What You Must Know About 100 Human Hair In Hair Business

What You Must Know About 100 Human Hair In Hair Business
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Along with the continuous expansion of the market and customers, 100 human hair is becoming more and more famous and is mentioned more in hair extension forums. They, with their outstanding advantages, have successfully made customers love and choose to help them have a more prominent and attractive appearance every time they appear in a crowd. In addition, they do not require regular care, suitable even for busy girls. So what are their characteristics, and is there anything to keep in mind before buying them? All information will be provided in the article below.

What You Must Know About 100 Human Hair In Hair Business

What You Must Know About 100 Human Hair In Hair Business

1. What is 100 human hair

Human hair is a type of hair with many outstanding features that make it loved by a large number of customers. An overview of this hair type will be provided in the passage below.

1.1 Definition of 100 human hair

Human hair, as the name suggests, is hair from women of many different countries. Usually, this is a direct source for producing human hair extensions to sell to users.

Different countries will have different human hair characteristics depending on the climate in that country. For example, in countries with mild weather like Vietnam, human hair will often have strong and smooth characteristics but not be easily tangled. As for countries that are dry and hot all year round, like India, human hair is often mentioned because it has a typical roughness and is not too soft, even though it is a type of hair that has never been styled.

1.2 Classify 100 human hair

Normally, human hair includes two types. The characteristics of each type are shown in the passage below.

  • 100 virgin human hair: This is a famous human hair because of its near-perfect quality, smooth texture, and is not often tangled. They were collected from a single donor and have not been styled, so the uniformity and smoothness of the hair are preserved. These are also the most popular when made into hair extensions, as when they are applied, they have a feeling of lightness and high durability. They will be suitable for girls who are willing to spend a lot of money on a hair extension item to use it for a long time. However, their price will also be higher than the rest, which is something that customers often consider when choosing them.
  • 100 human hair remy: This is not as good quality as virgin hair, but it is still very popular because of its good quality. They are collected from 2 to 3 donors, so the hair quality is often not the same, and sometimes the hair can be styled so it will be rougher or tangle more easily. Usually, when manufactured into hair extensions, the price is also lower, making them suitable for girls who do not need to use them often and do not want to spend too much money on a hair extension item.
Classify 100 human hair

Classify 100 human hair

2. Pros and cons of 100 human hair

In terms of advantages and disadvantages, 100  human hair have their own properties depending on their origin and structure. You can refer to the passage below.

2.1 Pros of 100 human hair

100 human hair can be considered the best on the market today, so they bring a lot of pros for you. Some outstanding pros can be read in the paragraphs below.

  • High-quality: Human hair has a glossy texture and is famous for its smoothness and shine, making you instantly more fashionable when you appear in a crowd. The hair extension items are made from human hair, which always has enough moisture to keep your hair from tangling when you go out.
  • Long service life: Human hair can usually be used for several years and can be used many times. As long as you wash it off after each use to completely remove dust and dirt from your hair, you can feel free to apply it next time.
  • Looks natural and silky: They’re made from real hair, so when you apply the extensions, they will look exactly like your own, especially when they’re the same length and color. Even if you look at them from a close distance, they won’t be revealed.
  • Does not need complicated daily care steps: Human hair is less the need to use too many hair care products at the same time. If you want your hair to become softer and always retain the same amount of moisture as when you first bought it, you can use additional hair oils or masks that provide moisture. However, they are not mandatory, and you just need to wash your hair every time you use human hair extensions.
Pros of 100 human hair

Pros of 100 human hair

2.2 Cons of 100 human hair

Although there are many advantages, each type of hair has its own disadvantages. Here are some disadvantages of 100 strands of human hair to consider before purchasing.

  • High cost: Of course, price often comes with quality. Therefore, with its perfect quality and characteristic glossy sheen, human hair is always rated as the hair with the highest price on the market. In particular, virgin hair types are also very famous because of their expensive level, so they are not for girls with a low budget.
  • The source of hair is gradually becoming scarce: This hair is collected and produced directly from human hair, so it is exploited in large quantities every year. As a result, the source of this type of hair is gradually diminishing, particularly virgin hair extensions, which are rapidly diminishing because the hair of girls in many countries has been styled.

3. 100 human hair wigs

On the current market of hair extensions, it can be said that wig hair extensions are the most popular and the most popular. They are convenient, work well on hair, and look very natural, which is what makes them popular.

3.1 Definition of 100 human hair wigs

A 100% human hair wig is a type of hair extension that attaches directly to your hair to add length or volume, depending on the intended use. They have quick application and removal processes, so even if you need a quick and perfect haircut before hitting the road, they are always a good choice.

100 human hair wigs are also derived from human hair, including virgin hair wigs and remy hair wigs. A virgin hair wig will always be better than the others and demand a higher level of payment from the user.

Definition of 100 human hair wigs

Definition of 100 human hair wigs

3.2 Types of 100 human hair wigs

Human hair wigs are one of the many different types of hair extensions. You can choose the type you want to be based on their characteristics and your needs.

  • 100 human hair braided wigs: Wig hair is braided together, easily giving you a personalized look every time you apply. They are suitable for celebrities who want to stand out every time they appear in public or mischievous girls who want to look more special.
  • 100 human hair lace front wigs: The wig has a smooth texture and is especially soft. They come in both straight and curly varieties, giving you the option to choose according to the desired look.

4. 100 human hair extensions

Hiểu một cách đơn giản, đây là human hair đã được sản xuất thành tóc nối. Chính vì vậy, cũng gần như vẫn mang mọi đặc điểm của human hair đã nhắc đến bên trên.

