Top Secrets About Hair Origin You Never Heard Of Before

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When it comes to hair origin, you may come up with a variety of questions in mind. How does hair grow? What is the hair structure? What to know about the hair industry? Any things to notice about the hair material origin of hair extensions? Knowing that and we are spilling them all here. Stay tuned for the most amazing facts ever.

Hair origin & Hair extensions

About Hair Origin You Never Heard Of Before

1. What is human hair?

What is human hair? Normally, we all know that this is a body part that we are born with on our head. However, in terms of the scientific sector, human hair definition is much more than that.

For your information, having hair is a defining feature of all mammals. This hair indicates not only hair on our head but also body hair. In particular, hair is the filament with protein growing from follicles which are found on mammals.

And in this article, we will focus on human hair on the head only.

2. What affects human hair colors?

As we all notice, people with different hair origins have different hair colors. Asian people are typical with black or rather brown hair color. Caucasians are born with blond or light brunette hair colors. Meanwhile, African people usually have natural black color hair, etc. What decides these hair colors can be divided into 2 main groups, including inside and outside factors.

  • Melanin is the very inside factor that defines the natural hair color. It decides what pigment our hair has, and this is an innate element.
  • Outside factors like weather, living conditions, hair care and style habits also affect the hair color during our life stages. For example, living in sunny weather without the habit of taking care of it, we will have faded and brown hair finally.
What affects human hair color?

What affects human hair color: different hair origins have different hair colors

3. What to know about hair origin growth

As mentioned, the hair is the protein filament growing out of the follicles. The hair growth cycle includes 3 main phases, including anagen, catagen and telogen one.

  • Anagen is when the hair is still active and growing day by day. Such protein filament keeps functioning. As a result, the hair gets longer and longer.
  • Catagen is when the hair growth stops functioning. This happens when our hair reaches a certain length at a certain age.
  • Telogen is when the hair starts shedding.

Some people are in trouble with early catagen or even telogen phase. Maybe the hair is not healthy enough due to some inborn or external factors. Then, hair extensions are usually used as a remedy. This is why we will also head to know more about the hair origin in the hair extension industry later.

4. The hair origin structure

The hair structure is layered one with 3 main layers. Going from the outermost to inside layers is the cuticle, cortex and medulla.

  • Cuticle is like the crust of the hair which saves the hair from damage.
  • Cortex is the middle layer. This defines the texture, color and strength of the hair.
  • Medulla is the special layer that only thick hair has. This does not function much in terms of hair strength or hairstyle.
Hair origin structure

Structure of hair origin

5. Amazing roles of human hair

Hair in general plays an important role in human and animals’ lives. 3 most outstanding functions are to keep warm, protect the body and touch sense. These functions are a matter of life and death to mammals.

  • Keep warm: Keeping warm is a clearer role seen in animals rather than humans. Many animals have thick hair to keep them warm in the winter, just like their coat. Polar bears are one of the most significant examples. They will barely survive in such freezing weather without their white thick hair (fur). Other animals living in warmer weather like monkeys, lions or tigers also have hair/fur but not as thick. For human beings, hair also plays a role in keeping warm. The hair will stand up when it is too cold to prevent heat leaving.
  • Protect the body: Protecting the body is an important role of the hair towards some special animals which have sharp, tough hair. For example, porcupines and hedgehogs both have their hair grow sharp. Hence, it is used as a useful protection from predators.
  • Touch sense: The movement of the hair is also a sensitive indicator. Some animals will ruffle the hair as a self-defence.With human beings, hair like eyelashes are also sensitive.
The great role of hair

Amazing roles of the hair

Besides, when it comes to human hair nowadays, hair origin or hairstyles are also what define our fashion vibes. We are now not keeping our natural hair situation but choose to custom them into a variety of styles which are fashionable and trending.

6. About the hair extension industry

If human hair just grew normally as it is supposed to be, everyone would have pretty good hair strength. If fashion was not developing so fast with a variety of creative hair trends, natural human hair would be the only hair form founded. However, each person’s hair growth is different, and hair trends are always boosting people to get a better look. This is why the industry of hair extension blooms.

The first hair extensions are used for patients with hair issues. They are simple hair toupees or hair wigs. Gradually, hair extensions are becoming more popular as beauty items. A variety of hair extension types and styles have been created. Now we get so familiar with weft hair extensions, I-tips, U-tips, sew-in hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, halo hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, hair closures or hair frontals, etc.

These items of hair extensions are usually made of synthetic fibers or real human hair. The real human hair material is the very main hair origin of all hair extension types nowadays.

