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Searching for the most suitable hair extensions, you might have tried these ones. Slavic, Russian hair? They are extremely beautiful but too expensive. Indian, Chinese hair? They can help with your financial problems but low-quality and gets tangled over a short period of time. You are in pain days by days seeking the highest quality hair at the most reasonable price? Then Vietnam hair is for you!  In this article, Laurel Expert (K-Hair Vietnam) is willing to share with you all about Vietnam hair, how to properly protect them, also how to do the best hair care.

Vietnam hair – all you need to know

This article by Laurel Expert (K-Hair Vietnam) will give you precious information about Vietnam hair and how to do the hair care for them!


The characteristics of Vietnam hair

Vietnam hair is well-known for its perfect texture and quality, but are you certain that you know the Vietnam hair features like the back of your hand? If not, let Laurel Expert from K-Hair Factory explain in detail for you. But before continue reading, you need to understand that hair quality relies on the hair sources. To assess quality, you need to knwo about the origin first. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you aslo read this comparison: Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian hair origin.

  • Human hair: Vietnam hair is naturally 100% of human hair provided by Vietnamese women
  • Unburned hair: Vietnam hair (supplied by K-Hair Factory in Vietnam) is mostly taken from the female villagers in the mountainous areas. The weather here is cool most of the time, therefore, Vietnam women hair is not burned with the sunlight
  • Wiry hair: Vietnam hair (supplied by K-Hair Factory in Vietnam) mostly provided by Vietnamese women at the age of 18 to 30, thus it is extremely beautiful and strong
  • Glossy and shiny hair: Vietnam hair (supplied by K-Hair Factory in Vietnam) is carefully selected from the most beautiful hair of women who always wash their hair with natural shampoos such as locust, holy basil, skin pomelo, and grapefruit peel, thus it is very silky and shiny
  • Strong and durable hair: the female villagers in the mountainous areas work all day, therefore they enjoy strong health. As a result, their hair is durable and strong as well. In the proper condition, hair extensions from Vietnamese women can last up to 5 years.

Hot concern: 3 best ways to style curtain bangs. This instruction will help you beautified more your qualified hair extension described above!!!

The texture of Vietnam hair

Regarding the texture of Vietnamese hair, it is especially straight, smooth, soft, and silky. As the natural shapes of Vietnamese hair are straight, it is not easy to get tangled over daily wear. Also, the Vietnam hair strands are thick in themselves. Its thick and strong texture builds up its high quality. Surprisingly, the price is totally affordable, and perhaps the most reasonable in the hair market.

The shape of Vietnam hair

As mentioned above, Vietnam hair strands are straight in natural shapes. As they are silky, shiny, and strong in itself, Vietnam hair is easy to change its styles: from straight to bone straight, from curly to wavy, from kinky and pixie,… without causing little damage.

Color of Vietnam hair

Vietnam hair is naturally black. Therefore it can blend well with the dark shades of hair color of women worldwide. From black, you can dye it into any colors you want: dark brown, brown, coffee brown, cream coffee, gray, red, pink, orange, burgundy,… and the colors can stick to the hair for up to 3 years under proper maintenance. One popular hairstyle full of these colors is Vietnamese super double bone straight hair.

At K-Hair Factory, hair colors and hairstyles can be customized to the customers’ orders at a surprisingly cheap price. Therefore, each and every customer can be satisfied having their own unique hair colors and hairstyles

How to take care of Vietnam hair?


As you can see, Vietnam hair is extremely beautiful and strong in itself, but if you want your Vietnam hair can last long, you should follow these easy steps:

  • Do hair care by washing your Vietnam hair in the right way: It is imperative that you wash your hair every two weeks on account that your Vietnam hair extensions are not affixed to the artificial scalp, therefore it can not get the protection or moisturizers from the natural oils. If you get an over-oily scalp, you should make surer to use the original dry shampoos when washing your hair. Also, you should wash your hair gently to avoid tangling and shedding.
  • Do hair care by combing your Vietnam hair gently: One of the essential ways to maintain your hair quality by combing the hair gently from its root to its tip to exclude the tangling knots caused by daily wears. Remember that you use a wide-toothed comb or a hairbrush. A plastics comb is fine but a wooden comb is recommended. In addition, you should comb your hair in each small section when removing the tying knots to protect all of the hair bundles.
  • Do hair care by applying conditioner to your Vietnam hair: Regarding protecting your hair, a moisturizing conditioner is necessary after every time you wash your hair. Most of Vietnam hair is 100% human hair, hair conditioner certainly can help. Good conditioning can help moisturize the hair, fix the hair follicles, also recover the silkiness and shine of the hair.

