Best 36 Inch Hair Extensions And How To Find Them

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Now that you’ve made an investment in hair extensions, you’ve selected either natural or synthetic blends and have your color and style mastered to a tee. But as soon as you learn that hair extensions are available in a wide range of lengths and sizes, you have to begin from the beginning. You know, if you want your final appearance to be beautiful and blended, picking the right length of hair extensions is essential. So, do not worry if you are asking “Should I get 36 inch hair extensions?” Here is our guide to 36 inch hair extensions.


Best 36 Inch Hair Extensions And How To Find Them

1. Overview of 36 inch hair extensions

Let’s first learn more about the term “36 inch hair extensions”. Actually, it won’t be a scientific definition, instead, it will include all the essential yet important details regarding the sort of hair extensions. We will learn the name of the hair, its length and weight, as well as its benefits and drawbacks.

1.1. What do 36 inch hair extensions mean

The length of a particular kind of hair extension is known as the 36 inch long hair extensions. It only represents the 36-inch-long hair extension. This hair type can be further categorized into several types in terms of hair extension kinds depending on the source or quality of the hair.

  • The 36 inch hair extensions can be clarified in a variety of methods. The most fundamental is, however, to take into account the two primary varieties of hair: human hair and synthetic hair. While synthetic hair extensions are made of synthetic fibers, human hair extensions are made of actual human hair. As human hair extensions are of higher quality, we will exclusively concentrate on them.

What do 36 inch hair extensions mean

  • 36 inch hair extensions that are divided into these single drawn, double drawn, and super double drawn: 50% of the hairs in a 36-inch single drawn hair extension are 36 inches long, the remaining 50% are shorter hairs added to save expenses. The least expensive of the three varieties of 36 inch hair extensions is this type. 60% to 70% of the hairs in a 36 inch double drawn hair extension are 36 inches long. From the top through the center and down to the ends, the hair is rather full. 80 to 90 percent of the hairs in the 36 inch super double drawn hair extensions are that length. It is the greatest kind since it gives your hair the most fullness. The best extensions are those that are whole portions from root to tip.

1.2. Get to know about 36 inch hair extensions

Firstly, we have to go through this section and find out some basic info of 36 inch hair extensions:

  • A straight line is drawn from the hair’s roots to its ends to determine the length of the hair. Natural straight hair is longer than curly and wavy hair types, which might appear to be 34 inches or shorter. In addition, 90 cm is equal to 36 inches in many nations that use the centimeter as a unit of measurement. These days, it’s rather uncommon to see women with this stylish hair length. For people who truly want to thicken and lengthen their hair, a 36 inch hair extension is ideal.

Get to know about 36 inch hair extensions

  • A 36 inch hair extension will often end at the bottom of your thighs or just above the knee. This length is uncommon yet ideal for many elegant long hairstyles. Don’t worry if you are taller than the usual person, the hair will still be long enough to suit you.
  • In actuality, there are no regulations regarding the official weight of 36 inch hair extensions or any other length, including 30-inch, 34-inch, etc. It entirely relies on the styles and procedures used by each factory for hair extensions. A typical hair weft weighs less than a hair extension type that requires a lot of hair, such as wigs, hair topper, or 36 inch hair extensions attached using attaching techniques like tape-in, clip-in, or microbead ones. Even standard hair weft weight might change across manufacturers. Each 36 inch hair extensions bundle weighs between 100 and 105 grams, however 100 grams per bundle is the most common weight.
  • Pros: In comparison to short or medium hair extensions from 8 to 28 inches, 36 inch long hair extensions are one of the longest available on the market. As a result, you may have thick, shiny hair without investing a lot of time in hair maintenance. Although 36 inch hair extensions are more difficult to manage than shorter ones, they will nonetheless make you stand out. Too short hair is unsuitable for style since hair extensions will shorten it when curled. When curled and waved, these 36 inch hair extensions will hang down to your back. There are many types of 36 inch long hair extensions. You are free to select the hair type that best suits you.

Pros and cons of 36 inch hair extensions

  • Cons: Since 36 inch hair extensions are often thicker than almost all other types, wearing them could make your head feel heavy or constricted. Hair maintenance is more challenging than usual for 36 inch hair extensions since maintaining strong, smooth, and unbroken hair demands care and attention. Because 36 inch long hair extensions are rather pricey, you should only get them when you have the money to do so. But the 36 inch hair extensions you get is always worth what you pay for.

