Vietnamese Hair Extension vs Wigs? Which is the best choice?

Which is the best choice between Vietnamese hair extension vs Wigs
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You are always wondering which is better between Vietnamese hair extension vs Wigs. However, no one is the most perfect. There will be pros and cons of each as outlined in this article. Please follow the article below to see which is the perfect choice for you?

1. Overview about Vietnamese hair extension vs Wigs

Many people still do not clearly distinguish what is Vietnamese hair extension vs Wigs. They often mistake them for the same. Basically, they all function similarly. However, the way to put them in the head is somewhat different and they also differ in the needs of the user.

1.1. What is Vietnamese Hair Extension?

First, you need an overview of what Hair Extensions are. Hair Extensions are quite popular in European and African countries. Here, their hair is quite weak and thin, affected by natural and climatic conditions. So they need hair extensions that are made from human hair, or synthetic hair to make their hair thick, long or even fuller. There are many ways to bring extensions, but mainly some of the most common ones are: tip, tape, clip in, weft hair extensions. They depend on your needs.

So how are Vietnamese hair extensions? First of all, you can see that Viet Nam is one of the largest wholesale hair vendors in the world. It is home to a large number of commercial companies and large-scale hair factories, supplying hundreds of thousands of tons per month to the world. Vietnamese hair extension vs Wigs are not only appreciated for their quality, but their price is relatively reasonable. Compared with Chinese hair, Vietnamese hair has a slightly higher price, but the quality is assessed better. Hair is usually purchased from women between the ages of 18-35, so the hair is relatively strong, durable and easily processed with temperature or color for styling or bleaching or dyeing.


What are Vietnamese hair extensions

1.2. What is Wig?

Wigs are head covers made of human or synthetic hair. … One weave is braided down hair with horizontal hair stitched into pigtails. Unlike weaves, extensions are often swiped, glued, or stitched on natural hair by adding human hair. Between Vietnamese hair extension vs wigs, Wig is rated higher for reliability, durability as well as high stability. The article will go into depth analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of Vietnamese hair extensions vs Wigs to distinguish them as well as give you the most suitable suggestion.


What is Wig

2. Pros and Cons of Vietnamese hair extension vs Wigs

If you’re wondering which hair type from retail and wholesale hair suppliers is best for you, read about each of their benefits or weaknesses. If you like flexibility, surely Vietnamese hair extensions are a good choice for you. If you like high stability, make sure you can’t ignore Wigs.

2.1. The advantages between Vietnamese Hair Extension vs Wigs

First, the article will focus on analyzing the strengths of Vietnamese hair extension vs Wigs for customers to have the most visual and specific view.

  • The advantages of Vietnamese hair extensions:

+ Ruggedness: If you want a firm hair extension that is hard to deviate by external effects, Vietnamese hair extensions are the best choice for you. The extensions will be sewn on the top of your hair, which is then installed directly into a mesh that is worn on your head. The strands have been sewn and fixed firmly, so the durability is relatively high.

+ Flexibility: For some types of hair extensions such as Clip in, we can remove or wear it easily without affecting the real hair. You can also dynamically change your hairstyle or hair color

+ Price: Compared between Vietnamese hair extension vs Wigs, hair extension costs lower at the net price. However in general, you have to spend some money to pay for hairdressers to sew it in your head. But the price is still consider better than wigs

  • The advantages of Wigs:

+ High flexibility: You can change many different wig sets. You can put them on and remove them easily. They look like a cap, so it’s easy to put them on your head

+ Durability: they have a relatively high strength, as they are fixed to the part that looks like a cap. You need to know some techniques to take care of your wig more durable

The advantages between Vietnamese Hair Extension vs Wigs

2.2. The disadvantages between Vietnamese Hair Extension vs Wigs

Vietnamese hair extension vs wigs will have its own strengths and weaknesses for each type. If you have used the above 2 types, you can spot weaknesses for each. In general, they have 3 outstanding features as follows:

+ The level of damage: Between hair extensions vs wigs, hair extensions have the level of damage to real hair more. Because some hair extensions can exert heat or chemicals on your real hair, causing harm to your health

+ Preservation: Compared with Vietnamese Hair extensions Wigs are more difficult to preserve and take care of. Because they are attached to a cap, washing or taking care of it is also extremely difficult. It is also not easy to store, tangles and mold easily

+ Price: With the technology of making manual Wig in some Asian countries like Vietnam, the price is still quite high and the production time is long. However, quality is always on top priority.

2.3. Conclusion

In general, Vietnamese hair extension still has a larger purchase volume in Vietnam today. Usually, because customers can make wig, they buy hair as bundles or they want to design their own in their country for the convenience of editing. With hair vendors, they mainly bring wigs rather than hair extensions to facilitate their product promotion. As for retail customers, they prefer to use hair extensions and use them for several years. You can consider between Vietnamese hair extension vs Wigs to choose which is the best for you!

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3. The best Hair Factory for buying Vietnamese hair extension vs Wigs

K-hair brand name has become very familiar to African and European customers. With many years of experience in the industry, it develops more and more steadily, not only by a team of excellent experts, but by developing them based on product quality. They are considered one of the leading reputable hair companies in Vietnam with full business registration licenses and certificates.


K-Hair is a reliable hair factory with a lot of certificates

Besides, they have hundreds of thousands of hair vendors from all over the world. Owning its own factory increases K-hair’s competitive advantage, helping them not only provide reputable products but also with the best prices in Vietnam today, and you can also order from them very quickly.


Whatsapp: +84833333061

Instagram: k_hair_almar

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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