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Regardless of economic recession or pandemic at global level, beauty services stand still impressively. During COVID-19, some hair salons can still be opened thanks to customer’s demand and after the lockdown, people has a tendency to spoil themselves by spending money on some kinds of hobby or changing their appearance. They are some reasons explaining why beauty services in general and hair business in particular can develop at double or even triple rate during the time considered to be difficult for almost industries.

For adaptation of such high demand, hair sellers, wholesalers and retailers must carefully prepare their back ups of a ton of hair suppliers. However, characteristic of hair industry is the hair origin only comes from some countries. Out of them all, Vietnam, China and India are 3 main sources of human hair, which have many factories to produce and export hair worldwide. What are the differences among Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian hair? What are the truths of hair origin from these countries? Between Vietnamese and Indian hair, which one is better? Besides, top secrets inside hair industry will be revealed in this report.

1. Indian hair- the cheapest hair origin in the world

Before going through the deatails of Indian hair factories, let’s take a look of the first impression when we hear or see the hair from India.

1.1. Overview of hair industry in India

Nowadays, when we search the Internet, especially Instagram or Facebook, we can easily see photos of numerous of hair lying on the ground without arrangement, which are hard to feel the beauty, most of them are from Indian factories. You can also read a detailed review here: Indian human hair factories review.


Indian hair

Although India is the top 5 country has the highest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the world in 2020 according to IMF (International Monetary Fund), there is a walk of life distance. While the owners of hair factories can eat their meals at the restaurant and enjoy luxurious services, their workers have to work all day at the factories with low salary, which is over $4 per day. During the time travelling to India to learn about hair business, the K-Hair’s chairman- Mr. Rick Daniel was shocked with the fact that with just only 2$ per day, a worker in India can classify a mountain of hair to prepare for production.


Hair at Indian factory

1.2. Characteristics of Indian hair

The hair which Indian factories use to export to other countries is collected from Indian women. They go to pagodas and temples and shave their heads to pray for happy family, well- studied children, luckiness and success. According to the myths of Hindu religion, shaving head and leave the hair is the way to receive peace of mind as well. The owners of these pagodas and temples collect all the hair and sell it in bulk to the factories.

Because hair origin is from hundred or thousand women from an area, the hair is mixed and the cuticles are not aligned as result. The workers stretch every piece of hair into the long ones and begin the production. However, due to handmade workmanship, they can not clarify directions of the hair. At the end, the hair is tangled, mixed and has a kind of shedding.


Indian hair factory

To sum up, hair from Indian suppliers has good points and drawback as stated in the table below:

Huge quantity of hairReduce amount of hair’s source during COVID-19, women can not go to the pagodas or temples to give their hair due to the lock down and social distance.
Cheap price, starts from 5-6$/ bundleLow and/ or medium quality, the hair is mixed, tangled and has shedding condition.

2. Chinese hair- the factory of the world with suspicious hair origin

The second hair source stated in this article is China. Chinese hair suppliers have the very different images compared to Indian hair manufactures. However, is the quality at a higher level?

2.1. Overview of Chinese hair industry


A hair factory at China

Images of China in a lot of people’s mind are a huge country, variety of production, where we can find almost items with the crazy cheapest price in the world. Hair industry in China has many advantages for the competition with other foreign suppliers. Here are Top 5 Chinese hair factories that you can consult.

First, one factor we have to mention is economies of scale. Even an I phone, which has American brand also labeled “made in China” because Apple wants to take advantage of cheap labour. Besides, Chinese factories are gathered and connected altogether in a specific area for every kind of business. It can reduce Logistics cost, which not every company can do. For such reasons, Chinese factories can produce hair and other products in huge quantity.

Second, China is a country which has very fast speed of learning things and creating their versions with much more cheaper price (and lower quality of course). As long as the targeted customers satisfy with such price and quality, they both have profit. The same thing happens in hair business, almost hair products come from China was machined-made. Therefore, the production is short, just a few days.

2.2. Main points of Chinese hair

On the contrary to the images of India hair, Chinese hair companies and factories always show their beautiful photos and videos. It is useful indeed because many customers, who are still confused of many other suppliers may change their mind when seeing such pretty photos and choose to buy from that Chinese factory. One thing that Chinese people do well in that case is their pretty good marketing strategy, a hit to customer’s interests and raise their desire to buy hair


Chinese hair

Chinese hair is much more colorful than Indian hair because they have technology. Moreover, the textures are also better, hair is silky and no tangle (but no mix?- hold on, we have to clarify this point later because it relates to hair origin ). Prices  fluctuate depends on each supplier. In general, prices are higher than Indian hair and can be lower, the same or even higher than Vietnamese hair.

