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Many people wonder how Human Hair for virgin hair mega wavy originated? In general, they have been shown by name. That is, they are the best virgin hair extension, cut from one head and not mixed with any other synthetic hair. Then, they were chosen to be bleached bright colors and popular in Europe.

1.1. What is human hair for virgin hair mega wavy?

Basically, human hair is the most popular and most popular type of hair extension or wig because of its quality and aesthetics. There are some other hair types such as synthetic or mixed hair, but they are not appreciated by European customers because they appreciate quality rather than price. Of course, a good price is always a plus point for customers. 

In some countries, human hair can come from their customary donors. In recent years, however, hair has been bought and sold in a more commercial and selective manner. They are purchased mainly from women 18-35 years old. Some are purchased from older people because sometimes customers need to buy gray hair for easier bleaching

2. Characteristics of Human hair for virgin hair mega wavy ?

As mentioned, virgin hair is also the best virgin human hair extension out of all hair types like remy or non-remy hair from hair vendor supplier. They are cut down from one head so they are great for bleaching. The color will be more uniform and glossy compared to all other hair types. Virgin Nigerian-hair-extension-styles-1hair is more popular in Europe because customers always prefer the health of their hair for bleaching and the durability of long-term use.

So why do people always use human hair for virgin hair mega wavy?

First, we need to figure out what Mega Wavy is? This is one of the very popular hairstyles in some European countries, notably Brazil. They have light, curved, and soft ripples that resemble sea ripples.

However, because of the properties of bleached hair, people prefer human hair for virgin hair mega wavy. Bleached hair will be drier than natural hair. So a good hair type to meet the quality of the finished product after bleaching is extremely important

2.1. Source of + Human Hair For Virgin Hair Mega Wavy

So what is the origin of Human Hair For Virgin Hair Mega Wavy?

As is known, there are three strongest countries with human hair bulk factories in the hair export industry such as Vietnam, China and India. They supply large quantities of hair to countries such as Europe or Africa. Therefore, the amount of hair consumed in the world comes mainly from these three countries. Besides, there are also some countries that still provide their own specific hair types such as Brazilian Hair, Cambodian Hair,…

However, Human Hair for virgin hair mega wavy  from Asian countries meets more criteria of consumers such as: Fish price, quality, durability, flexibility, … For many years, Asian countries and especially Vietnam have become one of the reputable hair exporters for the European market in particular.

2.2. Can I bleach and dye Human Hair For Virgin Hair Mega Wavy? 

The question is, “ Can I bleach and dye Human Hair For Virgin Hair Mega Wavy?” 

There are two scenarios:Part Hair Extension Styles_What is Hair Extension

– Human Hair for virgin hair: It means hair has not been heat treated or has any chemical effects and they are collected from completely 1 person. So you can completely erase any color you want.

– Human hair for virgin hair Mega Wavy: This indicates that your hair has been styled Mega Wavy (ie, your hair has been heat treated). So in this case you should not apply chemicals to bleach hair because the hair is no longer healthy and guaranteed to be evenly colored like when it was virgin.

2.3. Durability of Human Hair For Virgin Hair Mega Wavy

In fact, for real hair after bleaching or styling, it becomes weaker when you keep it virgin. However, if  Human Hair For Virgin Hair Mega Wavy is made with good ingredients (healthy virgin hair), the durability can last for at least 3-4 years. If you know how to take care of them, they can be used even longer.

3. Hairstyles from Human Hair For Virgin Hair Mega Wavy

Nowadays there are many trending hairstyles made of human hair for virgin hair mega wavy. Some customers prefer the natural color of their virgin hair. So they simply want to make the curls softer and more shiny. Natural black makes them younger and more beautiful.

However, many customers in Europe prefer natural mega wavy hairstyles with blond color also known as 613. It is simply the characteristic hair color in their country. So to make their hair more natural and not to show that they are wearing wigs or hair extensions.

Besides, this hairstyle is also very suitable for girls who have personality and like the way. They are great for creating rich and personality colors

3.1. Human Hair For Virgin Hair Mega Wavy 70/75 cm

In general, Mega Wavy hairstyles can be made in a variety of lengths. However, for the most beautiful and fluffy shape, Human hair for virgin hair mega wavy from 70 / 75cm in length is most commonly used. You can also read more about another popular kind: virgin human straight hair 65cm here.

3.2. 70/75 is the most popular length for Human Hair For Virgin Hair Mega Wavy

So why is length 70/75 cm more chosen? First we need to be careful about where the hair will reach on the back for this length.

In inches of measure, 70 cm equals 28 “and 75 cm equals 30”. This can be considered one of the relatively long sizes when making a wig or weave hair extension. 

As can be seen on the photo the Length Guide is 70 and 75 cm long for straight hair. The hair reached the bottom of the girl’s back, where the junction between the waist and the buttock is. Human hair for virgin hair mega wavy is also considered that way. However, the difference here is that Mega Wavy must use longer hair after it is finished. Because when making Mega Wavy hair, the hair is curly and slightly curled. So you need a minimum length of 80-90 cm natural straight to create this hairstyle.

Basically, Human hair for virgin hair mega wavy is still the most desirable length because it is long enough to see the volume and thick enough that the hairdresser can make them soft and shiny. than.

Mild-curly-beautiful-long-hairstyles3.3. Price of Human Hair For Virgin Hair Mega Wavy 70/75 cm

In general, there are 2 types of human hair for virgin hair mega wavy:

First, they come from the country that the customer needs. For example, a white European client whose hair features natural shine and bounce, blond hair and curls with slight highlights. However, the price for this human hair for virgin hair mega wavy will be much more expensive because It can be used immediately for hair extension or wigs without any treatment.

However, the supply for this hair type is not common. So customers look to alternative products. Currently, Human hair for virgin hair mega wavy is made mainly from natural black, Asian hair in hair in bulk factory. Hair is cut from one head, then styled with Mega Wavy or any other hairstyle. They are also used to bleach many hairstyles that are popular in Europe.


Looking at this price list we can see a range from 282 $ / 1kg (10 bundles) to 1058 $ / 1 kg. Compared to European hair, Asian hair is cheaper but hair is very strong and durable, especially that from K-Hair Factory. Human Hair for Virgin Hair mega wavy is divided into 3 categories: Single, Double and Super Double Drawn. The proportion of strands of the same size varies with each grade. This price list is for European raw hair, from 12 “-32” or even longer. Looking at each column you will see 3 hair grades. Corresponding to them are the rows including the length and the price. 

For Example with Human Hair for virgin hair mega Wavy 70 cm (28”), the price for each grade respectively 971$, 906$ and 756$. The price is per 10 bundles and normally you just need 3 bundles to make a full wig. Therefore compared with the price, you can make many wigs from 1 kgs of 28” with a very competitive price. It is the reason why more and more customers choose Asian Hair, especially Vietnamese hair  as their best alternative because of both quality and price.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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