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In the hair market, hair extensions tend to cater for customers with numerous reasons for their beauty and shortcomings. There are some types of extensions that are in charge of boosting hair volume because of physical conditions or the wrong hair care routine. Whereas, hair extensions have the ability to cover the entire head as a protective role for curls. Absolutely, we are offering quick weave with closure which is getting the huge attention of hair lovers thanks to its flexibility. The best details will be mentioned in these following sections. Whether you are a hair lover, or novices in the beauty industry,  this blog totally is beneficial for you guys! 


Quick weave with closure

1. Figure out quick weave with closure with a range of related factors

We are quite sure that many people are still curious about quick weave with closure, along with secret information. Don’t worry, all things we need to know about quick weave with closure will be disclosed right now one by one according to the concerns of people: 

1.1 What is quick weave with closure? 

Compared to conventional application, quick weave with closure is made through an advanced process. Quick weave with closure is attached to the natural real hair of users – on the top of the head with the support of  protective cap or hardening gel, which has become a barrier to protect hair of customers from adhesive. This is also somehow similar to the lace front wigs as well.


What is quick weave with closure?

Because of its simplicity and hassle-free procedure, applying quick weave with closure can happen professionally at home for a certain time to complete coverage for a stunning and gorgeous appearance. Even if you are a newbie and you have never covered installing quick weave with closure, you may be definitely confident to do it by yourself. 

1.2 The general duration for taking quick weave with closure

It is believed that we can’t use anything for a short time. That is why the duration of quick weave with closure becomes controversial among people. The duration of extensions largely depends on some factors. First thing that comes to our mind is the premium quality of quick weave with closure from wholesale hair vendors suppliers. The next determined criteria is proper daily maintenance.


Duration of quick weave with closure

For quick weave with closure, on average, the maximum duration ranges from 3 to 4 weeks. Plus, depending on how frequency of quick weave with closure is applied  and hair care treatment on a daily basis, the duration of this extension can be up to such a longer time. 

1.3 The advice for washing quick weave with closure

If someone raises a question: “Can I wash quick weave with closure”, we constantly say yes because of certain reasons. One more thing, users have to absolutely pay attention to hair care products during cleaning and conditioning quick weave with closure. To maintain a clean process, people need to avoid applying oil-based products. Of course, we have to admit the benefits of hair oils for taking care of hair, but in this case, quick weave with closure tends to weaken the adhesive and cause your tracks to slide out. Let’s bear in mind this note! 


Washing quick weave with closure

Definitely, keeping the hair in a clean condition is a fantastic approach to lengthen the duration of quick weave with closure, also guaranteeing the shine appearance. Don’t hesitate to ask hair professionals for washing hair. The common rule is to keep gentle and soft as attentive as possible. 

1.4 Whether quick weave with closure causes damage or not

The damage level of hair extensions tends to put the premium priority according to the perspective of customers, and for quick weave with closure, it is not an exception. Along with the prevalence of quick weave with closure, this method becomes one the safest ones which can totally apply without worrying about damage.


Does quick weave with closure cause damage?

This approach is definitely a good pick for those who are unsatisfied with their short hair and wish to have a long and flowing one. Quick weave with closure from a reliable hair warehouse enables them to freely restyle hair for magnificence beauty. 

1.5 Pros of quick weave with closure 

Of course, thanks to its advantages of quick weave with closure as a factor to gain popularity worldwide. Let’s check out the following pros as below: 

  • Uncomplicated application and removal: Due to the separation from the natural hair, even if you are a newbie or accustomed to extensions, applying and removing  quick weave with closure becomes hassle-free than ever without the help of a professional hairstylist. 
  • Bring natural look: Closure from quick weave with closure constantly changes your appearance at the first glance without much complications. 
  • Less maintained requirements: Compared to other types of extensions, quick weave with closure requires users to take not so much time to take care of. Accordingly, washing and drying may become one of the important steps for this method. Let’s focus on. 

Pros of quick weave with closure

  • Say no with damage to natural hair: This advantage is proven through the positive feedback of previous users, which brings the satisfaction of them as much. 
  • Ability to restyle in a different manner: For those who are fond of changing with a wide range of hairstyle such as white girls dread styles or so on, quick weave with closure totally meet your requirements. This way allows users to apply hot tools or chemicals for restyling. 

