Why Hair Texture Change Happens And Best Ways To Deal With It

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Hair texture change is a problem that we usually have in the mild age days of our lives. It is quite an irritating thing as it makes our hair look less attractive and causes hair quality degrading as well. Don’t worry, stick with us till the end as we will uncover the reasons and the solutions to hair texture changing issue. Let’s dig into the details now.


Why Hair Texture Change Happens And Best Ways To Deal With It

1. Hair texture change: How to know

Everything changes when we get older, including our hair. Our hair textures change when we step into the middle ages of our life. Before getting into the reasons and the solutions to hair texture changing issue, let’s find out what it is first.

You can notice your hair texture change when:

  • Hair becomes dryer, appears uneven, coarse strands
  • Hair loss happens more frequent
  • Unwanted bald spots
  • Thinner hair
  • Hair becomes curly, thin, straight, or coarse

Hair texture changing not only happens when we get older but also can happen at a younger age. You can also easily notice hair texture changes when you touch the hair and feel something different. This can be a challenging thing as hair plays an important part in our overall look, nobody wants bad hair. We are here for you now, let’s figure out the possible reasons for hair texture changing and how to deal with it like a pro.


How to know hair texture change

In fact, hair texture change also happens with hair extensions made by hair factories all over the world. Hair factories have to collect raw hair from a variety of sources and make hair extensions from those hair materials. Sometimes, many chemicals and heats have to be applied to create different hair extension styles. That’s why sometimes hair extensions change their texture as well.

2. The reasons for hair texture change

As we have mentioned above, hair texture change isn’t always because of aging, there are plenty of reasons why it happens. Here are the possible reasons for hair texture change:

2.1. The reasons for hair texture change: Hereditary and genetic 

The genes of your family will decide if your hair is thin or thick. Some people have really thick hair growing up, but as soon as puberty comes, their hair becomes thinner and thinner. In some cases, thin hair caused by genetic reasons can appear much later after you have passed the adult phase, which means it only comes up when you turn into the middle ages.


The reasons for hair texture change: Hereditary and genetic

Do you know that heredity is actually the most common reason for hair loss? As we get older, the amount of hair loss becomes bigger. This hereditary trait usually affects the top of our head where the hair is more sensitive than the rest. 

2.2. The reasons for hair texture change: Changes in hormones

The quality and amount of your hair growth can be influenced by your hormone levels. You can notice changes in your hair if you’re going through a lot of hormonal fluctuations. Menopause is when the female hormones that support the hair drop and the androgen hormones rise and cause hair texture change.

Pregnancy can affect your hair as well. At the time of pregnancy, the level of estrogen, and the rise in your blood flow help the hair become thicker and shinier. However, after you have had your baby, this hair-supportive hormone falls and you will properly experience dramatic hair loss. Research shows that mothers who just gave birth may have more than 400 hair strands lost in a day (women usually lose 50-100 strands a day). But don’t worry, it is completely fine and will be back to normal after a few months. 

2.3. The reasons for hair texture change: Medical condition

Some medical conditions that force us to use chemicals or thyroid can trigger dramatic hair loss and hair texture change and prevent us from having voluminous hair as well. If you experience extreme hair loss for no reason, then you should see the doctor for the best examination of the problem.


The reasons for hair texture change: Medical condition

Autoimmune illnesses are the most common cause of thyroid disease. People who suffer from one autoimmune disease are more prone to suffer from others as well. Another autoimmune illness that leads to hair loss is alopecia areata. Hair falls out in circular sections rather than all over in alopecia areata. Furthermore, Polycystic ovarian and lupus erythematosus can also cause hair loss and hair texture change.

2.4. The reasons for hair texture change: Mental state and everyday diet

Our mental state is truly important if we want to stay physically healthy. Going through frequent anxiety and stress can drastically impact our overall health, including our hair. Do you know that stress can cause hormone changes, eventually leading to hair texture change? That’s why you will notice your hair sheds more than usual and have to ask “why is my hair shedding so much” when you’re having stress or anxiety. 


The reasons for hair texture change: Mental state and everyday diet

Neglecting in the everyday diet is also a common cause of hair texture change. Hair needs substances like iron, vitamin B12, protein, and necessary acids like omega, without them, the hair can become thinner and more fragile. 

