Why Straight Human Hair Extensions Are Trending Items

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As a seemingly simple hair extension item that has unexpected effects on girls’ hair, straight human hair extensions are always one of the best selling items on the market. They are appropriate for a wide range of custom styles and ages, including young, active girls and feminine, middle-aged women. At the same time, this item also makes their hair shinier. Why is their attraction so great? What characteristics do they have that girl love? What unique types do they have? All answers will be provided when you patiently read through this article.

straight human hair extensions

Why straight human hair extensions are trending items

1. What are straight human hair extensions?

1.1 Definition of straight human hair extensions

In terms of definition, the very name of these products reveals their origin and outstanding structural features. Straight human hair extensions are hair extension items made from real human hair, not synthetic ones from synthetic fibers. They are collected from donors in many different countries, then go through the factory’s production process to become shiny items that are sold to users.

As for the structure, they are straight from top to bottom, not dyed or bent like many other items. This structure is suitable for many different styles that girls pursue and will also make them look smoother and softer, more like your real hair, every time you apply them to your hair.

1.2 Compare human vs synthetic hair extensions

These are two types of straight human hair extensions that are often compared because their structural characteristics are similar and their textures are sometimes not too different. However, they still have a few other points based on their origin.

  • The first is about the smoothness. Straight human hair extension is usually smoother and less frizzy than hair made from man-made fibers. Therefore, synthetic human hair extensions will be softer and lighter when you hold them and will fit more into your hair than when applied to real hair. Even high-quality synthetic hair is still a little rough and more prone to tangles, so you have to brush them regularly.
  • The second is about durability. Human hair usually has a strong structure, so it can last for a few years if you know how to properly care for it, and maybe even longer. However, synthetic hair types can only simulate the durability of human hair; they cannot be as strong as real human hair, so they have a lifespan of several months to a year.
Compare human vs synthetic hair

Compare human vs synthetic hair extensions

1.3 Difference between silky straight and bone straight

Both types of hair are straight and extremely smooth. However, bone straight hair is the type that is straightened and undergoes chemical treatment to become shiny. That is, they may be slightly curled at first, then flattened by the manufacturer before being sold to customers.

As the name suggests, silky hair extensions are bouncy and fuller-looking than other types. They help girls have a sleek look and look younger.

2. Straight human hair extension types

Straight human hair extensions have many different types, and customers can freely choose based on the type they want. Here are the most basic types of this item that nearly every supplier has.

  • Straight human hair extensions wigs: This is one of the most popular types of hair extensions. They include a set of hair that is applied directly to the head instead of being divided into different packs, so it only takes you a few minutes to quickly perfect your hairstyle. In addition, whether you have thick or thin hair, this type of hair is suitable for you.
  • Straight human hair extensions clip in: Hair extensions will be attached to a clip to be clipped onto your real hair. So you can rely on the thin thickness of your hair to change the number of packs you want until the right effect is achieved. And this type is placed under your real hair to add thickness to the hair; it should not be applied to real hair because it is easy to show.
  • Straight ponytail extension human hair: A ponytail-like extension that is clipped into your hair after you have pulled your hair up to the back of your head. They make your bun look thicker and fuller.
  • Straight human hair weave: The straight human hair extension are weaved into thin sections of tape and then glued to your hair using specialized glue. This type will take more time to apply and remove for you, and if you are not proficient and stick it in the wrong place, it will look fake.
  • Straight human hair closure: A hair extension that is woven and attached to the base and fixed around them to prevent it from falling out. They are also applied to the back of real hair for girls with thin hair because they will make their hair shiny and thicker.
Type of Straight human hair

Straight human hair extension types

3. Straight human hair extension styles

Straight hair extensions have many different styles that have appeared since they were marketed. Here are a few of the most basic types you should know about.

3.1 Classification by texture

There are many ways to classify straight human hair extensions. The first way is to distinguish them based on their texture.

  • The first is silky straight hair extensions. This is a smooth and straight hair extension from head to tail. These strands have been straightened before being sold and treated with chemicals, so they are exceptionally shiny.
  • The second is kinky straight hair extensions. This item is also a type of straight hair; the texture is similar to the classic afro style, so they will be more bouncy and less likely to tangle and fall out.
  • The third is straight yaki hair. They are hair made from remy hair, smooth and suitable for many different styles you want.

3.2 Classification by length

Second, straight human hair extensions can be distinguished based on length. They are usually selected based on the length you want after applying and the length of your actual hair.

  • Long straight hair extensions: This is the longest hair extension, suitable for girls with long hair and a feminine appearance. They will help them become more attractive with long, smooth, and naturally bouncy hair.
  • Medium long straight hair extensions: This is for girls with medium-length hair, neither too long nor too short. Medium-length straight hair extensions are also the best sellers of all three lengths because of their versatility, and most girls love them.
  • Short straight hair extensions: This style is ideal for active women with short hair. They are only suitable for girls with short hair because when you have long hair and apply them, they will be exposed and do not look very real.
Classification by length

Classification by length

3.3 Classification by color

Finally, divide straight hair extensions into different categories based on color. The colors you want are mostly provided by the seller.

