How To Dye Hair With Kool-Aid: Have You Known Yet

how to dye hair with kool aid have you known yet
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Hair is a way for people to express themselves, a nonverbal language that speaks to our inner selves. Many people express their affection for their hair by changing their styles to keep up with the latest trends or coloring it in vibrant colors. Chemical dyes, on the other hand, can cause serious hair damage. As a result, we require a new, safer, and more effective way for hair styles. That’s something that Kool-aid dye can do. If you still wonder about how to dye hair with kool-aid, this blog is absolutely for you guys!


How to dye hair with kool-aid?

1. How to dye hair with kool-aid: What is the definition of dyeing hair?

Hair dyeing is just the application of colorants, chemicals, and additions to alter our natural hair color. The color dyed hair largely depends on the interest of people, the trend of the hair market to catch up with the latest tendency for their look! 

In the hair market, there are a wide range of different dye hair applications for how to dye hair with kool-aid with different traits for the beauty transformation of people. But we have to figure out both the positive and negative sides of dyeing hair. 

Make sure you have proper hair care to maintain the right color, as well as protect the hair condition for such a long time, avoid unexpected special hair problems, including hair loss, broken hair, damaged hair, and also learn more about hair dyeing knowledge such as what color cancels out purple, toner for brown hair, etc.


How to dye hair with kool-aid: What is dyeing hair?

Additionally, people need to limit scalp exposure as much as possible- the most vulnerable part when dying hair. 

2. Tell us about how to dye hair with kool-aid application? 

How to dye hair with kool-aid, do you know clearly? Follow us to have a deeper understanding about this fantastic application, in terms of general information about dyeing hair with kool-aid, the pros and cons of this amazing gorgeous. 

2.1 What is kool-aid?

Hair dye made with Kool-Aid powder and drinking water is known as Kool-Aid hair dye. How to dye hair with kool-aid differs from chemical dyes in that the color doesn’t linger long, making it simple to adjust to your preference, and it’s safe enough for children to use. Ash blonde on orange hair can be something to consider when it comes to hair dyeing, and depending on your demands, you can color your entire hair or just the ends. This way has gained popularity among young generations across the globe. 


How to dye hair with kool-aid: What is kool-aid?

Sugar-free kool-aid must be used for hair coloring to avoid sticky hair and probable eye irritation from the chemicals in the sweetened kind. Kool-Aid reacts differently to natural hair color, producing a considerably darker color on naturally light hair, and longer hair needs the use of more Kool-Aid to completely dye it. When dyeing the entire hair with Kool-Aid, it’s common to apply the mixture and let it soak in, whereas coloring the ends sometimes necessitates dipping the tip in Kool-Aid dissolved in boiling water. It is hassle- free to look for kool- aid ingredients, right? 

2.2 The pros of how to dye hair with kool-aid

When it comes to any method, each one has its own perk and kool-aid is not an exception. Because of the prevalence of using kool-aid to dye hair, are you curious about the superiority of this method, compared to other applications? To be continued with the updated content here! We hope the following pros to dye hair with kool-aid will give you the motivation to try it out: 


The pros of applying how to dye hair with kool-aid

  • The safe method: for those who are on the way to seek the harmless and trendy way for a gorgeous and bright look, kool-aid definitely has the ability to meet this requirement with chemical- free ingredients. Even people apply this liquid directly on the hair strands, it totally says no with dryness or damage. 
  • The affordable price: compared to conventional dyeing methods which force people to invest a ton of money, it will save funds for people to try for how to dye hair with kool-aid.
  • Apply at home, not salons: previously, people had to go to physical salons to dye hair. But, you completely dye your hair with kool-aid at home as a way to save time with amazing performance. 

2.3 The cons of how to dye hair with kool-aid 

We couldn’t go on without saying the negative impact of dying hair with kool-aid that we need to consider: 

  • Because this approach only stains the exterior of the hair cuticle, it’s only a temporary remedy for hair color. It is highly recommended to utilize this method in the long-term. Besides, coming to top human hair bulk vendors for hair coloring is also worth considering.

The cons of applying how to dye hair woth kool-aid

  • While using Kool-Aid on hair isn’t harmful, it might leave behind unsightly stains after the color has faded. Let’s bear in mind. 
  • It is struggling to get rid of if your hair has been damaged by a previous styling technique to get into a kool-aid application. 

3. Detailed steps about how to dye hair with kool-aid? 

It may seem absurd to suggest that you can color your hair using powder combined with tap water. However, it is incredibly beneficial and particularly simple to carry out; you may do it yourself at home without the assistance of a professional. Interested? Learn how to produce this unique coloring procedure using Gold Well.

3.1 What do we need to prepare before dying hair with kool-aid? 

We need to prepare something for dyeing hair procedures – how to dye hair with kool-aid with the list as below: 


How to dye hair with kool-aid: Prepare what you need

  • Powdered Kool-Aid or liquid Kool-Aid
  • Conditioner
  • Water 
  • Brush/bottle for hair dye
  • Towels, tissues, and old garments soaked in Vaseline
  • Gloves made of rubber
  • Mixing bowl
  • Comb for shower cap
  • Hairdryer

3.2 The detailed steps to  do how to dye hair with kool-aid?

Make sure you complete the list preparation to get started with dying hair right now: 

3.2.1. Step 1: Preparation

Before beginning the dying procedure, make the necessary preparations:

  • To ensure that the color is easily absorbed, carefully wash and dry your hair.
  • To avoid getting your hands filthy during dyeing, wear rubber gloves
  • To prevent dye from staining your clothes, wrap an old rag or towel around your shoulders.

