply conditioner

  • The most common kind of alcohol-based remover is a liquid spray directly above the tape. The first thing to do is to allow the alcohol-based tape remover to trickle down between the tape tabs before peeling them. Then, you can apply extra spray as the corners are lifted to help with the removal process. Several users have discovered that a simple combination of domestic alcohol (rubbing alcohol) water and a little of essential oil is the appropriate combination for gentle removal. The essential oils give out a pleasant scent while to figure out how to remove tape in extensions.
How-to-remove-tape -in-extensions_9

How to remove tape in extensions – The most common kind of alcohol-based

  • Using heat pliers: With the prevalence of a wide range of glue removers, people need to be aware of choosing the best suitable ones for the best effectiveness. The fastest and easiest way to do how to remove tape in extensions is to use pliers instead of a remover. To discover how to remove tape in hair extensions, follow these steps:
    • Find out where your hair extensions are. The distance between your natural hair and the tape-ins should be determined.
    • On the hard bonding, heat pliers should be employed. The heat will eat away at the glue over time.
    • Continue repeating this as long as you can until you can remove the tape out of your hair. When using pliers, be careful not to burn your scalp. It’s vital to seek someone’s assistance.

How to remove tape in extensions – Using heat pliers

  • A combined strategy can be really beneficial. You should apply a small amount of oil to the tape tab and massage it in. Then, please apply a good amount of conditioner to know how to remove tape in extensions to the tape in the hair extensions tab while rubbing, bathing each one carefully. After that, you ought to pray your alcohol-based remover on the tab after you get out of the shower and gently peel it apart, adding more spray or oil as needed. 

4. Special attention to how to remove tape in extensions 

During removal process, with the following tips and tricks, we hope users can get assured  a little bit than normal: 

  • Make use of an adhesive remover designed specifically for how to remove tape in extensions would be the best choice and convenient to remove, instead of normal glue tools. 
  • If you need to remove the extensions in a hurry and don’t have any adhesive remover on hand, use a natural oil like coconut oil, olive oil, baby oil, almond oil, etc. It should stay away from chemical-based oils to avoid  hair problems after that. 

How to remove tape in extensions – Pay attention while removing tape in extensions

  • In case it is difficult for you to get natural oil products for removing tape in extensions, you could use peanut butter as an effective alternative. Allow the natural peanut oils to enter the glue by leaving the peanut butter on your hair for 30 minutes.
  • It is vital to wash and condition how to remove  tape in extensions before applying adhesive or oil-resistant extensions. It’s not necessary to rinse it out right away. Wrap your hair in a towel and leave the conditioner on for at least 20 minutes instead to get the standard dryness. 
  • To protect the extensions from becoming tangled and broken, gently comb them out of your hair once they’ve been liberated should be done constantly. 

How to remove tape in extensions

  • To remove your tape-in extensions, always use an approved adhesive remover or the oil technique. If you are having difficulties removing the extensions with these procedures, you can base on the support of  hair professionals at a salon.

It is believed that  you have never taken something, they always become a challenge. After reading out thoroughly this blog, we are looking forward to getting the feedback from you on how to remove tape in extensions at home. We always bear in mind the practical and detailed information for users  for the next topic! 

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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