Wholesale Hair Vendors: Amazing Facts and How to Find Them


The hair-making process of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam

Nowadays, people pay a lot of attention to beautifying their hair. This is the reason why wholesale hair vendors have always been the top in beauty services. If you want to import hair from wholesale hair vendors, it is crucial to find the best one among them. In this article, beside giving the amazing facts, we will also inform you how to find the best wholesale hair vendors and how to place an order from them!

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    Overview of the Wholesale Hair Vendors

If you are new to the hair industry, it might be difficult to consider which hair supplier is the best for your business to import from. Therefore, the following content is the most insightful knowledge about wholesale hair vendors that you should take into account before making any decisions for your hair business. In fact, if your business direction are supposed to focus on cheap market only, you can consult this specific market: Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors. If not, you can keep reading and get amazing knowledge!

1.1. Top 3 main suppliers for wholesale hair vendors


The hair-making process of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam

There are many places in the world that provide wholesale hair vendors. Among them, Vietnam, China, and India are the 3 largest wholesale hair vendors in the world. All three biggest wholesale hair vendors are from Asia because of their culture, women with pure long hair are often considered traditional. Therefore, hair sources in Asia are usually of high quality and more popular than other suppliers.

1.2. The wholesale hair vendors in the UK, Atlanta, and Los Angeles

Beside Vietnam, China, and India, there are also several wholesale hair suppliers all over the world such as wholesale hair vendors in the UK, wholesale hair vendors in Los Angeles, wholesale hair vendors in Miami, and wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta, etc. However, these suppliers do not have factories and have to import the hair extensions from the top 3 main wholesale hair vendors mentioned before (Vietnam, China, and India). As a result, the cost of the hair extensions offered by them is much higher than importing directly from Vietnamese, Chinese, and Indian hair factories.


The virgin hair extensions of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam

However, high-quality human hair wigs necessitate a number of factors. The strength and quality of the product are directly related to the processing technique. The chemicals required to sanitize and remove the original color in order to produce different curl patterns and colors are extremely potent. Depending on the method used, it can have an impact on the hair’s integrity. The higher the quality of the chemicals used and the more artistic approach to the processing used, the higher the results in quality products and thus the higher the price.

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  1. Lists of the major suppliers for wholesale hair vendors


The hair-making process of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam

As the hair market is expanding faster than ever, there are increasingly large numbers of wholesale hair vendors that supplying hair all over the world. Below is the detailed information of 3 well-known wholesale hair vendors that you definitely should be aware of before deciding to import the hair extensions for your business:

2.1.  Vietnamese Wholesale Hair Vendors – the best wholesale hair vendors in the hair market


K-Hair Factory – The biggest hair factory in Vietnam

Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors have the best hair quality in the hair market. Vietnamese hair quality is famous for being strong because it can withstand the heat, hot and humid climate in this area. Besides, Vietnamese women like to grow long hair and often use natural products such as pomelo oil, coconut oil, and locust – these are very good hair products that are rare to find in other regions to take care of hair.

Therefore, every wholesale hair distributor always prefers hair from Vietnam because of its strength and long durability.

2.2.  Chinese Wholesale Hair Vendors – Big Wholesale Hair Vendors


A hair factory in China

The cost of Chinese hair is quite cheap and suitable for people with average finances because Chinese hair is commonly mixed with hair from many donors, such as Indian and Cambodian hair (which is not from 100% pure hair donors). As a result, the hair comes from Chinese hair factories usually in short durability. However, by utilizing cutting-edge technology in the production of hair, Chinese hair merchants are able to provide a diverse range of hairstyles.

Moreover, wholesale hair vendors still import from Chinese hair vendors because it is cheap and has a variety of designs, suitable for many customers, especially those who always like to change many hairstyles but are afraid of damaging their real hair.


2.3.  India Wholesale Hair Vendors – Cheap Wholesale Hair Vendors


A hair factory in India

The cost of Indian hair is really cheap because it is mixed between many different hair sources. Therefore, the usage of Indian hair is not long. However, with the current fashion trend, many people prefer to change their hairstyle continuously within 2-3 months and the hair source from India can meet that.