1.6 Cons of quick weave with closure 

Besides the obvious advantages, we can’t deny its cons that we are going to mention in this section: 

  • Glue exposure: If improperly installed quick weave with closure, users may contact natural hair if you don’t use a protective sealer on the scalp. This issue can cause irritation and dryness as well for customers. 
  • Wait for glue: During applying, you have to wait for the glue to dry before adding the next track to this hairstyle. 

Cons of quick weave with closure

  • Hair shedding: Cutting your hair wefts  for quick weave with closure will boost the ability of shedding when compared to a conventional sew-in using the flip over method.

2. The instructions for quick weave with closure 

It is time to know how to apply quick weave with closure with the best performance and avoid hair problems. Before that, please be ready for the upcoming tools for this method.

2.1 Tools required for making  quick weave with closure

The list of required tools for quick weave with closure include: 


Tools required for making quick weave with closure

  • Hair weft
  • Lace closure
  • Molding gel – hair bonding glue (Optional)
  • Cap with wig ( natural hair color or nude to match scalp color). 
  • Wig glue 
  • Scissors 
  • Clips for wigs
  • Hair dryer

2.2 Detail steps to make quick weave with closure 

Are you ready to make quick weave with closure fit perfectly? Follow us: 

  • Step 1: Make sure your natural hair is completely washed and dried. Brush your hair and tie it up or braid it. Users can also cornrow their hair in a pattern that matches the location of their portion. Make a low ponytail by putting your hair down as flat as possible before applying the stiffening gel.
  • Step 2: Assemble your wig cap and place it on your head. Simply wrap your braids around your head and tuck them underneath. Wearers will find it easy to get rid of the fast weave with this item. Put on the stocking cap to make removing the stockings easier.
  • Step 3: Pluck the baby hair from your lace closure for a more authentic effect. Cut the surplus lace to fit your head and then place the hair in the head. Instead of cutting straight, cut in a zigzag pattern.

How to do quick weave with closure

  • Step 4: Identify the location of the closure and pay attention to it.
  • Step 5: Apply glue to the wig cap’s closure and press it in place. People can use a hair dryer to dry it.
  • Step 6: From ear to ear, measure the first track of your hair weft. Hair should be shaved and fixed in place. After pressing the first track into the wig cap, blow-dry it. Rep this process until the hat is completely covered in hair.

3. Secrets to turn quick weave with closure into an elegant look

We are here to take the time to share a list of the top secrets with you guys. We make sure that her clients’ quick weave with closure hairstyles appear great at all times. 

  • Make your own hair color: Hair color is famous for emphasizing your hair’s movement. By displaying a wild and attractive, or even a staid business attitude, it also helps to set the tone you are wishing to achieve all the time. In any case, a good hair color procedure is necessary to help set the tone. When changing something as significant as your hair color, make sure you use the services of a competent hairstylist with many years of experience and professionals for the best safety. Due to the characteristics of colors, they have an ability to  react differently in a wide range of different conditions, which forces users to need someone who knows how to work with them to achieve the effect you want.

Make color for quick weave with closure

  • Flatten the closure as much as you can: The ability to look as natural as possible is one of the most significant features of any quick weave with closure hairstyle, according to the perspective of hair stylists. You and your hairstylist should admit the fact that you are wearing a fast weave a well guarded secret and no one else should know. The first step in doing this is to ensure that the closure is as flat as possible against the scalp. A thick or uneven closure is a hard sign that your hairdo was done improperly.

Flatten closure for quick weave with closure

  • Molding that is correct depending on the texture and length of your hair: Through the fast weave procedure, molding brings your hair closer to the scalp, creating a more natural look and is invisible to the naked eye. Before you begin the molding process, make sure users supplement moisture and hydration. Failure to do so may result in dry scalp difficulties in the future. The molding gel will act as a barrier between your hair and the harsh components of your environment throughout the rapid quick weave with the closure  process.

Moulding for quick weave with closure

It is high time to end this blog about quick weave with closure, which has become a fast- expanding trend offered for the black hairstyles with closure hairstyles on the global scale. Hope readers can be given new insights from our information! 

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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