5 Most Beloved Hairstyles for Christmas from Vietnam hair

The hairstyle is one of the most essential things for every woman to mark her entire appearance in the most unique and special way. Laurel Expert from K-Hair Vietnam, with more than 20 years of researching hair and hairstyles, is now able to proudly share with you these hottest trends so that you can come shiny at Christmas. 

Christmas is one of the biggest and most important celebrations of the year. As it is celebrated in more than 170 countries all over the world, one can easily see its popularity with adults and children, males and females. There are various ways to celebrate Christmas, such as put up your Christmas tree and decorate it, exchange gifts, and so on. However, a woman can mark her own Christmas by owning herself the most glorious hair.

Laurel Expert (at K-Hair Vietnam) is willing to share with you these most popular hairstyles and top human hair bulk for women at Christmas.

Bone straight hair with vibrant colors

Bone straight hair never goes outdated. With its beautiful texture, also shiny look, one can get glorious with it.

For Christmas, bone straight hair can become extraordinarily beautiful, especially when it is dyed colorfully

Pixie curly hair

Pixie curly hair is one of the hottest trends when Christmas comes. The curls are made by a tube-shape hair machine with heat. Therefore, you should choose the hair with a thick and strong texture so it can endure being done up into the curly shapes with heat, then Vietnamese hair is certainly one of the best choices for you.


Pixie Hair from Vietnam Hair

Kinky curly hair

Kinky curly hair is also loved by many girls around the world. The curls are extremely deep and tiny. Good kinky curly hair can stay fresh and shiny.

Good kinky curly hair will not fall or extend when picked up.

Egg curl

Egg curly hair (the curls are shaped like an egg) is really the hairstyle for ladies for Christmas. Egg curly hair gives you a mature look, also fresh and beautiful. Egg curly hair is a wonderful choice for Christmas.


Ombre Egg Curly Hair from Vietnam Hair

Water Curly hair

Water curly hair (the curls are not as deep and bigger than kinky curly hair), just like the waves that water makes. Water curly hair is for those who love grace.

When dyed with colors, your water curly hair can get an extraordinarily glorious look.

Best Hair Factory/Distributor in Vietnam

Always remember to be wise all the time when it comes to choosing your hair vendor. Some hair vendors in Vietnam have been reported to have intentions of scamming their customers. 


Some Vietnamese Vendors are trying to scam their customers


This Vietnam hair vendor threatens their customers by not sending their hair!

So, as a customer, you must be wise all the time! Choose the trusted vendor in the first place, in the first order, or lose your money.

Laurel Expert recommends this biggest hair vendor in Vietnam for you!

K-Hair Factory

K-Hair Factory is one of the best and most reliable hair factories in Vietnam. K-Hair Factory has more than 20 years of experience working in the hair industry and 10 years of experience in penetrating the global hair market. 


K-Hair Factory

K-Hair Factory monthly exports over 2 billion of hair of all types (bulk hair, wigs, and hair extensions) to all over the world. Even some of the strictest markets like Europe and Russia have been conquered by K-Hair Factory Vietnam. 

To gain such achievements, K-Hair Factory has been building up and improving and restoring the infrastructure. K-Hair Factory has the head office based in Ha Noi Capital (Vietnam) and the factory in Bac Ninh Province (the province that is famous for leading handcrafting experience in manufacturing human hair.

Besides, K-Hair Factory also has a board of experienced experts, to conduct the market research about the most currently beloved hairstyles in the world, then provide the insights and information to the factory so that K-Hair can in time respond to the demands. 

Therefore, K-Hair Experts can give you precious advice on the most popular and suitable hairstyles for your own market, also how to make profits and get thrived.

Contact K-Hair Factory Experts for advice (support 24/7)!

You can also read more review about other factories to have the most objective view: Mic hair compant review.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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