With the cheapest price in the hair market, fashionmonger or radiation patients only need wigs in a short time, wholesale hair vendors are always looking to India to ensure the demand. of customers.

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  1. The virgin hair from wholesale hair vendors

In all the commonly purchased hair types, virgin hair is the most sought-after hair substance by wholesale hair vendors. The following will give you the in-depth knowledge about virgin hair vendors that you should know:


The hair-making process of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam

3.1.  The definition of virgin hair from wholesale hair vendors

Virgin hair, also known as Pure virgin hair, is chemically unprocessed human hair bulk. It has to be 100% pure.

Pure hair has never undergone any chemicals such as pressing, curling, dyeing, etc. Besides, the hair must be shiny, not weak or broken.

3.2.  The benefits of virgin hair from wholesale hair vendors


The virgin hair extensions of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam

Virgin hair can be used for a long time, customers who know how to store it can use it for up to 10 years because the hair will not be damaged or become weaker due to chemicals. The cost of virgin hair is not more expensive than dyed hair. Some places even offer chemical-free hair that is cheaper than styled ones. According to current fashion trends, even people from Europe or America are very fond of black and long straight hair. The suppliers of virgin hair come from Asia and always pay attention to this hair type.

It is critical to select raw hair extensions vendors who offer high-quality and dependable raw hair extensions items. Knowing that the demand for Raw Hair Extension is huge, there are countless Wholesale Raw Hair Vendors in the market. Check out the article if you are finding a list of 5 best wholesale raw hair vendors near you!

3.3 The Care Routine of Virgin Hair, Remy Hair, and Non-Remy Hair from Wholesale Hair Vendors


The Hair extensions from K-Hair Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor

3.3.1 Washing the Virgin Hair, Remy Hair, and Non-Remy Hair from Wholesale Hair Vendors

Of course, the first step in any hair care program is to shampoo and condition your strands on a regular basis. If you have virgin hair from Wholesale Hair Vendors, seek for a shampoo and conditioner system that is gentle on your strands while also addressing any hair difficulties you may have. If your strands are looking dull and dry, look for a system that’s designed to replace moisture.

3.3.2 Cleaning the Scalp Surface of Virgin Hair, Remy Hair, and Non-Remy Hair from Wholesale Hair Vendors

When using the hair extensions from Wholesale Hair Vendors, remember to clean your scalp can assist you regardless of your hair type or whether you have colored or virgin hair. Whether you realize it or not, your scalp is an extension of your skin, and it has to be healthy and clean in order to create healthy strands. Excess oil, dead skin cells, and residual hair care product can accumulate on your scalp over time.


The Hair extensions from K-Hair Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor

3.3.3 Using Good Condition for Virgin Hair, Remy Hair, and Non-Remy Hair from Wholesale Hair Vendors

We generally emphasize the significance of using a weekly or biweekly deep conditioning treatment when you have colored strands, but they can also be useful for virgin hair from Wholesale Hair Vendors. Replace your regular conditioner with a good conditioner a couple of times a week. It’s simpler and faster to use than you may think—just leave the conditioner on for one minute, rinse out, and continue with your regular hair care routine.

3.3.4 Using Hair Treatments for Virgin Hair, Remy Hair, and Non-Remy Hair from Wholesale Hair Vendors

Apply a nutritious hair treatment or serum to your moist strands after you get out of the shower. Doing so after each wash might assist your virgin hair from Wholesale Hair Vendors to stay healthy and nourished. Simply apply a dime-sized amount of the hair oil to your hair’s lengths and ends, then style as desired. You may also use a small amount of the same product as a finishing touch on dry hair to help control flyaways and smooth frizz.

  1. Tips to identify the reliable wholesale hair vendors

To make sure you can buy high-quality hair extensions from a reliable source, it is important to learn the following about a good wholesale hair vendor. The following content is several points that you should know when considering whether you should import from them or not. You should combine it with this sharing: Tips to avoid scam from wholesale hair vendors to get the best results.


A customer of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam 

4.1.  Reviews on social media about wholesale hair vendors

–      Check the reviews on Youtube and Facebook: Check out the vendor’s social media profiles and watch review videos about a new vendor and hair types on Youtube, also watch unsponsored videos to make the right decision.