Hair extensions

Hair extensions made of different hair origins

7. Popular countries supplying hair origin

When it comes to famous countries of raw hair materials, 3 Asian countries Vietnam, China and India are always the first to mention. Let’s learn more about them here.

7.1. Vietnamese raw hair – Best hair origin choice

Vietnamese hair factories don’t need to buy hair outside the country to produce. They collect real human hair from Vietnamese women, especially the mountainous ones. Because the climate in the mountainous area is cold, their hair is not affected by the sunlight. Besides, the women work at the field all day, they must have strength and therefore, their hair is strong.

One more interesting thing about how Vietnamese women maintain their hair is to use herbs. It is called the traditional way, and was told from mothers to daughters in Vietnam. They use locust and grapefruit peel to wash the hair and leave the hair dry naturally. To conclude, the hair origin of Vietnamese hair is from our own country.

Vietnamese hair has a reputation of strong hair, no mix, no tangle and no shedding. Wholesalers who have their own factories buy raw hair for dyeing and bleaching. Other types of hair such as colored slice, weft hair, tip, tape, clip-in, wig, frontal and closure also meet the standard to export to many markets such as: Russia, Brazil, Nigeria, USA, etc.

Vietnamese hair origin

Vietnamese hair origin: real human hair from Vietnamese women

7.2. Chinese raw hair – Cheap and massive hair origin

When people think of Chinese hair, they may have a conclusion that the factories in China collect hair from Chinese women and produce the hair. However, that thought is not true. You can imagine with the huge production advantages, the source of hair must be huge as well. How to keep the continuous production to have economies of scale?

The trip to India to learn about the hair industry of Mr Daniel had a surprising result. It turns out that many hair factories in China import hair from India. They even send a Chinese manager in India to control the process. With the hair origin from India, Chinese hair companies can assure the quantity thanks to importation and confidently offer cheap prices for their customers.

The question is how to maintain a huge quantity of hair because fresh hair can not be kept in a warehouse for a long time. Chemicals and preservatives must be used. That’s why many customers who buy hair from China were happy with the soft hair but soon hate it after washing, dyeing or bleaching because actually, the hair is blended from uncounted numbers of people. It just can not be silky, soft and change into other colors perfectly.

Chinese hair origin

Chinese hair origin: Cheap and massive hair origin

7.3. Indian raw hair – Cheapest hair choice

Most of the hair which Indian factories use to export to other countries is called temple hair and collected from Indian women. They go to pagodas and temples and shave their heads to pray for a happy family, well- studied children, luck and success. According to the myths of Hindu religion, shaving head and leaving the hair is the way to receive peace of mind as well. The owners of these pagodas and temples collect all the hair and sell it in bulk to the factories.

Because hair originates from a hundred or thousand women from an area, the hair is mixed and the cuticles are not aligned as a result. The workers stretch every piece of hair into the long ones and begin the production. However, due to handmade workmanship, they can not clarify directions of the hair. At the end, the hair is tangled, mixed and has a kind of shedding.

Indian hair origin

Indian hair origin: temple hair and collected from Indian women

8. K-Hair Factory – Top 1 factory with best raw hair origin

As a leading supplier in the hair business, K-Hair keeps the confirmation with all customers for 30 years: QUALITY IS KING. All our products are made by sophisticated workmanship, from experienced hair experts and are carefully checked by our staff before shipment, we only send flawless hair to our customers.

Because of the advantages of having a factory, we offer the most reasonable price compared to other suppliers in Vietnam for all customers. Also, we can produce all kinds of hair and accept designs for customers in bulk.

K-Hair Factory - Hair factory with best hair origin in Vietnam

K-Hair Factory – Top 1 hair factory with best hair origin in Vietnam

See more informaton about the prices of list K-Hair’s Product:

K-Hair official price list for all Vietnamese weft hair bundle styles

K-Hair Vietnam is one of the top wholesale hair suppliers in Vietnam

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9. FAQs about hair origin

The word “hair” was used before the 12th century. There is no certain idea of who invented this word. However, it is used so popularly till nowadays.

Hair does not have a gender. The hair structure of both men and women is the same. In all genders, hair is made of 3 main layers, including cuticles, cortex and medulla.

The hair only gives DNA when the root is still there. A hair strand without the root gives no DNA at all. Maybe some days when the technology makes a break through, a rootless hair can give DNA as well.

Hair is a body part growing out of the follicles. Hair is not only used to indicate human hair on the head but also body hair of all mammals.

We hope that you’ve just got useful knowledge about hair origin through our sharing. Understanding more about our hair is not only helpful in hair style but also hair care and maintenance. This is the best remedy for hair issues.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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