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Choosing luxurious party hairstyles is always something girls care about since everyone wants a look that is not only elegant but also appealing to everyone in a special ceremony or party. Therefore, K-Hair will advise you on PARTY HAIR EXTENSION STYLES that should not be missed for luxury parties!

1.What You Should Know About Party Hair Extension Styles

Hair extensions nowadays are no longer strange to hair lovers due to the eclectic mix of functions that they bring us. If girls wanna look nice at an important event, their hairstyles play an integral part in making them shine. Before getting into details of Party Hair Extension Styles, let’s dig deeper to get some basic information.

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1.1. Party Hair Extension Styles: What Is Hair Extension?

One of the main reasons why girls like to wear hair extensions is for extending hair length. The notion is quite plain. Your locks are really short, and without waiting for months, you want them to be longer. Women just purchase any form of extension, decide on bits, install, and enjoy longer strands. It sounds really easy and still works like a charm. Especially when you’re going to a party, long hair is always preferred, hence, hair extensions are considered quite effective to solve the problem of your short or thin hair ( Related: Top 4 Best Hairstyles For Thin Hair)

Part Hair Extension Styles_What is Hair Extension


In addition, some extra thickness can be added to your hair and there will be immediate results! You’re going to look healthier, fresher, and probably even more glamorous at the party. For all hairpieces and all extension styles out there, this is also something that can be easily achieved. You can make a big difference with a few extra wefts or tapes and you can finally get the diva Party Hair Extension Styles you’ve been dreaming about.

1.2.  How to Choose Suitable Hair Extension Styles For Fancy Parties?

Luxurious party hairstyles are one of the important factors that help you shine in a splendid place seeing that the right hairstyle brings out beautiful facial lines while effectively concealing blemishes. Additionally, the hairstyle also needs to match the party space and outfits. For luxury parties, you should prioritize the noble, elegant, and gentle style.

Basically, Party Hair Extension Styles can be chosen among a variety of types such as Weft Hair Extensions, Tip/ Tape Hair Extensions, And Clip-ins. Depends on the characteristics of your hair that you need to make a decision on what Party Hair Extension Styles suit you.

To put it simply, apart from Asian and White girls whose hair is fine and easy to apply different types of hair extensions, Black Ladies can hardly choose the suitable solutions for them, mostly they’d choose weft hair extensions or wigs instead.  Meanwhile, the others can choose not only weft but also tip/tape or clip-in hair extensions without much thinking.

Aside from the original features of the hair since born, other characteristics like “thin hair” or their wants also need to be taken into considerations. Hence, choose the type of hair extensions smartly to make your party as perfect as possible.

2.   Top 5 Irresistible Party Hair Extension Styles This 2021

Here comes the part that all girls are waiting for, now is the list of 5 Best Hair Extension Styles that you should think about while preparing for a special party.

2.1. Party Hair Extension Styles: Wavy Hair

When it comes to luxurious Party Hair Extension Styles, wavy hairstyles cannot be ignored. This is the one that so many girls prioritize for parties. When wearing long wavy hair, they will become extremely elegant, gentle, also fancy. Depending on your style, you can combine this new hairstyle with thin, deviated, or long bangs. Long wavy hair is always the ideal choice to combine with elegant long dresses, which is top 1 of best Party Hair Extension Styles for girls to choose. You can also read about the hair before and after applying hair extensions to have a better illustration!

Party Hair Extension Styles_Wavy Hair

2.2. Party Hair Extension Styles: Curly Hair

As we all know, curly hair is the queen of elegant hairstyles, which is one of the best Party Hair Extension Styles you could choose when you have the intention of planning for a party. Curly hair can add perfect volume to your hair, which will make you look more gorgeous than ever before.

Party Hair Extension Styles_Curly Hair

2.3. Party Hair Extension Styles: Bone Straight Hair

In the past few months, bone straight hair seems to become a hot trend in the world, especially in African countries due to its shiny and silky beauty. To be honest, in the list of the 5 finest Party Hair Extension Styles, bone straight hair is definitely in it. Trust me, bone straight hair will make you shine in a wholly different way from curly or wavy hair.

Party Hair Extension Styles_Bone Straight Hair

2.4. Party Hair Extension Styles: Ponytail Hair

Normally, most girls are not really into ponytail hair as they think ponytail may be out of date for long already. Nevertheless, if you have ever seen Ariana Grande wearing ponytail hair extensions, you may need to change your mind. It can create a youthful as well as strong beauty that will make you stand out from other girls at the same party.

Party Hair Extension Styles_Ponytail Hair

2.5. Party Hair Extension Styles: Hair Bun

Hair bun is a very simple hairstyle but cannot be ignored when you’re going to a party. It is especially suitable for those with slightly thick hair. Because when it is up, the bun will be very big, plump, and beautiful. The bun style has a youthful, yet luxurious and noble style. Meanwhile, the low bun attracts thanks to its delicate, gentle beauty. In addition, bun hairstyles are easy to make at home.

But what if your hair is not thick enough to make the dreaming hair bun? No worries, Hair extensions could help you. Just a few steps, ask a hairstylist for help, your appearance will be changed just in a blink.

3. How To Take Care Of Party Hair Extension Styles At Home

Well, it depends on the types of hair extensions you use that we have different ways to protect and take care of them yourselves at home. Now are the two main notes that you need to mind when to protect and maintain Party Hair Extension Styles.

          Washing: For hair extensions, you need to be gentle when washing them. Use specialized shampoos to keep the hair always moistured as well as soft as at the beginning

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          Brushing: This is also a very important thing you need to keep in mind that when you brush the hair, you need to brush it from the bottom to the top and use as least force as possible ‘cause there’s no type of hair extensions that could be well-maintained if you use too much force.

4.Party Hair Extension Styles: Conclusion

The above article has shared with you the luxurious Party Hair Extension Styles that are loved by almost every girl. With these suggestions, there’s a need for you to worry about the hairstyles when going to a party. Hope this article gives you lots of useful information.

If you don’t want to change your hairstyle for fear of damaging your hair or spend hours sitting in the salon while busy, try these K-Hair’s Hair Extensions to quickly revitalize your beauty.

At K-Hair, you will find a variety of Party Hair Extension Styles that are not only outstandingly beautiful but also safe for your scalp.

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