Diamond Face Shape With Best Beauty Tips And Fancy Hairstyles

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You are wondering which beauty tips will work best for your diamond-shaped face? Don’t worry, continue reading and you will discover the best hairstyles for diamond face shape. These are all hairstyles recommended by professional stylists and displayed by some of our favorite celebrities. In addition, all the knowledge about diamond face shape and beauty tips about makeup and accessories will also be given as well.


Diamond Face Shape

1. The features of diamond face shape

A diamond face shape should balance out a narrow chin, reduce broader cheekbones, and shrink overall length. Straight bangs, as well as sides, will have the effect of narrowing a lengthy face. It is necessitate haircuts, styles, and cosmetics that bring out the best in the narrow and full features that combine to form their distinctive shape.

You will identify the following traits if you have a diamond face shape:

  • Your face’s length is more than its width.
  • The brow is slanted and the jawline is around the same width.
  • The chin is pretty angular.
  • Diamond face shape’s jawline is long and thin, tapering to a point.
  • Cheekbones are pronounced and pointed, which are the broadest part of your face.

Makeup and hair bring out the greatest features of the diamond face shape

All of these characteristics combine to form a lovely face shape that closely reflects the shape of the gem after which it is named! With the correct hair and cosmetics, the diamond face shape may be enhanced and its beautiful characteristics highlighted.

2. Beauty tips for diamond face shape

There’s no need to modify anything about your diamond face shape. If it is overly dramatic – with a pointed chin and/or a narrow forehead – there are a few tips you may use to balance it out.

2.1. Make-up for diamond face shape

It is advisable to apply blush and highlighter to counteract the qualities of the diamond facial shape and using a light diamond face shape makeup. And horizontal lines to round the face’s features and add breadth. Try these tips for additional information:

  • Face: You can shorten the length of your face with a diamond face shape by applying a warm cheek blush above your brows and blending it all the way down to your hairline and above and below the sharpest portion of your chin.

Every facial proportions are unique, you need to balance out the unique elements of diamond face shape

  • Cheekbones: You ought to apply blush slightly below the cheekbones and blend it in over the breadth of the cheeks. This will draw attention to the breadth of your face in the center.
  • Eye: Using light silver makeup for diamond face shape all over your eyelids can give the appearance of wider eyes. Shadows should also be blended with the brow for the outer corner of your eye. Finish with a little application of eyeliner along the line that goes across your eye sockets.
  • Lips: Pale lipsticks are excellent for adding breadth. Apply from the center of the lips to the corners of the mouth, then highlight the top lip to bring out the natural horizontal line of the lips. 

2.2. Accessories for diamond face shape

Hats, jewelry, sunglasses, and scarves are ideal for finishing off your favorite well-put-together appearance. Here are some of our best recommendations for selecting the most dramatic accessories to complement the diamond face shape. You can also look at the picture below and see that the red hair color combined with the hairclip can create an amazing look. You can also look at redhead cartoon characters and see how pretty they are.


Accessories are all fun and inventive ways to highlight your greatest features of diamond face shape

  • Hairclip: Selecting a hairpin near the ear or a hairpin in the center will help. If you use huge clamps, you’d better place them on the back of the head rather than the sides.
  • Glasses: Since this diamond face shape is narrow at the eye line, you should use glasses that enhance your eyes. Top-heavy frames, like rimless frames or quality frames that highlight the brows, complement your facial shape. Wearing thin or narrow spectacles to bring emphasis to tight eye lines should be avoided. 
  • Earrings: Princess, Marquise, Oval, and Emerald Cut Studs will complement your inherent beauty. Round diamond drop earrings with gentler angles and lines will enhance your contours and compliment your face shape.

Glasses and earrings are the top important accessories for diamond face shape

3. Hairstyles for diamond face shape should be worn

If you have a diamond-shaped face, you may wish to rectify it by visibly decreasing the high cheekbones and adding breadth to the chin area. At the same time, avoid accentuating the sharp and sometimes uneven hairline. Here are some suggestions for utilizing the greatest attributes of a diamond face shape. All are recommendations given by K-Hair Factory, the best wholesale hair vendor in Vietnam and the top best wholesale hair supplier worldwide. We have more than 30 years of working in the hair business, so we know exactly which hairstyles are suitable for you.

3.1. Short hair for diamond face shape

A short haircut that emphasizes your cheekbones in a diamond face shape is a lovely choice for a diamond shaped face. This straight design incorporates layers that wrap around the cheeks to grab attention and side-swept bangs for diamond face to cover a small forehead while highlighting the cheekbones.