2. Styles and types of 36 inch hair extensions

A number of items are available when it comes to the styles and types of 36 inch hair extensions, which are categorized and separated into various styles and types. You may choose the best 36 inch hair extensions for your hair by being knowledgeable of these styles and types.

2.1. Styles of 36 inch hair extensions

There are several gorgeous styles of 36 inch hair extensions and here are some of them:

  • 36 inch straight hair extension: Any face shape and fashion trend may be complemented by a 36 inch straight hair extension. Additionally, this look is timeless. Moreover, straight hair extensions are a fantastic option for future hair customization. You may design whatever different hairstyle you like using a 36 inch straight hair extension.
  • 36 inch bonestraight hair extension: When you wish to maintain the hair length in its original condition, 36 inch bonestraight type hair extensions are also highly advised. Additionally, having such a silky, bone-straight hair extension can make you stand out. For even more adaptable emotions, you may select color bonestraight styles.

Styles of 36 inch hair extensions

  • 36 inch curly hair extension: Curly hair extensions in the 36 inch length are quite popular since long hair looks wonderful with this style. You may really switch up your hairstyle every day with whatever curly pattern you choose rather than sticking with just one. Loose  curls, tight curls, or big curls may all be styled. With 36 inch hair extensions, you may have stunning, body-wavy hair, kinky unique hair, voluminous seductive hair, etc.
  • 36 inch color hair extension: Also stylish and very popular are 36 inch custom color hair extensions. If you purchase colored hair straight from the manufacturers, you have a variety of options, including full color, highlight, ombre or balayage style, and other light, medium, or dark shades. There are countless options if you choose the color yourself.

2.2. Types of 36 inch hair extensions

If you are looking for some types of 36 inch hair extensions, this part is definitely for you: 

  • Tape-in 36 inch hair extensions: Wide strips of adhesive tape have been used to adhere together tape-in 36 inch hair extensions. The “sandwich” technique is used to attach the tape to the hair. This calls for you to separate a lock of hair with a comb before taping a strip of duct tape on it from top to bottom. Make careful to secure your hair’s top and bottom strands at the same distance from your head. But you should visit the salon so the hairstylist can do it for you. It takes a skilled hairdresser only 30 minutes to finish a service user.

Types of 36 inch hair extensions

  • Clip-in 36 inch hair extensions: A filament, curved cable with a 36 inch clip-in hair extension, sometimes called a hairpin, is attached to a base made of silicone or cloth. It just requires that you clip the hair extension to your strands by hand. Each clip is simple to open and close. Applying at home simply takes five to fifteen minutes. Pressure sensitive clips are used to connect a 36 inch clip in hair extension, in order to protect your hair from harm.
  • Microbead 36 inch hair extensions: Microring or micro loop extensions are other names for microbead 36 inch hair extensions. They are applied by using a silicone-lined microbead to attach micro hairs to brief pieces of natural hair. The beads are then secured in place by being tightened. Even though this technique doesn’t use heat or adhesive, microbead hair extensions might damage your hair if they are applied incorrectly. If beads are not correctly removed, pressure and straining at the roots caused by over tightened beads might result in hair loss. Only a hair salon should be used to apply this kind of hair extension.
  • Sew-in 36 inch hair extensions: Your natural hair must first be braided into acceptable strands before adding a 36-inch hair extension by sewing it into the braid using a thread and a needle. Your natural hair won’t need much upkeep because it will be pushed back after stitching. Your natural hair is also more protected from daily style harm. Adding a 36-inch sew-in hair extension to your natural hair typically takes 3 to 6 hours.

Fusion and pre-bonded 36 inch hair extensions

  • Fusion and pre-bonded 36 inch hair extensions: One of the most realistic-looking hair extension kinds is considered to be fusion and pre-bonded 36 inch hair extensions. The roots of your individual hair strands are where the hair extensions are attached, which makes them extremely flexible and natural-looking. With this sort of hair extension, you can effortlessly apply whatever hairstyle you choose because it blends in perfectly and performs much like your own hair. Fusion 36 inch hair extensions can only be applied in hair salons since they require keratin adhesive that is melted by intense heat.