2.5. The reasons for hair texture change: Heat and styling

Using heated tools on the hair too many in a week can also lead to hair texture change. However, this isn’t common and easy to deal with. If you use curling and straightening tools, then the ends of your hair can be damaged, all you have to do is cut it off or use hair protection like styling hair sprays.


The reasons for hair texture change: Heat and styling

Another cause of hair texture change is styling. Exposure to chemicals and coloring can weaken the hair texture and cause hair texture change. There are several hairstyles that can contribute to the problem if those hairstyles put too much pressure on the hair. 

2.6. The reasons for hair texture change: Aging

Finally, our hair texture changes when we age. Our tissue and body change when we age.  Hair follicles wear out with time and can diminish, resulting in reduced hair growth. From 30 years old or later, you can experience more hair sheds, thin hair or bald spots as well as gray hair (the result of a reduction in melanin). Because your hair follicles create less sebum as you age, gray hair is drier.


The reasons for hair texture change: Aging

Those are the possible reasons for hair texture change. We know that reading through these causes can be a little stressful to you, but don’t panic, hair texture change is a normal thing that everyone has. Follow us to the next part as we will help you find the right ways to deal with hair texture change. 

3. The solutions to hair texture change

The first thing to do is try to relax. Some of you may worry a lot as the hair becomes thinner and sheds more, so, it is best to relax first, your hair, as well as your body, becomes better as soon as you feel better. Try these methods below and we believe your hair will come back to its gorgeousness in just a few weeks.

3.1. The solutions to hair texture change: Reduce stress

As we have mentioned above, it is essential to deal with your stress or anxiety first (if you have it right now). Other solutions will not work if we have stress or anxiety. Try some of the commonly recommended ways like meditating, listening to music, going out for a walk, or spending time talking with someone, etc. If you have a problem in your life, let it go, thinking about it isn’t helpful. 


The solutions to hair texture change: Reduce stress

Feeling good will help the blood flow evenly, the amount of protein will also be delivered well to your hair, and the blood tissues in the hair are healthy too. Once you are a little more relaxed, it’s time to move on to the next solutions for hair texture change. 

3.2. The solutions to hair texture change: Enhance nutrition 

Lack of nutrition, especially iron, vitamin B12, and protein can cause hair texture change, as we have presented above. Beans, spinach, and other dark green leafy veggies, seafood, and red meat are rich in vitamins and iron. Animal livers and kidneys, clams, beef, sardines, and tuna are the foods that you can get lots of vitamin B12 from. To provide your body with enough protein, you can eat chicken or dairy foods. 


The solutions to hair texture change: Enhance nutrition

It is also important that you not skip any meal of the day and sleep well. You can also add more nutrition by using supplements. A healthy mind and body will help your hair to grow stronger.

3.3. The solutions to hair texture change: Style smartly and use hair care

If you just used chemicals on the hair, then wait at least 5 months until the next hairstyle change. Plus, try to avoid tight braiding or any other thing that may put too much pressure on the hair.


The solutions to hair texture change: Style smartly and use hair care

You can also use hair care products to level up the hair quality. Haircare products like hair oils, serums, or natural hair masks can be useful when dealing with hair texture changes. Here are some of the hair care brands that are recommended by hair experts that you can try: Women’s Rogaine 5% Unscented Minoxidil Foam, Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment, The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum, Better Not Younger Superpower Hair and Scalp Duo, Shea Moisture Strengthen and Restore Shampoo, Vegamour GRO Hair Serum, Viviscal Hair Supplement. 

3.4. The solutions to hair texture change: Embrace the changes

In the end, we can’t stop our body from aging, it is the law of life, and everyone has to age. Even though there are plenty of things that might worry us when we get older, instead of panicking and considering it as a problem, try embracing it. You can deal with hair texture change because of aging by changing a new hairstyle that helps you look younger is also a good idea. Sometimes, dry, thin, and gray hair aren’t problems, they only become problems if you think it is. 


The solutions to hair texture change: Embrace the changes

There is another way to change hairstyle, which is using hair extensions from hair warehouse. Hair warehouses are where the hair extensions are produced and distributed to all hair sellers and users. You can wear bangs or use hair extensions to cover the hair parts that you want to cover. Visit our main web page K-Hair to discover more hair tips and hair extension products that can help you change the way you think about hair texture change.

Thank you for reading. We hope this post is helpful to you, please let us know if you have any thoughts in the comment section below.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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