–       Orders and reviews from the web: Customers should purchase hair from vendors that have completed at least 200 orders, have a high rating of 95% and above. The wholesale hair distributors must have many positive feedbacks.

4.2.  Content and Service of the wholesale hair vendors

–     Shipping time: Remember to ask the vendor how long you can get the hair.

–     Return policy: The big wholesale hair vendors often pay close attention to the return policy. Please read carefully their policy and how to respond to customer feedback in the item ‘reviews’ to get the best shopping service.


Customers of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam

4.3.  The Policy of the wholesale hair vendors

  • Read the hair vendor’s policy of the wholesale hair vendorsIs there a guarantee on the hair? What are their sales and after-sales policies? All of this information will be shown on the websites of wholesale hair suppliers who offer the best wholesale hair bundles. If information such as refund and exchange policies, shipping times, and aftersales policies are lacking, you may need to hunt for another hair provider.
  • Request Samples of the Hair extension of the wholesale hair vendorsDo they provide samples? If you’re hesitant to put a large order without seeing it first, that’s a totally legitimate request. Request that the provider send you samples of both straight and wavy hair. Sew it on yourself or a friend, experiment with it, dye it, lighten it, wash it, and heat style it. Keep an eye on how well it holds up. Samples are an excellent way to gauge the quality. If you like the sample, place a little order to ensure the sample items aren’t a ruse. If the quality is comparable to the sample, you will be more confident in placing a larger order.

4.4.  The Payments Methods of the wholesale hair vendors

  • PayPal is here to help small hair business owners make payments! PayPal provides more security by safeguarding your credit card details. If the hair does not match the description, they provide a dispute settlement method. More and more places are embracing and becoming closer to the PayPal trend. PayPal is now accepted by a large number of Vietnamese Wholesale hair vendors, especially K-Hair – Biggest Vietnamese Hair Factory. There are other options, such as Western Union and MoneyGram, but PayPal is still the most popular.
  1. The benefits of choosing Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors

As listed before, Vietnamese hair is prominent as pure hair with no chemicals. Hair salons, hair sellers want to buy hair to bleach and dye, and style the hair to curly wavy, then they must choose pure hair because mixed hair quality can’t be bleached and dyed to perfect hair color.

5.1. The advantages of Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors


K-Hair Factory – The biggest hair factory in Vietnam

  • High quality and long durability: Vietnam is one of the largest wholesale hair vendors because the quality of Vietnamese people’s hair is strong under harsh climatic conditions. There are 3 hair types of Vietnamese Hair: Vietnamese raw virgin hair, Vietnamese remy hair and Vietnamese non-remy hair.
  • Affordable price: The cash flow in Vietnam is quite low compared to the world exchange rate. Therefore, many customers choose Vietnamese hair not only for the material of the hair but also for the reasonable price.
  • Good feedback from customers: With acceptable prices and high product quality, 99% of customers are satisfied with Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors.

5.2. The best wholesale hair vendors among Vietnamese, Chinese, and Indian Wholesale hair vendors


The virgin hair extensions of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam

– Ability to bleach and dye: Vietnamese hair can be bleached and colored to a variety of colors. While Vietnamese virgin hair can be bleached to a 613 tone, Chinese hair can only be coloured in certain tones, and Indian hair cannot be bleached or dyed due to its poor quality.

– Hair source: Vietnamese hair is made up of 100% human virgin hair donors. While Chinese hair is a blend of hair from India and Cambodia, Indian hair is a blend of hair from Cambodia and unknown sources.

– Hair quality:

  • Vietnamese Hair: The hair quality of Vietnamese Hair Wholesale Hair Vendors is the greatest in the hair market. Vietnamese hair is well-known for its long-term resilience and good quality in adverse weather conditions. As previously stated, Vietnamese ladies employ natural vegetation to keep their hair silky and in great shape.
  • Chinese Hair: The Chinese Hair Wholesale Vendors is well-known for its large-scale industrial operations in the chemical industry. Chemicals are used to keep Chinese hair glossy and bouncy. However, because this is chemical hair weaving, the hair becomes tangled and sheds after a period of use and washing.
  • Indian Hair: Indian wholesale hair vendors blend hair from a variety of unknown origins. Indian hair in general is quite fragile, easily knotted, and prone to shedding.