If you like your short haircut to be a little fuller, consider a style that accentuates curls past the base, where your facial shape is the narrowest. This will provide you with lots of size and width in the areas where you need it the most.

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3.1.1. Pixie hairstyles for diamond face shape

This bleached short haircut for a diamond face shape is the ultimate fashion statement, and it wonderfully highlights the diamond facial shape by drawing attention to the top of your face and eye area. For people who enjoy stroking their hair, a torn haircut with slanted bangs is an excellent alternative.


Pixie hairstyles for diamond face shape

Cut the pixie with short bangs to cover the hairline and enlarge the eye region. Short hairstyles look well on both young and mature ladies and assist to highlight the greatest aspects of your face. Or attempting to conceal angular traits will not make you dismiss the short hairstyle, of which bixie is one. Wispy with bangs and layered sides is a romantic look. The Long Pixie with eye-skimming bangs also hides the diamond-shaped face’s tiny forehead and emphasizes the bigger cheekbones. To make such a great form for thick straight hair, the hairdresser was a true expert.

3.1.2. Bob hairstyles for diamond face shape

French bob, pixie bob (a mix between bob and pixie), or blunt bob – this wedge cut is one of the greatest hairstyles for diamond face shape right now. If you have thick hair, a hairy tail will assist your bangs to slip to the side more smoothly. Bob hair extensions are also hot-selling items of wholesale hair suppliers worldwide. For being trendy and never out-of-fashion, this hairstyle is helping hair suppliers make a fortune. Though hair suppliers can provide a variety of hair extension types and styles, bob hair is always trending.


Bob hairstyles for diamond face shape

Short haircuts for diamond-shaped features draw emphasis to them, but they also draw attention away from their pointed chin. If you want to display some of your brow, separate your hair to one side rather than just below your chin. A diamond-shaped face looks terrific with a little angular and blunt bob. Combine with tiny bangs to conceal a crooked hairline and balance a cleft chin. This style is flat ironed to perfection: the threads are curled in different directions, and the ends are strengthened.

3.2. Mid-length hair for diamond face shape

If your hair is back-length, a style that emphasizes your diamond form by employing straight, frizz-free strands and loose bangs to frame your face is essential. To complete the appearance, pair this style with a portion of hair in the middle.

3.2.1. Wolf cut hairstyles for diamond face shape

This approach elevates the style by styling it to one side and putting it in place with bobby pins. This diverts attention away from your thin jawline and forehead and onto the largest section of your face – your cheekbones. The shoulder-length hairstyles like wolf cut works wonders on a diamond face shape. Apply many layers to the chin region to achieve the desired effect.


Wolf cut hairstyles for diamond face shape

3.2.2. Long bob hairstyles for diamond face shape

Chin Length Curly Bob is the curly and long bob with curly bangs that is ideal for curly hair and a diamond face shape. With the length reaching your shoulders, this diamond face shape hairstyles may disguise both high and low foreheads. Large curls provide volume to the temples as well as refinement to the features.

Or a long bob with a deep part exudes softness and grace, and it works well with a center or side part. Side-swept bangs will attract emphasis to the eyes while concealing broader cheekbones.


Long bob hairstyles for diamond face shape

3.3. Long hair for diamond face shape

If you have a lot of length to work with, why not make use of your curls and style them into a half-up half-down hairstyle for your diamond shape face? This great straight haircut also narrows your facial shape by adding volume in the rear at the roots to ensure fullness across the top of your hairdo and the bangs. Swipe sideways over your forehead to conceal and smooth it. 

3.3.1. The combination of curls and bangs for diamond face shape

This entertaining look entails placing a high ponytail in the center of your head and adding interest with curls produced with a curling iron. To ensure that this hairstyle is suitable for the diamond shape face, arrange it so that your long curls travel down your face and stop halfway, concentrating on your cheekbones.


Long hair for diamond face shape

Allows your long hair to flow casually over your shoulders and dress it up with stylish narrow bangs or face-hugging layers. Bottleneck bangs can help you make the most of your diamond facial shape by optically elongating your face.

3.3.2. Long with layers cut and bangs for diamond face shape

Layers are one of the most effective methods used by hairdressers to mold their features and produce the appropriate accents on a diamond-shaped face. For an appealing appearance, add face-shaping accents and delicately brush the ends of your hair. Try out your diamond-shaped face with soft curls and loose bangs that draw attention to your eyes.


Long hair for diamond face shape

3.3.3. Wavy long hairstyles for diamond face shape

Long hair is rarely utilized to sculpt the face, but adding some fantastic waves and a perfect color would undoubtedly assist. Layering is another important factor to consider when selecting a lengthy hairstyle for a diamond face shape.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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