Toner For Brown Hair: 4 Things You Must Know

When it comes to hair coloring, we often firstly think of hair dye which is used to color the hair. However, what if the colors come out to be uneven or you are not satisfied with the shades achieved? That’s when you need the help of a hair toner. In this post, we will tell you all about the toner for brown hair – one of the most popular types of hair toner used. All about the definition, characteristics, toner choices and usage will be clarified for you.


Toner For Brown Hair

1. What is toner for brown hair?

If “What is toner for brown hair?” is the first question in your head right now, please keep reading for the most easy-to-understand explanation. Not only will you know the definition of the hair toner, but you will also learn about its operating principle. 

1.1. What is hair toner?

Toner for brown hair is definitely one type of hair toner, so we will discover the hair toner in general first. Hair toner is the product used to fix hair color or tone. You can use it to lighten the hair and get white hair without bleach. You can use it to neutralize the hair shades. It can also be used to correct the hair tone. For your information, there are 3 hair tones: warm, cool and neutral. The hair toner will help you neutralize, warm up or cool up the hair colors to reach the tone you want.

Then, how can the toner for brown hair, or in general, the hair toner affect the hair and give the satisfying result? It is because the hair toner is just like the hair dye which is semi or demi permanent. It contains pigment that coats the hair to help change the color or tone of the hair. However, the point is the pigment is not durable and permanent, so the hair toner needs to be applied often to maintain the result.


Toner for brown hair: What is hair toner?

1.2. What are the particular characteristics of a toner for brown hair?

As mentioned above, toner for brown hair is one of the most popularly used hair toner. Brown hair is loved in all countries, especially European ones, so the toner used for brown hair is one of the best-selling items here. 

The brown hair can have many unexpected spare shade strands like red, orange, yellow or blond, so the toners usable are diverse. Normally, the effect of the toner can last for 2 to 6 weeks. Therefore, people with brown hair color really need to apply the toner frequently. Also, people using brown hair extensions, even from a well-known hair factory, need the toner as well.


Characteristics of toner for brown hair

2. Why should you use toner for brown hair?

To know exactly the reasons why you should use the hair toner, we will list all the reasons below. You will see all the issues of brown colored hair and see how amazingly the toner for brown hair helps you solve these issues.

2.1. Possible issues with brown hair

The brown color is always one of the top choices when it comes to choosing a permanent or semi permanent hair color that suits all faces and will never become out of fashion. However, with different hair dye qualities and different hairdressers’ skills, your brown hair may have to deal with these problem:

  • Dry brown hair: In fact, dry hair is the problem that all people with dyed hair have to face up to. The effect of brown pigment in the hair cuticle and cortex will somehow change the structure of the hair and prevent the hair from getting enough moisture. Let’s see how a toner for brown hair can help in the next part! 
  • Uneven brown color: The skills of the hairdressers or the ones carrying out the hair dyeing process will majorly decide whether the color is even or not. Most of the time, home-based hair dyeing will have to face this matter. Then, the uneven result really needs an immediate solution.
  • Wrong color/tone achieved: Sometimes, the hair is dyed, and it turns out not to be the exact color or tone you desire. The issue can be the lack or the spareness of the warm tones. What you need is the removing or adding of the warm tones.

Toner for brown hair: Possible issues with brown hair

2.2. A toner for brown hair helps to solve the issues

Good news is that a hair toner can help you with all the problems listed above. The benefits of the hair toner will now be divided into 2 facets: moisturizing and color fixing. As a result, you can have a better overview of the use of toner for brown hair.

  • Moisturizing use: The toner is actually usually also the hair conditioner, hair mask or hair shampoo, so it is also considered one of the hair care products. One of the most significant uses of it is to directly add moisture to users’ real hair. This is exactly what all hair needs, not only the dyed or brown dyed one.
  • Color fixing uses: The toner for brown hair can be used to fix uneven hair or to change the hair tone. The toner after being applied will wrap users’ real hair and create a new color, of course the color is near to brown, from dark to light shades like chestnut, honey, light brown, blond brown, etc. In addition, the toner can also neutralize, remove or add warm tones to the hair, so you can easily change the hair tone into a neutral, cool or warm one.