4.1 Definition of 100 human hair extensions

To put it simply, 100% human hair is guaranteed to be 100% real human hair extensions that are made from real human hair collected and produced from real women’s hair in many different countries. Despite having the same origin, the quality and characteristics of women’s hair in each country differ, and each has its own unique selling point to attract customers.

For example, 100 human hair extensions made from Vietnamese women’s hair will usually have a natural black color and be strong and especially soft. And hair extensions collected from Indian women’s hair will be a bit rougher because of the influence of the hot, dry weather in this country.

Definition of 100 human hair extensions

Definition of 100 human hair extensions

4.2 Types of 100 human hair extensions

Human hair also has different types with different qualities. Your choice is usually based on your budget or the quality of hair you want to have.

  • 100 human hair bundles with closure: Human hair is collected and bundled into bundles with the same amount of hair, the same length, and the same origin. Usually, they will be purchased by small vendors to produce hair extensions to sell to customers. And from time to time, sellers will often buy them to create their own DIYs to make them look more special.
  • 100 human hair for braiding: Just like other raw hair, these are bundled into bundles ready to style. Usually, they will be braided then sold to customers, or customers can buy them to braid themselves into the style they want, depending on their preferences.
  • 100 human hair clip in extensions: Hair extensions are attached directly to the clips that attach to your hair, thereby giving you a more beautiful look. They will be divided into packs with the same color, length, and origin, and the number of packs you want to buy will be based on the thickness of your real hair and also the thickness you want. However, you should not apply too much because it can cause inconvenience for you.
  • 100 human hair ponytail: This hair type is especially suitable for girls who love to tie their hair in a ponytail. You just need to tie up your hair at the back of your head and apply this hair type, and you will have perfect and thicker hair. They also work to make your hair look softer and more attractive to people around you.
  • 100 human hair tape in extensions: Their construction is similar to that of clip in hair extensions, but they are hair extensions that are attached to the tapes. They are also attached to your real hair to add extra softness and make your hair look thicker. You should choose the length or width of your hair extensions carefully because when they do not fit your hair completely, they will be exposed during application and may look fake.
Types of 100 human hair extensions

Types of 100 human hair extensions

5. What to notice when buying 100 human hair

Before deciding to buy a hair extension item, you often have to consider its pros and cons. After deciding to buy, you should be careful to choose a suitable item.

5.1 How to check 100 human hair quality

Regarding how to check the quality of hair extensions, there are many different ways to do it. You can rely on a few notes below to know if the hair extensions are of perfect quality.

As mentioned above, there are only two types of human hair: virgin hair extensions and remy hair extensions, and virgin hair is of higher quality. So, if you want to buy the best quality, virgin hair extensions will be more suitable for you.

To know if the hair extensions you want to buy are virgin hair or not, you can rely on their texture to predict. Virgin hair has a particularly shiny and light texture, it will make almost no difference to your real hair when applied. As for remy hair extensions, although they will also be smooth, they will be a little rougher or a little different when they are applied to the hair.

The second way is that you can rely on the information about the hair extensions on the supplier’s website. All information about the origin is fully provided by the supplier, you can check the product information to see if they are made from virgin hair or not. Or if you buy directly from the salon, ask the seller directly to have them advise you on them.

Another feature that needs to be used to check the quality of 100 human hair is based on the country of origin. Usually, hair extensions are made from the best quality Vietnamese women’s hair, then Chinese hair, and finally Indian hair. The way to check the quality is similar to the steps above, you should ask carefully about them before deciding whether to buy or not.

In addition, you can also choose suppliers from Vietnam to make sure their items are made from the hair of a Vietnamese mountain woman. Or, for example, if you buy hair extensions from China because you love their variety, you can also order from a Chinese manufacturer. At that time, you can both buy the type of hair you want and enjoy the attractive promotions that the supplier offers to their customers.

How to check 100 human hair quality

How to check 100 human hair quality

5.2 How to choose reliable human hair suppliers

There are many suppliers in the current market, and their reliability is not the same. You can rely on the following characteristics of a trustworthy supplier to determine whether or not to purchase from that supplier.

Have the supplier’s official website with complete information: Most suppliers in the market will have their own website, where they can post information about suppliers, products, prices, and promotions. their special holidays. The website is the first thing to pay attention to to be able to identify a supplier as well. If a supplier does not have an official website or the listing is incomplete, then you should be careful because they are most likely a fake supplier.

Provide samples for you to check the quality: In order for customers to check the quality of their 100 human hair before placing an order and to strengthen their trust, suppliers still provide samples every time a customer requests them. When you want to buy from a new supplier and do not have much information about them, it is necessary to ask for a sample to make sure that the supplier is good and you can buy from them.

Be ready to video call when needed: Customers also often want to make video calls to be able to see the product quality or visit the production site to have more confidence in the supplier they choose. If the supplier refuses the video call, they are most likely a fake supplier.

Regarding reliable suppliers, I have some great suggestions for you. K Hair Factory, 5S Hair Factory, 5S Hair Factory, Qingdao Quanyu International Trading Co., Ltd., and SGI Hair India are all famous suppliers in the market. They not only provide good quality hair extensions, but the quality is also excellent, and their staff is always happy to answer all your questions when needed.

In short, 100 human hair is a type of hair that has many good features and is almost perfect. They are also always mentioned for their shiny and silky smoothness and do not require too much care. This is also a perfect choice for you if you want to have a perfect look before going out, and be the focus of the crowd. Hopefully, with the suggestions below, you can buy the perfect suit item.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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