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As everyone knows that there are 3 grades of hair: single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn. Among them, double drawn weft straight hair is the most popular and most used by many people. There are many reasons that you cannot ignore and should choose double drawn quality especially from Vietnamese hair factories for weft straight for your hair business. I am sure this is a great choice for your customers.

1. Definition of double drawn weft straight hair

Double drawn weft straight indicates the fairness of the hairline, in other words its same length is 70-80%. The tips of the hair are thick and the ends are not too thin. While the single drawn weft straight is too thin at the ends, users will prefer the ends to be fuller and feel more natural with a wig.

Double drawn hair is suitable for users who have thin hair and want to add good volume to their real hair from top to bottom. This hair extension type is not too thin or too thick, so it can give such a natural look.

2. Why use double drawn weft straight hair

According to the survey for normal human hair among wholesale hair vendors, the thickness from the hairline to the ponytail ranges from 70-80%. This is also the ideal choice for black women who want natural hair like everyone else when choosing double drawn weft straight.

If it’s single drawn weft, you will have to use 4-5 bundles to make a nice wig. However, if you choose to double drawn weft straight hair, you only need 2-3 bundles. With the thickness between single drawn and super double drawn, I think double drawn hair will always be top selling grade of hair.


Vietnamese double drawn weft straight hair

3. Outstanding features of double drawn weft straight hair

Let’s go to the details of this grade of hair below:

3.1. Double drawn weft straight hair detail

Double drawn weft hair: The ends of the hair are neither too thick nor too thin, creating the most natural feeling for the client. Only 2-3 bundles are enough to create a matching perfect wig for black women.

3.2. Double drawn weft straight hair quality

K-hair factory offers 2 types of virgin hair and remy hair for double drawn hair. In which the price of virgin hair is a bit higher, remy hair is more reasonable, suitable for everyone’s budget.

And according to statistics, 70% of customers will choose remy hair as the most commonly used hair type. Hair is soft, does not dry, does not fall out, does not tangle. Another important thing about the quality of double drawn weft straight is made of 100% human hair, no synthetic or mixed hair. Because synthetic fiber is plastic fiber, the usage time is short, the hair is dry or frizzy. Choose 100% human hair to use your hair up to 4-5 years.

3.3. Double drawn weft straight hair length

Customers often choose to double drawn weft straight hair for short inches, particularly 10-14 inches. Because of this length, customers can be completely assured because their hair will be very full. Moreover, when customers choose longer inches, the hair is still not thin, not thin. The hair strands are equally healthy and long. This will make people around will not believe that you are wearing a wig

In fact, another hair style you can choose for wig is single drawn weft straight hair. It is not of better quality, but it is of the same choice for length with lower price.

3.4. Source of double drawn weft straight hair purchasing

Because the wig industry is very developed, many countries have joined in and made huge profits. In which, the most prominent are China, India and Vietnam. However, to briefly talk about the origin of hair from China and India, it is bad quality. China often uses to make hair from synthetic resin or mixed hair. Chinese hair of unknown origin, they even use animal hair to make double drawn weft straight. For India, they use the hair of the women who cut their hair to go to the temple. That hair is gathered into a large mass and mixed together.


Vietnamese double drawn weft straight hair

Furthermore, the hair is left in stock, not being clean. Therefore, the prices of China and India will be much cheaper than Vietnam. However, they run the risk of wasted money and extremely poor hair quality.

Vietnam, especially K-hair factory, has been providing all customers in the world with the best quality double drawn weft straight hair, 100% human hair. NO SYNTHETIC, NO SHEDDING, NO TANGLE. The hair treatment is also professional and extremely clean for customers.

3.5. Double drawn weft straight hair price

The price of double drawn hair is cheaper than super double quality and more expensive than single drawn quality. The price of virgin hair double drawn weft is more expensive than the price of remy hair.

4. How to make yourself prettier with double drawn weft straight hair

Now comes to the part that helps you with styling tips. Knowing these will definitely help flatter your beauty with the hair.

4.1. Choose suitable colors for your double drawn weft straight hair

If it is only double drawn straight hair with pure black, it will be boring for customers. The trend of customers is to always want to be unique, stand out from the crowd and be noticed for their hair. They can’t just team a team of a double drawn weft straight hair in natural color again and again, day in and day out. The only way to solve this problem is to choose a cool, colorful hair color that is right for you.

Here is a collection of extremely hot double weft straight hair in colorful shapes in 2024:


Vietnamese double drawn weft straight hair – Hottest collection

4.2. Choose length of double drawn weft straight hair for your face shape

For double drawn weft straight, the length from 12-20 inches is reasonable. Because if the hair is too long, customers should choose super double quality to ensure fullness for the ends of the hair. In addition, we should also choose the appropriate length for each face shape type to make the customer more beautiful.

Double drawn straight hair is the perfect choice for long O-long faces or oval faces. Short hair 10-14 inches is suitable for an O-long face and 16-20 inches for an oval face.

4.3. Choose hair accessories for your double drawn weft straight hair

An extremely familiar accessory that owns a price that cannot be cheaper, why not hesitate to take advantage of it to beautify your hair? With these hairpins, no matter what you can loose or style with double drawn straight hair, they can do their job well.

When using the clip as a hair accessory, you can freely create a variety of ways from clip on one side to both sides, large clip to a few different small clips to add more personality. Just one beautiful baby accessory is enough to add highlights to your hair.

Do not think the hairpin will make you become country, cheesy. Because there are now countless different hairpin models from trendy, princess to youthful, personality for you to freely choose. Every day, you just need to choose a different hairstyle to combine, your double drawn weft straight hair will never fall into the boring scene.

Turban towels are probably no stranger to the sister association in styling her long hair. Not to mention, this is also considered a hot accessory and most suitable for the summer atmosphere. However, besides the familiar turban way of wrapping, why not try adding turban for your double drawn hair

Above is Jennie’s article about Vietnamese Double drawn weft straight hair Extension, you can refer to many other beautiful hairstyles with double drawn quality via Instagram Jennie. If you have any questions, please contact Jennie’s whatsApp number for free consultation and support 24/7.

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I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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