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When it comes to the first and foremost function of hair extensions,we can’t ignore the effect of gorgeous hair looks. Buyers tend to get the best performance of these artificial items for their beauty demands, particularly for a long-term period of time. Their question is how they maintain the hair extensions for such a long time and how long do hair extensions last? For further information, we are about to mention the aspects which have direct impacts on the duration of hair extensions products. Plus, there are also certain differences when talking about the time span among different hair extensions. Let’s discover all with us.


How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

1. How long do hair extensions last – What are hair extensions?

Could you share with us the first experience applying hair extensions on your hair? For those who have no idea, hair extensions are artificial products produced by hair factories and served for usually a long or short, thick and flawless hair look according to the different tastes of styles of customers all across the world. If you are worried about fine hair, hair loss, broken hair or even baldness, your time to shine with a wide range of hair extensions with each certain benefit. 

For more information, hair extensions vary as much, in terms of length, color, styles, and quality as well. According to the sharing of hair vendors, to make sure users can make full use of functions from hair extensions products, they tend to collect hair from the highest conditions. Virgin hair and remy hair is considered one of the most notorious and prestigious hair sources for quality criteria. 


How long do hair extensions last – What are hair extensions?

Have you ever heard how long do hair extensions last? Our answer largely depends on many elements. As mentioned above, the duration is determined with the quality, the length, the care and sort of like that. Let’s move to the next part to figure out how long do hair extensions last for each certain type which significantly gets the attraction from consumers. 

2. How long do hair extensions last? 

In this part, we are taking 4 typical examples to show you guys their duration and related matters. Are you ready? 

2.1 How long do hair extensions last for tape in? 

Talking about hair extensions with the duration, we are referring to tape in as the special products from wholesale hair vendors suppliers all over the world. This item is one of the best sellers because of its effectiveness and convenience. Many wholesale hair vendors who are supplying this item in quantities are making a fortune! This type of hair extension is applied with specific tape, especially without using heat effect or harmful levels. With hair professionals, tape in is definitely good for you guys with short or thin hair and always pursue long hair in a medium long-term commitment.


How long do hair extensions last for tape in?

According to the suggestion of tape in hair vendors, users can apply this type of hair extension for 4 to 6 months on average. You may reuse those tapes with a more beautiful look if you take proper care of them. What is the best way to care for them after giving the answer for how long do hair extensions last for? 

One of the most important pieces of advice you should remember is to never brush or apply specific tape to wet hair. Make sure the hair strands are  completely dry before combing them through with a hair extension comb. This will assist to extend the life of the tape-in hair extensions and give them a more natural appearance. 

2.2 How long do hair extensions last for clip in?

Clip in hair extensions are no longer in the hair market which belongs to temporary commitment. The reason for their prevalence in the hair industry comes from the less damaged level of this hair extension, easy to install and remove, even if you are newbies with the first time of hair extensions applications. 


How long do hair extensions last for clip in?

Accordingly, the maximum duration of clip in hair extensions is 10-12 months with some special notes. First thing to say, if users can utilize your clips and take care of them in a careful manner. One more thing, make sure the hair source for your clip in hair extensions with premium quality along with a proper hair care schedule as well. Always remember the way we take care of hair extensions plays a vital role for their duration as much. 

2.3 How long do hair extensions last for weft hair?

Also be a part of hair extensions types, weft hair and the concern how long do hair extensions last for is the next thing we are about to discuss. Compared to hassle-free application of tape in or clip in, installation of weft hair requires professional and skillful workers. 


How long do hair extensions last for weft hair?

Weft hair is considered an ideal option for girls who have thin and short hair and use this hair extension for long-term hair look transformation. How long do hair extensions last for weft hair, our answer is about 3 to 4 months. Although the installation for this hair kind is also secure and meticulous, in case you want to lengthen their duration, the advice is to apply a proper hair care routine on a daily basis. Overall, we still highly pay attention to the process of taking care of hair extensions as a leading offer for consumers. 

