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1. Definition of single drawn weft straight hair 

Each bundle of hair is produced from the hair of only one supplier. The appearance of single hair is similar to the actual hair we have – thicker at the base of the hair and thinner toward the ends. Single hair is considered the most popular and easiest to find hair type among those of wholesale hair vendors thanks to its low cost and ease of care.

2. Why Use single drawn weft straight hair ?

While some subjects said that the hair extensions and wigs need to ensure the same thickness from the roots to the ends, other customers chose single hairstyles due to their natural appearance when joining. Every hair that grows naturally from our scalp has a different short length. That is why, for customers looking for a natural and complete hairstyle, single hair is the perfect choice for them.

In addition, the price of single hair that is consumed on the market today is often lower than that of other hair types (double hair …). In addition, if you want, you can also trim a little bit of the single ends for a thicker effect. 


3. Characteristics of single drawn weft straight hair

3.1.  Single drawn weft straight hair  tail 

Single Drawn Hair: Since single extensions are created with hairs of different lengths, the roots are usually very thick and thin at the ends.  

3.2. single drawn weft straight hair quality 

As mentioned above, Virgin hair twin hair products are considered the highest quality woven hair. Pre-production strands will be classified into different lengths, and strands of the same length or length are put into the same bundle. The strands are arranged equally long to create shine and shine. 

However, since this process is done entirely by hand, the prices of these products are often significantly higher than those of other hair types. 

3.3. Single drawn weft straight hair  length

Everyone’s hair grows in different cycles – some grow continuously, others maintain a single length. This is why the strands in single hair products have different lengths. Single drawn weft straight hair is usually made from hairs that vary in length from 2 to 3 inches. For example, a single 18 inch Remy bundle would be mixed with some 14-16 inch long strands.

3.4. Source of single drawn weft straight hair purchasing

Double hair products are usually made from the hair of many suppliers such as Vietnamese hair factories… In other words, one’s hair won’t be enough to go into the production of twin hair. Most twin bundles look thick and of the same head-to-end thickness by selecting and combining single drawn weft straight hair of equal length from a variety of hair suppliers.

3.5. Single drawn weft straight hair price

Single hair extensions are the most popular hair extensions on the market. Due to less processing and fabrication, the price is lower than other products. A twin bundle will cost much more than a single hair, but the quality, volume and longevity of the hair are at best.

3.6. Advantages / Disadvantages of Single drawn weft straight hair 


Natural appearance

Suitable for “V”-shaped hairstyles

Lower volume

4. How to take care of Vietnamese single drawn weft straight hair 

Comb your hair gently

Combing hair extensions is not easy at all if you are not skillful. You should use a soft comb and brush gradually from the ends of the hair upwards and carefully brush the ends of the single drawn weft straight hair, avoiding tangles.

At the same time, always pay attention to one hand holding the comb, the other hand holds the hair lightly on the scalp to prevent hair loss. When you go to bed, you should use a silk towel to tie your hair partially or run it all over your pillow. Use your fingers to gently remove it to limit the movement to damage the hair lines. You should also not use conditioner or cosmetics containing silicon to spray the single drawn weft straight hair, as this can cause the extensions to slip out more easily.

Be careful when washing your hair

Washing your hair extensions is an issue so you spend a lot of time going to the washroom to get the most professional and proper care. But not everyone is qualified to go to the wash shop every day, so be careful with the following things that will help you keep your single drawn weft straight hair beautiful even when you wash it at home.

-You must make sure your hair is untidy before washing, use a thin comb to remove tangles otherwise after washing your hair will be very pathetic.

-Then stand upright under the shower so that the water pouring from the top of the head down in the direction of the natural fall of the hair will become tangled.

The secret to taking care of long lasting beautiful single drawn weft straight hair

-Push shampoo on palm, lather and gently massage hair from top to bottom.


– With the hair extensions, you gently thread each finger into the scalp and gently scratch, pay attention to clean the scalp with nodules because this scalp is “more difficult to breathe”, so if you do not keep clean it will easily lead to the risk of dandruff, hair fungus. Rinse off the shampoo with water and limit hot water to the area with hair extensions.

-When using conditioner, you rub the conditioner evenly and then gently stroke your fingers, absolutely do not fold or rub the connected single drawn weft straight hair, but only use your fingers to stroke it evenly.

-When you finish washing, avoid getting towels, but just curl up and gently squeeze the hair from the body to the ends. And when your hair is wet, do not brush your hair.

Limit your use of a dryer with extensions

Since extensions are dead hair, they are not fed with nutrients, are prone to fibers and split ends, so you should limit the heat effect on your single drawn weft straight hair. In case it is necessary to dry, leave the dryer in the wind mode and dry from the top of the head to the hairline to avoid tangles and should not dry hair too dry.

Be careful with chemicals

Just like heat, chemicals are the enemy of single drawn weft straight hair. So every time you want to dye or style your hair, you should not do it at home but go to a salon, experts will have the right advice for you, using chemicals that are suitable for each type of hair.

Use proper hair care products

Since the extensions are dead hair, it is not easy to absorb the nutrients from the steamed oil. Only active ingredients work on the surface of the hair to prevent friction and electrostatically prevent single drawn weft straight hair, so products in the form of sprays are used more but avoid moisture in this area because it is easy to cause hair fungus.

You should also use salon shampoos and conditioners to preserve single drawn weft straight hair. Sulfate-free hair care products have less bleach and help keep your extensions lasting. The sulfates in shampoo products create lather, but are responsible for the dryness of your hair.


The secret to taking care of long lasting beautiful hair

Need to reinforce hair maintenance periodically

Every 2 3 months hair roots will grow and this will further mess up the joints so you will need to go to the salon to fix loose or loose joints.

After 4-6 months need to remove hair extensions to avoid hair fungus

According to hair experts, the use of hair extensions only has a temporary beauty effect and negatively affects the long-term hair condition. Since the single drawn weft straight hair is not nourished from the roots, it will weigh on the real hair, stretch it and damage the scalp. Real hair will fall off easily as the hair follicles weaken.

For more information about hair from Vietnam, you can read more expert review here.

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