The hair-making process of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam

– Durability:

  • Vietnamese hair: With intact hair quality, the hair can be utilized for 2–10 years.
  • Chinese hair: Because the hair is combined with low-quality Indian and Cambodian hair, it usually lasts 5–12 months before becoming knotted and shedding.
  • Indian Hair: About 2 to 3 months.

– Price: Vietnamese hair is reasonably priced, starting at 8.6 USD/bundle, however Chinese and Indian hair are the cheapest in terms of pricing, starting at 6.9 USD/bundle due to their low quality products.

– Customer feedback:

  • Vietnamese hair: Many Nigerian customers prefer to buy Vietnamese hair over Chinese hair because the hair extensions from Vietnamese hair suppliers are more desirable.
  • Chinese Hair: After the first purchasr, the customers rarely come back, as the hair gets tangled and shedding easily after just a short amount of used time.

Good feedback from customers of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam

  1. Top 5 Best Hair Factories in Vietnam – the biggest Hair Distributors for the Wholesale Hair Vendors

As Vietnamese hair is loved all over the world, there is a large number of wholesale hair vendors there. The following is a list of the top 5 wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam that is recommended by hair experts:

6.1.  K-Hair Vietnamese hair factory – The biggest hair contributor for wholesale hair vendors

K-Hair, the biggest hair contributor for wholesale hair vendors, was created in 1992 and has 30 years of experience in hair production. Unlike many other suppliers, K-Hair is a factory, so they can handle all hairstyles, colors, and quantities: weft, closure, frontal, wig, tip, tape, clip-in, ponytail,etc. The hair supplied in South Africa comes in a variety of textures and designs.


K-Hair Vietnamese hair factory – The biggest hair contributor for wholesale hair vendors

Contact For More Information


The price list from K-Hair Vietnamese hair factory – The biggest hair contributor for wholesale hair vendors

The attached pricing list above shows the price of Vietnamese Weft Hair in USD per 1kg unit (10 bundles). Each bundle contains 100grams, and a minimum order of 10 bundles is required to receive the wholesale pricing. The price varies with length and is determined by the quality of the hair (single, double, or super).

6.2.  5S Hair Manufacturer – A Trustful wholesale hair vendors

5S Hair Vietnamese Wholesale Hair Vendor – A trustful wholesale hair vendors is the first Vietnamese hair factory to provide wholesale hair sellers all over the world. They are currently providing high-quality Vietnamese raw bulk virgin hair, human hair bulk afro kinky, curly wavy hair extension, weft hair, human lace wigs, and lace closure frontal to Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, etc.

Contact For More Information

  • Website:
  • Fanpage: 5shair
  • Instagram: 5s_hairofficial

5S Hair Manufacturer – A Trustworthy wholesale hair vendors

6.3.  MicHair – A Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor

Over the years, Michair Company – a Vietnamese wholesale hair factory has accumulated a lot of hair industry knowledge and research. The company is intimately aware of the demands and expectations of its clientele. Throughout its ten years in operation, the firm has done everything in its power to achieve 100% client satisfaction.

6.4.  Queen Hair – A wholesale hair vendor

Queen Hair- a Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor has over 5 years of experience in both hair extension manufacture and marketing. They are particularly proud of their high-quality hair products, which are supposed to be 100% comprised of actual hair. It has been this way since its inception, and it demonstrates their dedication to both consumers and themselves. This manufacturer specializes on retail hair products.

  1. Import procedure from wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam


Customers of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam

Besides the above wholesale hair vendors, you can refer to the procedures for importing hair from Vietnamese hair wholesale vendors. Here are steps that you should follow if you want to import hair from them:

7.1. How to Place an Order from the best wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam

  • Communicate with vendors using Whatsapp: +84855588000 (Mrs Cherry Factory Manager From K-hair – Dealing With Wholesale).Tips: When chatting with vendors about the hair you want, please describe the orders in detail, such asHAIRSTYLES – QUALITY GRADE – COLOUR – QUANTITY – LENGTH, orHAIRSTYLES – QUALITY GRADE – COLOR – QUANTITY – LENGTHFor example: 1kg – 20inch – Bone Straight Hair – Double Drawn Hair – Piano color, or: Deep curl – Double – Natural Black – 2kg – 22inch
  • Choose your favorite and email its name or number, describe the texture, length, color, etc. to the Hotline +84855588000 (Whatsapp).