2.4 How long do hair extensions last for U-tip?

Another permanent hair extension that we want to mention is U-tip hair. With the support of a heated tool of skillful technique, this hair type can be used from 3 to 5 months to make sure to bring the best satisfaction and convenience for users. One of the unique selling points of u tip hair extension is that users always feel pleased with their natural and stunning hair look. This method is more durable and longer lasting span compared to other ways of application in spite of some minor drawbacks. 


How long do hair extensions last for U-tip?

If you intend to order a U-tip for a hair look, don’t forget to ask for hair stylists for a safe application process and maintain their longevity. Once again, we want to highlight the vital role for caring u tip hair extensions in specific and hair extensions in general. 

3. How long do hair extensions last – Tips for maintenance

With our sharing, we always desire to give you practical knowledge, combined with natural tips for lengthen the duration of hair extensions. Don’t express your worry with four manners to take care of your hair according to the hair experts.

3.1 Choose proper hair care products 

You are likely to be surprised with our suggestion for picking up hair care brands for the question: how long do hair extensions last for. As such, hair extensions always need protection thanks to mild and effective hair care products, from shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, hair spray and so on. Not many buyers can identify how to opt for the best proper hair care brands with the booming development of the hair market. 


How long do hair extensions last – Tips for maintenance

The standard rule is to use naturally extracted products, in other words, no paraben, no silicon, no sulfate for keeping hair extensions from damage. If possible, buyers can ask sellers or search for the information on social platforms with unbiased reviews to make sure your money is worthy for caring for hair extensions on a daily basis. 

3.2 Fix hair problems timely

The more we discover the hair matter, the faster we can fix it. That is the reason our advice is to fix hair as soon as possible. The problems that we want to alert you may be hair loss, weakness of hair, hair loss, dandruff and so on which have a significant influence on the hair extensions with unexpected levels.


How long do hair extensions last – Tips for maintenance

The suggestion in some cases is that if you get into trouble with dry scalp or dry hair extensions, don’t forget to apply hair masks with natural ingredients, including avocado, yogurt, egg, natural oil, honey, and something else. They are also effective for many other hair issues like how to make hair less greasy or so on. With each hair condition, we use the specific formula to get the best performance. For how long do hair extensions last, clients also can go to hair salons to get the support if needed as well. Let’s listen to your hair extensions on a frequent basis for a healthy hair look. 

3.3 Build up hair care routine properly

It is highly recommended for people to build up a proper and consistent hair care routine. If you always consider how long do hair extensions last for, what do you think about daily habits for hair extensions, from brushing, drying or styling hair with styling tools? Sometimes, we tend to ignore the daily habit and highly focus on hair extensions. 


How long do hair extensions last – Tips for maintenance

Please think that is it true to use hair blowers for drying hair, having a strong impact on wet hair extensions while brushing or cleaning hair extensions too many times in a week. If you continue to do that, it is about replacing your hair extensions. Instead, if possible, minimize the frequency for styling tools to get away from heat exposure. It is high time to use a wide-teeth brush, not normal ones to detangling your hair extensions. In case you need any advice, don’t hesitate to ask for hair stylists or hair sellers for further information. 

3.4 Protect hair anytime for lengthening how long do hair extensions last

One of the leading aspects to answer the concern from buyers: how long do hair extensions last for is to maintain hair all the time, particularly for outdoor activities, or even bedtime. The truth is that even with our original hair or hair extensions, the demands for taking care of hair is inevitable for a splendid hair look.


How long do hair extensions last – Tips for maintenance

Accordingly, users definitely need to utilize tools for protecting hair, namely hair bonnet, silk or satin pillowcase, a hat during hot weather, and so on. When taking part in outdoor activities, it is better to avoid UV rays exposure which is the primary reason for weakening the duration of hair extension goods.  After a while, you may also encounter an issue of why is my hair so staticky. This is not only for real hair but also hair extensions as well! After a long time following our guides, you will truly be grateful to your constant effort and maintain the duration of hair extensions for the best.  

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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