Step 1 – How to dye hair with kool-aid

3.2.2. Step 2: Make the Kool-Aid and color it

Sugary Kool-Aid contains sweeteners that make hair sticky and can irritate eyes and skin. Use sugar-free Kool-Aid for the coloring process of how to dye hair with kool-aid. As a result, make sure you use a sugar-free beverage mix. The amount of Kool-Aid to use is determined on the length and thickness of the hair. Adapt to the current situation.

The following are the most popular Kool-Aid flavors for gorgeous and trendy hair colors during how to dye hair with kool-aid:

  • Red: Tropical Punch 
  • Electric Blue: a mix of Blue Raspberry and Grape
  • Deep red: Cherry
  • Magenta: Double Double Cherry or Black Cherry combined with Strawberry
  • Purple: Triple Awesome Grape
  • Burgundy: a combination of Strawberry and Grape
  • Blue: Blue Raspberry
  • Turquoise: is a color that combines the colors Berry Blue and Lemon Lime.

Step 2 – How to dye hair with kool-aid

The most prevalent hues are listed below. However, don’t be limited by your imagination; experiment with different cuisines to come up with distinct hues. However, keep in mind that the hue of Kool-Aid for how to dye hair with kool-aid will vary based on your natural hair color.

To make a smooth paste, pour Kool-Aid into a big mixing bowl, add a little water and a drop of conditioner, and stir well.

3.2.3. Step 3: Dying hair

Apply Vaseline to your neck, scalp, ears, and forehead before following how to dye hair with kool-aid – applying the dye mixture to your hair to prevent dye from sticking to those areas.

  • Make four portions with the hair.
  • Allow the dye to cover the hair with a hair color brush and comb from the roots down.
  • Brush your hair again after it has been dyed to ensure that the color is even.
  • Cover with a shower cap and let aside for 30-45 minutes (or more, depending on how intense the color you want).
  • Remove the shower cap and rinse with cold or warm water to remove the dye. Shampoo should not be used to wash your hair.
  • Blow-dry your hair and revel in your bold new color.

Step 3 – How to dye hair with kool-aid

3.2.4. Step 4: How to dye hair with kool-aid in sections 

If you only want to color a section or a few highlights of your hair, follow the procedures below:

  • Take the portions of hair that you wish to color and separate them.
  • Starting at the roots and working your way to the ends, apply the color mixture to that section of hair.
  • Wrap the dye portions in foil and place them on the counter for 20-30 minutes.
  • Remove the foil from the pan and wash it with water.
  • After blow-drying your hair, you will have the color you choose.

Step 4 – How to dye hair with kool-aid

3.2.5. Step 5: Effect of dye dipping 

Dyeing the ends of the hair is also quite popular among young people when learning how to dye hair with kool-aid, in addition to partial dyeing. To do so, you might use the dip dye process. The following is an example:

  • Mix in the Kool-Aid and boiling water until smooth.
  • Take them off the heat and pour them into a basin.
  • After the liquid has cooled, dip the ends of the hair you want to color into it and let it aside for 15 to 30 minutes (or more, depending on the intensity of the color you want).
  • Remove your hair from the dish and pat it dry using a towel.
  • Wash your hair with water once it’s totally dried, and admire the beautiful color you’ve just achieved.

4. The side effect about how to dye hair with kool-aid? 

We can’t deny the premium performance to know about how to dye hair with kool-aid. On the other hand, some effects of this application are obvious. Follow us to think about: 


How to dye hair with kool-aid – The side effect

  • Hair that has been treated to chemical treatments (such as dyeing, straightening, or perming) in the past may be damaged by the chemicals in Kool-Aid.
  • Because this color is pigment-free, there’s a potential it’ll look uneven when you apply it.
  • Food colorings in Kool-Aid can harm hair cuticles if used frequently.
  • The long-lasting aroma of Kool-Aid can linger on the hair for days.
  • Kool-Aid can dull hair and take away its natural luster.
  • Excess sugar in Kool-Aid can sometimes darken natural hair.
  • You already know how to do it and what the adverse effects of Kool-Aid hair dye are, so you are ready to “color” your dull hair and turn it into something spectacular. I hope this essay has given you additional inspiration to rejuvenate yourself on a daily basis.

5. The special notes to know how to dye hair with kool-aid? 

With this trendy application, it is useful to think ahead about tips and tricks for getting the achievement when learning how to dye hair with kool-aid. Let’s remember these before embarking on using kool- air:


The special notes to know how to dye hair with kool-aid

  • Apply Vaseline cream around the hairline to protect the sides of your face before dying your hair.
  • If you have light hair, avoid dying it light blue or dark blue since it will become green.
  • The color of Kool-Aid dye is ideal for chemically treated hair. If your hair is especially porous and damaged, Kool-Aid hair color can last as long as a temporary dye.

Hope that these tips from K-Hair will help you with your kool-aid hair coloring. You can also learn many other hair tips from K-Hair website as well:

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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