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12 inches weave by K-Hair
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It’s understandable to say that it’s such a puzzle for girls when it comes to choosing which type of hair we should get next. Especially with those who don’t really have a good taste in how to choose a suitable hairstyle on their own. Once you make a mistake in getting the wrong one, it could become the hair that “Only your mom is into it”. One of the problems that make women lose sleep is the length of hair with a suitable style that could be the match made in heaven. What’s more, what if the length of your own is can’t meet up with the length of the one you wish to have? The only solution is hair extensions. In order to tackle this issue, our hair experts have gathered and come up with this post to tell you all about what you need to know about 12 inches hair extensions.


If you’re new to the hair business, I’m sure that the term “hair extensions” is kinda strange to you from the start but literally, you can imagine that hair extensions are the hair cut from other people to help you add the length and volume according to your wish. In the last few years, especially for 10 years back to now, hair extensions industry has been growing exponentially and become the leading area to sink money into in the hair business. Every reliable hair warehouse in the business now is making a fortune!
No wonder why it could stay in such a position, it’s an effective weapon for girls to accessorize their beauty within a second.

Hair extensions are divided into two main groups, synthetic and human hair extensions. As we can tell from the name “synthetic”, which is made of synthetic polymer into the fibers that make it look like real human hair. Just by looking, we can hardly tell the synthetic and real human hair apart until touching them. This is considered the finest choice for those who are on a budget and have no intention of wearing it for long and of course, the quality goes with the prices. Though synthetic hair is much cheaper than real human hair, it’s less favorable to people because of the real one’s better quality and natural appearance.

Recently, 12 inches hair extensions are quite in due to the fact that it’s suitable for almost every shape of the face, in addition, the youthful and dynamic vibe can be seen in those who wear them. It may be longer than the shoulders and reach our backs, it’s regarded as a perfect compromise for girls, especially busy ones. If you want longer one, you can also consult 20 inch body wave wig.

Typical types of 12 inches hair extensions.

As we all know,  hair extensions are divided into a variety of kinds, for instance, weft hair, clip-ins, tip/tape hair… To know more about what we should apply for 12 inches hair, let’s dig deeper together down here.

 12 inches weft hair extensions

Weaves can be understood as the hair of which one end is weft into a weave then they will be sewn onto the braids. They are among the most popular items supplied by resell wholesale hair vendors worldwide. In wigs, weaves could be sewn in the lace with a matching frontal/closure, if you don’t like wearing wigs, you may apply weaves directly to your natural braided hair.

Apricot Colored 12 inches weft hair extensions by K-Hair

Apricot Colored 12 inches weft hair extensions by K-Hair

12 inches weaves are not truly long or too short, so they’re very handy choices that can reduce the stress from you, also because you can wear them in several weeks without having to take it off every day.

 12 inches clip-in hair extensions

It’s clear as day that 12 inches clip-ins are super common among the beauty-lovers since it’s the safest as well as easiest way to add volume and length to your hair. From the outside, they look no different from weaves, however, if you try to dig deeper into their inside, you’ll find out that there’re clips attached in the hair, which facilitates you to clip it on your hair. A piece of 12 inches may be the best choice for lazy girls who just wanna change her appearance in 1 second.

12 inches clip in hair extensions by K Hair

12 inches tape-in hair extensions

Same as Clip-ins, tap-in hair extensions are weft in small pieces, which are attached with the tape (as described in the picture). The lifespan of them can be up to two months and reusable. Having appeared not long ago, tape-ins especially 12 inches tape-in real human hair extensions have been trendy in the last 3 years especially in EUROPE. As you can guess, it doesn’t take much time to apply full head with tape-ins, which is the least damaging way recommended by hair experts.

12 inches tip-in hair extensions

Containing a layer of keratine on it, which could be melt to apply the hair,. On the one hand, could help you feel the most comfortable when the hair moves and it looks least visible, however, it’s considered the most harmful to your hair due to the keratine after being melt.

Beautiful 12 inches tip hair extensions by K-Hair

Gorgeous 12 inches tip hair extensions by K-Hair

Gorgeous hairstyles for 12 inches hair extensions.

People may think that 12 inches sometimes is too short to make any hairstyle that they want. However, these hairstyles will prove that 12 inches will rock the world as long as you know what type is suitable for your face shape. In case you are into longer type of hair, you can also consult this: How many ways can I style 28 inch straight hair?

Long Bob

If you’re looking for attractive hairstyles suitable for 12 inches hair extensions, I’m sure that you can’t miss out on the Long Bob hair. It creates such an appearance of a gentle girl for the wearers.

Mesmerising Long Bob 12 inches hair extensions by K-Hair

Mesmerising Long Bob 12 inches hair extensions by K-Hair

Colored Blends

Over and over again, colored hair is never out of date, especially when it goes together with 12 inches hair extensions, you’ll look stand-out and even youthful and energetic.

Ombre Colored 12 inches hair extensions by K-Hair

Ombre Colored 12 inches hair extensions by K-Hair


Straight is a perfect match for every length, here’s an example for 12 inches hair extensions.

Double Drawn straight 12 inches hair extensions by K-Hair

Double Drawn straight 12 inches hair extensions by K-Hair

Wavy Style

Wavy could be applied perfectly even it’s 12 inches. That would make you get out of the normal boring straight hair and breathe a new life into your hair instead.

Egg Curly

Combined with ombre colors, it’ll definitely become a hot trend not only in your area but also all over the world.

Egg curly 12 inches hair extensions by K-Hair

Egg curly 12 inches hair extensions by K-Hair



In K-Hair, every type of 12 inches hair extensions is produced with the best quality ever in bundles/pieces. All of our hair is 100% real human hair, which can bring you the best experiences when trying our hair out.

Colors & Styles

From the dark to light colors, 12 inches hair extensions will come with the finest quality and super beautiful colors, which can make girls who wear them shining.

K-Hair 12 inches hair collection

K-Hair 12 inches hair collection

Divided into 3 main groups which are straight, curly, wavy, styles that can be applied for 12 inches hair extensions are mainly are natural wavy, deep wavy, kinky, pixie, bone straight…All are available to be made in K-Hair factory

Furthermore, when coming to K-Hair, you’ll be capable of customizing your own size as well as color, texture. All are made with our hearts and devotion.

See more about K-Hair’s products at: K-HAIR WEBSITE

And top best wholesale hair factories that sell 12 inches hair extensions at: Top best hair distributors in Vietnam.

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