The uses of toner for brown hair

3. Which toner for brown hair should you choose?

After reading till here, you know that the toner is such a savior for your brown hair, right! Then, let’s move to another important issue surrounding the hair toner. That’s the choice of hair toner. Which one should you choose for each purpose? Please read the detailed answers below. All of the products are introduced and recommended by almost every prestigious wholesale hair distributor and hair expert.

3.1. All types of toner for brown hair

We did mention that the hair toner is available in terms of hair shampoo, hair conditioner, hair mask, hair serum, hair treatment, hair dye or so on. They are also the very typical types of hair toner. Before deciding which hair toner is suitable to choose, knowing the significant characteristics of each type is essential.


Toner for brown hair

  • Toning shampoo: It is one of the most popular types of toner for brown hair. The example is the very purple shampoo. Many with dyed hair may be already so familiar with it. The main use of it is to both cleanse hair and adjust the hair tone. The effect of the shampoo is definitely not as strong as the normal toner ones.
  • Toning conditioner: This type of toner for brown hair has the best moisturizing effect. In fact, the toning effect is not as significant as the moisturizing one.
  • Toning mask: It is similar to the hair conditioner. Its use is more of a hair care product. However, the toning effect is also pretty amazing. Using a toning mask and your brown hair will be both silky and even-colored.
  • Other toning products: Toning hair treatment in general like the foams, serum, etc can also be considered toner for brown hair. However, just like the toning mask or toning conditioner, the toning effect will not be so effective. They are more suitable for basic hair care at home.
  • Typical hair toner: It is a product that has the word “toner” in its name. It definitely has the perfect use of a toner. It is the best choice for neutralizing hair color, fixing hair tones or changing the color.

All types of toner for brown hair

3.2. Choose a suitable toner for brown hair according to your hair shades

Firstly, based on whether you want the toning effects to be significant or not, you can choose from a wide range of products available. 

  • If you want the toner to both take care of the hair and fix the color/tone well, especially to take care of the hair at home, you should choose more gentle products like toning shampoo, toning conditioner, toning mask, toning serum or so on.
  • If you want the toner for brown hair that has a clear effect, please use the hair dye toner. It will help you solve the color issues immediately and effectively.

Choosing toner for brown hair

Secondly, based on the hair color you want to fix, you should choose the most suitable toner color. Otherwise, the toner will become useless on your hair. The point is you need to choose the opposite colors on the pallet for the hair color and toner color, so that they can get rid of and neutralize each other. For example:

  • If you want to neutralize the yellow strands on your brown hair, please use a purple toner. Yellow and purple are on opposite sides in the pallet, so the purple toner will help you neutralize the yellow strands.
  • If you have extra red strands and want to neutralize them with toner for brown hair, similarly, please use the green toner.
  • For neutralizing orange strands mixed in brown hair, you can use the blue toner.

Choosing toner for brown hair

4. How to use toner for brown hair

The toner used for brown hair is super easy to use. In terms of toning shampoo, conditioner, mask or hair care products, you can just use them as your normal routine. For a typical hair toner, you can easily follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Wash your hair: You should have your hair cleaned before applying the hair toner.
  • Step 2: Prepare the toner: You can put the toner for brown hair in the bowl and then directly use it, or you can also mix it with hair conditioner to also make your hair more smooth and silky.
  • Step 3: Apply the hair toner: You should put the toner carefully one your strands. It is just like you are dyeing your hair. After that, you should let it stay for about 20 minutes.
  • Step 4: Rinse the hair: The last step is to rinse the hair. You should use cold or cool water. Then, just wait for the hair to dry and you’ll see how amazingly the toner changes your hair.

How to use toner for brown hair

You’ve just learned 4 most important things about the toner for brown hair: definition, characteristics, toner choices and toner usage! Please follow us for many other interesting sharings like permanent hair extensions cost, weave with ponytail tracks or so on. 

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