K-Hair Vietnamese hair factory – The biggest hair contributor for wholesale hair vendors

7.2. The Purchasing Process of Vietnamese Wholesale Hair Vendors

As a prestigious company in manufacturing hair extensions, K Hair has a competent crew that is proficient in English, French, Spanish, and Russian to give you with the best service possible.

  • To confirm your final choice for kind, description, and quantity with them. They will send you an order confirmation and an invoice through email.
  • When their manufacturer receives your payment, they will begin manufacturing.
  • Every day, the manufacturer will send you an email with an update on the status of your hair manufacturing. You can contact us at any time to come to our factory and inspect your product (This privilege is only available in the K-Hair factory).

In addition, when buying hair from wholesale hair vendors, especially buying hair in bulk, there are many notes to pay attention to. You shouldn’t ignore this useful sharing: Buying Hair in Bulk


The virgin hair extensions of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam

8. Types of Hair Extensions from Wholesale Hair Vendors

As hair extensions are popular among women all over the world, it is critical for wholesale hair sellers to develop new hair designs. Moreover, hair extensions come in a variety of styles that are difficult to differentiate on the hair market. In the following content, we will give you the most detailed information about all kinds of hair that are offered by wholesale hair sellers.

8.1 Virgin Hair from wholesale hair sellers

The term Virgin hair means that the hair still remains intact after being manufactured by the hair factory. Moreover, the virgin hair from wholesale hair sellers is also chemical-free, which is the main reason why virgin hair extensions can be reused for an extended period of time.

Virgin hair is appropriate for people who want to color or bleach (to #613) their hair extensions after acquiring them from wholesale hair sellers.


The virgin hair extensions of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory in Vietnam

8.2 Remy and Non-Remy Hair from wholesale hair sellers

The cuticles are the primary distinction between Remy and Non-Remy hair.


Remy and Non-Remy Hair from wholesale hair sellers

8.2.1 Non Remy Hair from Wholesale Hair Vendors

Remy hair is suitable for those who want to buy acceptable quality hair extensions at affordable prices. Meanwhile, Non-remy hair is for those who want to use hair extensions in just a short time period, such as at a party, event, or any social gathering.

Remy hair is human hair that has been gathered from a single donor or source. The cuticles are intact and pointing in the same direction. The direction of the hair’s cuticle is referred to as Remy hair from Wholesale Hair Vendors. The term “Remy” refers to both the characteristics of the hair and the process used to create the hair extensions. Remy hair has a uni-lateral cuticle direction, which means that the hair follicles all move in the same direction.

Moreover, Remy hair is collected in such a way that all hair strands remain aligned in their natural path of growth, keeping the natural texture pattern and cuticle orientation. Tangling is avoided, which is typical in non-Remy or low-quality hair.

8.2.2 Non Remy Hair from Wholesale Hair Vendors


The hair extensions from Wholesale Hair Vendors

Non-remy hair cuticles from Wholesale Hair Vendors are peeled or run in both directions, resulting in tangling. This hair’s roots and tips are mingled together. With this hairstyle, the cuticles or, in some situations, the ends of the hair are shaved off. This lowers the likelihood of hair strands rubbing together. Non-Remy hair is made entirely of human hair, but it is gathered in piles (various sources). As a result, all of the cuticles are misaligned, causing the hair to tangle easily.

Non-Remy hair from Wholesale Hair Vendors is collected from temple floors, salons, and random suppliers. When using this method of collection, cuticle directions become jumbled, resulting in inescapable shedding, tangling, and matting concerns. Furthermore, because of its inexpensive cost, Non-Remy hair is highly popular and easily available.

8.3 Wig hair from wholesale hair sellers

Wig hair from wholesale hair sellers is the hair extension covering that you wear on your head, for example, if you don’t have much hair or wish to add length to your real hair. Wig hair can give you a new appearance in minutes and come in a variety of styles.

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