2.3. The origin of Chinese hair- What an incredible!

When people think of Chinese hair, they may have a conclusion that the factories in China collect hair from Chinese women and produce the hair. However, such thought is not true. You can imagine with the huge production as advantages, the source of hair must be huge as well. How to keep the continuous production to have economies of scale?

The trip to India to learn about hair industry of Mr Daniel had a surprising result. It turns out that many hair factories of China import hair from India. They even send a Chinese manager in India to control the process. With the hair origin from India, Chinese hair companies can assure the quantity thanks to importation and confidently offer cheap prices for their customers.


A Chinese manager collects hair from India to China

Different from Indian factories, Chinese factories has their machines to arrange directions of hair, which was bought from India. Therefore, the hair is in the same direction but it still mixed.

Moreover, to have hair in stock is a big problem for any supplier. The question is how to maintain huge quantity of hair because fresh hair can not be kept in warehouse in a long time. Therefore, chemicals and preservatives must be used. That’s why many customers buy hair from China was happy at short time with the soft hair but soon hate it after washing, dyeing or bleaching because actually, the hair is blended from uncounted numbers of people and it can not be silky, soft and change into other colors perfectly.


Chinese hair origin

Sources: Hair Extensions Market Research 2019, Google AdWords campaign – for Hair Extension Business

To sum up, there are some main points customers need to consider when buying hair from China:

Good pointsBad points
Have hair in stock, ready to supply in short timeHair origin is from many sources, mostly from India

Due to COVID-19, hair origin from domestics and India is postponed because both India and China are seriously affected by the pandemic.

High technology factory modelUse chemicals and preservatives to keep hair fresh in long time.
Variety of pricesSome companies are cheaters, they offer cheap prices and send fail products to customers after samples or even as samples.

3. Vietnamese hair- real human hair origin and high quality hair supplier

3.1. Origin of Vietnamese hair- 100% human hair

Vietnamese hair factories don’t need to buy hair outside country to produce. They collect real human hair from Vietnamese women, especially the mountainous ones. Because the climate in the mountainous area is cold, their hair is not affected by the sun light. Besides, the women work at the field all day, they must have strength and therefore, their hair is strong.

One more interesting thing about how Vietnamese women maintain their hair is to use herbal. It is called traditional way, was told from mothers to daughters in Vietnam. They use locust and grapefruit peel to wash the hair and leave the hair dry naturally. To conclude, hair origin of Vietnamese hair is from our own country.


Vietnamese human hair

3.2. Characteristics of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair factories usually send their staffs to many areas to collect hair. The hair is cut from a person with the witness of the buyer to make sure it is virgin hair. This process may take time and hard to buy a large quantity of hair at short time, but they can control hair quality.

Vietnamese hair has reputation of strong hair, no mix, no tangle and no shedding. Wholesalers who have their own factories buy raw hair for dyeing and bleaching. Others types of hair such as colored slice, weft hair, tip, tape, clip-in, wig, frontal and closure are also meet the standard to export to many markets such as: Russia, Brazil, Nigeria…

However, one drawback of Vietnamese hair distributor is they don’t have hair in stock. Therefore, the production takes time.

Good pointsDraw back
Real human hair, has source of virgin hairProduction takes time
Fresh hair, no mix, easy to use for many purposes of customers

3.3. How Vietnamese factories compete to other competitors in other countries

The first factor, also the most important thing makes customers come to Vietnamese hair suppliers (although they know others offer them cheaper price) is the quality. In this case, price comes along with quality. As long as they know clearly bout hair origin of Vietnamese factories and the hair is good, they are ready to make a deal. And one of the best-selling hair types is Vietnamese super double bone straight hair.

Hair distributors in Vietnam also put their effort on marketing their brand. By creating professional website, YouTube channel and other social basement, they make their brand appears and go to customers mind deeply day by day.

Finally, one way for the fair-playing field, some suppliers in Vietnam build their own factory to produce and design hair. By this way, they can control hair origin and all the production to send customers prefect goods. In addition, the prices offered by the factory is more affordable than other hair trade companies. In long term, this is a right choice for hair businessman/ businesswomen.

3.4. K-Hair- top 1 hair factory in Vietnam

As a role of a leading supplier in hair business, K-Hair keeps the confirmation with all customers during 30 years: QUALITY IS KING. All our products are made by sophisticated workmanship, from experienced hair experts and are carefully checked by our staffs before shipment, we only send flawless hair to our customers.


K-HAIR’s products

Since advantage of having a factory, we offer the most reasonable price compared to other suppliers in Vietnam for all customers. Also, we can produce all kinds of hair and accept design for customers in bulk.

You can also consult other hair supplier review here: Anka hair company review.


K-HAIR factory

Let be a part of K-Hair family and receive all our professional services.

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I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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