  • Red straight human hair extensions: These are very popular among young and mischievous girls because they make them look fashionable and very special. The fiery red hair can easily become the focus of a crowd. Reds from dark to light are provided; if you want to buy them, you can consult the seller to choose the right red color.
  • Black straight human hair extensions: This is the most common and popular color, and they will perfectly match your natural hair color. Therefore, they will have the effect of adding length and making the hair more bouncy, making it look even more feminine.
  • White straight human hair extensions: This is also a favorite color of many girls in recent years. However, they often buy small hair extensions or packs of straight hair extensions and have them intermingled with their dark hair for a more unique look.
  • Yellow straight human hair extensions: This color is very prominent and is loved by many European girls because it looks silky and very trendy. In addition, when applying them, they will look younger than their years, and their skin will also become brighter because this color is similar to the color of the sun, making them stand out.

4. Tips for trending straight human hair extension

After buying a straight hair extension, there are a few notes you should pay attention to. Following the instructions will keep your hair smooth.

Tips for trending straight human hair

Tips for trending straight human hair extension

4.1 Can you straighten hair extensions

This is a frequently asked question by buyers who are unhappy with their straight human hair extension after purchasing it or who want to transform it into bone-straight hair extensions.The answer is yes; you can straighten your hair the same way you would real hair until you achieve the effect you want.

However, you should not do this too often, as it causes more and more damage to the straight human hair extension. In addition, the quality of the hair will also decrease after each straightening, gradually making it weaker and more prone to breakage.

So, if you want to buy completely straight hair, you can choose to buy bone straight hair because it has the most straight structure of all types. In that way, you get the straightness you want without having to worry about your hair becoming weak from straightening. In addition, they also save more time; you don’t need to waste time ironing your hair anymore.

4.2 How to keep straight human hair extension silky

This is also a question many girls ask after buying straight human hair extension items. There are many different methods to keep hair bouncy and shiny, which you can refer to below.

  • Brushing hair frequently: Regular brushing helps your hair extensions stay straight and tangle-free, and your hair will look more bouncy. You can always carry a small comb with you to use whenever you feel your hair is a bit tangled. Gently comb from the bottom of the hair to the top so that they are as soft as when applied.
  • Moisturizing with conditioner: You can buy a few bottles of moisturizer specifically for hair extensions and use them regularly after each application. When your hair has enough moisture and nutrients, it will be less frizzy and will always be silky and shiny, also making you look more feminine.
  • No heating effect: Heat effects include straightening and curling straight human hair extension after purchase. They are not prohibited, but avoiding the heat effect on the hair will keep the hair in its original state and texture, and it will always be shiny. Therefore, the application of heat is not recommended because it is easy to make the hair weaker and thinner.
straight human hair extension silky

How to keep straight human hair extension silky

5. Finding straight human hair extension on the market

Finally, if you want to buy an item for yourself but don’t know where to start, please refer to the suggestions below. They are detailed and will suggest a reputable supplier.

5.1 Is straight human hair extension expensive?

The answer is yes. They will definitely be more expensive than other hair extensions made from synthetic hair from synthetic hair. Each type has different advantages and disadvantages and is suitable for different types of users. It is impossible to say which type is best for you; you must choose based on your usage needs.

Synthetic hair extensions are those made from man-made fibers that are rough in structure and frizzy. And straight human hair extensions retain the same texture as a human hair; they are extremely bouncy and shiny.

They are expensive, but the price goes with the quality. They will soften your hair and make you look more attractive with shiny hair, plus you can use them for up to 3 years and many times. Compared to buying cheap synthetic hair extensions that only last for a few months to a year, this is the most budget-friendly option. Therefore, even though this is a high-priced item, many girls still choose to buy it because they find it worth the money.

5.2 How to check straight human hair extension quality

Straight human hair extensions include two types of different quality: virgin hair extensions and remy hair extensions. Virgin straight hair extensions are those collected from a woman’s hair that has never been styled, such as permed or dyed, and collected from a single woman so the texture is uniform. This is the best quality.

Remy straight hair extensions are hair extensions that have been styled so they are more prone to tangling or falling out and are collected from 2–3 people so they do not maintain alignment. This is a lower-quality type, so the price is cheaper.

Virgin hair extensions are often smoother and more natural than remy hair; when you try to apply them, they will perfectly fit with real hair. In addition, you can also rely on the price to guess their quality, because virgin hair extensions are always sold at a higher price.

Another method is to ask the seller about the origin and quality differences between them in order to determine their quality. You can also find hair extensions at stores that specialize in virgin hair extensions, whose quality is guaranteed to be excellent.

straight human hair extension quality

How to check straight human hair extension quality

5.3 Where to buy straight human hair extensions

Straight human hair extensions are available from both large suppliers and small hair extensions salons and stores; you can purchase from whichever location you prefer. Since large suppliers often have their own factories specializing in the production of this type of product, the quality is guaranteed and the price is often more favorable. However, they will usually not be near you, require high shipping costs, and take a relatively long time.

Conversely, small salons and stores will be closer to you so that you can visit the shop and select the goods at the seller’s suggestion. However, the items from the big brand you like will sometimes not be sold, and the price will not be as favorable as when buying from a large supplier. To make the best decision, you can use your own criteria.

And if you want to find a large, reputable supplier but have no idea where to start, you can refer to some of my supplier suggestions. K-Hair Factory, 5S Hair Factory, Qingdao Haiyi Hair Products Co., Ltd., and SGI Hair India are all good suppliers you can give a try.

Their products are all high-quality human hair extensions and have a soft, fluffy texture. There are many different types and styles to choose from, and they often have attractive discounts for guests during the holidays.

In short, straight human hair extensions are a good choice if you love hair extensions, and almost every trendy girl has an item of her own. The information in article is full of the information you need to know before buying this hair type, including the hair care steps after buying. Hopefully, they will assist you in the future in obtaining a floating item for yourself.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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