3. Caring for the 36 inch hair extensions

By lengthening and adding volume to your hair, 36 inch hair extensions may completely change the way you look. They enable celebrities to get stunning hairstyles in only one day. 36 inch hair extensions require maintenance just like your own hair does. You should learn how to care for your 36 inch hair extensions if you want them to make you appear gorgeous.

  • 36 inch hair extensions need specific care since the hair becomes dry because there is no oil moving down the hair strands. Always use moisturizing, gentle-on-the-hair products. Consider the ingredients in the shampoo and conditioner you use for the 36 inch hair extensions. Select items that don’t include sulfates, have gentle detergents, and offer a lot of moisture and hydration.

Caring for the 36 inch hair extensions

  • Avoid over-shampooing or over-conditioning your 36 inch hair extensions at the roots since this will cause a temporary adhesion to your head. Because you do not want the beads or the bonds to budge when you are wearing keratin bonds or microlinks, this is very crucial. When cleansing the 36 inch hair extensions for these styles, be very careful with the roots, if you are too rough, the styles won’t stay as long. Try to go as long as you can without washing your hair, and when you do, be careful with your roots.
  • You might wish to wait a little time when wearing 36 inch hair extensions if you often use dry shampoo on your natural hair. 36 inch hair extensions may become dried out by dry shampoo. To keep 36 inch hair extensions looking excellent for longer, use them sparingly. Let your hair air dry after washing and conditioning. Your natural roots will be less stressed as a result. If you must use a blow-dryer, put it to the lowest setting, and use a diffuser if you are blow-drying curly 36 inch hair extensions.
  • After each usage, you need to brush out any tangles. Putting on curly straight extensions? Before beginning a new style, make careful to brush out the curls of the 36 inch hair extensions. Use a paddle brush while dealing with straight extensions. Use a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush while the 36 inch hair extensions is damp and conditioned when working with curly hair.

How to find the best 36 inch hair extensions

4. How to find the best 36 inch hair extensions

Without having to wait for your hair to grow out, hair extensions are a charming and undetectable option to add length or volume to your locks. Finding the ideal length can be challenging, especially with long hair such as 36 inch hair extensions if you want your extensions to mix in with your natural hair. In order to maintain your 36 inch hair extensions looking as immaculate as your natural hair does on its own, you may utilize some general length and thickness standards.

  • How to determine your natural length: Count the hairs that are below your ears. The top of your ear should be around 1 inch or 2.5 cm above the measuring tape. Note the length of your hair by examining the point at where it ends. If you have curly hair, straighten it out before measuring the complete length. Remember to measure from above your ears rather than the top of your head because hair extensions typically sit directly above your ears.
  • To increase volume, use extensions that are 5.1 cm or 2 inches longer than your hair. Buy hair extensions that are just a little bit longer than your natural hair length if your hair is finer and you want to add some dimension to it. The volume they add is greater than the length, and they will mix in well. For instance, get 36 inch hair extensions if your original hair is 34 inches long.

Tips for greatest 36 inch hair extensions

  • For the finest mix, choose extensions that are no closer than 4 inches (10 cm) from your natural length. Choose extensions that are a few inches longer than the length of your hair if you want to seem more natural. These will seem natural and mix in well with the length of your hair.  Even though you don’t need the entire 4 inches or 10 cm of additional length, you ought to purchase extensions that long to allow for trimming as you blend.

You may discover a reputable hair provider in your neighborhood for simple personal usage, or if you want to construct wigs in large quantities, you can even import the hair from another country. Remember the following while looking for and interacting with hair suppliers: 

  • Don’t forget to: Research the business by looking at its website, address, and customer reviews before making any purchases while looking for and working with hair suppliers.
  • Prepare a list of inquiries for every supplier you want to use. Using more than a basic “yes” or “no” answer, ask open-ended questions.
  • Using a video conference, make sure everything is correct before continuing.

In Vietnam, K-Hair is a significant wholesale producer. For years, it has held the top spot among the largest hair factories in Vietnam. K-Hair has been producing and distributing hair internationally for more than 30 years. They consistently provide salons, retailers, distributors, and other companies across the world with the highest-quality hair, particularly 36 inch hair extensions and many other hair lengths. High-quality virgin Vietnamese human hair is offered in bulk by K-Hair factory.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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